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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, September 22, 2006


    How We Started Cuckolding


    I met my wife fifteen years ago when she was 22, still a virgin and a senior in college. She was a tall light brunette with a 36 c cup, long legs and beautiful face. I couldn't see how such a sexy looking creature had remained a virgin for so long. By our third date it was clear to me. She wanted to fuck as bad as I did but didn"t want to get pregnant so she gave hand jobs to keep her dates happy.

    We were married, she got on the pill and the sex was great. It was so great that we were always looking for new things to do to make it better. I had noticed that it made me hot when my male friends saw her in a really short skirt so we got into flashing. Again looking for bigger and better thrills she would go out without panties to singles bars and clubs. She was dancing with a guy one night and he got a finger in her pussy. I knew the guy but after I got over being mad I told her to let him do it again. He did and we had even greater sex that night as we relived the experience. From then on she let lots of guys finger her on the dance floor then told me all about it. It was even more exciting that I knew a lot of the guys. I knew that they wanted what I had and were jealous of me.

    We watched a lot of x-rated movies and came up with ideas. She liked the mfm threesome movies and wondered how it would feel to be the center of attention for two guys. When we talked about it she got really wet so I said why not do it. She was reluctant enough to make me think that it was all my idea if anything went wrong but when the planning started she was putting forth a lot of ideas.

    I had no idea how to just ask a guy to fuck my wife so we picked a target and both of us worked on him. Every move we made was thought about and planned. We picked my friend Dave brecause he had fingered her pussy several times and we usually saw him in the bar on the weekend. Saturday night was the target night so she wore a skirt for easy access and a button down the front blouse.

    Dave sat with us at our table and they danced a lot. I gave them plenty of time alone to talk because it was her job to get him to go home with us. He was buying drinks and trying to get me drunk enough not to notice him fingering my wife under the table. At 11pm she had the idea to get a bottle and go to our house because we were getting too drunk to drive. Dave followed in his car. At home I gave them plenty of time alone by going to the bedroom to wash up and put on my house coat. When I came back they were on the sofa. Her skirt was all of the way up, her blouse was open and so were her legs. I joked that she might as well take her clothes off because we could see everything. She said "I told Dave that you didn't care if I took my clothes off but if you like I will keep them on". She took it all off. I walked up to her and put my dick in her mouth to break the ice. Dave was reluctant to touch her until I gave him the ok and she got his pants off. We then went to the bedroom.

    My dick is only 5 and a half inches but Dave was a full 7 inches and looked really big. I almost got scared and told him to go home but MY wife and I loved each other so I knew that we wouldn't break up over a bigger dick. I even let him go first.

    When I saw him mount her in the missionary position and disappear inside, I heard her groan as he started to pump slowly. Her moans picked up as he gained speed and I knew all too well that she was climaxing. He asked me if I wanted him to pull out and she was the one to tell him to stay in. He shot a big load and kept pumping until he went soft and fell out. I jumped right in and knew that I couldn't last long so I pumped then jerked out to eat her pussy. It was full of cum but it didn't bother me because I was on a mission to make it a night that she would always remember. We both fucked longer the second time and she was tired but happy when he left. We talked for the rest of the night and were both happy with what we had done. We were already thinking of new things to do the next time.

    We have been married for 15 years and except for some time off to get her pregnant, we have been a cuckold couple. At 37 my wife still looks good and we have no problems finding young guys to fuck her. She has done gang bangs, circle sucks and about anything you could think of but we are still happily married and in love. Here is a picture of my wife with Dave. It was thier 3rd time together and still as exciting as the first. - Mack


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