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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, July 31, 2006


    Our First Step Towards Cuckolding

    My wife and I have talked about cuckolding for awhile now and realize that in order to make it happen we need to go slow (baby steps). So as a first step, last week I locked the keys in a rental car and the company had to send out a locksmith. It was about 11pm and I told my wife it wouldn't be too out of place for her to be walking around topless getting ready for bed when he arrived and she could give him a good show. She agreed and stripped down to her panties. She was standing in front of the kitchen window when he arrived and he parked in the driveway beside the window then called us on the phone (because he was worried about the dogs). My wife answered and stood their in just her panties and looked out at him as she talked on the phone. I went out and we got the car unlocked. He was a young kid in his early 20's. I offered him a coke and when he accepted I took him into the garage and from the garage he could see into the kitchen and once again got to see her topless. Most of his views were from the waist up. I think she has very nice legs and a nice ass and I wanted him to get to see her from head to toe so I told him to hold tight while I got him some ice. I went into the kitchen and left the door wide open so he could see my wife from head to toe. I whispered to her as I walked past her that she should walk to the door and thank him and she did!

    So there he was, standing in the garage holding his coke in one hand and a cup of ice in the other, and she was standing in the doorway totally naked except for her thong thanking him for coming out so quickly that late at night. He was pretty nervous and didn't have a lot to say and after thanking him she closed the door. I said good bye and thanked him as he walked to his van. He sat in the van for a few minutes and made a couple of calls and filled out his report, etc. and she stayed in the kitchen and let him continue to have a good look at her through the window until he left. She was so excited when he finally did leave that she threw me on the bed and rode me for all she was worth. As she was I was asking her to picture the young locksmith and it drove her nuts. It was a great first step that I believe will lead to more episodes. Watch this blog!

    I have sent you a picture of her too. It was a tasteful erotic picture I took of her while we were staying at a friend's condo. - Jeff


    Friday, July 28, 2006


    Sharing Wife Adventure

    I have shared my wife eight times and it was wonderful each time. The picture I sent is of her first time and she is stroking his cock while I watch. One of the most memorable times involved an older man who had a dick half as long as mine and just a little thicker. As you might have guessed, I enjoy seeing a much larger than my own dick penetrating my wifes pussy and mouth.

    Well, this evening started out with us meeting him at a very public restaurant for a meet and greet and then see what happens sort of thing. We all had a good meal and conversation and then it came time to proceed. We all decided that it would be fun to go over to his apartment to carry on.

    We got there and we opened a bottle of wine and went to the living room to settle in. My wife sat on the couch and I sat on a seat opposite the couch where Ken joined my wife. We made a little idle talk and then my wife reached over and started lightly stroking Kens thigh. Her strokes moved slowly up occasionally passing over the bulge in Kens jeans. I was developing a bulge also. He reached for her face and lightly kissed her and then looked at me and asked if it was OK to kiss.

    Naturally I encouraged him to enjoy himself with my wife because I knew that she intended to enjoy herself. Then Kissing led to more stroking and Ken was giving Patricias breasts a good kneading. Patty reached into Kens pants and was feeling his cock. Ken had moved on to rubbing up and down on Patties crotch and she was thrusting her hips up in synchrony with his strokes.

    The passion was starting to boil and their clothing was in the way. They stood up and removed their bluejeans and shirts and simultaneously said lets go to the bedroom. They walked into the bedroom in their underwear and I followed fully clothed. Ken pulled his shorts down and bent over to removed them as Patty was turned to me giving me a kiss and removing her bra. When she turned around, Ken had stood back up and Patty let out an "OH MY!!". I looked down and saw Kens prick. It stood out proudly half again as long as mine is and a little thicker.

    Patty reached out and took it into her hand and kinda just pulled him down onto the bed where she immediately dove on his cock and swallowed it all the way to his pubes. At this point I felt a little overdressed so I stripped off slowly enjoying the fellatio show in front of me. Ken started rubbing Patties pussy and sticking his fingers into her. She is moaning around his cock and he is breathing hard and I still cant believe that she is able to swallow his whole cock which looked like some of the salamis I have seen in the grocer. I guess their need to rub pubic bones erupted and she rolled over onto her back. He put a condom on and moved in between her legs. She asked me to get the bottle of K-Y which we had brought. I got it and she took a large squirt in her hands and rubbed his cock covering it with the warming liquid.

    I took the bottle of K-Y and opened her pussy lips and gave it a shot. Then Ken moved in and as the tip of his penis made contact with my wifes pussy, I was holding her lips open getting a close up view of the penetration of a cock belonging to a total stranger into my wifes beautiful pussy. WHAT A RUSH!!!!!! Patty was beside herself as Ken started thrusting in and out. I watched the copulation for a few minutes and then I started kissing her breasts. After a while my left hand started stroking her stomach while Ken continued to stroke her pussy with his cock.

    My stroking led south and soon I was stroking her clitoris while only a half an inch away, a cock was pleasuring my wife. So I repositioned and continued to work her clit with my right hand. I reached around Kens leg and inserted my finger into Patties ass. There was plenty of lube flowing so it was pleasurable for her. It was kinda wierd for me though because I could feel his cock through the thin membrane between her pussy and colon. It didnt matter though because she began thrashing around in the most intense orgasm ever. Ken continued fucking and I backed off just to watch for a bit but Patty wanted me in her mouth so what was I to do. I stood by the side of the bed with my wife sucking my cock and Ken, whom we had only met two hours earlier, pumping his long hard thick cock into my wife. Eventually, Ken came in her pussy into the rubber. Later Patty confessed to me that she wished that she could have felt him cum in her bareback because it just feels better. I have to agree with that.

    So that is just one of our excellent adventures. Coincidentally, the last guy she fucked was also named Ken. How about sharing some more hot wife sharing stories on here? - Jim


    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    Peeping At His Wife And Her Lovers

    Here is my buddy doing what I asked him to do to my tipsy wife while I snapped the pic. My wife is 24 years old and always picks the guys she screws, and does tell me about it later. If it is someone we invited home for coffee, or whatever, she likes me to say I am tired and leave them alone while I go to bed. Our master bedroom has a side door to the porch, and it has blinds. One night a friend that we had run into in a club took her out in the back yard and I am sure they kissed, and then they came in and sat on the sunporch, as it was relatively dark, just the reflection from the living room lights. I had never seen her have sex with a guy, but she had shared several experiences with me. Peeking thru the blind made me nervous that I would be seen, but very excited. The couch was directly in front of me across the room. I could see perfectly. They necked a few minutes and she let him take her breasts out and play with then. When he ran his hand up her leg she would stop him, but he persisted. He had his hand under her dress and she took his pecker out and played and looked at it, then started blowing him. Then he spread her legs, and with her dress up around her waist, he fucked her brains out. - Chad

    Monday, July 24, 2006


    Setting Wife Up?

    I've been thinking about posting a notice on a website like this one, when my wife heads for the mall or some other public location that would describe how she looks, what she's wearing, where she'll be and for how long, and suggest that if any guy is interested, they should feel free to pay her a compliment and make a pass at her. Something like:

    "My beautiful wife just left for the Galleria Mall in Roseville, CA. She's 5'1" tall, medium length dark hair, brown eyes, light complexion (Mediteranean looking), with slim body. She's wearing a blue and white checked top and beige slacks. She'll likely be at the mall from 2:40PM until 6:00PM most likely at Nordstrom's jewelry, Nordstrom's lingerie, the same at Macy's, also possibly, Talbots. Gentlemen, if you see her, feel free to compliment her and make a pass at her. If she shows obvious interest, continue your pursuit as long as she's enjoying your company to whatever lengths she's willing to share her company. If you strike out, or when she's stops being interested, move on. No is no. Also, be discrete, she shouldn't know about this posting. The intention is to bolster her self-esteem, and add only as much spice to her life as she is willing to embrace. Finally, let me know if you ran in to her and if you had any interaction with her. (Describe her shoes and wedding ring so I know if you're for real or not.)"

    I'm sure she'd be flattered, unless the guy got obnoxious with her. I'm also concerned that if the guy strikes out, he may turn into a prick and hand her a copy of the posting.

    Has anybody tried this? What was your experience? Better yet, what was your wife's experience. Wive's, go ahead, beat me up, what are your thoughts? Please reply to the blog webmaster. I have attatched a picture of her that we took last spring while feeling frisky. - Larry


    Friday, July 21, 2006


    Wild Wife Cuckolds Her Man

    My wife is 32 years and very tarty and slutty. Early on in our marriage I always got turned on when she spoke of her sex life before our marriage. She is a woman who is very sensual and really enjoys her sex. She got interested in one of her suppliers at work and gradually teased him into oral. She told me that when she first saw his dick, she was scared. She could hardly keep her eyes and hands off this 10 inch thick tool. She just jerked him off first time while he gave her oral but on the second and third occasion she fucked him in the office of his work place. I also happen to know this guy and when I see him he does not realize that I know that he is screwing my wife, but it has resulted in some wild sex for us. Are there many other men out there like me? I would love to watch her being fucked but she is not too keen and although I would love to I dont know how I would react. - Anon



    Small Dick Humiliation

    My name is Lee Przybylowicz. My girlfriend ordered me to expose my small penis in public! So, she took pics as I got naked in public places and in front of people! Most people just laughed! - Lee


    Tuesday, July 18, 2006


    Wife Sex

    My wife and I have been married for 17 years and we enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. While we are no regulars at it, we do get the urge once in a while to play. There is no bigger turn on than to watch my wife being enjoyed by other men while I am enjoying her. There was one time she let three guys have their way with her and I don't think I've ever seen her cum more in one night than that night. After we got home we had some of the best sex of our marriage. I would love to see her do it with a black man but she hasn't gone that route yet.... I share my wife with some unknown people. We’d never brought them to our place because it must be risky in the future if they know our address. So I take my wife to their places or the hotels. I prefer their places to the hotels that cost lot of money. This picture was from our last meeting. You can see my hands on her ass while another guy is under her. According to the situation I watch the guy fucking my beautiful wife or join them. But if there are two guys I only watch their wild sex. She always appreciates for my understanding. So far she’d never said no for fucking any man. - MaryJo & Steve


    Friday, July 07, 2006


    From Lust To Jealousy

    My wife and I have been together for about 10 years and have pretty much experienced everything imaginable. She's very free with her body, especially when she's drunk and we have never really had any issues. My biggest turn on is picturing her with another guy with me or without me. we have had MFM & MFF before, but I really want another MFM or so I think.

    I want to step back and watch the expressions on her face and see the way her body moves. almost like I would imagine and out of body experience would be. Up until a year or so ago, she didn't want to relive it as it wasn't as enjoyable for her as it was me. So, of course with some prodding lightly and sometimes not so lightly she started loosening up to the idea again. We now talk about it while we have sex and sometimes add certain names of potential candidates to our love making. And she will now go as far as telling me who she will fuck or who interests her when we are out for the night.

    This is all great, but now when we are done with our lovemaking, my emotions go from total arousal to a little disgust or embarrassment. Not to mention that i sometimes feel a little jealous. I'm also aware most guys, not all, have a sudden change of emotions after the orgasm. The picture I have attatched is of her 2 years ago during our first MFM - they took a shower together then joined me on the bed.

    I know all the do's and don'ts, but what I'm looking for is some that has or is experincing the same as I. I know she loves me more than anything and I her, but all 3 emotions can't be good. Please share with me your experiences here on this blog. - Curtis


    Wednesday, July 05, 2006


    Penetrating Her Afterwards

    Over our 2 year realtionship I have shared my wife about 10 times with other men. It ranges from a make out session to full blown hard core sex. I have seen her swollen, red and dripping with another man's cum inside her. The sex is always awsome with her after she has been with another man. It is somewhat of a turn on sticking your cock in your woman's freshly fucked used hole and know she was just with another man.... If you have not tried it, you should! I faint about it sometimes and when it happened it was all I expected.... And for those who want to say things about it, don't knock it till you tried it..... This picture was from her last session with a guy from her work. - Jared


    Monday, July 03, 2006


    Wife Calls Out Another Name


    My wife and I have gotten an early start to the weekend. We're at a luxury B&B in San Francisco. We've been married for 16 years. She's out for her morning run right now.

    She's a major player with a well known American company. She travels alot. With her being the one who earns the big bucks it's her job that dominates our conversations. I've either met or have heard about many of her colleagues, some of whom she travels with.

    My wife and I are very happy together and we have great sex. She's a really good looking, physically fit, mentally sharp person. I have attatched a picture of her from our previous vacation. I can't show her face for the reasons I've mentioned above.

    But last night something happened that is bothering me this morning. After we made love and had our orgasms, hers via some extremely vigorous dog style pounding, she got up to go to the bathroom. As she walked into the doorway, she turned back and looked at me and cutely said, "That was great, Frank!".

    The only problem is that my name is Keith. Frank is one of the colleagues she's often with on the road. In fact, she just got back last week from a business trip with him yesterday.

    My wife immediately caught her error and seemed sincerely emabarrased and sensitive to the situation. Not that I pressed the point, but she offered an apology anyway and said it was nothing more than a slip of the tongue because they've been working together on a big project.

    I believe her. I think. What do you think? - Keith


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