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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, July 31, 2006


    Our First Step Towards Cuckolding

    My wife and I have talked about cuckolding for awhile now and realize that in order to make it happen we need to go slow (baby steps). So as a first step, last week I locked the keys in a rental car and the company had to send out a locksmith. It was about 11pm and I told my wife it wouldn't be too out of place for her to be walking around topless getting ready for bed when he arrived and she could give him a good show. She agreed and stripped down to her panties. She was standing in front of the kitchen window when he arrived and he parked in the driveway beside the window then called us on the phone (because he was worried about the dogs). My wife answered and stood their in just her panties and looked out at him as she talked on the phone. I went out and we got the car unlocked. He was a young kid in his early 20's. I offered him a coke and when he accepted I took him into the garage and from the garage he could see into the kitchen and once again got to see her topless. Most of his views were from the waist up. I think she has very nice legs and a nice ass and I wanted him to get to see her from head to toe so I told him to hold tight while I got him some ice. I went into the kitchen and left the door wide open so he could see my wife from head to toe. I whispered to her as I walked past her that she should walk to the door and thank him and she did!

    So there he was, standing in the garage holding his coke in one hand and a cup of ice in the other, and she was standing in the doorway totally naked except for her thong thanking him for coming out so quickly that late at night. He was pretty nervous and didn't have a lot to say and after thanking him she closed the door. I said good bye and thanked him as he walked to his van. He sat in the van for a few minutes and made a couple of calls and filled out his report, etc. and she stayed in the kitchen and let him continue to have a good look at her through the window until he left. She was so excited when he finally did leave that she threw me on the bed and rode me for all she was worth. As she was I was asking her to picture the young locksmith and it drove her nuts. It was a great first step that I believe will lead to more episodes. Watch this blog!

    I have sent you a picture of her too. It was a tasteful erotic picture I took of her while we were staying at a friend's condo. - Jeff


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