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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, February 01, 2010



    Judy my wife is a hotwife, she loves nothing more than fucking men who have big cocks and over the past year has become more and more wanton in her desires. A few days ago she fucked a group of men who were clients of her boss, they used her over two days and left nothing to the imagination. I know because her boss showed me some pics and a highlights video he intends on selling last night.

    The video starts with Judy stripping in front of 6 men (4 white, 1 asian and 1 black man), she does a semi-professional job, playing with her tits and pussy for them, before she is finished all 6 men are naked and playing with their cocks.

    Judy is pushed to her knees and 1 man stuffs her mouth with his big white (8" and thick) cock, she takes the whole thing into her mouth and throat. Another white guy takes his place & his cock is no where near as big, but he rams it down her throat and face fucks her. Judy is playing with her pussy and the men are egging her on by talking real dirty to her, she cums on her three fingers stuffed in her pussy.

    She proceeds to suck all the guys off, the Asian man has a short but thick cock and he is the most cruel in his treatment of Judy, he holds her hair and really shoves his fat cock into her face. The black man has the overall biggest cock (surprize, surprize) and he gives her a slow feed of his (11"+) cock.

    None of the men have cum and move her over to a couch where they bend her over the couch and take turns fucking her pussy. Judy cums at least 3 times as they fuck her pussy. The Asian guy gets behind her and fucks her pussy for 5 minutes then takes his cock out of Judy and pushes the head of his fat cock into her ass, grabs her hips and shoves the rest all the way in. You can hear Judy let out a little scream, but the guy keeps pounding her butt. The Asian man turns around himself and Judy and sits down so she is astride him, impaled on his fat cock, he speaks to the black man and he shuffles between her legs and puts his huge black cock to her pussy and slowly pushes the whole thing deep into Judy.2 COCKS

    Judy is going nuts, both guys fuck her slowly and then build up the pace, they are fucking her with a brutal force and first the Asian guy cums deep in her ass, then the black guy starts to shake all over and starts pumping Judy full of cum, he withdraws and shoots two great squirts of cum over her tits. Each guy gets to fuck her ass as another man fucks her pussy. You can hear Judy saying how she loves to be double fucked, as the two cocks rub against each other in her. She cums twice more before all the guys are done.

    She then sucks everyone of the 6 men off and gets them to cum in her mouth, face or tits, she is covered in cum and is looking very tired but still has a smile on her dial. The video changes location to the bedroom, it must be later on as she has cleaned up and is lying on the bed playing with herself and asking the Asian guy to come up and fuck her hard. He turns her over and lifts her butt into the air, he caresses her ass then all of a sudden starts spanking her ass cheeks, he moves to her pussy and lightly smacks it 5 times before pushing her onto her back, he grabs a double handful of tit and squeezes them.

    Judy screams, he lets go of her tits then starts gently slapping each one many times. He stops and puts three fingers into her pussy and turns to the others and says, she is fucking dripping wet, he fingers her and rubs her clit, Judy shivers and cums again. The Asian man says, you loved that didn't you, you love being taken and teased don't you. Judy squirmed on his fingers trying to get the Asian to move them deeper and said, yes, I love being taken and love what you do to me.

    The Asian man spanks her tits 3 times then shoves 4 fingers deep into Judy.
    She moans in pleasure and says, fuck me all of you, call your mates and tell them to come around, they can all have me, any way they want. I want lots of hard, big cocks.

    I haven't seen her since. It has been a few days and she is staying with her boss for a few more and will come back then. I have been instructed not to cum until she returns but I don't know if I can and we'll see. - Stephan


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