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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, December 13, 2009


    We Get Closer To Each Other Afterwards

    We have posted in the past on other sites about my wife's adventures with her lover. She is soon to be 49 and me 46. It has been quite some time, in fact, since July since they have been together. Busy lives and summer is all we can blame it on. Anyway, I have been urging her to have me contact him for a night of fun and adventure, but it just never clicked for her. Finally, on a recent trip, I emailed her from the road and asked if Saturday night was OK. She emailed me back and told me to set it up. After an exchange of emails, her lover said he would cum on over to our house Saturday night. Last night, Friday, we were all ready to do the nasty as she said she wanted me bad. We had a bit of bedroom talk about she and her lover together and the tide turned quickly and dramatically. For the first time ever, she said to me that I couldn't fuck her that night, in fact, I was not even to get her off as she was saving herself for him. I found that highly erotic and frustrating to say the least. She made me talk to her on what I thought might happen as she stroked my cock and sucked it from time to time.

    To add some background, we have always had the three of us together. They always start out by tons of foreplay and heavy kissing and I love to watch. They then fuck and my wife usually wants me by her side at times, but I really enjoy watching them. Some times I get very involved, some times I just sit in the chair and watch. My favorite part and she is well aware is watching his creampie pouring out of her. I usually help myself to it and sometimes I slide into her silky smooth pussy. At one time, I thought it erotic for all us to simply leave our bedroom and for them to share each other in our bed, so I went downstairs and left them to fuck for the third or fourth time that night and listened intently to them from the base of the stairs.

    Back to last night. I told wifey that I would really love to have him at some point to stay the night (he's married, so it is not as easy as it may seem) so he can fuck her a couple of times in front of me, but after he adjourns to the guest room she could either join him for another fuck and cum back to me or spend the night fucking and cuddling with him. I then went on to say that she had several choices, 1) I could just stay and join/watch as usual, 2) she can ask me leave after a fuck or two so they could spend some alone time together, 3) she could lead him up to the bedroom soon after arriving and ask me to stay down until they are done, or 4) I could be gone when he arrived and she tells him I got called off for some reason or she could tell him she didn't want me around.

    I also said I would love to get him hard for her and clean him up after he cums inside her. We have never broached this with him and we're not sure he would go for it, but wifey is thinking about pushing in that direction with her simply asking him or me "accidently" licking him as I'm underneath her while he pounds her from behind. It is probably pretty obvious to him with me eating his cum out of her, but to be honest, I do it sort of non-chalantly and don't just dive in and lap it up.

    Anyway, perhaps that will finally happen tonight. Furthermore, she is not a big fan of cum in her mouth unless it is mine which she oves to swallow completely. For her, it is more of an intimate thing and something she does for hubby only. I have also encouraged her before to let him cum in her mouth and she got as close as telling him to cum on her face which she did, but none in the mouth. I told her I would love for her to take him in her mouth and swallow his cum and she did not object. Would love to kiss her after a private session and taste and smell him in her mouth.

    Now, we role-play a lot and most of our talk is in the bedroom, but I always get raging hard and she comes extra hard when I whisper in her ear things I like him doing to her. It usually involves his fat cock inside her, how it stretches her out, and the feeling of his cum shooting deep inside her. We have talked about her going off on a date with him, but for us, that is really pushing the envelope. The thought of me being out of the house when he comes over to fuck her is not as intense, but almost, at least for me. My heart is racing thinking about that option. Honestly, I think if I know my wife, she will probably go for option 2, asking me to leave after a while, but I may need to offer myself leaving as I don't think she is as bold. Well, let's wait for tonight to happen and I hope to have some time later tomorrow to get back on and share what happened.

    Next Email

    Now the recap of the evenings events! Wifey’s lover (D) was right on time at 6 p.m. We sat around and caught up for about 30 minutes, but no major move on the wife up to now. Wifey really stepped out of the box by asking him, “Do you want to go upstairs?” When D said “sure,” she then asked me, “is it OK if we have some time alone?” I told her that was not a problem and off they went. So, I guess, in fact, she chose option 3 above.

    They went up and I could soon hear the sound of their smacking lips as I knew they were kissing deeply. I snuck over to the base of the stairs where I could get a better sound of what was going on. The damn creaky stairs prevented me from sneaking up and watching the action! It wasn’t long before I could hear my wife start to moan and I knew he was inside her. What I didn’t know is whether he was fucking her on top or whether she was riding him cowgirl style. She loves his fat cock stretching her pussy, but she is not keen on him going too deep as it is uncomfortable.

    Regardless, I know she loves to get on top and grind herself to many orgasms. It wasn’t long before I heard her cum very loudly. Soon after came a second one and a few minutes more another scream shook the house. I could here her saying, “come on, come on” encouraging D to cum. I know she was more than happy to have D to cum inside her and soon I heard him grunting as I knew he was shooting deep inside her.

    I could here them whispering a bit and then silence. I hung downstairs intentionally. We have never played this out before and we had not discussed the plan prior. I thought for sure she might call me up, so I waited it out.

    Wifey doesn’t like his cum load in her mouth, but she strangely likes to taste a small amount on his cock so I would put any money she was now cleaning him up. D is in his mid-40’s but he stays rock hard at least for the second go-round. It is fucking amazing. He usually needs only less than 5 minutes before he is ready to fuck again. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could here her moaning again, cumming at least twice more if not a third, and him pumping his cum inside her a second time.

    I refused to go up until she called and it wasn’t long she called me up. When I went in my mouth dropped open. The bed had literally crept across the floor nearly two feet!! She and I have never come close to doing this and I later found out she was riding him both times to orgasm and it was her cowgirl motion that moved it away. It was so fucking funny.

    Anyway, I stripped, joined them on the bed for some conversation. My finger casually strayed between her slit and I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She immediately looked at me and raised her eyebrows. She knows how fucking excited I get when she is full of D’s cum. When we fuck and I cum inside her, she immediately jumps up and wipes it out, but when D is around, she simply lets his sperm swim around in her. It didn’t take me long to start to clean her up. There were two loads inside her and I was afraid most of it had already run out. I started at her ass and found that it had run all the way down. When I stuck my tongue in her I was very surprised and excited to find a huge dollop of his cum waiting for me. I made it a point to say to them both so D knew clearly what I was doing, “Man, you shot a lot inside her.”

    It was only a matter of minutes, before D was hard again and wanted to fuck her from behind. She always fantasizes about getting fucked this way with a cock deep in her throat and when it does happen, she goes wild and cums hard. Sure enough, she was sucking me while D was fucking her doggy-style and she was moaning wildly. He was going too deep and I knew she was uncomfortable. She got a bit higher up so she could prevent him from going so deep, but I tried to force her down lower saying, “is he hurting you a bit?” She moaned “yes” and shook her head, so I said, “that’s good, I want him to go nice and deep.”

    I told D to keep fucking her hard and deep and she was gong wild and eventually came hard on his cock. He kept it up for a few more minutes and I badly wanted to crawl under her, lick her clit and “accidentally” lick his cock in the process. I love to fantasize about this and him letting me suck it and alternating fucking her. I would give anything to clean the cum off his cock as it slid out of her. Anyway, it was for not, but D was soon getting very close to cumming and then he grabbed her hips harder and was slamming his cock very deep and fast into her. She couldn’t hold out and was screaming with another orgasm and D was soon pumping his third load deep inside her.

    She was completely spent and although D can go at least four times in about an hour, he said he was spent too. We chatted a bit longer before he left (we all were planning on watching the Red Sox!) and wifey and I could spend some time together. I, of course, cleaned her up until there was no more cum for me. I then slid in to her silky, stretched out pussy. This is absolutely the best feeling in the world. D is much larger than me and I am a bit smaller than average so he managed to stretch her out pretty good. It wasn’t long before I pumped my load and the fourth of the evening inside her.

    The next day, Sunday, I had to get up early for a errand that took a great deal of the day. When I came back we spoke about the evening a bit and wifey was so horny thinking about the night before that she admitted masturbating after I left. Later that night we had another very hot session as we had some pillow talk about the night before. She was sore, for sure, but took me inside her. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before, his cum inside her, etc. She egged my on to a great cum while talking about how good her pussy felt with all D’s cum inside it, how thick his head feels inside her, etc.

    The long and the short of it is this. Whenever we have these sessions, we both independently feel so much closer to each other, express our love for each other more, and just want to cuddle for the day. I love her for doing what she does and she loves me for letting her have such fun. All for now. - Andy


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