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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 22, 2009


    She Will Finally Cuckold Me

    Dear Editor,

    I've been reading your website for a few years now and I wanted to finally add my own story here. Let me start by giving some background information....

    I'm 41 years old and previously married. During my first marriage, we were heavily involved in the bdsm community. I was a pretty good dominant and I regularly played with a number of women and did a fair amount of swinging in addition to the bondage stuff. However, I have diabetes and as the years went by I found myself suffering from erectile dysfunction. At first it wasn't too bad and viagra or one of the other drugs would help the problem. Unfortunately, as time went on the drugs stopped working. As a result, I lost the confidence that I needed to be a dominant and I really didn't want to play much in the bedroom either.

    A little over three years ago my wife at the time left me. One of the main reasons turned out to be my E.D. I found out later that she had told all of our mutual friends about my "problem" and had regularly ridiculed me about it when I wasn't around.

    About 2 1/2 years ago I met Wendy. She and I worked together and things started out with just a bit of flirting. At the time I was 39 and she was 25. Shortly after we met we started dating and things between us were very good. She was completely ok with my E.D. and we found many ways to accomodate my problem and we came up with a lot of creative work arounds. She liked me to wear a strap on and she enjoyed having so many different sized "cocks" inside of her. I knew she loved me, but I also didn't want her to give up having a good hard cock instead of a rubber toy. She's still young and I didn't think it was fair for her to give "real" sex just to be with me.

    Not too soon after we started dating, Wendy and her sister Michelle went to St Thomas for a vacation. I found out later that she had fooled around with two black men in her hotel room one night while she was really drunk. Both of the men had gone down on her and she had sucked one of the mens cocks. She told me the guy she blew was really hung. "The size of a spray paint can" was how she described him.

    Wendy knew about my earlier bdsm and swinger days, and it wasn't too long before we started to concoct some really wild fantasies while we were having sex. I let her know that I didn't expect her to give up cock and that I was entirely ok with her fucking other guys. I let her know that I was completely turned on by her being with other men. I just wanted to be there while she was getting fucked. I was also completely ok with her being with other women since Wendy had some fantasies in that area as well. I had one friend, Janie, who is married and likes to swing with and without her husband. I had never been with Janie myself, but had wanted to get with her for many years. Wendy found Janie very attractive and she flirted and talked sex with her on many occassions.

    Unfortunately, as much as I tried, Wendy said it was all sex talk and she would never want to do anything in real life because she felt it was wrong and that wasn't how she had been raised. Over the next couple of years Wendy entertained my fantasies in a number of ways. She and Janie occassionally made out a bit and would get into some heavy petting, but it never went further. She also had text sex with a few different guys she knew and would tell the guys she wanted them to fuck her, but she never went through with it.

    As time went on, we settled into a really good pattern of fantasy sex. She knew my fantasies about us participating in orgies, having gang bangs with Wendy and several men and me servicing her orally and cleaning up her used snatch with my tongue, etc. She liked my swinger and cuckold fantasies but she wasn't willing to do anything in reality.

    We got engaged last January and planned the wedding for this November. About a month before the wedding, Wendy, Janie and Michelle all went out drinking at a bar by our house. They stayed until the bar closed and by the time the three of them got to our house they were all totally smashed. They were all laughing and talking loudly about sex.

    Wendy immediately gave me a very hot kiss and started grabbing my cock through my shorts while the other two ladies watched and giggled. Before long they were all gathered around the computer looking at porn. Every once in a while Wendy and Janie would hug each other in more than a friendly way and their hands were caressing each others tits and ass.

    Eventually Michelle put on some loud dance music and the two sisters started dancing. Janie curled up on the couch next to me and within seconds was cuddling under my arm. She would kiss my neck and ear and whisper that she was horny and wanted Wendy. Janie's hand would occassionally stroke the inside of my thigh and once in a while she let her fingers trail over my shorts and the outline of my cock.

    Wendy and Michelle started doing a bit of a strip tease for us and it didn't take long for the sisters to both have their tits out. I was definitely enjoying the show; but I knew that nothing more would happen since my fiancee never let things get too far and besides, her sister was right there.

    After a while Michelle went out to her car for some cigarettes. I followed her outside and told her that she should probably get going since it was late (I was still hoping Wendy and Michelle might play around a bit and I could watch). Michelle refused to leave and after a few minutes we went inside the house. We came back into the living room and found Wendy and Janie on the floor in nothing but bras and panties. They were furiously kissing and feeling each other up.

    I asked Michelle again to PLEASE LEAVE but she refused and said she wanted to watch. At this point the other two became aware we were in the room. My fiancee took Janie by the hand and told her they should go to the bedroom. Wendy apologised on the way out of the room and said "I hope you don't mind baby. But this is my first time with another girl and I want to be alone." I assured her that it was ok and to go have fun. As much as I wanted to be involved, I wasn't going to risk having them stop because they were uncomfortable with me around.

    Once they had gone upstairs, Michelle and I had a quick smoke. She was drunk and horny and she said that she really wanted to watch and that we should sneak into the bedroom. I told her no, but she convinced me to go upstairs and poke my head in.

    I snuck up the stairs and let myself into our bedroom. My fiancee and our friend were lying on the bed in nothing but their panties. They were kissing and moaning, slowly caressing each other. It was one of the hottest things I've ever watched. After a few minutes Wendy spoke up, "Babe, if you're going to watch, you might as well join in." She didn't have to ask twice. I was naked and in the bed within seconds.

    I was kneeling on the bed, letting my hands roam over both of their bodies while they continued to kiss. Their moans were getting louder and hotter and I had completely forgotten about my sister-in-law until I heard the bedroom door open and she crept in.

    Michelle immediately began removing her clothes and she climbed onto the mattress with us. From this point, everything became a blur. I was eating out my fiance while she ate Janie's pussy and Michelle sat on our friends face. We kept switching positions and the sex was great. Janie and Michelle got into a sixty nine and eventually started to make out. I laid on my back and sucked Michelle's tits while Janie blew me as Wendy ate Janie out.

    Janie was going down on Michelle as I spanked her ass and told her what a slut she was. I found out that Janie has a great tolerance for pain and I left her ass beet red.

    Janie eventually came as Wendy ate her pussy. I came while laying over Michelle, fucking her mouth as I ate her cunt.

    As things finally wound down, my future wife and Janie wound up in the shower together while I stayed on the bed with my new sister in law and fucked her with a dildo until she came.

    Since that night, Wendy's libido has finally been set free. We haven't had a repeat of that performance although Wendy and Janie slept together the night before our wedding.

    Wendy is now committed to becoming my perfect slut wife. She and I are making plans for Wendy to get together and fuck Janie's husband Kevin (he is hesitant since he prefers to just have Janie tell him about her adventures later; but we are hoping he will come around soon). I love that she wants to fuck him and finally make me a cuck. We have another couple that we are friends with and we are hoping that the four of us will get together very soon. We may even find some random guys for her to fuck. She has promised to bring home lots of fresh creampies for me to eat. We may see if one of these guys can get her pregnant as well. I can't wait!!!

    I'll write back as soon as I have more stories to share.

    I'm enclosing a picture of my wife's tits. I hope that the readers enjoy my story and they can feel free to contact me at:

    shecuckoldsme @


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