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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 29, 2009


    I Caught Her Downstairs with Him

    Due to a severe winter storm my wife and I were trapped at our friends house for several days last winter. We all got along well and enjoyed each other's company but this was the first time we had spent time together this closely. After putting our kids to bed each night we would sit around and play board games while having a few drinks and chatting about all sorts of things.

    The atmosphere was very close and friendly by the third night and after a few too many drinks my wife went down stairs with the other guy to challenge him at a game of shooting hoops in the basement. I stayed in the family room with his wife and as we chatted we could hear my wife's screams of laughter as they played below us. We both wondered aloud what they were up to, making all that noise, but we were enjoying each other's company so much that neither of us really cared enough to get up and check on them.

    Around midnight I noticed that it was very quiet down stairs and about a half hour later they both came up to join us. We all agreed that we were tired and it was late so we all called it a night, the other couple going up to their room and us at the other end of the hallway in the guest room.

    Our room was a large loft over the garage with two single beds which meant that we wouldn't be sleeping together. As a result I had trouble getting to sleep and must have lain awake for at least an hour. While lying staring at the ceiling I heard someone from the other room get up and go down stairs. I thought nothing of it till a few seconds later my wife sat up in her bed and quietly called over to me to see if I was awake.

    I thought that she probably wanted me to get her a glass of water and not being in the mood to get up I pretended to be asleep and lay quietly in my bed. She then got out of her bed and very quietly went over to the partly opened door and hesitated for a minute as if she was listening to see who was down stairs. She then quietly opened the door and slipped out into the hall way. I thought she was just going to the bathroom that was right outside our room and waited for the light to go on but it never did.

    It was then that I thought I could here someone going down the stairs and now my heart began to speed up thinking that she was up to something. I quietly got out of bed and peeked out into the hall way just in time to see her go into the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs. I could hear whispering but couldn't hear what was being said. The a few seconds later they both appeared coming out of the kitchen which made me jump back but instead of coming up the stairs they tuned the other way and went down the basement stairs instead.

    It was now that the truth about what they were up to hit me and a strange sense of arousal came over me. My cock was starting to tingle and I had to see what they were doing.

    As I slowly tip-toed down the hall and stairs my heart was pounding in my ears in anticipation of what lay ahead and of the fear of getting caught. I tried to think of an excuse to explain why I was up but was too aroused to think straight. As I came to the doorway at the top of the basement stairs I listened for noise but heard nothing. I just had to know what they were doing so I slowly started to creep gingerly down the stairs, ever worried that they would creak and give me away.

    When I was nearly at the bottom I could hear them but it wasn't talking I heard, it was erratic breathing and my wife giggling. At the bottom of the stairs I slowly peeked around the corner and there in the kid's TV room, on the mattress that they sat on for watching TV, was my wife under the other guy. There were no lights on but lighting from the street lights outside came through the basement windows enough for me to see what was happening.

    She was on her back with her legs spread wide and he was on top of her humping away. The only noises they made now were the sounds of two people necking deeply and fucking.

    By now my cock was fully erect under my pajamas and I couldn't resist the urge to touch myself while I watched and listened to them. I was on the verge of cumming and had to stop fondling myself several times to stop from making a mess in my pajamas. His breathing was now very loud and irregular, and as I watched, he had a very long and powerful orgasm into my wife's pussy. The thought of his cum squirting into her was almost too much for me in my aroused state and realizing that they were probably finished I turned and quietly but quickly snuck back up the stairs and into my bed.

    About fifteen minutes later my wife quietly snuck back into our room. I could see her silouhette against the window curtains and as I lay there watching I saw her lift her nighty and take off her panties. She then wiped her pussy with them and took a quick sniff before dropping them on the floor. I continued to watch her as she climbed into her bed and I could see that she was moving ever so slightly under her covers. Then I watched as the covers started to rise and it was then that I realized that she was spreading her legs and masturbating. My cock was pulsing now in rhythm with my pounding heart as I lay there thinking about the other guy's cum leaking out of her pussy while she fingered her clit.

    Her orgasm was quick in coming and very intense as she tried to stifle her moans. Her bed was visibly shaking as she came and her legs were pointing straight up into the air. With her last gasp her legs collapsed onto the bed and after a few minutes her breathing had slowed down to normal. She was asleep in 10 minutes.

    I was now so horny I was ready to burst. I slowly slipped out of my bed and very quietly crawled over to hers. As I got along side of hers my hand found her panties lying on the floor. My hand was shaking as I brought them up to my face and as I took a deep breath the smell of the other guys cum was very strong. The crotch area was soaking wet with what I knew was his semen and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to rub my cock in it.

    I quietly snuck back into my bed with her panties and after pulling down my pajama bottoms I rubbed the wet crotch of the panties on the rock hard head of my penis. It glistened with wetness and as I felt my orgasm coming I lay the panties on my face and breathed in the scent of their sexual encounter.

    I could hold myself back no longer and as I came I covered my knob with her panties and shot my cum into the other guys. It was an orgasm of an intensity that I had never before experienced and when it was over my legs were like jello. I was so exhausted that all I could do was toss the panties over towards her bed and hope that they fell close to where I found them so that she wouldn't catch on to what I did. I fell asleep shortly after.

    When I awoke early the next morning the memory of the night before came back to me and my cock stiffened immediately. I became very aroused thinking that we had both gone to sleep last night with the other guy's cum on my cock and in her pussy. As much as I wanted to fuck her I knew that she would be asleep at least a couple of more hours. I got up to take a leak and on the way back I saw her panties lying on the floor where they had landed last night. I picked them up and got back into my bed and after pulling the covers up over me I placed them over my face and started to masturbate.

    With in a few minutes I had gone from sniffing them to licking them and then sucking on them. I could taste cum and in no time I shot my load into my pajamas. I tossed them back to their spot on the floor and fell back asleep again.

    When I awoke about an hour later I looked over and saw that she was not in her bed. This was unussual for her as it was still early in the morning. I quietly got up and listened at our partly open door. I could hear him talking quietly and her giggling from down in the kitchen. Almost immediatly they appeared with their arms around each other's waists, and the bulge in his boxers left no doubt what they were about to do, as they headed down the basement stairs.

    I wanted to sneak down and watch but it was light out now and I was afraid of getting caught so I got back into my bed and slowly stroked myself while thinking about what they were doing in the basement. About a half hour later she came into the room and in my advanced state of arrousal I hadn't heard her coming and she caught me stroking myself. I asked her to get into the bed with me but she replied quickly that she wanted to take a shower.

    She had every right to not want to do it with me as we always started with me licking her to get her wet, and with her pussy full of his cum she knew I'd find out. But I wanted to push my cock into her and get his sperm all over me so I pleaded with her to just let me poke her quickly as I was close to shooting my load.

    She reluctantly agreed and lay down on my bed. I got in position over her and slid up her nighty and just before I pushed myself into her I quickly glimpsed her pussy hairs and I could see that they were wet and matted with his semen. I slid in very easily because she was so juicy and the thought that I was fucking my wife when she was full of another mans sperm and getting it all over my cock made me hornier than I had ever been before.

    I quickly faked an orgasm as I wanted to stay horny and lick his cum too. As I lay on top of her she comented on how quickly I came. I told her it was because she was such a turn-on and I asked her if I could give her an orgasm. She knew this meant licking her and she said it might be pretty messy down there right now. I said "I didn't care, its only my own cum."

    She hesitated and then quietly said ok . This was too good to be true. Not only was I getting his semen on my cock Iwas also going to get to lick it out of her pussy. After circling her clit with my tongue for a few minutes she opened her legs wide and I spread her lips and started sucking on her little pink hole. Immediatly I could taste his semen and I had to lift my cock off the bed as I was on the verge of cumming. I rubbed my face all over her opening and soon I was covered with his cum. She had a quick orgasm too and as she lay there recovering from it I got up and went to the bathroom.

    I locked the door, pulled down my pajama bottoms and looked at my cum covered cock and face in the mirror. I started stroking my penis and came in the sink almost immediatly. I washed off my face but left my penis covered with his cum. When we were around him later in the morning I got aroused just knowing that my wife and I both had his cum on us and in us. We were able to leave that afternoon as the roads were finally opened.

    As far as I know this is the only time they did it together and even though I would love her to do it again and tell me about it I know she wouldn't feel the same way about it as I do, but needless to say I think about it a lot when I'm alone and masturbating. Thanks for a a great blog that allows us cucks to express ourselves. The pic is of us in a 69 position but I wish I could see that with her and him that close. Maybe one day. - LLV


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