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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, November 12, 2009


    How I Became a Cuckold

    Back in the mid 90s my wife decided she wanted to learn about restoring old houses so she found a company that was looking for help and volunteered to work for free. She worked for them for about two years, three days a week; she was the only female on the crew and would come home and tell me about her day.

    When she started the job she was maybe 20 pounds or so over weight as the first year went by and she lost the baby fat and looked great. After the first year the owner of the company began to hit on her, nothing serious just flirting and the other guys on the crew became protective of her. We would have great sex fantasizing about her having sex with different guys on the crew. After a while I got resentful of her spending so much time with the crew but did not ask her to quit knowing how much she enjoyed it.

    Then she came home one day and told me they had a job out of town and would be staying at a rented house with all five guys on the crew. I didn’t like it but let her go none the less. It was only a month but things became strained between us, but still I said nothing. (My mistake) After they finished the job she continued to work with the company causing more strain on our relationship.

    The next summer we were out with friends having drinks and she started talking about how she would be working out of town next month again. I went ballistic when we got home we had a huge argument and she told me she was going whether I liked it or not, we settled into an uncomfortable truce for the next month before she went. I did not want to tell her she could not go out of fear she would resent me, and there was still a small part of me that got off on the fantasy of her having sex while out of town. When she went she would leave on Monday morning and return late Wednesday evening on the second week I came home early from work on Wednesday and found her home lying in bed in a pair of tan shorts and a tea shirt.

    I went over and kissed her and we started fooling around I got her shirt and bra off and then her shorts and panty’s and went to go down on her, she pulled me up and we started to kiss me, she had always been shy about being eaten so I thought nothing of it. As we started to have sex she said, "he ate my pussy"

    I started to fuck her harder saying "really?", she said yes. I asked her did he fuck you the whole time thinking we were playing the same old game, she said yes I asked her did he come in you, she said yes in her mouth, and began to cry saying you don’t think I’m a whore do you. No I said and came harder than ever before. When we were done I comforted her and telling her it was okay I loved her and wanted to hear all about it she told me and we fucked four more times that afternoon.

    Later that night I was eaten up with jealousy and couldn’t sleep I had to call out of work the next day. We made it through the rest of the week alternating between great sex and hurt. Then Sunday rolled around and she started getting ready to head out of town again I was beside myself saying, “you can’t go back,” She said she had to or the rest of the crew would guess something happened and that she had had sex with Joe. As it turned out she did not have sex with the owner of the company Steve although he kept hitting on her. She went and worked for three more weeks before quitting we went through counseling and had a lot of sex talking about the incident.

    About three months later she was out shopping while I was home when the phone rang I picked it up and the person on the other end hung up without saying a word. I star 69 the number and when the person answered I new it was Joe. I asked him why he was calling my wife he said just to say hello I told him I knew he had fucked my wife and if he told me the truth he would never have to meet me, If he lied however I was going to find him and tell his wife all about it.

    I asked him how many times they had sex, thinking it was only the one time, I was wrong. He said they had sex three and half times twice out of town and once in a hotel room in town. Needless to say I was turned on but mad as hell when the wife got home and I confronted she told me everything. When she had gone back the next week he had snuck into her room that night while she was in bed and began rubbing her breasts she began rubbing his dick through his pants as he stood next the bed.

    He pulled back the covers and pulled the night shirt she wore up over her head and began to rub her pussy while she undid his pants and sucked his dick, she said she could taste the pre cum. He got undressed got into bed with her and began to fuck after awhile he rolled her over and fucked her from behind as he was going at he whispered in her ear that he wanted to come in her mouth again. He pulled out kneeling on the end of the bed and she sucked his cock till he came in her mouth.

    Then the last week she worked out of town her and Joe went up to Tom’s room Tom rolled a joint and him and Joe got stoned and kept feeding her beer. Tom was up playing with the radio while sitting on the bed Joe began rub the side of her breast and kissing her neck she pushed him away and told him to knock it off. He told her it was okay that Tom new about them she still told him no but was soaking wet thinking about what they must have had planned.

    Joe leaned her back on the bed and began to kiss her when she sat up she was amazed that her shirt was open and Joe had his dick out of his pants. Tom was still playing with the radio as she went down on Joe when she looked up again Tom had his pants down and was jerking off. Joe pulled his clothes off unbuttoned her pants and told her to stand. She stood and bent over to keep sucking Joe’s dick, she said Tom came up behind and pulled her pants and panty’s down in one movement.

    She stepped out of her pants and Tom rubbed her pussy from behind then spread he lips and entered her and fucked her while she sucked Joe’s dick. After a while they switched Tom sat on the bed so she could suck him and Joe fucked her from behind then Tom pulled her on top of him on the bed Joe’s dick slid out of her and Tom replaced with his. As she lay on top of Tom with his dick in her pussy Joe began to rub his dick on her asshole she said he got the tip in then pulled out and came on her ass. Tom rolled her over when Joe was done and fucked her till he came in her pussy. She was not on the pill but luckily did not get pregnant.

    The next time was after she had left the company she met Joe at a hotel and he fucked her he wanted to come in her pussy like Tom had she let him and I found out that later that day I had eaten her pussy. The half was a blow job in his truck a week before she cut off the relationship.

    We got past it and have a great relationship and now she fucks three or four guys a year. - John

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