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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 01, 2009


    Birth of a Cuckold

    My hubby and I always search for inventive ways to bring new adventure into our sex lives. The search for the ultimate orgasm that eludes so many. Like most people, our sex lives ran through the normal course of partying, all kinds of sex toys, lingerie, clothing, roleplaying, and so on. Soon we found ourselves talking during sex. He would ask me about past lovers and have me describe some of my past sexual experiences. My talking and telling him about how others fucked my pussy really turned him on and gave him some great orgasms. But before too long the stories were all told and we needed some new material.

    Then in the middle of one of our love making sessions, my hubby requested that I give some thought to start fucking other men. That I would have free reign to go out and simply fuck whoever I desired or even to have an affair with another man. The only condition was that I would not speak about any of my activities until we were having sex. At first I wasn't sure if I could go through with such a request. Being married and out of the dating game for quite some time, I wasn't sure if I could get back into it or how. I told him about my concerns but also said I would give it some serious consideration.

    Now let me give you a brief insight on my hubby's view of women and their bodies. Would also love to hear how many men out there feel the same way. I understand that there are tit men and ass men out there, but my hubby thinks that the female form is the most beautiful thing there is. And the site of a trim shapely woman in something tight and form fitting (such as jeans, spandex, etc) that shows off her perfect ass and vagina lips is the hottest thing in this world. Show my hubby a nice Camel Toe and he will drop to his knees and worship you. The sight of a pussy makes him hard instantly and gets his testosterone flowing. Want my hubby to do something for you? Just show him your pussy and he is yours. Now of course this only works when you have him hard and horny. Like most men once they pop their load they are done. So the trick is to not allow him to pop his load until you are done and completely satisfied.

    So as the next few weeks went by, I noticed a whole new world out there. I began to notice how guys looked and stared at me when out at work, shopping, at the gym, everywhere! I guess when I was just a married wife who wasn't looking for any strange cock, I never noticed being looked at. But now that I am looking, I am beginning to see things in a whole new way. My nervousness about fucking other men began to turn to an excitement that gave me strange sensations that made me extremely horny. I began to daydream about fucking other men and I found my pussy getting wet over the prospect of fucking some new cock. I guess this was the start and the beginning of a whole new lifestyle for my hubby and myself. This is a story of one my first extramartial sexual encounters that started the path to a cuckold husband.

    While I was devising my plan to meet other men.. I would play little games to keep my hubby's mind occupied. These little games would keep him from asking me if I were actively out meeting guys, fucking them, and so on. Some of these games consisted of coming home late from work on occasion, writing a guys name and number on the back of a business card and then leaving it sit on my vantity where I know he will find it, and acting like I was talking on the phone and hanging up just as he walked into the room. I know that these little games had his cock hard and had him fantasizing and wondering about how many cocks had entered his wife's clean shaven pussy. I played the game well and I believe that he was enjoying every minute of it.

    Now I had to decide how to go about meeting a real man for sex. I decided that if I were going to go through with it, I might as well enjoy it by satisfying some of my own personal sexual fantasies. A large thick cock? A black cock? Two cocks at once? A couple? Sex in a public place? So many fantasies, so many choices, where do I start.

    I finally decided that the quickest way to find what I wanted would be online at a dating or chat site. You can be very forward online, exchange nude photos, and say up front what you are looking for. I decided my first prey would be a man with a large cock. My hubby has a thicker cock, but he is only about five inches.

    I wanted to know what a nice thick nine or ten inch cock would feel like deep inside of me. I got online and explained that I was a married woman that was looking for a little sex on the side. Immediately I got alot of responses. I reviewed them carefully and found a guy named Roger that I liked. He also fit the bill with an extremely thick nine inch cock that made my mouth water.

    I responded to his email, and then moved onto several telephone conversations with him. Finally we set a date to meet for dinner, and then if everything went well, maybe out for drinks and hopefully some good sex.

    The big night finally came and I met with Roger for dinner and drinks. And before too long we were on our way to a motel for a night of some hot sex. This would be the first time I would have sex with another man since I got married over ten years ago. I thought that I would be nervous but I found myself extremely turned on and excited. I knew what was about to happen and I could not wait. Roger was an excellent lover. Not to fast, not to slow, just right. We started with some deep passionate kisses with alot feeling and groping at each others bodies. It wasn't long before my top was off and Roger was sucking and biting on my nipples. Once a man has my nipples in my mouth I am putty in his hands. I immediately get wet and turn in a nothing short of a wild schoolgirl slut that can't get enough. Reason and being smart go out the door and a wild animal lust takes me over.

    I told Roger that I needed to suck his cock, and with a smile on his face he rolled over onto his back on the bed. I fumbled at his zipper but finally released his cock. Even semi-hard he was much larger than my hubbys. I began to lick and suck his cock for all I was worth and I could taste his precum oozing from his slit. The taste was wonderful and all I wanted was more. As I continued to suck on him, he motioned me into a 69 position with me on top. As I continued to suck him he began to lick my pussy. His tongue would lick my cunt lips up and down each side, then around the head of my swollen clit. He would then stick his tongue inside of me as best he could and then repeatedly kept moving his tongue all around my cunt. He was driving me nuts and I knew my pussy was flooded with lubrication. It wasn't long before he said it was time to fuck.

    I rolled over, spread my legs, and offered my womanhood, my private being to him. He slowly got on top of me and I could feel a strange man's cock beginning to enter my married vagina. Each time he stroked his cock in and out of me more of his cock went deep inside till he was all the way buried in me. The feeling was wonderful. He cock was so deep within my body and the feeling of his cock stretching my pussy open wide was unbelievable. Roger fucked my for about ten minutes in which his cock made me cum several times. I was not used to this feeling when getting fucked by my hubby, but I was liking it way too much.

    Roger started to tense up and I could tell he was about to cum. So I wrapped my legs around his and whispered in his ear to cum in me. His pace speeded up a bit and he dumped his entire load deep within me. We just laid on the bed kissing and his cock remained in me until he went soft and fell out. This was my first wonderful fuck out of wedlock and I knew it would not be the last. Once you open pandora's box, you can never shut it again. I got fucked by Roger and I liked it, and I had no intention of giving this new freedom up.

    Now I had a new story to tell my hubby, but it would have to wait until his cock was deep inside of me!

    I will write more of my story and how I turned my hubby into my cuckold as I have time. But I would also love to hear your comments as I am not really a good story teller and typer.... Just a great fucking slut! I have included a pic of my shaven married pussy. It is a little red as I just got done shaving her. If you guys respond and like to hear more, I'll make sure to include more pics.

    lynn4you_2000 @


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