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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
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    Thursday, September 10, 2009


    Wife Lisa's Bonding Experience

    A little over six years ago I discovered that my wife, Lisa, was cheating on me with her boss, Christopher. I had confronted her about the affair. We had only been married for a year, and already I was drinking too much and she was almost never home: a divorce seemed imminent. In a last ditch effort to save our marriage, however, we agreed to at least try to resolve our differences by settling for a compromise arrangement.

    I had met Lisa back in college, where she was the editor of the campus literary journal. She was a virgin and I was her first. She had never been with anyone else since, and she had often hinted that, unlike her more adventurous friends, she had missed out on a lot of sexual experiences while in college.

    Consequently, part of the compromise arrangement we later agreed on allowed her the temporary freedom to sleep with her boss, or anyone else she wanted, provided that she practiced safe sex and kept me fully informed of her sexual liaisons.

    Lisa embarked on a number of sexual adventures over the course of the next four years. What I am about to relate here is her account of what she now says was among the most satisfying sexual experiences she’d ever had during that period.

    The events that led up to it began as she prepared to head home from work one rainy Friday evening a few months after my initial discovery of her relationship with Christopher.

    Christopher was scheduled to meet a friend from high school that evening, a professional photographer named Alex. He had ducked into Lisa’s office on his way out to ask whether she wanted to come along.

    Lisa had long suspected that Christopher wanted to see her hook up with one of his friends, and he used every possible occasion to make it happen. (She had, in fact, already been to bed with one of his associates, but he never found out.)

    Lisa had, for the most part, refused Christopher’s previous attempts to introduce her to his friends, but this time – for kicks -- she agreed to go. I remember she called me and, as she knew I disliked her boss and relished the idea of using his head for batting practice, told me that she had to do a few hours overtime. “I’ll call you when it’s time to pick me up,” she told me over the phone.

    I fell asleep on the couch that night waiting for Lisa’s call, which eventually came at around 5:30 the following morning. It was fairly obvious that something was up. I asked her if she knew what time it was. She said she was sorry she had kept me waiting all night. She asked me to pick her up at a deli a few blocks from where we lived at the time. “It’s still raining out and I don’t want to catch a cold,” she said.

    I was pissed but I mustered the patience and drove out in the rain to fetch her. I ignored Lisa completely during the drive home in spite of the fact that she looked terrific. She was wearing a very short black skirt, black pumps and her favorite black leather jacket, through the front opening of which I could see the rain-drenched blouse she wore underneath clinging tight against her body so that it showed the color of her skin.

    Wisely, she had waited until the early afternoon, while we were on the couch in the living room and my anger had subsided a bit, before telling me what had really happened the previous night.

    She told me that she had lied about doing overtime, and that she had actually gone out with Christopher to meet one of his friends for a few drinks in a nearby bar. “Please don’t get mad again,” she said, placing her hand on my lap. “I know you hate Christopher and didn’t want to provoke your temper.”

    Biting back on what remained of my anger, I said everything was okay and that I was only upset because she had not warned me of her plans beforehand. I asked her to tell me everything that had happened in detail.

    She said Alex was already at the bar when they arrived. “I must admit I found him quite attractive,” Lisa said. “He was good-looking with startling blue eyes and a strong, muscular build like Christopher.”

    Christopher introduced them and ordered a round of drinks for everybody. Lisa learned, during the course of the conversation that followed, that Alex was recently divorced. She said that, apart from baseball, the two guys talked mostly about their days in high school together.

    “I caught Alex checking me out a few times,” she recounted. “Other than that, there wasn’t really much going on.”

    She said that, although there was a lot of laughing and some of the stories they told were actually half-way amusing, she was getting bored and was already planning her escape an hour after they arrived.

    After two or three more rounds, she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. When she returned to the table a few minutes later it was Alex’s turn to use the bathroom.

    “Alex thinks you’re one hot little vixen,” Christopher told her as soon as Alex had left the table. “He asked whether you were with anyone,” he winked.

    “What did you tell him?” Lisa asked, curious. Christopher chuckled and said that he had revealed to Alex that they had been fucking on a regular basis. “Well, you really are a crass little baboon, aren’t you?” Lisa said, her jaw dropping in disbelief.

    She said Christopher laughed and tried to appease her somewhat, rubbing her shoulder with his palm. “Relax, will you,” he said. “He probably didn’t buy it, anyway.”

    Lisa shook her head from left to right and tried as best as she could not to snap at him. She had by now gotten used to Christopher’s sometimes tactless maneuvers. She said they both acted like nothing had happened when Alex returned to the table.

    The three of them continued drinking and talking, and Lisa eventually forgot about Christopher’s disclosure. It was, however, getting late. Lisa said she had already made up her mind to leave when she felt someone squeeze her thigh under the table. “It caught me completely off-guard,” she told me.

    She tried to maintain an outward appearance of calm even as her mind raced to consider the possibilities. “I simply had to find out for sure who it was so I changed my mind about leaving and told Christopher to order another round,” she said.

    The drinks came and Lisa waited for another furtive signal. None came. Instead, the talk drifted from one tedious topic to another until close to midnight, when Alex suggested that they end the evening with a nightcap at his place. “We can check out the old yearbooks I still have,” he told Christopher.

    Lisa tried to beg off. “Oh, come on, one more drink won’t hurt,” Christopher insisted. Lisa relented, and they all ended up agreeing to meet at Alex’s apartment for the nightcap.

    When they stepped out they found that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. It was raining hard. Since Alex was parked close by, and Christopher had parked his car a full block away, it was decided that Lisa should ride with Alex to spare her from the weather.

    “I half-expected Alex to make a pass at me during the drive but, in fact, he hardly said a word,” Lisa recalled. “I thought that maybe we both felt a little awkward, being suddenly alone after having just met and all.”

    Christopher had not yet arrived when they got to Alex’s apartment. Alex went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks while Lisa sat down on the couch to call Christopher on his mobile phone. Christopher told her he would be running a few minutes late as he’d had some trouble getting to his car in the rain.

    Alex came back from the kitchen with two glasses and a liter bottle of Jack Daniels’ Old No.7. She told him Christopher would be a little late. Alex shrugged, sat down beside her, and poured the whiskey into the glasses. They drank and talked for a little while.

    “I was more than a bit tipsy and I could tell he was getting a little drunk, too,” Lisa told me. “I don’t even know how it started.

    She said she remembers that Alex kept admiring her looks. “You are a very attractive lady, you know, and it’s hard for a man not to take notice,” he told Lisa. She said he then put his glass down on the coffee table by the couch, looked her in the eyes, and leaned in to kiss her.

    “I just went with it,” Lisa told me. She leaned back on the couch, opened her mouth to accept his tongue, and they kissed. She said her body lit up the moment their lips touched. “I was wet already and he hadn’t even started yet,” she said.

    She leaned her head back to allow Alex free access to her neck. She said his mouth was warm and moist and he sucked on her skin gently as he moved down, his tongue tracing a slow, swirling line from her throat to the narrow between her breasts. Lisa took his hand and guided it up her skirt. When he touched her there she moaned.

    “I wanted him real bad and I could tell he knew it,” she recalled. “My hips instinctively began to sway from side to side as his fingers caressed me.”

    She said Alex undid her blouse and bra, and began sucking on her breasts. He ran circles around her nipples with his tongue, teasing her with the edge of his teeth. All the while he was pushing her panties aside and probing her vagina with his fingertips.

    Lisa said her breathing became heavy, almost desperate, as she heaved her hips toward Alex and rubbed her legs against his thighs. “He got me so hot I begged him to take me,” she sighed, smiling. “I totally forgot that Christopher would be along shortly.”

    After a few more steamy minutes on the couch, Alex took her hand and led her to the bedroom. “I stood in the doorway while he went in, turned on a lamp, and sat the edge of the bed,” she said.

    Alex then motioned her over. Lisa walked up to him and stood with her hands on her hips as he gazed at her. “Take your clothes off,” Alex told her. “Do it slowly.”

    Lisa did as she was told. She said she noticed a slight change in Alex’s tone. He was a now a bit more commanding, more confident and self-assured. She let her clothes drop to the floor around her ankles, leaving only her panties and her high-heel shoes on. (She never wears stockings.)

    “You look fantastic,” Alex told her, pulling his shirt off and undoing his pants. He then pulled Lisa to the bed and laid her down. They began to kiss and soon his hands were all over her body again, touching, squeezing, and teasing her. Lisa said she moaned and snaked her tongue out for him to suck, which he did with a hunger.

    Alex then undid the strings of Lisa’s panties and moved down between her legs. His tongue quickly found her clitoris and he flicked gently around the sensitive flower of female flesh, teasing Lisa until she felt like bursting. She gripped Alex’s hair with her hands and draped her legs over his shoulders, urging him into her.

    “Fuck me now,” she hissed at him. “Fuck me now, please. I beg you.”

    Alex moved up, held her by the waist with both hands, and flipped her over so that she was suddenly on her stomach. “He was kissing my back and I had my eyes closed when I heard him open a drawer on the bedside table,” Lisa recounted. “I assumed he was getting a condom.”

    But then she felt something cold around her wrist and when she looked up to see what it was Alex had grabbed her other hand and pressed her head down on the bed with the weight of his body. “When he let me up I saw that he had handcuffed my hands to one of the bedposts,” Lisa said.

    She said a huge flash of panic shot through her as she realized how vulnerable she was. She struggled to free herself, telling Alex she did not enjoy being tied down. Alex told her to shut up and relax as he began to plant soft, gentle kisses on her nape and shoulders. “I won’t hurt you,” he said, “unless, of course, you ask me to.”

    “Don’t hurt me,” Lisa whimpered as Alex pressed down on her from behind.

    “I said shut up,” Alex told her again. She yielded, and her legs parted willingly when he reached down to taunt her clit and vagina with his fingers. She was scared, she said, but the pleasure he gave her was overwhelming.

    “I began to delight in my own defenselessness,” she told me. “I begged and pleaded each time he withdrew his hands from me.”

    Hearing her say this made me rock hard and I adjusted my position on the couch as I listened to her. Lisa noticed this and she chuckled. “I guess we’ll have to take care of that later,” she said to me. I told her to go on with her story.

    She said Alex spent some time tantalizing her with his fingers before reaching for a condom in the drawer of the bedside table. Lisa waited, panting for him, as he put the condom on and guided his cock to her vagina. “My whole body shuddered when he entered me,” Lisa recounted. “I asked him, begged him, to fuck me hard.”

    Alex allowed a tentative plunge of his cock deep into her, and he then withdrew until only about an inch of him remained inside. Lisa said she moaned and tried to push herself onto his member, but the restraints stopped her, causing her to whimper Alex’s name in desperation.

    “Tell me you’re a slut,” Alex commanded her. Lisa looked at him, confused. “Say it!” he boomed at her.

    Lisa obeyed, gasping the words in utter surrender. “I’m a slut,” she said. “I’m a dirty little slut and I want you to fuck me like one.”

    Laughing, Alex rewarded her with a sustained burst of jackhammer thrusts, pinning her to the bed from behind and making her scream with pleasure. “The sensation of him ripping into my helplessness was unbelievable,” she told me. “He went on for what seemed like a full ten minutes using that same deliciously rough and rapid rhythm.”

    Alex then pulled out, grabbed Lisa by the shoulder and drew her toward him. They kissed, tonguing each other’s mouths, and then Alex bore down on her again, this time with even more force and violence. Lisa lifted her buttocks up to meet every thrust he made into her.

    “I strained against the handcuffs,” Lisa told me. “He was working me real good but I wanted to pull him in deeper and faster.”

    Alex then began to fuck her with a frenzy, breathing hard so that she felt his heat on the back of her neck as he pushed his cock still deeper into her. Suddenly feeling his full girth and length inside of her, Lisa drew in a lungful of air and gasped, her eyes rolling to the top of her skull as she sprawled beneath him.

    She said she was so into what Alex was doing to her that she had not noticed Christopher standing in the doorway with a big grin on his face. Lisa said her need was so great at this point she could not even care. Christopher walked over and stood by the bed, unbuckling his belt. “I knew it,” he said.

    “She’s so hot and tight,” Alex told him, sweating as he continued to slam his meat into Lisa. “You were right. She’s a great lay.”

    Christopher let his pants drop to the floor and steered his cock to Lisa’s mouth. Lisa pursed her lips and looked away in token protest. “Go on, put it in your mouth,” Alex ordered her. Lisa obeyed, taking Christopher’s cock into her mouth almost to the hilt.

    She had to lift her head to allow her room to maneuver, and the handcuffs were beginning to bite into her skin. But Lisa did not mind. “I was delirious with pleasure,” she told me.

    She said she thought it would never end. “They just kept pumping into me from both ends, and each time I was on the edge of an orgasm they would slow down and make me beg,” she recounted. “My body was brimming with adrenalin.”

    She said she pulled away from Christopher’s cock for a moment, slavered over its head, her tongue lighting around the sensitive areas of the shaft, before she parted her lips to take him in again. Alex meanwhile tore into her with another burst and she moaned and gasped under the force of the renewed assault, the cock in her mouth preventing a loud scream.

    “I gave in completely and begged them both to do to me what they liked,” Lisa told me. “I wanted more and more of what they were giving me.”

    Lisa was still on her elbows and knees, with Alex pounding her from behind. He picked up his pace, gripping Lisa’s buttocks and moving her slender body in time with his thrusting. Meanwhile, Christopher was rubbing the head of his cock all over her face. Lisa slipped her tongue out between her to probe and tease his balls in return.

    “Look at her,” Christopher told Alex. “She wants it so bad she’s practically drooling all over me.”

    “Yeah, she’s really something else,” Alex grunted as he wrapped his arms around Lisa and cupped her breasts in his hands for leverage.

    At one point, Lisa said Alex sat on the bed and flipped her over so that she was suddenly on her back again and her shackled wrists crossed each other above her head. He then swept her up by the hips so that her buttocks rested on his thighs as he re-entered her. “Good girl,” Christopher remarked, looking down at Lisa as he restored his cock into her hungry mouth.

    I was speechless. I knew Lisa was teasing me into an even more maddening state of arousal but I could not conceal my hard-on, which was by then obvious. I moved closer and began to kiss the base of her neck.

    “Wait,” she said to me, breaking away. “Let me finish my story.”

    She said that when the two guys finally allowed her to reach orgasm it was as if her entire body had exploded into a million tiny sparks. She sucked ravenously at Christopher’s cock as Alex continued to plow into her and, in a final moment of release, her last and deepest inhibitions fell away to a raw, animal bliss.

    “I was talking such dirty, dirty filth that I dare not repeat to you anything I said at that particular point,” Lisa told me, laughing.

    The two guys came just as Lisa was descending from her orgasm. Alex came first, pulling out and snatching his condom off to spray his juice on Lisa’s belly and thighs. Christopher soon followed, spilling himself all over her breasts, neck, cheeks and hair. Lisa said the two guys laughed when she licked at the few droplets that landed on her lips with her tongue.

    Exhausted, Lisa said she fell asleep not long after. She woke at around 4:30 am, still shackled to the bed. Christopher was gone. Alex was snoring beside her and she nudged him awake. “I have to go,” she told him. “Get these handcuffs off me.”

    Alex complied, retrieving the keys from the drawer of the bedside table. Unfettered, Lisa got up and took a shower. Alex wanted another go at her but Lisa refused. She asked him to drive her to the deli where I eventually picked her up.

    Lisa later found out that Christopher had planned everything that had taken place that evening. Alex gave him a duplicate set of keys to his apartment when Lisa went to the ladies’ room back at the bar. That was how he managed to slip into Alex’s apartment without ringing the doorbell. (And yes, it was Alex who had squeezed her thigh under the table.)

    I went out to buy a pair of restraints later that day. And, as expected, Lisa spent most of the afternoon shackled to our bed, her lean, lovely body fully exposed to my every whim and caprice.
    – Bailey Hammond baileyhammond85 @

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