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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, September 17, 2009


    Tricked me to Fuck my Wife

    Hi, First off I suck at typing so bear with me but I really want to tell this:

    My wife had gone out for drinks with her good friend Sue after work last Friday. About 10 my phone rang it was my wife Donna, she told me that she and Sue had had a great time but that she had had a little to much to drink at a party at one of Sue's friends and wanted me to come pick her up. I arrived at the address she gave me, it was a large house in a nice neighborhood. I went to the door and was greeted by a man about 6'6''and muscular. He was very warm and friendly telling me his name was Bob then leading me to a large rec-room where 2 other men, my wife and Sue were sitting drinking and laughing.

    All of them were dressed as if they had just left work at a bank much like my wife who is a V.P. in a large bank and always wears ladies suits with skirts below her knee and a jacket to cover her large tits. "Hi honey" Donna said as she wiggled her fingers and giggled "thanks for coming to my rescue I think I've had a few to many. I was introduced to the other 2 men, Dave and Ed and given a beer. "Bob was showing us some magic tricks before you got here he is pretty good" Donna said to me. "Come on Bob show Dan some of your tricks" Sue and the others told Bob.

    Bob stood and looked at me saying he wasn't very good but would show me what he "had". He was pretty good and after a while he said that he had one more. He said he would need an assistant and reached out a hand to my wife. Donna stood and went to the center of the room with him. Bob produced a straight jacket and had Donna secure him in it then to my amazement he struggled around for a bit but managed to free him self.

    I told Bob that I was impressed but he insisted that it wasn't that hard and said he would show me the secret to it. Like a fool I slipped the straight jacket on and he secured it tightly around me. Then he stood about an inch from my face looked me in the eye and said "you see Dan in magic the first rule is that things are not as they seem I lied earlier I have one more trick to show you have a seat and I'll show it to you then we'll get you out of that thing."

    One of the other men sat a straight back chair behind me. As Bob pushed my chest I fell into it. "I will need the help of my beautiful assistant for the finale" Bob said as he took my wife's hand again. As she stood the 2 men moved behind me. As Bob and Donna walked toward me one of the men threw a rope around me and drew it very tight. As I opened my mouth to protest the other man put a ball gag in my mouth and pulled it tight. As Bob and my wife approached Bob stepped behind her his hands on her waist as he began to speak again "you see Sue has been telling me how Donna told her that you want to watch your lovely wife here with another man, so for my last trick I am going to make my big dick disappear.

    Disappear into your sweet big tited wife!!" With that he removed her jacket as they stood before me, and rest in attendance. "Sue monitor our guest to make sure he is enjoying the show please" Bob said as he began to unbutton my wife's white blouse. Sue moved to my side as he slid Donna's shirt off then reached around to cup her breasts with his hands. As he nibbled her ear they both looked into my eyes his fingers found the clasp in the front of her bra and her big tits came into view.

    Her nipples were hard and her heavy breathing made her chest rise and fall. Sue came around in front of me with a pair of scissors in hand "lets see how the guest of honor is doing" she said as she dropped to her knees and began to cut up my pant leg. Now Bob was sliding my wife's skirt off then her panties. It was summer so her tan legs were as bare as the rest of her. Now Sue was hacking away at the other leg of my trousers then across the front. Then to my underware soon my hard cock was exposed for all to see.

    "Well you do seem to be enjoying your self Dan" Bob said as he walked over to me with Donna in tow. Now he turned to face her, arms went around each other as he began to kiss her. His one hand slid down to her ass as the other grabbed and squeezed her big tit. He whispered in her ear then they broke their embrace. Bob turned and faced me staring in my eyes as my wife began to unbutton his shirt. As she slid it off his broad shoulders she kissed his barrel chest and sucked his nipples.

    Dropping to her knees she unsnapped his pants then pulled his zipper down. Reaching up she slid his pants off his waist. He wore no underware and his huge hard cock bounced out throbbing with each beat of his heart. My wife's eyes were wide as she stared at the huge cock. It was I later learned 10" long and as thick as her wrist. Now my wife looked into my eyes and for the first time spoke to me as she reached up and grasp his dick with both hands. "Is this what you want, do you want to see me suck his big cock Watch him slide it deep into my pussy, watch me as I cum all over his huge cock? God It's sooo big and so hard, I can feel it throbbing my hands. "

    My stomach felt empty and my cock throbbed as I watched my sweet wife handle the massive cock. I couldn't help myself when I nodded my head as every one looked at me. "Of course he does but perhaps he needs a better view" Bob chuckled. Then he barked to the others to untie me from the chair and bring me closer. As Dave and Ed came up behind me I now see that they have both removed their clothes also and are sporting large erections of their own both 8" or 9" and thicker than average. They untie me and force me to my knees beside my wife then remove the ball gag as Bob orders.

    My wife looked deeply in my eyes and whispered "do you want me to suck it?" I nodded my head again. But Bob wasn't satisfied with that" TELL HER WHAT YOU WANT HER TO DO AND ASK HER NICELY" blasted Bob. "Please baby suck his big cock for me." I answered quickly. Donna had the head in her mouth before I had finished speaking. My cock throbbed as she slid her lips past the head and down the long shaft taking about 6" on her first attempt then she drew back to the head and went down an inch deeper then again a little deeper. This continued until she had almost all of the giant dick down her throat and my own dick swelled with pride in my wife.

    Dave and Ed now moved to the sides of my wife and began to each fondle one of her big tits as she sucked Bob. Then she removed her mouth from Bob's cock and said "do you like this is this what you wanted?" Yes o god yes I love it I want to see him fuck you with his big dick will you fuck him for me please?" I panted to my wife. Donna leaned over and kissed me her tongue sliding into my mouth then she looked into my eyes and softly spoke "well I don't know we all know about what you want what about what I want, how about it baby YOU know what I want don't you, will you give me what I want too?"

    I stared at my wife then at Bob's dick. "You... you want me to.... " I stammered. "I don't know I've never sucked a dick" Now she was rubbing the head all over my face and Sue appeared behind me and held my head as my wife rubbed the big cock head over my lips. It seemed so natural to part my lips and when I did Bob slid his big head in my mouth. For the first time in my life I tasted the salty smoothness of cock as the big shaft slid into my mouth.

    "O baby that's so hot suck that cock suck him so he can fuck me with it. If you do a good job he will be able to fuck me so hard." My sweet Donna whispered in my ear as I worked my mouth back and forth on the rock hard shaft. "You boys warm up the little lady while the little man warms me up" Bob told Ed and Dave. As I sucked his cock I saw them lay Donna on the floor beside us and begin to rub oil all over her. Dave had his knees on either side of her head as he massaged her big tits with oil and Ed worked up her legs to her pussy then began to rub her clit. "God this feels so good" she moaned. "Ohhhh... yessss.... My sweet wife groaned as Ed worked one then two then three fingers in her pussy.

    Now Bob took my head in his hands and barked at me "pay attention to your job boy suck my cock. No better yet I'll fuck your mouth!" And with that he held my head tightly and began to thrust his huge dick in and out of my mouth. Sue now free of her duties dropped to her knees and slid her hand up the back of Bob's legs and cupped his big balls as she watched me trying to keep pace with the big cock. Now Bob was thrusting his cock rapidly into and out of my mouth his big hands and strong arms held me in place with the aide of the straight jacket I heard my wife hiss "Oh yesss... stick another finger up my ass."

    Bob must have heard this too as I felt his cock's girth swell in my mouth as he held my head tighter and thrust forward violently burying his cock down my throat so quickly I had no chance to gag. Now his big dick began to throb with blast after blast of cum shooting down my throat as I struggled to breath. Just as I thought I would pass out he eased his grip and I pulled my head back from his pulsating cock his last two blasts hitting my face.

    "Now I'm ready to fuck your slut the way she wants to be fucked little man we wouldn't want me to cum to fast in that sweet little pussy would we" Bob said as he shoved me backwards and barked orders at the others. I was laid flat on my back and my wife was placed on top of me her ass crack at my chin her head at my feet. Ed and Dave each took one of her legs and lifted them towards her head.

    She was instructed to support herself with her hands so she would not rub my aching cock. My sweet wife's pussy was inches from my face swollen wet and gaping open from the workout the boys had given it I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Suddenly Bobs face appeared in front of mine "Your wife sure has a sweet pussy Cock Sucker. How about it slut are you ready for some dick, let your hubby hear you beg for a big dick. He said as he began to lick her sloppy pussy. "O god yes my pussy is on fire fuck me fuck me hard with that horse cock!!!" my formally sweet little wife screamed.

    Bob slid up her body a knee on either side of my head. I see my wife's hand with the rings I have bought her appear and grasp this mans cock and guide it to her wet slit. She moans deeply as the head disappears into her slit. She gasps as he shoves his huge cock into her in one mighty thrust and she begins to quiver in orgasm as he holds deep inside her. Then the fucking begins, it's not love making but pure FUCKING as he begins to pound in then out until only the head is in her at times coming completely out of her only to ram back into her as Dave and Ed hold her legs farther apart. She begins to cum in wave after wave but the fucking continues. Her ass is bouncing around and lands on my face I feel her juice running down the crack of her ass onto my face.

    After an eternity of my wife screaming fuck me fuck me and her shaking in orgasm she falls back quivering with her back on my rock hard cock as I watch Bob's cock swell as he shoots his cum into her. My cock explodes from the little contact received as I see the cum ooze from her pussy towards my face. I spent the rest of the night in the jacket watching the three men fuck my wife and Sue occasionally being called upon to suck cock or clean pussy. At one point my wife was fucking all three Bob in her pussy Ed in her ass and Dave in her mouth when Sue came over to me and put her mouth on my cock when I came instantly she laughed and told me how useless I was. - Cheers

    P.S. I just feel like my wife has taken a fantisy of mine to a new level and after seeing it I cant stop thinking about it. MY COCK GETS SO HARD!


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