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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, April 19, 2009


    From A Bull

    Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent ;)

    I've not had many cuckolding experiences - or rather experiences as a Bull - in my time - but the few I've had have been pretty stupendous.

    I'd been interested in swinging for quite a while - ever since myself and an ex girlfriend got it on with a few couples and singles at random times thoughout a 4 year relationship - my biggest turn on (and hers too) was always when me and another guy fucked the living shit out of her - the MFF threesome while still great never lived up to the ultimate male fantasy that it is supposed to be for either of us - all of the experiences however were very much of a share-and-share-alike kind of nature - nothing close to cuckolding at all.

    Anyway, when the relationship broke up I was still interested in swinging so started using the internet to try and hook up with couples and one day I got a very positive response to an email I had sent a couple.

    The couple were in their mid-late 20's (about my age) - and the wife (Karen) was an absolute peach - see picture - just my type (well one of them anyway ;) ).

    Her husband (jason) had penned the email, and he explained that they wanted to act out a fantasy that they had been thinking about for some time

    The fantasy had arisen from a previous real-life infidelity of his wife - she had got drunk at a business conference and slept with her boss - a large virile take-no-shit kind of bloke - who as it turned out was massively hung in comparision to her husband and in fact every other bloke she had ever been with - the poor girl had never had bigger than 5 inches before in her life!!!!!!!

    She had the time of her life - until that point she had only ever acheived orgasm through oral sex or masturbation - and yet this well hung brute, without any real attention to foreplay, or finesse in his technique, pounded her to screaming orgasm after orgasm until the early hours when sent her packing back to her room.

    The incident was never spoken about or repeated again, until a year later she confessed it to jason.

    Jason explained that to me that instead of feeling anger and betrayal, all he felt was a surge of lust and passion, and a desire not only to allow the wife he loved to experience the intense sexual experiences and pleasures that he could not give her, but to participate in it.

    For example, the day that her lover was due to arrive, he wanted to take her shopping to pick out the sexy lingerie that she would wear for her lover, to pay for her to have a manicure and have her hair done - and when her lover arrived, to make drinks for them, finally prepare her tight pussy for his big cock, and watch and listen as her lover fucked her to heights of ecstasy that he never could.

    I couldn't beleive my luck when I read this - I'd read about cuckolding before, and as an assertive, virile and relatively dom bloke, the idea had always been a huge turn-on for me - not only would I get to fuck a hot wife who was starved of large hard cocks like mine, but her husband would be my bitch too - waiting on me hand and foot, and asking me to describe how hot wet and tight his under-used wife's pussy felt against my thick hard cock.

    I sent a polite reply back, explaining that I understood how he felt and - with the help of a few well imagined scenarios - how I could make thier fanstay a reality - and as luck would have it, although i lived 100 miles away I was meeting a client in their town in 3 weeks time friday and would be staying overnight in a hotel to travel back in the morning (this was in fact true - dontcha just love coincidences like that) - as I was travelling up anyway we could just meet for a drink and a chat in the hotel bar - no strings - just check each other out.

    After chatting online and on the phone for a week they agreed, so we arranged to meet fairly early - that way if we didn't click we hadn't blown a friday night.
    When they arrived I was very pleasantly surprised - Kate looked even better that her pictures - although her and jason had clearly come straight from work and were still dressed in office attire - I was a little dissappointed as this didn't fit Jasons scenario of pampering Kate all day prior to meeting her lover so I resigned myself to just getting to know them - which was fine with me as that was the plan really - but hey - a fuck wouldnt have gone amiss right?

    The conversation moved on from small-talk to more intimate details and I could see kate getting a little uncomfortable with talking about it in public - but Kate could barely take her eyes off me - so I took a chance and invited them up to my room to raid the minibar and relax.

    On the way up in the lift I could see kate becoming a little flushed and breathing heavily, and jason was becoming quite animated too - but I wasn't going to push it too soon - the game was afoot, and I was in complete control now - there was no way I was going to lose the upper hand by simply steaming in - not just yet.

    We arrived at the room and I made my first move.

    I looked jason straight in the eye and without so much as a smirk said:

    "jason, how about you get me and kate a drink from the minibar - Kate will have a vodka and tonic and so will I, but I think kate needs a LARGE one"

    Jason was transformed - downstairs he seemed like a normal bloke - the sort you would letch girls with down the pub on a friday or go to the footie with on a saturday - but right now he made Dale Winton look like Grant Mitchell as he fussed over the glasses and mixers.

    "Bring the drinks over and go and sit on that chair in the corner" I said firmly "and kate come here and sit next to me on the bed"

    When they had taken their positions I asked jason how kate looked sitting next to me - is this what he was expecting?

    Jason tried to stammer something out but was pretty tongue tied so I cut him off with a dismissive wave of my hand.

    Kate giggled girlishly at this and tried to put her hand on my leg - I brushed her off.

    "I'm going to take a shower now," I said " you have about 10 minutes to prepare kate for me"

    and at that I left for the bathroom.

    I let them sweat for an extra 10 minutes on top of the 10 minutes I had given them. When I entered the room kate was sitting up on the bed with her back to the headboard just dressed on some simple white underwear - clearly me fucking kate had not been part of tonights plan - I looked her up and down and noticed that her knickers were soaked though.

    "well done jason, you have prepared her for me nicely"

    "oh no" replied jason "she wouldn't let me touch her, and she hasn't laid a finger on herself either - that's just anticipation!"

    "well now you can touch her - but only to remove the last of her clothes for me, and then you can put a pillow on the floor in front of my feet"

    Jason did as he was ordered and Kate knelt on the pillow in front of me. I opened my bathrobe and let her look at my cock for the first time - I'm not the longest guy in the world - about 7 and a half inches - but I'm very thick.

    I let her stare at it for a moment, and relished the look on her face as her eyes flicked from the glistening end of my hard cock to my face.

    I let her touch it gently - her small hands could only go around half of its thickness, and she seemed a little awkward with it, so i took control - gently running my hands through her hair, I firmly grasped a fistful at the back of my head and pushed my cock into her mouth.

    She seemed almost at full stretch before I was more than a few inches in, but I didn't stop until I could feel her lips around the base - this made her choke and gag slightly so in a quick character change I withdrew and asked her gently if she was ok - she replied that she was.

    "is that how you want it then kate?" I asked

    "yes" she said looking at the floor shyly

    "well fucking look at me while I fuck you mouth then" I replied straight back in dominant mode and began to fuck her mouth with the full length of my cock in long powerful strokes.

    I looked over at jason as I did this, turning mine and kates body towards him so he could get a full view of me fucking his wife's mouth for a full 5 or 6 minutes without breaking eye contact with him (although he broke it with me several times - pussy!)

    It was high time kate was fucked - so I withdrew my rock hard cock from her mouth - it was very wet and slippery from kate's saliva and a condom would not have stayed on too long (yes sorry folks we did use one on this occasion) - so I told jason to get a tissue and dry my cock off and fetch me a condom.

    Before this the thought of letting a bloke anywhere near my cock wouldn't do a thing for me - but tonight it seemed like the way forward.

    Jason did this eagerly as I asked him if he ever fucked kate's mouth in the way I had just done.

    "No she hardly ever sucks my cock at all"

    "kate from now on you only suck on big thick cocks like mine, is that understood?
    "of course, Jason could never make me feel so completely under control as you just did anyway" she replied

    I pushed kate down onto the bed with her legs dangling off the edge and began to push my cock into her - I wasn't going to bother with any foreplay - I wasn't going to let anything but my cock stretch her pussy tonight.

    Despite the fact that she was dripping wet, she was tight as a vice, and gave a little gasp of pain as I stretched her open - but I continued to push my full length into her - her pain was replaced by a cry of pure pleasure as her back arched.

    "Oh god I can feel it all the way to the top" she moaned and collapsed back.

    "jason -you ever make her feel like that after just one thrust?"

    "never!" he relpied and leaning forward to get a better view of my cock streching his wife's sodden pussy to the limit.

    I turned back to the job in hand - lifted kates legs over my shoulders, pressed my hands down on her shoulders to hold her down, and pounded her as hard and as deeply as I could.

    Within a few short minutes kate had her first orgasm - crying out breathlessly and clawing at my arms with her nails I pounded straight through it - feeling her squirt her sweet pussy juice.

    "Bet she never cums like that with you eh jason? Of couse you can only make a girl cum like that with a cock - and yours isn't much to speak of I hear" I said without breaking my stride on the pounding I was giving kate.

    "how about you show us both you tiddler?"

    and a tiddler is was - barely 5 inches long and not much thicker than a finger - poor kate - no wonder she was cumming like an express train on mine.

    We switched positions - I put kate on top - facing away from me and looking straight at jason - giving him a great view of kate riding my cock with her pussy for good measure.

    Despite her relative inexperience, Kate certainly knew how to work a cock from above - not only was she tight but she wass inventive - varing depth, speed and angle to keep me inches from cumming at all times - but this wasn't what tonight was about - I was in control, so I pulled kate back so her back was in line with my chest -held her arms so she couldn't move and punded her towards yet another orgasm - just as she began to cum I flipped us both over and fucked her ruthlessly from behind - holding her arms behind her back and pushing her face into the bed.

    As her muffled sobbing orgasmic cries subsided I could her her saying something - so I pulled her face away from the mattress.

    "oh my god, for that, you can do anything you like to me"

    "you better be careful what you wish for girly, do you know what happened to the last girl who said that to me?"

    "No, What?"

    "she got her arsehole fucked and then drank all my cum"

    for a split second kate actually looked surprised and shocked - what was she thinking ? - offer "anything you want" to a red blooded bloke and of course he's going for the tradesmans entrance - did she really think that I wasn't going to go for that? did she actually think that wouldn't occur to me?

    She composed herself magnificently though - in a flash her uncertain look dissappeared to be replaced with a look of pride bordering on arrogance on her face - "Of course, I'm all yours tonight" she replied talking to me, but looking straight at jason.

    She turned to face me and for the first time that night I kissed her - pretending to kiss my neck she whispered "go easy on me though - I haven't done either before"

    I ordered jason to fetch the tube of KY I had in my breficase, and I set about gently opening and lubricating kates virgin arsehole - I made sure jason got a good view of this "watch and learn Jason, you'll be doing this for me next time - I'd make you do it now but you'd probably fuck it up" I chuckled.

    Kate really enjoyed my fingers sliding up her bum and the two mammoth orgasms she'd had must have relaxed her because she was ready for her first arsefucking in minutes - she was still very tight and I could feel the walls of her anus resisting but I continued to push into her firmly - it clearly hurt her, but I could feel her body responding with pleasure too so I continued with a steady but firm pace.

    Gradually her pain was replaced by pleasure as I felt her anal muscles relaxing but I kept up the same steady pace - afterall I wanted every hole of this sweet shy little slut again and again - I wasn't going to out her off by acting too much of an arsehole the first time - but kate surprised me - "harder" she begged, "Harder!"
    soon I was slamming her sweet brown hole as hard as I had fucked her pussy - I grabbed a fist full of her hair and made her look up at jason.

    "tell him how you like it girly!"

    "I fucking love this bastard fucking my arse Jason - this is the best thing that's ever happened to me - but I'm saving this hole for him and him alone - that's if I ever let you fuck me again at all!"

    I was getting close to cumming at this point so I gave kate her instructions - on my order I would pull out -whip off the condom - and she would clap her mouth over my cock as I shot my semen into her. But she wasn't to swallow it - not yet.

    Kate followed orders like a professional and I blew the probably the biggest most powerful load I think I have ever produced in my life into this newly created whore's mouth - her eyes bulged as she took it - but despite the fact that her mouth was streched around my cock, I detected a smile of pleasure on her face and a twinkle in her eye as she drew my seed from me.

    I carefully withdrew my cock "show me what you've got" I aksed, and she opened her mouth to show me a sizeable load, a small dribble of cum escaping as she did so. "jason, come here and see what I've given you wife"

    jason looked gobsmacked as kate proceeded to show him the cum and then without any prompting, swallowed the lot.

    "jason" I said "you may now kiss the bride!"

    and kate planted a huge spunky kiss on his lips.

    And that's how I became an official bull and I never looked back. That's also how it's done boys.



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