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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, March 08, 2009


    Newly Cucked

    cuckold wife
    How it happened to us:

    My Baby and I have been fantasising for many years about her taking a stranger to bed and letting him cum inside her, but she has always wanted gentle sex, that was until we started to talk to a guy called Paul off a website. He wanted to fuck Rachel really quite hard and to leave her covered in love bites, especially on her huge breasts, he also insisted on fucking her bare back and with no contraception. As we talked about it more and more, Rachel became more and more excited about it, which was quite a shock to me. Paul wanted us to go to his house and wanted Rachel in just hold ups and a long coat with high heels.

    After a lot of messaging, we decided to do it. Rachel washed her body ready for him and let me help, it was so very erotic soaping her huge breasts and her pussy ready for another man, my cock was as hard as rock and throbbing, but Paul had stipulated that I was not to fuck her. Rachel put on her stockings, her high heels and then her full length coat, the air was electric as we got into the car and drove. We didn't say a word.

    Paul only lived about 30 minutes away, we parked and walked to his front door, we knocked and he let us in and greated us very warmly, but that was where the pleasantries ended. Paul was very sure of himself and simply walked over to Rachel and kissed her with great sexuality, Rachel responded warmly with their tongues in each others mouths and saliva dripping. Paul opened my Baby's coat and immediately started to feel her huge breasts, her nipples were so big and hard, it was clear that she was very excited, he then ran his hands down over her tummy and her hips and then held her bum and pulled her to him. Rachel was running her hands all over him, pulling at his shirt and opening it so that she could feel his chest against her breasts, she then took out his cock, the only other cock she had ever touched other than mine, I almost came there and then as they rubbed each others bodies.

    We then went up to Paul's bedroom where they quickly lay down and continued in their passion, Paul breaking away to tell me how good my wife felt and that he was going to fuck her and fill her. He then told me to go into the spare room and followed me in, he told me to sit on a chair in the middle of the room where he tied my hands behind the chair and got Rachel to help, they were both naked. Paul then stood behnd Rachel and ran his hands over her body in front of me, he asked Rachel what she wanted, and she said " I want you to fuck me Paul, I want you to have me completely and I want your seed inside me."

    They then started to kiss again, her feeling his hard cock and him fingering her sopping cunt and suckling on her breasts, they then broke away and went back to his bedroom without me. All I could hear was Paul grunting and Rachel moaning, she then got louder as she does just before she cums, then I heard her scream that she was cumming and then shortly afterwards, she was telling him to cum deep inside her and slight grunting noises from him. My cock was so hard but I couldn't touch it.

    After a while I heard them get up and they both came into the room, they were both naked and once more Paul stood behind my wife running his hands over her naked body. He told me that my wife was his now and that she was full of his seed, Rachel looked at me and she did appear to be his now. My cock was still throbbing, I wanted to cum so much. Her neck and breasts were covered in bites and I could clearly see Paul's semen running down her legs, his cock was still glistening. Rachel told me that his sex was much better than mine and that his cock was much more satisfying and that she feel all of his seed spurt into her and that she wanted more.

    They walked over to me, Paul offered his cock to me and I eagerly sucked and licked it, tasting my wife and his sperm which was lovely. Paul then told Rachel to lift her leg over me so that I could reach her sopping cunt, I lapped away at her swallowing Paul's spunk. They then went back to bed. I fell asleep at some stage and it was morning when I woke. Paul came in and untied me, I followed him into his room where Rachel was still naked in his bed, Paul pulled back the sheets so that I could see me wife lying on her back fully satisfied. - Newly Cucked


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