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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, March 05, 2009


    My Wife Lana

    Me an Lana had been dating for about a year. We met online, I was a fresh out of college and she was still in her early years of college at the local university. She was an athlete, with a gorgeous tight little body. She was still a virgin, very naive and learning what life is like away from home and finally learning to branch out and try new things.

    During our first year of dating we would fantasize about what it would be like to share each other with another couple. We talked about it for what seemed forever. We created profiles on
    swingers websites and emailed couples back and forth for what seemed forever.

    Finally we gathered up the balls to meet a nice couple named Joe and Amy. We agreed before hand that this would be purely to meet and then the next day we would talk about how we felt and decide if we wanted to take things to the next step. I had expressed early on that while it was a very hot fantasy I wasn't sure I could handle watching her with another man. We decided to meet at a local bowling alley/ bar that was about 25 minutes away from the house.

    Joe and Amy were an extremely sexy cpl both of which were still fairly new to this as were we. Time flew by and for hours we lost track of the number of drinks we had had. We offered that they stay at our place since Joe and Amy were both too sloshed to drive home. And agreed that we had to stick to our rules that there would be no play tonight until we all had a chance to chat with our respective mates about how we felt and whether we wanted to proceed.

    The four of us got to our place and we set John and Amy up in the guest bedroom and me and Lana went to our bedroom, after the long night of drinking and flirting with a hot cpl we were both dying to have a little fun. Within minutes i was working my fingers into Lana's pussy telling her how much I have wanted to have my way with her all night. As I began to work my pants down around my ankles I felt something was off. My pants didn't feel right and my hard on disappeared.

    I had left my wallet at the bar. I told her we were going to have to put things on hold I would have to run to the bar and find my wallet. Upset and horny she climbed into bed and told me to wake her when i return to pick up where we left off. I jumped in my car and about ten minutes down the road on my way to the bar i saw it. There was my wallet laying on the floor of the car. Completely annoyed that I could have been so stupid and somewhat relieved i headed home to complete what I had so badly wanted to do earlier.

    As I walked in through the front door, and quietly down the hall as not to disturb our guests i noticed something. Joe was not in the bedroom with Amy. A glanced over and saw the bathroom light on at the end of the hall and realized Joe must have gotten up to use the restroom. I stood in the doorway and stared at Amy passed out on our guestroom bed still in her slutty little bar hoping outfit. God I thought to myself how badly I would love to climb in between those legs and feel what its like to have another woman's pussy wrapped around my cock.

    As my cock hardened and i rubbed at the bulge in my jeans i began to even hear Amy's moaning. But then as i came through I realized Amy wasn't moaning. The moaning was coming from my bedroom. As I tip toed down the hall to our room i peaked in and sure enough there was Joe with his face buried between my girlfriends thighs. She lay there in our bed running her fingers through his hair while he lapped at her pussy . It was then that I realized they were not expecting me back for another 20-30 minutes.

    I watched as she crawled off the bed onto the floor, got on her knees and began to kiss his thighs. He looked down at her and laughed and asked "you want my cock in your mouth don't you." she murmured what sounded like a yes but more of a moan as she tugged at his boxers and pulled them down around his ankles. There he stood with a cock that must have been a good 8 inches. Much larger than mine. She immediately grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth.

    I could hear her moans and slurping as she worked his cock in her mouth. I wanted so badly to walk in and stop what I saw but I was helpless to stop it. I couldn't move and was aroused beyond belief. I listened as he told her what a slut she was and was shocked to see she wasn't offended. His humiliating remarks only made her suck harder and moan louder. He then proceed to lift her up and bend her over the bed. She began to resist and said, "No I told you no sex until I have had a chance to talk with Bob". He laughed and said "but you know you want it." She said "no i shouldn't be doing this, and besides Bob will be home any minute."

    He continued to force her over the edge of the bed and told her "we better make this quick then" at this moment I heard him grunt and he let out a muffle moan as he stuffed his cock deep inside her pussy. He pulled her head back by her hair and said "You don't want me to stop do you baby?" and she replied in a light moan "No". He quickened his pace and began slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. She was moaning quite loudly now and It was clear she was about to cum.

    As she convulsed and shook uncontrollably he began grunting as well. As it became clear he was about to cum Lana whispered that she wanted him to cum all over her face. He continued grunting and as i waited for him to pull out and shoot all over my sweet little girlfriends face he let out one final groan and all went silent. My heart sank, and I had a lump in my thought the size of a baseball. Joe had just cum deep in my girlfriends pussy. She lay there silent unsure what to say as he had just cum inside her.

    I quickly tiptoed for the front door as I knew he would be heading back to his room any minute. I waited outside for another five minutes as i wondered to myself how I was going to confront Lana. I walked back inside down the dark hallway past the guest bedroom which now was closed and into the bedroom. Lana lay there in the dark pretending to be asleep. I quietly removed my clothes and began to climb into bed. As I crawled into the bed I could feel a cold wet spot on the edge of the bed from where my girlfriend had just been fucked by another man in our own bed.

    I curled up next my girlfriend and ran my hand up the inside of her legs and along her tight little cunt. It was soaking wet. Realizing that It was Joe's cum oozing out of her pussy she rolled over and whispered that she got really wet waiting for me to come home. She just looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her real good. But deep down I couldn't resist something.

    I wanted so badly to taste her used pussy in my mouth. I slowly lowered myself and position myself to eat her pussy and she quickly told me it wasn't necessary and she just needed to get fucked but I insisted. As I lapped at her cum filled pussy I knew deep down that this would not be the last time I would clean her used cum filled cunt. I was a cuckold and I loved it.

    That was 15 years ago and we are still at it today. Attached is Lana wearing my favorite thong of hers.



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