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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Saturday, March 14, 2009


    My 25 Year Old Wife

    My 25yo wife has talked about how much she loved sex with different guys before we got married, at first I would get upset. But then I began to get turned on by thinking of seeing her sweet face and beautiful body getting used by a cock superior to mine and getting fucked the way it should. I started to suggest this sometimes during sex, and after a couple of months she agreed she wanted to feel a new cock in her pussy. Last weekend I let her go out into town on her own, with permission to do what she wanted as long as she stayed safe and told me all about it.

    She got dressed up like I've never seen her do for me before and headed out with a grin. I didn't really expect anything to happen, but it got past 3 in the morning and she still wasn't back. After a fitfull sleep, I finally heard the door open at 4 in the morning and she crawled next to me and fell asleep. When she woke I asked her what happened. She had had a number of drinks and danced raunchy with a few guys, but then spotted one young guy. She said he bought her a few drinks and danced with him, and how good it felt grinding her ass back onto some strange guy and feeling him get hard.

    After a while he asked if she'd like to go back to his place. This was the point she could have stopped, but inside she said she was so excited and turned on after the drinks, she had to have cock and he was the one there. She said she was so nervous as she went through his apartment door, but as soon as she got inside, he pulled off his shirt to reveal a toned body and grabbed her strongly and kissed her mouth.

    Before she knew it he was taking down her skirt and lifting off her top. He noticed her wedding ring, to which she said she felt herself go red but just told him it was fake to warn off anyone she didn't like. My cock started to stir thinking about my wife stood in her underwear in front of this stranger. My wife has never let me take pictures of her, but she said when he asked her, she felt like she couldn't refuse.

    She posed a few times and then said she had to 'check out his goods' and taste his cock. She dropped to the floor and got it out. As it flopped into her face she could already see it was longer and thicker than mine and it got her even more wet. Apparently it was about 7 inches long and uncut. She said she could feel her pussy aching and getting wet without it even being touched. He took some pictures of her sucking and deep throating him, she never liked to put her mouth even near my cock and certainly never deep throated me, yet there she was doing it to someone she just met!

    She said it was a bit of a blur, but before she could say anything, he threw her to the ground and fed his cock into her without a condom on. This shocked me as I had told her to be safe as she wasn't on any birth control, she had alway made me wear a condom. She said that it just felt so good though as her pussy lips got stretched open wider than ever before, and feeling the skin of his shaft, she didn't want it to stop. She would just tell him to pull out and cum over her tits. She said it kind of hurt as he bottomed out inside her, with every inch buried inside her, but also good as she hadn't felt as cock get that far inside her ever before.

    As his balls came to rest on her asshole for the first time, it sent her into her first orgasm (I know how turned on she must have been as I rarely see her orgasm). She mentioned that it was much stronger than she had ever had with me.

    He pounded her like I can't through a few positions and flipped her onto her knees. She had never let me do her doggie style before, but she said his cock just felt so good and got her so horny that she loved feeling like a slut with him. She said she came again (she certainly has never came twice with me!) as she looked between her legs and saw his balls banging hard against her clit. But just after she finished maoning through her orgasm, he groaned 'thats it baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!

    Now I can't understand this, but she said she was so swept up, she rammed her ass back harder and faster than ever before, and he grabbed her hips and pushed himself as deep as he could get. She said because he was so big and her pussy so tightly stretched around him, she could feel his cock begin to spurt his seed inside her womb. This sent her over the edge into another orgasm. She explained to me how his cock felt so different and how her orgasm felt like it was pulling every last drop of his cum inside her. She fell panting on the floor, before quickly putting her clothes on and gathering her things to come home to me.

    I went over and checked her panties from the night before, and sure enough, I could see cum all over the inside where it had leaked out on her way home. I have to admit I got turned on thinking about this other guys cum inside my wife, especially knowing that she had a fertile pussy and begged for it to be pumped in her. I went back into the bathroom and saw her bend over to run the bath. Between her legs I saw her pussy was bright red and definately looked stretched.

    As if by magic, a blob of white seed slipped out and ran down her leg. Later, she said she had enjoyed it so much, but wasn't sure to do it again as she didn't know what the guy thought of her and whether other guys still thought her sexy. Now I am only thinking of trying to get her to do it again. We'll see. - Macabe


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