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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, March 22, 2009


    I was Cucked ...

    I'm not sure if this is cuckolding or not, but I'll tell my story anyway. It's kinda long so be patient. I'm not some stud who can fuck any woman he wants but this really did happen to me last year.

    About a year ago I was driving to Chattanooga from Birmingham for work. This girl in a car behind me followed me the entire way. Sometimes she'd pass me and lead for little while, and then let me pass her back for the lead. I pulled off at the rest area just inside the Ga. line and she pulled off behind me. I about shit my pants...I couldn't believe what was about to happen. To make a long story short, after some small talk, she ended up with me back at my hotel. She would only give me a blowjob. We exchanged email addresses and soon after I returned to Bham we started trading emails.

    Now, I am a married man but the sex with my wife is terrible. She doesn't want to try new things. I often fantasize about her with other men but I know without a doubt she wouldn't go for that. This is where Holly (the girl from Chattanooga) comes in. She is about my age, (mid thirties), blond hair and body built like a stripper, HUGE fake tits and all. Now I'm not really into the fake tits thing, but the rest of her is just fucking hot.

    So anyway, we carry on this "email relationship" for a few months. It is strictly a sex thing. None of this "what do you do", "where are you from", etc... In one of my emails I jokingly mention that we should get together again. She didn't respond to that particular comment until a few weeks later. In fact, I had forgotten all about making that comment until she brought it up. We finally both agreed that we should meet again. Now I just had to arrange through work to get sent back up to Chattanooga again. I finally managed to arrange some customer visits last August. It was set...and I was nervous as hell.

    Meanwhile, we continue to email each other. She knew how I felt about the sex with my wife, and my fantasy about seeing my wife with other men. I even told her about cuckolding. About 2 weeks before we are to see each other again, we talk on the phone for the 1st time. It was short and sweet, just a little "get to know each other better" talk. It's a lot easier to talk dirty on the computer than it is on the phone.

    So I arrive in Chattanooga around noon, at the same hotel I stayed at before. Holly was supposed to get there around 1 or so. I was able to check in and went up to my room to try and relax. Well when you're as inexperienced at this kind of thing as I am, relaxing does not come easy. Holly was the first "one night stand" I'd ever had, and I'd done nothing like this since. I needed a drink to help me relax, so I break open one of the bottles of wine that I'd brought along and before I knew it, I'd drank over half the bottle and was feeling a lot looser. It was almost 2 and no Holly yet so I went down to the pool.

    Down at the pool I hadn't sat down good in my chair when that same car pulled into the parking lot. I couldn't believe it...she was here. I wanted to puke. But I kept myself composed. I went up to the fence to greet her and she was all smiles, but I could also tell she was as nervous as I was. We eventually make it up to the room where she changes into a bikini (in the bathroom no less). We return to the pool and make some small talk (all the stuff we didn't talk about in our emails).

    Around 3:30 or so a truck pulls into the parking lot and several men get out. No I'm no wimp, but these were men, construction workers of some kind I'm guessing. I noticed that one seemed to catch Holly's eye, but she tried not to be obvious. I jokingly said something stupid (wine induced I might add) like "There's you one"...I don't remember the exact phrase I said, but you get the idea. She kinda snickered but did add that he was hot. I must admit, I felt a little dejected and jealous, but hey, she's not my wife or even my girlfriend, so I guess I can't complain.

    Shortly, all four of them come back down to the pool and are sitting across the pool from us. I'll admit, that one of them was in good shape (the rest had belly's hanging over their shorts). They all were staring our way and once I saw Holly smile at the attractive one. By now we'd both had a couple of beers so I joked with her about him. I told her she should invite him over and talk with him. Holly said no way, she was here with me. But this led to talk about cuckolding. I explained to her how hot it would be to watch her with him. To my surprise she actually started to warm up to the idea, and I was so horny just from talking about it that I was afraid to remove the towel from my lap for fear of showing the world my cock.

    So after about 1/2 hour of discussing how she would get him in bed, I fully expected us to go upstairs and fuck her. To my pleasant surprise, Holly told me to go upstairs and watch her out the window. Well you don't have to tell me twice. I was so ready to cum. Just waiting for the damn elevator drove me insane. I made it up to the room and managed to get the door opened. I pulled off my shorts as I ran for the window. I peaked thru the curtains and could see that he (I later learned his name to be Steven) had already made his way over to the chair beside Holly. Instantly that little bit of jealous rage welled up inside me. I don't think I've ever been harder or hornier. I wanted so bad to cum right then but I held back.

    Anyway, they talked for what seemed like an eternity. I could see her laughing and putting her arm on his (the typical flirting move). They were also sharing her beer, drinking out of the same bottle. For some reason, that was hot to see. Then it happened...they both stood up, she took him by the hand and let him into the hotel door. I didn't know what to think. Were they coming to my room, or going to his? I fully expected her to go to his room. I put my shorts back on and went to sit on the couch, by now my erection was gone. I was disappointed at the thought of them going to his room, but nervous at the possibility of them coming here.

    When I heard to click of the card key going into the door, I swear I wanted to throw up again. They walked in and Holly introduced me to Stephen. She never let go of his hand. It was kinda awkward and I think he was as nervous as I was. He was probably 10 or 15 years younger than me...just a kid at maybe 22 or 23. He was clean, and in shape, not body builder shape, but definitely better shape than my 36 year old body. Holly was obviously attracted to him. At this point I didn't know what to expect. Would it be a threesome (my first)? just him and her? Would nothing at all happen?

    Holly took me into the bathroom and asked me if I was really ok with this. I said I was and she kissed me very passionately...our first real kiss since she'd arrived. She said if at any point I wanted to stop to just tell her. After a long look into each other's eyes, she turned to open the door and went back into the room with me following.

    Steven was looking out the window as holly went up to him. She spun him around starting kissing him. I moved over to sit on the couch and Steven watched me while he was kissing Holly. She broke the kiss and told him to ignore me, that it was OK. That got me going again. Almost immediately I was hard. As the kissed some more I could tell he was loosening up because he started to let his hands roam her body. It didn't take long before he had her tits out of her bikini top. They made their way over to the bed and fell into it, her on top of him. They rolled around on the bed for a few minutes, kissing passionately, letting their hands explore each others bodies. Not able to stand it anymore I stood up to take off my shorts, and sat back down stroking my hard cock. I swear I could have cum in about 3 seconds if I'd wanted to.

    Holly rolled Steven onto his back and started kissing him down his chest. Her tits were brushing across his stomach as she licked his nipples. At this point I lost it and came. Holly cut her eyes over at me but never stopped teasing his nipples. I just lay my head back and relaxed. I remember being kinda disappointed and wanting this all to stop. My erection gone, I was spent and no longer horny. I remember I was hungry and wanted this man out of my room. As I lay back on the couch with my eyes closed, they were still passionately going at it. I opened my eyes just in time to see Holly slip his cock out the top of his shorts. OK...every story I read says this, but I mean it...he was huge. I can't say in inches how big, but he was definitely thicker and longer than me.

    Well, seeing Holly take that in her mouth aroused me again. It took me almost no time to get hard again. Whether or not she was really enjoying this, I'll never know...but she sure acted like it. When she sucked his cock, she was not quiet about it. She went at it kinda hungrily. She had me convinced anyway. It was so hot to see her that cock sliding in and out of the mouth I had kissed only minutes earlier. I remember how his cock glistened with her saliva as he fucked her mouth. It was exceptionally hot when she reached her hands up to pinch his nipples as she sucked him. His hips started moving up and down, to where he was actually fucking her in the mouth. Holly seemed to be really enjoying this and Steven was so into it as well. I don't think either of them knew I was still in the room.

    Steven put his hands on the back of Holly's head and really started to grind into he was getting ready to come. I think this bothered Holly as she put her hands on his hips to kinda hold him back. Meanwhile, I've stroked myself to the point of almost cumming again. Holly stopped sucking him, and while slowly stroking his cock with her hand, looked into his eyes and said she wanted him to fuck her in front of me. I had to stop stroking myself to keep from cumming. They kinda turned on the bed so her ass was facing me on the couch and she climbed up him and mounted him. My god that was so fucking hot. She let out a little wimper as he slid the last inch or so in her. I can remember like it was yesterday...thinking that she wouldn't fuck me the first time we met, and here she was fucking this man. I swear, I almost came without even touching my cock.

    While she put on a good act I really don't think she was in to fucking him all that much. She was definitely wet, and sounded like she was loving it. But she rode him kinda slowly, and was somewhat hesitant to bounce all the way down on his cock. All I know, is that is was working for me. It didn't take long before Steve was thrusting all the way into her anyway...and the heavy breathing sounded like he was about to cum. I guess Holly knew what was coming because she slipped off him, slid down his body and wrapped those delicous tits around his cock. She only had to bounce up and down a couple of times and I could hear Steven coming although I couldn't see it from my view on the couch. All I saw was Holly's freshly fucked pussy and that incredible ass.

    They relaxed only mometarily and then Steve was up and out of the room before you could hardly blink. When Holly turned and walked to me, I couldn't believe the amount of cum on her tits, and a litte drop was on her chin too. I bet the guy hadn't cum in weeks. Holly stood on the couch, with a leg on either side of me, and lowered herself to where her pussy was in my face. I could not believe I was doing this. I was actually tasting a pussy that had just had another man's cock in it. It was unbelievalby erotic. While there was no cum in her pussy, I guess I was tasting a mix of their juices and thought my cock was going to burst out of it's skin. After a few minutes of eating that pussy Holly sat in my lap facing me. She didn't put my cock in her yet. Now comes the hot part. She scooped up a glob of cum on her finger and put it in her mouth. After she swallowed it, she asked if I wanted to taste it. I said no (sorry, I wasn't ready for that yet). She stood up a little, stradled me, and slid all the way down on my cock. As she did this, she ground those cum covered tits into my chest and it was all I could take. After about 5 or 6 thrusts I came in her pussy while she kissed me. I could feel his cum on her chin against mine. We collasped on the couch exhausted. I remember lying there thinking that while he may have got to fuck her first, I got to cum inside her.

    I won't bore you with the details of the rest of that trip, but suffice it to say we fucked several more times before parting ways. We did discuss what happened and she insists that she really enjoyed fucking Steven. I asked her if he was the biggest cock she's ever had and she said he was. I then asked her where I ranked in size to the others she had but she would not comment. Women seem to be so non-commital when discussing that. I will say this. That trip last August had a profound effect on my already so-so sex life with my wife. We still have sex just as much, but I'd much rather be watching her with someone else.

    I don't know if my experience with Holly counts as cucking or not since she's not my wife or girlfriend. Holly is one mysterious woman. She's very vague when talking about her life (except for her son, she'll talk about him all day). I think she's divorced, but I'm not sure. She's very hard to read. Anyway, we're meeting again later in April. I've already got the business trip planned. Same hotel. This time I'm gonna try and get some pictures for you guys. I haven't decided whether I should just ask her if I can take pictures, or hide the camera and just make a short video. I'll keep you updated. There is on epic of her in the email for the blog without her face which she sent me once as a tease while we were online before this encounter.

    Oh Yeah ... Let me add this. While it was absolutely the hottest time I've ever had...watching Holly with Steven, fucking her afterwards....I don't think I'd ever really recover if I saw my wife doing it. I mean, it's one thing to watch Holly, whom I have no emotional attachment whatsoever, but I don't know that I could handle seeing my wife with another man. I'm OK to just fantasize about my wife with another man.

    I remember the feeling right after I came the first time while Holly and Steven were going at it. I wanted it all to end...I was done. While I was able to get back into the mood rather quickly, I don't know that I could do that with my wife. Let that be a warning to you guys thinking about becoming a cuck. Fantasy is OK, but when reality kicks really KICKS in. I was fortunate enough to "sorta" experience the lifestyle with someone besides my wife...and even then I felt a little jealousy.



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