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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, March 29, 2009


    Brad & Cindy

    My wife Cindy and I are a cuck couple and have been for several years. Cindy is 5ft 2,34-28-32,110, shaved and always tanned, and loves to fuck and suck.

    This episode took place several years ago, when we were on vacation and ended up in a titty bar one night. About 30 mins after we entered a group of 4 older guys at the next table started talking to us and buying us drinks. They were airline pilots on a fishingvacation.

    As the night progressed the guys were giving Cindy more attention that the dancers, and she was eating it up. This was a totally nude bar and when one of the dancers came onstage with a full bush, 2 of the guys said that wasn't sexy and 2 liked it.

    Cindy stated that she likes a nice shaved smooth pussy just like hers is. All the guys just stared at her and didn't know what to say. One of them then speaks up and says I don't believe you, show us and they all laughed. Cindy then leaned over to me asked me if I thought she shoud? I told her that it was up to her, but if she did it could lead further and would she want that to happen?

    I really didn't think Cindy would be attracted to them cause they were all older and she usually likes the young guys. All Cindy had worn was a sundress, sandals and panties. She told all the guys that she would let them have one peek, but they had to be careful not to get caught.gang bang

    Cindy then scooted to the edge of her chair and reached under her dress and pulled off her panties as all the guys watched her. When they wer off Cindy held them under the table to show the guys. After looking around to make sure no one was looking she leaned back in her chair and slowly raised her dress and stopped right above her pussy. I could tell Cindy was excited because her pussy lips were very puffy and her nipples were very evident thru the top of her dress. My dick was so hard it hurt.

    Cindy dind't stay that way long cause a waitress came and got our order for drinks. After we got our drinks and we were alone one of the guys asked for another peek, which Cindy turned down.

    I was thinking well that's the end of the fun. Just then a very sexy brunette came to our table and asked to sit with us. We all said sure. She told us she had seen what was going on at our table from the stage while she was dancing and wanted to know if Cindy was bi because she liked what she saw from the stage.

    Cindy told her she was bi and that she was kinda embarrassed at getting caught doing what she did. Raven(dancer)told all us that if someone would buy a lap dance for Cindy, and Cindy was up for it she would give Cindy a very sexy dance and expose her pussy where it would look like an accident if anyone said something.gangbang

    Cindy looked at me, I said it's up to u babe. Cindy said sure why not. As I reached for my money one of the other guys said I'll pay. As the song started Raven stripped and started her dance. Raven was a blonde, about 22, 36-24-36, tan and a shaved smooth pussy. Raven got on her knees between Cindy's legs and started kissing her legs moving up her body, as she moved up she was pulling up Cindy's dress. When she had moved up enought to suck on Cindy's tits thru her dress Cindy's pussy was exposed to the rest of us. Raven was rubbing her tits in Cindy's face with Cindy now slumped in her chair.

    I reached down and started rubbing Cindy's leg all the way up to her pussy, then back down again. Just then the song ended. Raven stopped for a second before another of the guys said I'll pay for another dance, Raven still on top of Cindy, smiled and went back to her dance as the music started back up.

    I was still working on Cindy's leg when I noticed one of the guys was doing the same as me with her other leg. The more turned on Cindy was becoming the farther her legs spread. Even in the darkend bar I could see Cindy's pussy was soaked.

    When I looked to see what Raven was doing, she had pulled the top of Cindy's dress down and was sucking on one of her tits, while Cindy had both her hands on Raven's boobs. By now Raven was more or less sitting in Cindy's lap facing her. Cindy then moved one hand down to Ravens pussy and rubbed her outer lips back and forth. Raven then kissed Cindy in a very deep french kiss as Cindy slid 2 fingers in Raven's wet cunt. Both Raven and Cindy were moaning as they kissed and Cindy worked her fingers in and out of Ravens cunt.

    I decided to work on Cindy's pussy too. When I moved my hand to her pussy the other guy that had been rubbing her leg already had 2 fingers working Cindy's pussy over. Cindy was so wet the whole edge of her chair was soaked with juices. I looked at him and he meekly smiled at me.

    The song ended and one of the guys said I'll pay for another dance. Raven said she better go she had done some things with Cindy she wasn't supposed to (They weren't supposed to go as far as she did with Cindy, letting Cindy finger her was a big no-no) and might get in trouble. She wanted to go see if anyone had seen her and if she was in trouble.

    When Raven got up to leave we all kinda didn't know what to do. Cindy pulled her dress back down we ordered more drinks. As we waited on the drinks one of the guys
    asked what our plans were for the rest of the day. Cindy suprised me by blurting out, I don't know what our plans are but I know I'm horny as hell and I need to get fucked. The alcohol and the guys had Cindy ready to fuck but she had only had 2 guys at once never 4 not counting me. I whispered to her and asked her what she wanted to do? Did she want to fuck one of them? 2? all 4? She said she really wanted to fuck 2 of them but wouldn't feel right just picking 2 and telling 2 to get lost, so she was willing to fuck all 4 of em.hotwife

    I couldn't believe it! My fantasy was commin true. I asked the guys if they had a hotel room we could go to to continue? They all had a room so we decided to go
    there. We stopped by our room and cindy changed and I grabbed the camera.

    On the ride there Cindy and I talked and decided I would just watch and tke pics and video. The guys were gary, jeff, dale and raja. (Raja was from Pakistan and as u can see in the photo's his cock looked black).

    That's part 1 I'll send the rest tomorrow if that's ok


    Part 2

    When we arrived at the hotel, Cindy went to change into a white teddy. While she was doing that the guys were getting undressed. When Cindy came out dressed in the teddy she got alot of whistles and damn's u look good. Before they got to going I got them all together for a group pic. (see pics)

    After the pic was taken they took turns kissing Cindy as they explored her body and she stroked their cocks. In a matter of mins. Cindy was laying back on the bed
    completely nude, Jeff was the first one to mount her. He was average size, but Cindy was soo turned on sucking and stroking the other 3 cocks. At one time Cindy tried
    to get 2 cocks in her mouth. (see pic).

    Jeff slid his cock in with ease and started a slow in and out motion, which increased to a hard pounding soon. Cindy came hard in just a matter of secs. It
    turned me on so much to see Cindy's juices running out of her pussy down to her ass. Jeff asked if someone else was ready because he was about to cum. Jeff pulled out and sprayed cum all over Cindy's tummy, some spurting all the way to her neck. Gary was next and he slid right in her wet swollen pussy.cuck

    Gary didn't last very long at all, maybe 10 strokes then with a loud grunt came. Raja was next and slid his cock in Cindy's very wet pussy. As he was fucking Cindy
    she was working on the other cocks getting them ready for round 2. I had never seen Cindy so into getting fucked. It was like she didn't want them to stop. Raja fucked Cindy very hard and fast and lasted 10 mins or so, then came on her tummy.

    When Raja pulled his cock out of Cindy's pussy, her pussy stayed open, her pussy juice was all over the bed and her pussy was sooo sexy looking wide open like that.
    Dale was the last to fuck Cindy, and he had the larget cock. It was probably 8-9 inches (see pic of Cindy sucking him). He slowly sank his cock into her and said
    how good she felt. Dale fucked her doggy style, while Cindy sucked Jeff (see pics).

    Cindy was fucking Dale back by slamming her ass back against Dale to get all of his cock in her. Dale had his hands on her hips pulling her back against him. He power fucked Cindy for almost 30 mins. What a man. wife

    Dale then pulled out and shot cum all over Cindy's back (see pics). After a short rest Jeff climbed on for another round. In all Cindy got fucked 10 times that day. 2 each by Gary, Jeff, and Dale, Raja the horny bastard fucked her 4 times. LOL

    When we got back to our room I fucked the shit out of Cindy for about 2 mins before I blew the biggest load of my life in her well used pussy. She kissed me and said ty for everything. I told her no, ty for being my hot wife.

    I have many more stories and photos to share. In one of the pics u can see me in a chair with my camera.


    Brad & Cindy - txoralmaster @


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