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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, December 11, 2008


    How My Life (& Wife) Changed

    Firstly let me explain a little about my self, I have been married for 20 Years to my wonderful wife Jean, for as long as I can remember I have had the fantasy of knowing Marie has other lovers.

    The date was 03/10/05 a not very surprising date except this was the date my life changed. I had for several years been asking my wife to take a more dominate role in our marriage. I am sad to say she showed little or no interest in donning this more dominant request that is until the above date.

    Thursday my wife and her friend go to a local pub quiz night, for some time a man has been chatting to the ladies, Marie told me about this but insisted it was all harmless fun and there were no sexual undertones. I was somewhat sceptical but never the less very excited at the prospect of Marie getting propositioned by a relative stranger. Marie insisted nothing improper would happen, but over the weeks denied this with less and less commitment. I must point out I encouraged Marie to go along and see what may develop. My hope was that in the end Marie would become the lover of this stranger, even if he were taking an age about making a direct advance to Jean. But nothing ever happened in reality but many times I had played out various things that may happen.

    On the night of The 3rd Marie went on a girls night out to Leeds. This was nothing unusual, but that night the events that followed certainly were. I had been working on the computer for some time and I was about to spend an hour or two on the NET when my plans were interrupted virtually a second before I clicked on the web browser. In that moment my life changed, thirty seconds later and Marie would have received the engaged tone and who knows if her nerve would have held, but timing is everything and I stopped my net connection and answered the phone.

    I knew it was Marie but her voice was strange to say the least, in an uncharacteristic serious voice started the conversation with these words "are you really serious about what you are always asking for? Yes or NO"

    Apparently the evening had gone rather well.

    Marie and her friends had been drinking steadily but she assured me later she was not drunk. They were having a detailed and I am sure graphic conversation, as well as a laugh about the various sex toys each woman owned. Alice swore by her rampant rabbit, Marie on the other hand liked her white plastic vibrator. I think these ever-ready devices were being compared to the performance of the respective husbands.
    The conversation was broken with fits of laughter rude comments and a few more drinks. I am sure some of their conversation would have been heard by others in the area. Maybe that explained the increasing male attention the ladies were attracting.

    When the ladies got up to dance, they had several men asking to join them.
    Marie tells me; when she is out men never chat her up. Where as my daughter gets chatted up every time she goes out. Well tonight, Jean's luck changed.

    A dark haired young man called Mark partnered Marie for several dances. He was pleasant and the talk was all harmless fun. Pleasant, a little flirty, but harmless. Then fate stepped in and the band-aid song was played. As this version is a little slower, Mark put his arms around Marie and they started smooching.

    Marie may was a little drunk and found it rather erotic to be dancing with a young handsome man who was hanging on her every word. As they slowly moved round the floor, Mark's hand played a game of chasing the goose bumps round Jeans back. He never went too far, just far enough to light a fire in her groin, the like of which Marie had forgotten she was capable of feeling.

    The next song was another slow number, and as it started, Mark leaned forward and kissed Marie on the lips. It was an involuntary response as their lips touched they opened and their tongues twisted and writhed in an act of lust.

    The music, the time, the rest of the group were lost to Marie, all that mattered was the feelings she was experiencing, with each second the embrace went on, the lust increased. Marks hand went up between Jean's top and her bare skin, it was as if his hand was on fire. Marie's bra strap opened as if by magic. Marks other hand made it's way to Jeans bottom, little by little it pulled her closer to Mark, till in the end, it was only the thin layers of clothing that preventing them joining.

    Marie far from resisting the pressure of Marks hand, ground her demanding crotch against Mark's rock hard member.

    Marie hand stopped stroking Mark's hair, from the safe proper place and wormed in between them and grasped his member as if her life depended on this grip, Mark showed his pleasure by stopping kissing Jeans lips and started sucking her exposed throat. Marie must have realised things were heading in only one direction.
    It was at this point Marie phoned me. She said the decision was for me to make, but as if to test me, Marie told me Mark had a large firm penis, she could feel it pressing against her crotch as they danced. She also told me she very much wanted to slide onto this monster.

    In that instant my fantasy could become reality or not. With virtually no hesitation I said YES. Marie next words were like hot bolts of lust, pain or passion squeezing through my groin, do I go to his house or do I bring him home. Again with out little hesitation I said, our house.

    Marie said are you sure, I said? YES

    The conversation finished with Marie's words "when I get home be in your room, with the door closed and under no circumstance come out until I tell you it is clear. After tonight things are going to be different so one final time are you sure?"

    All I said was YES. Marie's final words before the phone went dead were "only I know you are in the house so be very quiet", then before the Line went dead Marie said, "I love you and thanks". All that was left was the dialling tone. In a fit of panic I tried to re-dial but her phone was now switched off, for good or bad I was committed.

    For a fraction of a second I thought about going to try and find Marie in Leeds to stop things, but this thought only lasted a split second, my fast swelling erection made sure I would let events take their course. The next few hours were an eternity, so to pass the time and I followed Jean's instructions and stayed in my room.

    I worked on my fear of discovery and to calm my nerves. I dressed in my black thong, having first inserted my BUTT plug, then on the top of these I wore a pair of Jean's used panties. finally to emphasise my impotence I wore a large Strap on dildo. I then put on Jean's nightshirt. If I lost my passion and rushed out now I would look so foolish I knew I would remain and wait my permission to leave.

    At about 1-2 a.m. a car pulled up, it must be them; I strained and could just make out Marie's voice talking and a someone with a much deeper voice. When they came into the house Marie must have opened the staircase door as I clearly heard her tell her guest it was all right as John (me) was away for the night at my mothers the house was empty.

    I sat there in my room in a strange sureal state somewhere between panic and sexual paradise. What I had dreamed about for many years was happening in my own front room, my fantasy was taking shape and form in a kind of detached slow motion.

    All I heard were sounds, and my mind was filling in the details. I could hear the lounge fire being lite and then the curtains being drawn. Was my wife and her soon to be lover undressing, kissing fondling each other, no I was getting too far a head. The stage was being set for my wife to be unfaithful. I was rooted to my bed, dressed in such a self-imposed demeaning way as to make me powerless to intervene and stop any of the events, even if I had wanted to. In a clear voice Marie told her friend to sit down relax and put on some music, as she would make coffee. I could hear this normal conversation passing backwards and forwards between Marie and a man whom I had never met, and would in all probability be soon making love to my wife, it all was so normal, I was included, but not part of the main drama.

    I jumped like I had been struck when the kettle clicked to indicate it had boiled, the rattling of the spoon in the cups sounded like thunder crashing, the next few words from Marie made my head spin, She told her guest to drink his coffee and to make himself comfortable. She would be a few moments. Her last words were, I will be right back. Even above the music I could hear Marie say, "Just a moment, don't go away, you won't be sorry."

    My heart nearly stopped and I leapt off the bed as my bedroom door opened, Marie came in looking at me she smiled at the way I was dressed. In a quiet voice simply said nice. She told me to turn round and in total excitement, shame and humiliation I simply did as I was bid. I am pleased to see you have got into the mood, the way you have dressed your self meets with my approval, I will give you your reward later. In a somewhat sterner tone I was ordered not to masturbate, I was informed I would need all my juices later. Then I was told not, even for the toilet was I to leave my room, I must sit still and not move about, Marie was not going to have her night spoiled by anything. Just before she left, Marie gave me a coffee and was then gone.

    No more than two minuets later she was back almost causing me another heart attack. Marie had changed into, a pair of black "G" sting panties and nothing else. When she went back down stairs to her guest dressed like that he would be in no doubt what was on offer. Marie gave me a quick kiss on the mouth she was gone, this time however she did not return for over three hours.

    I'd love to be able to tell you all of the dirty details but I can't because I didn't see it and she wouldn't tell me. All she did was tell me to clean her up and then eat her out for an hour solid while she thought about what had just happened. She climaxed 3 more times with me (not that I know that she did with him but it is a solid assumption) and then 'let' me penetrate her loose, wet soaked pussy where I exploded in seconds. She then went to sleep and told me that she may do that again soon. I was dying for details but she never gave them to me. We did still fantasize and I think she would hint at what she did with him in our fantasies but I can neverbe sure. This is intense and not for all but I love it. - LK


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