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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, December 21, 2008


    The continuing escapades of Charlene and Mike New Cuckold experience


    Char and I are playmates and we play hard. I didn't realize how hard till I started to count the short time and the number of experiences we had accumulated.

    Charlene has a boy toy. She being 40 and he being 28. Me I am 60 They have been playmates for 6 or seven years and see each other once or twice per month. She personally trained him to be her hot fuck toy She tells me he rocks her world sexually.

    Well I have always been after her to have Jay join us in a threesome or let me sit on a chair and watch. Well at 28 he isn't as progressive as we are. I told Charlene just ask. She would not. Finally her curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to be watched. The event was staged and Jay was cuming over to the house. I would be in the adjacent room and as they started I could open the door and peek around the corner to watch. We placed a couple of full-length mirrors for viewing at angles and lit all the candles. I went to the next room and waited in hiding and the door rang. In comes Jay and immediately he pops in a video (good to light the room up) and they start kissing. The clothes fly and they are naked in a flash.
    Jay lays on the bed and Charlene jumps into a 69 to block his face from my views. He proceeds to take her to heaven orally and she is trying to suck his cock but she is loosing herself in passion. He makes her come at least two times.

    She comes out of the 69 and hops on CG and gives him a ride all the time moaning. After a time another flip to missionary with her legs on his chest and high in the air. She is dripping wet.

    He puts a pillow under her ass and he is banging his cock against her clit and pussy lips. She finally says "stop fucking around and push that cock in side me. He has a nice cock shaped well and almost as thick as my beer can.

    He pounds her and she is moaning. He just can't last and blows his load on her tummy. (to bad I wanted the cream pie) They start to snuggle and he says he must go. No time for round two tonight. Charlene was disappointed.. He is gone but some times he hangs out and has a ciggy near her door so we are real quiet. Charlene says to me "did you come" I said no as it was difficult to JO standing up. She asks me to lie down and she grabs my cock. She drops her jeans and say "give me some" she moves forward and puts her wet pussy in my face. As she strokes my cock I ask her to maneuver to 69. She does and I am having a party with her dripping wet pussy on my mouth and her mouth tongue and hand on the big unit.

    I couldn't last long and I shot a monster load. She was happy we did this but she was nervous because she may have been caught and hurt her special friendship. But ya know what it didn't happen and we had a great time. We took an extended auto ride the next day and had great time chatting about the prior evenings events.

    Wait till you hear what I got her for Christmas. More to cum.

    Picture is from another session not this one.

    jewels1600 @

    P.S. We are looking for playmates (Guys) and couples in Phoenix AZ and IE SGV Ca


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