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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, December 29, 2008


    The Continuing Adventures of Mike and Charlene

    As we have stated before Charlene and I are new to this cuckold lifestyle but we are putting many miles on real fast. Since I am 60 and she is 40 I well appreciate I am not the smooth skin hard body I may once have been. I also realize she is not a high school teacher because she doesn't want to got to jail for statutory rape of young boys. Charlene has an appreciation for a pretty face and a lean hard young body. You could kind of say she is a sucker for it.

    Well with the holidays approaching I was trying to think what can I give her that is special. I am going to get her a young stud. Well I got a referral from a friend and Robert was 21 buffed and had a nice cock. The friend had done the sampling and explained to Rob. He was contacted. He was blown away when I told him I wanted him to fuck my special friend for a holiday present. He was very nervous and started to send me txt messages and ask really stupid questions.

    What would she wear? Would she suck his cock? Did he have to wear a condom. Would she want him to fuck her every week etc. The messages were enough to drive a man crazy.. At one point I told him to chill or take a walk. He settled down which is good because I didn't want to start over again.

    It was supposed to be a surprise and Charlene and I had scheduling difficulties and she said tell me what the surprise is and we'll see if we can work around it.
    I told her and she said…sounds like it are more for you than me. Well we talked it out and she said she was nervous about the event but life is fun and games so lets do it.

    The time arrived and Rob was to come to the house and call us from the curb. Char was freshly bathed and dressed in a killer black bustier with thigh high nylons, a black thong and boots that were spike heel and thigh high.

    I had her in the master bath and Rob came into the house and I showed him to a room and said strip to your skivvies. I positioned Charlene standing by the side of the bed and made her close her eyes. I brought Rob in the room and stood him in front of her. I then put her hands on his six pack and said meet Rob he is your holiday gift,

    Her eyes lit up like a tree and she started to roam over his body. I said I wanted to watch and Rob said I never did that before, We decided that I would be in and out of the room but the door would be half closed. I could watch from the hall. I went to get some water and when I returned he was flat on his back and she had already gotten his cock hard and she was giving him a number one blowjob.

    She lubed his cock and slid her thong aside. She started to rim ride him with the lips of her vagina and he was going nuts. She would slide off and lick and suck some more. She opened the drawer for a condom and slid it on and sucked and licked some more. In a few minutes she pulls the g string thong to the side and mounts him, In about two minutes she says I want to switch and she in on her back and her legs are high in the air and on his neck and face and he is jack rabbit fucking her and she is roaming her hands all over his ass and chest. She is moaning and liking it. He never licked her, which is for her unusual. She is usually all about the play. After a few minutes she said let me switch to doggy. She is on her knees and in a flash he is in her and pounding her with long strokes and jackrabbit rapid pumps. She wants it deeper so she makes it so he can stand at the edge of the bed. He is standing still and she is pumping and shaking her ass on his cock. Slowly but surely she lays flat and he is flat doggy fucking her like a champ. I am watching this in the doorway and he smiles at me. He now knows he can be watched and still fuck.
    Well the doggy was too much for him and he fills the rubber and they release from their connection. She looks at me and winks and motions me in the room. She has a big grin on and Rob is smiling from ear to ear. She says high five me. He does but he is a 21 YO green pea and starts to feel uncomfortable. He grabs his shorts and in a flash he is starting to get dressed. Char wanted to suck him hard and have me enter the play (my dream) but it wasn't going to happen this time. He shows himself out and I return to the room after the door is locked.

    She is all grins and says thank you for setting up the great fuck and I think he is trainable for foreplay. She is lying back on the bed and has her legs spread, freshly fucked pussy looking at me and I say I am going to eat you or fuck you which is it. She says how about both. I go down on her smelling of fresh sex. No cream pie but she knew I wanted one. I licked and licked until she was moaning and squirming to cum. Some times I have eaten this woman for 30 minutes and prolong her O on a wave. I kept my tongue active and added G spot pressure and she hit the clit with the vibrating bullet and she was off for our round two. I was rock hard while I was face planted between her legs
    I stood up and moved her to the edge of the bed and legs in my face impaled her on the keg dick. We just stroked and stroked. I went semi hard from High blood pressure. She says get me the strap on and I will fix that for you. She said if you came in me clean it up bad boy. Well I would have but I didn't come.

    She made me get on all fours and lubed the strap on and my ass and said take this bitch. She pounded me good and each stroke hit the prostate and I was rock hard again in no time. I released and lay on my back and we were both hand jobbing and stroking me. I came in a huge spurt of jizz and I said see I told you I didn't cum yet.. We laid there catching our breath and second wind. Soon after we had dinner and chatted about another great cuck experience.

    I am so lucky to have Charlene as my best friend. jewels1600 @


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