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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, December 04, 2008


    Another Experience

    (See "Triple Cuckold" - 2 posts below for previous story by this poster - Webmaster)

    Well this is how it continues. We are a middle age guy and gal. She is 40 and I am 60, and we love to hang together and are very best of friends. We both like variety so there are always other men and women we play with. Now to the story.

    She is 40 I am 60. I have been having sex with Reese for 12 months and with Charlene for 6.

    We were scheduled to do a three way with a close friend Reese and when the day and time arrived Charlene felt "punky" and we all just sat around on the bed having a designer coffee and chatting. You see the day before Char had a 6-hour drive and we drank a little till 2 am the evening before. Well Reese who is a close friend and smoking hot 30 YO was a little disappointed. Both of the ladies are very BI and it would have been the first time they were together.

    After some conversation Charlene says why don't you two Reese and me (Mike) fuck around and I will watch, which I love to do and Mike give me your camera to snap a few. Well that took us one minute to agree to and we went into the other bedroom (play room) and Reese and I were naked in a heartbeat.

    Reese is 5-4 108 six-pack stomach and just drop dead beautiful. Charlene is 5-2 103 and a smoking hot Latina MILF. While Char is puttering around the house she keeps poking her head in the room to peek and eventually sits on the night stand with the camera and watches me do and extended oral on Reese. Reese is very responsive and I reach in with two fingers ad go for the "G" stimulation.

    Well it worked and she was rocking in a second. I just kept changing my technique and Reese lifts her head and says " I am going to cum any second" If you stop I will have to kick your buttttttt and" and off she goes into a large extended "O" Char sees that and leaves the room for a second. And returns to watch me mounted and just pounding Reese to death (by request and encouragement). Reese is a woman that can completely surrender to her pleasure and she did. She puts herself in a trance of pleasure and it is to be admired. We fucked for 20 minutes solid and she was exhausted. We talked about her finishing off the event with me getting mounted with a strap on while Charlene watched. Well we ran out of time and we will have to save it for another time.

    I guess we would call this a reverse cuckold. I did the fucking and she watched.
    I wish she felt better because we both would have enjoyed the same pussy.
    Here is picture of Reese and I during the event. How lucky am I am fucking a 30 with a 40 watching and taking pictures. (Cheering section) and me 60. May it last forever! (I keep praying it will)

    jewels1600 @



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