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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, July 23, 2007


    My Hot Wife Susan Playing Around

    My wife was having group sex before we met, but it was a completely new experience for me. She wanted to try it again now that we were married and I felt there was little I could do to stop her? She setup a play night with her friends, two men and two women that were friends and sex partners. Susan explained she was just going to dive into things and to just remember, all the sex was fun sex and that I was to watch and have a good time.

    Well, she wasn't kidding. First, it's strange meeting four people, especially two men who have 'done' your wife. The two men had, before we were married, several sessions with Susan, some lasting all weekend. Once everyone got settled, Michael and Tom had Susan stripped, on all fours and were totally 'rockin' her world' and she was loving it. The fact that everyone was very playful made it much more comfortable for me. Shortly after Susan got going with her threesome the two guys were spent and recouping. Her two galpals were working her over while they rested. Once they were hard again, they took over and put one dick in her mouth and one in her pussy and just floored her making her cum over and over. It was hard for me to admit but I was rock hard the whole time. Something I didn't expect.

    Afterwards, Susan had told me how much fun it was for her and that it was 'just sex', but it was also a very fun time with friends. I enjoyed the fact she was enjoying herself and was so happy and playful. And, frankly seeing her suck cock while being taken from behind was very erotic and I felt no jealousy at all. Later that night, when we had sex, the party was still going on, it was absolutely wild. Then, I was allowed to became the guy taking her from behind while she was sucking Tom's cock. It was great and we've never looked back.

    What made it fun to watch Susan fuck is that she's really pretty, has a great smile and loves sex. Even more so, she really inspires a man or woman to really have great sex whether it's one on one or multi-player. I am really happy with our arrangement and after doing some reading online have found that I am a cuckold to her. I find that I do enjoy the stories people send in on your blog and often replace the wives in them with Susan. Here she is in one of my favorite pictures with a wicked smile with Tom and Michael. - Ed


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