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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, April 07, 2006


    Wife Getting Ready To Fuck Her Boss

    I just watched my wife (Brenda) walk out the door after taking almost two hours perfectly fixing herself up for a meeting with her boss. I had to take a picture she looked so good! She looked like a million bucks, dressed very sexy. He has been trying to fuck her for over a year since right after she started working there. She finally gave in , with my encouragement, and is now meeting him for dinner and whatever happens next. I'm one nervous fucker right now so I am trying to pass the time keeping myself busy online, hoping she'll be home soon. - Roger


    Brenda,my wife left the house looking like a runway model,I swear.She promised to call me and let me know what was going down.

    She did call after dinner as he was paying the check.She explained that he had the whole evening planned to an extent.He wanted to go shopping with/for her after dinner,then maybe a few drinks somewhere,then he had a small surprise in store for her.

    She whispered to me ,he coming back now, are you still sure you want me to do this?I, very nervously said,yes,if you still want to. She whispered again,I 'm shaking I'm so nervous,then said I have to go,I try and call you later,then hung up.

    I was getting shit faced waiting on that damn phone to ring,it felt like an eternity and when it did ring,she whispered in a very low tone,we're at the airport now,I'll see you in the morning,bye.I did not even have a chance to say WHAT?

    Well,that pretty much did it,no sleep for me the rest of the night and I had to be at work for a damn meeting the next morning at 9:00 am.

    I must have passed out sometime during the night and when I awoke ,my head felt like a damn headache ball had smashed into it.I looked at the clock 7:10 am. I showered ,got dressed,still no Brenda.
    I had to leave by 8:30 to get to the meeting and did,still no Brenda. I called her cell twice before the meeting started and got only her call back message.

    I have never sat through anything so fucking long and boring as what I had to endeavor in that stupid meeting.It went on for two hours and really I could not tell you much of anything that was decided.Finally it was over and I signed out for the rest of the day and flew home.

    Brenda was still nowhere in sight and no messages were left..It was then that I started to worry.I called her work and neither she nor her boss was in that day so the receptionist said.

    I had no idea where he lived,nor his phone number,so all I could do is wait and start getting pissed.This was ridiculous and uncalled for. I knew from hearing her talk about it that he had at his disposal a company jet that he used frequently and guessed that had to be where
    they went last night.

    Only thing I could think to do was go to the small airport they kept it at.I did so ,not even knowing anything else to do.It was a small airstrip and there was only a couple people around there,I struck up a conversation with a young guy there,who seemed to be working there and found out that he was the person in charge .

    I made up some bullshit story about being from the company that owned the plane and needing to know if it was in the hanger,he bit on it and said I dont know but we can look at the manifest and see if its been checked in or out recently.

    He did so and said it was checked out last night and obviously is still out as it has not been signed back in again yet.I asked him did they file a plan,he sort of looked at me kinda funny and said who did you say you are with?

    I stumbled around and said ok,look I'm a private eye and am investigating someone,I need to know where they went.

    He looked at me for a minute and said ,I dont want to get in any trouble here ,I said you wont,no problem,just help me out ok?

    He threw the book on his desk and said after a brief pause,Vegas,they took off for Las Vegas at
    9:10 pm last night.

    I thanked him and walked out and went to my car and sat and got even more pissed.I decided to stay right there and wait on them to return.



    The call came after I had been sitting there less than an hour. Brenda was at first a little careful as to what she was saying as if someone was near. Of course upon hearing her voice I immediately went into this tirade about when,when how and she let me explode,then very calmly said well hi honey,yes we are just boarding the plane for the flight back,I'll see you in an hour or so.Bye. Fuck,I was still pissed ,not through with having my say on this matter.I call her back and this time she must have beem alone and could talk a little more. She immediately started appoligizing about not phoning back last night and said the whole trip was a complete surprise to her. Before she could continue anymore,he must have showed up again and she left it saying I will be at home in just a little bit,I swear,meet me there and I'll tell all.It has really been wild and totally unexpected. I sat there for another minute ,then decided to just leave and do as she asked . I drove slowly home,not quite sure of what was going to happen next.


    I thought as I drove for home, Rick, her boss was a handsome guy,no doubt,yes rich also and only somewhere around 40 years old or maybe even less. All kinds of thoughts were creeping through my mind then. It was big time apparent that I was not quite as sure of myself,ready for something I thought I had been.Something that had before really turned me on to the extent that it almost possessed me.I knew from her telling me before that he had the hots for her and I was so thrilled when she finally said yes after all my prodding her to go there.

    Now,I was waiting for her to come home and tell me about her experience,but somehow the feeling that had come over me then was not one of excitement,the feeling in my stomach then was more like someone had just landed a kick in it,instead. I was sitting on the couch acting like I was watching tv when she came through the door,arms loaded with shopping bags and a carry bag that I knew damn well she had not left with.She set everything down and came over to me and gave me a kiss,sat beside me and said I know you are upset,I understand that very well,but please before you go off on me again,listen to me first,then you can say what you like. I got up immediately and said to her I think I'm gonna have a drink on this ,you need one too? She said definately.When I returned , she was still setting just as I had left her.

    I handed her a drink. At first she was nervous talking,but as she went through their ordeal her attitude changed as if she was again reliving it through the telling of it all.It became quickly apparent to me that Rick had impressed her in a big way. Not only sweeping her up and carrying her away on a late night trek to Vegas,but in the way he wined and dined her the whole time.She said the whole event was something right out of a movie script.He kept her guessing what was coming next the whole time.


    Brenda continued from the dinner date. Rick had told her he had a surprise after dinner. She figured what else go home with him and screw. She knew very well that is what he had been after for several months now. It was evident almost everytime they were together alone at the office he would start his come ons. Anyway as they got in his car abd left the restaurant,he got on his cell phone and called someone,told them to get ready we would be there in 15 minutes. She said I got nervous after hearing that as I figured we were just heading to his place and I asked him what was up and who he was talking to.


    He just laughed and said calm down ,you'll see yourself in a few minutes. I knew he was heading the wrong way from where he had said he lived and sure enough in we pulled to the airport. He reached over and grabbed my hand and said are you in for a little trip? Astonished as there was now a large plane right in front of us and he hopped out to talk to a man standing in the doorway of it.That's when I called you and before I could even say a thing he was back at the car grabbing me by the hand and saying come on Vegas awaits us. We were on board and in the air in almost no time.He explained after we took off that the night was mine.I could do anything I wished from here on out,within reason of course.

    Once we get there we can go shopping/gambling,drinking or a combination of them all,which is what we ended up doing. It was fantastic,all I had to do is say oh,I like that and it was mine.That got to be real fun . He had really been a gentleman all evening,not even once suggesting or trying to have his way with me at all and I had started wondering why. He asked me if I would do him a little favor and try on some nighties for him and I thought ok,here it comes. I agreed to do it in private and he picked out three different ones and I tried them all on and darned if he did not buy all three for me,saying he couldnt wait to see me again in them tonight. That was the first time anything was said about the "rest" of the night.

    We went gambling for a while,walked around and looked at different places,then as it was getting pretty late,he suggested we head for our room.Thats when the nervousness hit me again. In our suite,he suggested I take a shower and choose a nighty as he made a couple calls and make us another drink.I complied and when I came back out he was already in the bed with the lights out,exscept for the ones right besode the bed. He patted the bed and asked me to come over.I have no idea why he wanted me to put on that nighty as it was so dark you almost could not see anything. Just as he had been allday he was a gentleman in bed. He was tender,easy going and actually had me worked up rather fast .He was excellent with his tongue,and fingers and had me worked up quickly.

    I attempted to retaliate and started to move my hand down and caress his dick but he took my hand ,then the other and put them above my head sort of pinning them to the pillow,spread my legs with his legs and moved between my legs. It all happened in almost a flash. I then felt him push something against my very wet lips and he pushed in. I went into total shock I think then.He immediately started pumping right away. I mean this man who had wined and dined me all night,flown me to Vegas,bought me many,many lovely presents , actually impressed me to the inth degree ,and who now was fucking me at this very moment and it felt as if you had stuck your little finger in me and was moving it around. That was so disappointing,I swear his fingers were bigger than his dick was. There was almost no feeling at all down there.And to top that off he had not been doing it for more than a minute at the most ,when he pulls out and I feel all this wet warm stuff running down my ass crack.

    He came just like that. To say the least I was stunned. I never expected that period.He rolled over shortly after that and was snoring in just a few minutes thereafter.I got up and had to clean up there was a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed and his stuff was still flowing out of me bigtime. I dont ever remember ever having that much cum ooze out of me before. I actually slept in the other bed,the spot was so wet and big.I can remember thinking as I went to sleep,gosh,I have just had sex with someone besides you and besides all the mess he left you'd never know it. Although I'll never tell,the girls back at work had it all wrong about him,I mean dead wrong. I got to thinking after we got up this morning ,gosh was this just a bad dream or something. He was already in the shower when I woke up,so I eased into the bathroom and climbed in the shower with him. Nope no dream,there it was not even long enough to be dangling down. I figured what the hell ,I wanted to see just how big it did get so I started playing with it. You know how I gag when I give you a blowjob and go down to deep,there was no chance of that with him. And I was very glad we were in the shower as he squirted a huge amount again on me as he got off again.


    He must have literally been full of that stuff. She went on a little while longer and I had to admit listening to her tell about it,I was somewhat relieved as to the outcome. I decided to forgo anyfurther brow beating about the inconsiderate things she put me through,especially after she started tugging at my zipper and reached in to fish out my dick as she then said well,that my story, now your turn and she then gave me the best BJ I have ever had.

    **Thanks for posting this on your blog and giving me a distraction while I waited FOR HER. I have also posted this on many other boards for the same reasons.

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