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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    English Wife Cuckolds Her Man


    This is my hot English wife, K. We've been married for a long time but we still have great sex, though these days it's much less than we used to. K is a very attractive woman, with a very bubbly personality and an amazing rack that never fails to turn heads, but she was always an old fashioned girl when it came to sex and the thought of experimenting with someone else had never crossed her mind. As for me, the typical male, I loved watching porn and fantasizing. One day she had caught me watching a porno and at first it affected our relationship badly, as she took it personally and thought I was watching porn because I found other women more attractive than her. I explained that was not the case and that I just loved watching hot couples have sex. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I fantasized about the women in the porn movies, of course, but over time K came to realize that those feelings were just my natural desires and that it didn't mean I found her any less attractive. Of course the fact that we continued having great sex helped prove my point.

    Soon K came round and started to loosen up, even ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    My Wife is Ready to Start Again


    I have posted several stories in the past about my wife Allison cuckolding me, but we took a hiatus from the lifestyle for about 2 years. Then out of the blue last month she announced that she was ready to start back up with some exciting new adventures.

    We had some hot talks about new rules, parameters and partners. Our adventures before were mostly gangbangs arranged by finding guys on the internet; but she said these encounters lacked that spark of intimacy she needed to cut really loose. She asked if she would mind if she went out on some dates by herself, with the intention of getting fucked at the end of the night. While I felt a little left out by the idea, I know my hard dick signaled full approval to ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    My Wife and Her Old Friend


    This is probably just another of the many “it finally happened” stories I’ve read on here, but thought I’d post my experience for wannabe cucks (like I was) because I was sure it would never happen for me either. It may be a little ‘mundane’ but it is as exactly as it is happening.

    My wife is an attractive woman. Ever since we met has always turned men’s heads, I am average. She was however very sexually submissive. To be more accurate she was unadventurous and quite boring to me. She was happy with the usual oral sex, fuck and finish but I wanted more spice, eventually plucking up the nerve to suggest she fuck another guy. After mentioning this many times and it falling on deaf ears, I knew she wasn’t keen and not interested at all. Eventually this led to us ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    My Wife was Felt Up in a Bar


    This is something that happened to my wife and I and is our first taste of the cuckold world but hopefully not the last.

    We had been wine tasting all day in the small wineries about an hour from home. We then went dancing at a local western bar. She danced with me and a few others, but nothing serious was happening so we went back to the little bar in our old hotel. We had talked about stuff in bed but never expected anything to actually happen.

    As we settled in, 2 cowboys from the western bar came in and sat close to us at the bar. My wife is a sucker for a young cowboy. We starting talking and drinking and my wife was very loose now. When she went to the bathroom I thought I would get things rolling ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Caught My Wife in the Guest Room


    We’re late 30’s couple. During the last eight months I couldn’t make love with my wife. As a result of exhausted working hours I couldn’t go between her legs in spite of her seductions. I go to the bed early and sleep very deep. Any noise couldn’t wake me up. One night after having several bottles of beer I went to sleep and two hours later I woke up. I had to empty my kidneys. My wife was not on the bed. I thought she might be in the kitchen. After emptying my overloaded kidneys I walked back to the bedroom half sleepy.

    I heard some strange noises coming from the guest room. I listened from the door and my wife was begging somebody to fuck her harder and deeper. I couldn’t believe in my ears and I slowly opened the door and kept it a few inches ajar. Her legs were on the shoulders of a man who was pumping her pussy. After watching thirty seconds I closed the door and went back to the bed. He left the ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 12, 2013

    My Girlfriend in a Threesome


    I am happy to say I finally have my girlfriend's permission to post her pictures here. She and I started cuckolding with my best friend Steve when he was getting divorced. Steve’s wife confided to me that she was having an affair. She and I weren’t friends, heck, I didn’t even like her. What was I supposed to do with this information? I just assumed she wanted me to tell him so I did. He confronted her and now he was having a tough time and I wanted to cheer him up.

    We went to do an event in Vegas. Steve and I rode out in the company truck. My girlfriend flew in to meet us. We headed off to the hotel we were working at and started setting up the event. It was a 2-day set, so we had lots of time off to play on this one and this was a great ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistress?

    Wednesday, May 08, 2013

    A Big Cock for My Wife


    These are pictures of my wife fucking a man she met online. We joined a web site to hook up with guys to fuck her while I stood by.

    It took time but we got a chance to meet men who were willing to co operate - willingly. Quite a few chickened out. This guy didn't.

    I wrote to him and asked him if he wanted NSA sex with Shari. After he saw her pictures, he fixated on the idea. We were in Hollywood at the time (a couple of months ago). He came to the apartment complex and we met him at the gate. He sat in his car while we discussed him fucking Shari.

    We could see from his picture that his cock wasn't ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 05, 2013

    I Caught My Wife Cheating


    I caught my wife cheating and it was a shock at first. One weekend I returned home earlier from golfing. My wife was with our neighbor’s wife on our bed. They were completely naked. I was shocked. I didn't know my wife was bi. When they saw me they stopped playing with each other. I didn't know how to react. There’s a big silence in the room. Suddenly the bathroom's door was opened and her naked husband with flaccid dick came out. It was another but bigger shock. This time he didn't know how to react. I was paralyzed. The women were speechless and motionless. Then he attempted to excuse. My wife was trembling while his wife was covering her tits and pussy with her hands.

    I left them there and moved to the kitchen. I got JD on the rocks and went to the living room. Less than ten minutes they came down. They confessed ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 01, 2013

    Dancing with an Old Friend


    My husband, Steve, and I have been married for four years and together six. We started fantasizing in bed about him watching me fucked by other men after only a few months together. Steve first broached the subject out of the blue and he hit a very raw nerve with me - it's always been a secret desire of mine to behave like a slut with my partner in full view and as Steve had his fingers inside me at the time he started talking to me about it he was very quickly aware of the effect it was having on me, so he continued - the fantasies getting more and more complex and erotic until eventually he was using real people we both knew in our bed-time story telling.

    This was particularly exciting to me, and I started telling Steve which of his friends and other people we knew or met I would like to have inside me, and what I wanted them to do to me, which drove him wild - he lost control and came over me while we we breathlessly talking on several ... READ THE REST HERE


    Hotwife janice HotWife Janice
    I spend alot of time online chatting with and then meeting other men

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