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Great Sex - This is my hot English wife, K. We've been married for a long time but we still have great sex, though these days it's much less than we used to. K is a very attractive woman, with a very bubbly personality and an amazing rack that never fails to turn heads, but she was always an old fashioned girl when it came to sex and the thought of experimenting with someone else had never crossed her mind. As for me, the typical male, I loved watching porn and fantasizing. One day she had caught me watching a porno and at first it affected our relationship badly, as she took it personally and thought I was watching porn because I found other women more attractive than her. I explained that was not the case and that I just loved watching hot couples have sex. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I fantasized about the women in the porn movies, of course, but over time K came to realize that those feelings were just my natural desires and that it didn't mean I found her any less attractive. Of course the fact that we continued having great sex helped prove my point.

Soon K came round and started to loosen up, even asking me which girls I found attractive. This was music to my ears, but I've always been one for equality and believe that we play together or not at all, so I started asking her about the guys and if she imagined what it would be like to be with them. Not surprisingly, K is just like the rest of us and admitted that she fantasized about it. That was the start of our cuckolding journey. One thing led to another and before long we found ourselves playing with big dildos and talking dirty to each other in bed about big cocks and getting a porn star to take care of her womanly needs. The next step was for me to arrange for a sensuous full body massage for K from a well-built black masseur, which she loved.

Things didn't stop there though and soon K was dressing much more provocatively in public, wearing low-cut tops, bras that accentuated her boobs and short skirts and dresses. Needless to say, this had the desired effect on the guys (and even a couple of girls) she came into contact with in the bars and clubs. I was loving this and encouraging K whenever possible and we started talking about specific guys she'd flirted with. I'd tell her how the eyefull she'd given them would make them go home and fantasize about the nasty things they wanted to to her. She totally got off on that dirty talk and would go nuts in bed, grabbing a big toy, closing her eyes and pleasuring herself right in front of me, as if I wasn't there.

K started to get even more daring and willing to take it to the next level. At one party there was a good looking younger foreign guy who clearly fancied her, as he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, so I made my excuses about being tired and how I was heading home to bed. On my way home I sent K a message telling her to enjoy herself and to then rush home and tell me how she got on. Being a little drunk that night, K didn't need a second invitation. It was a full two hours of torture before she finally got home. I was lying in bed, wide awake with unbearable anticipation and a permanent hard-on. Finally I thakfully heard the sound of a key in the lock and my wood increased, if that was even possible! She walked into the bedroom looking flushed, but with a glint in her eye that could only mean one thing, heading straight passed the bed to the bathroom to freshen up and telling me to "get ready". I couldn't be more ready! A minute later and she was naked in bed with me and proceeding to tell me in glorious detail about how he'd offered to drive her home, but how she'd told him to pull off the road into a quiet overgrown side road with no houses and no lights, where she had proceeded to tell him how her husband allows her to be naughty with other guys. That was enough of an invitation for him and in a second his hand was up her skirt and inside her panties rubbing her moist pussy and clit.

K knew how much I'd been waiting for this first huge dare, when it finally went beyond words and turned into action. All the while she was telling me her story she was rubbing my stiff cock and I was fingering her dripping pussy. Seeing how turned on I was she went on and gave me all the juicy details, telling me how the guy had reached into her halterneck top and pulled out her 36Ds, then proceeded to suck, lick and bite her nipples while fingering her. She told me how she'd ordered him to do it harder and faster and how she then pulled out his hard veiny dick and went down on it, licking the purple head as he sat back in the seat moaning. He had tried to get her into into the back seat or outside the car to fuck her, but for this first dare she declined his offer and just continued giving him head (believe me, K gives amazing head) until eventually he grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her lips and pumped a massive load all over her tits. She told me how surprised she was at the huge amount of cum he shot, how far and much it squirted and how much noise he made when he exploded.

It was clear that this drunken encounter and telling me about it afterwards was turning K on like I'd never seen before. I was turned on too, of course, so as she climbed on top of me and we started to fuck we continued to discuss how he'd wanted to stick that hard dick into her to make her come and I asked her to imagine what that would be like. It only took a few seconds for us to both cum hard. K came over and over and rode waves for a good long time, before finally rolling off and passing out with a big smile on her face. I was as horny and happy as could be, realizing that my old fashioned wife had gone. In her place was a new, hot wife who knew she could turn on fit younger guys.

That first episode led to four more times when K has turned the fantasy into reality. On one occasion when she was away on a work trip she ended up tipsy in a hotel hottub with a hunky soldier. They'd flirted heavily and ended up back at his room, where he stripped off her bikini and she pulled down her shorts to reveal an enormous member. He'd pushed her onto the bed and tried to fuck her, but she ran away and phoned me to let me know what had just happened, both getting ourselves off in the process. She was really drunk that night but I am 100% sure she never lies and I believe her when she told me she hadn't allowed him to do it. However, she couldn't remember in perfect detail because it was a bit of a drunken blur, so when I pushed her to tell me what actually happened, K's reply was "I honestly can't remember everything, but I may have sucked him off!"

On another work trip she met a guy she knew and liked and sucked him off on two different nights. Each time he'd come in her mouth and she'd swallowed his load and she enjoyed telling me how big he was and how she couldn't get it all into her mouth. As a happily married couple we do everything together and this playing is for me as much as it is for her. We've promised to never lie of do anything behind each other's back. I have never done anything with another woman, not even in a threesome with K, but we've often talked about introducing another guy and I encourage her to show off her body and to flirt and more when the opportunity arises for us to add that element of excitement into our sex life.

This is the first time K's allowed me to post her photos online for others to see. I hope you enjoy them and reading our long story. If you did, please email K to let her know. We'd be happy to receive photos and tributes too and, who know, maybe she'll even reply with a few more photos.


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