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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009


    Getting Her Boobs Bitten

    Hi Readers of the Blog. This is about my ex wife Barbara:

    Although she had sex with a number of men after she finally made me a cuckold - we'd been married 18 years before it happened and was something I'd long wanted and fantasised over, as I'd guessed correctly had she - the best of her lovers was Dave, a man I'd written to by email after she'd picked him out, along with three others, from a personals site.

    In the first and most important place, Dave was exactly her physical type and she admitted to me that she fell in love with him sexually. He was also about the only one who was really well-endowed, about eight inches plus, and he was also a very good lover. For example, she would bring him to orgasm orally, yet immediately, even though he'd just come, he would return the favour before then fucking her. From my point of view as the willing cuckolded husband, though, he was far and away superior to all the other men she had during those last four and very erotic years of our marriage. He was the only one - this occurred on the morning after their first night and time together - who on the phone asked me what fantasies I'd had over the years about her having sex with other men and how he'd make them come true.

    He even said that a big part of his motivation and enjoyment came from knowing the woman was married. He also made it quite clear to the married woman that he had no interest whatsoever in any social interaction, simply wanting only to fuck and have sex, and he had developed, after an unfortunate experience with one married woman who became too fond of him, a system where his contact with a woman lasted for three months at a time only, before he would break for three months, but then come back for a further three months and so on. Barbara's first meeting with Dave was around nine or so months after she first started having sex with other men, and over the next three years, she continued to see him, with six months being the longest gap between.

    After her first time with him, I wrote out and sent him my favourite fantasies and in just two weeks, three of them had already happened: 1. She comes home to me after an evening with her lover and in bed, slowly unbuttons her top, looking at me all the while and saying something like 'Dave said you'd be turned on by this', revealing her lovely big tits covered in love bites. The very first time this happened, I orgasmed without her touching me and barely heard her describing how she'd been on top so that he could really feed on them. 2. She phones me unexpectedly. She tells me she is lying on her lover's bed, completely naked, her legs are wide open, and Dave is sucking, feeling and licking her tits as he makes his way down to her wet pussy where he combines an oral with finger-fucking.

    At first, she is reasonably coherent and descriptive but as he works his magic, the phone falls onto the bed and her words turn into groans and moans of passion and I can sometimes hear Dave complimenting her on her reactions and sexy body. Over time, Dave developed this into a fine art, even making Barbara place the phone near her pussy so that I could hear very sexy sounds. This one eventually always finished with Dave, having brought Barbara to a noisy orgasm, complimenting her on being a very sexy woman whose husband couldn't satisfy her, to which she would readily agree - later when I began watching them regularly, this kind of comment became quite common - they would then exchange some very passionate kisses, making sure I could hear, before Dave would say something along the lines of 'And now I'm going to fuck the arse off you'. Barbara would respond accordingly, using the most graphic and crude langauge, and usually making sure I knew she was reaching for his cock and pulling him towards her. Occasionally, they let me hear the rest of this but mostly the phone was hung up before.

    3. Her lover calls her quite late at night, usually again unexpectedly and after she hadn't seen him for a few days, and tells her he is coming over to fuck her in my car which is parked by the side of the house. She dresses appropriately and goes outside to wait in the car while I remain in the house. When he arrives, I hear the car doors go but am not allowed to go out. After about ten minutes or so, she runs back into the house, carrying most of her clothes and still visibly aroused and excited, and lies on the bed. I immediately have sex with her while she describes the better fucking she had in my car and how she preferred it to my effort, how Dave had pumped her full of his cum and how she wished he was still fucking her. This was the nearest I ever got to having sex with her at the same time as a lover, and I understood the truth of how she said she couldn't feel my cock after Dave's because it was liking having sex in fluid, she was so wet.

    Dave made all my other long held fantasies come true, including watching her, because when she first started having sex with other men, I would only hear about her sexy experiences in bed later, which although admittedly not as sexy as actually watching, was still very, very erotic. I will never forget her first time, never. It was with a man at work, and when she retunred home, about 12.30a.m., when she entered the bedroom - I was naked in bed - the look on her face told me how much she had enjoyed it. The slight look of concern or worry she flashed me was simply in case my so strong desire for her to have done this was only because up to then she hadn't.

    I patted the side of the bed and as she sat down, I looked down over her shoulders, at her lovely big tits outlined in the sexy black dress I had made her wear because it just had straps and was easy to remove and always had a sexy habit of riding up when she sat down, her stockinged legs, and the knowledge that she had been intimate with another man, filled me with lust and sexual excitement. I remember saying, 'Well, am I now married to a sexy, adulterous wife?' She didn't say anything, just nodded her head. I groaned very loudly, not in pain, but in real sexual approval so that she knew just how fully I approved and was turned on. And I was rubbing her shoulders and telling her how proud of her I was and how I loved being married to a woman who had sex with other men.

    I was speaking incoherently, really, begging her to tell me all about it, begging her to tell me she loved it, every single moment of it. I made her lay across the bed and as she looked up at me, she had a flushed look of real pride in her body and at what she had been doing. 'Tell me you won't stop now, tell me you want other men, let me get other men for you.' I was blurting it all out like a madman. When she said 'Chas, I couldn't believe was good to be fucked like that,..god, I so enjoyed it', I leapt out of bed and even she gasped at my erection which seemed to be trying to touch the ceiling. 'Now do you believe me?' I said. I pushed her dress up.

    I almost tore off her black knickers, and as I felt them in my hands and their wetness, said: 'How many times did he fuck you?' You would not believe that the simple word 'Three' could sound so sexy. I pulled her dress down to her waist, freed her tits and it was as if I was fucking her for the first time, I was so turned on. I can't remember all what I said but I do know that I told her I loved knowing that another man had played with her body, had sucked and felt her lovely big tits and fingered her pussy and had come inside her. And I loved knowing and told her she would have to tell me the graphic details later of how she had reacted when his hands first started moving up her legs, the sexy kissing and petting and her reaching out to feel another man's hard cock for the first time in over 18 years.

    To any wannabe cuckolds out there, if your wife has given off the essential signs that means she is willing, go for it, because it is the most erotic thing in the world. When I first mentioned to Barbara I wanted her to have sex with other men - I reckon it was around two years before she actually gave in - her reply along the lines of: 'Suppose I prefered another man', is now, I know, music to the ears of the wannabe cuckold. It is the green light, really.



    Sunday, December 20, 2009


    My Wicked Wife and Her Ways with Men

    wicked wife
    Alas, it now 2 years since my wife had sex with another man and I very much miss the excitement it bought to our lives.

    So I have to rely on her past experiences for my sexual pleasure.

    When she was younger she went through periods where she was so horny, dirty minded and sexily wicked it was untrue. This was about 10 years ago and she did something to me that still makes me squirm with pleasure When I thjnk about it.

    At the time we had a a friend, David, who although about 15 years older than us was a very fit, competitive charming man. Although married he was very fond of the ladies and had numerous affairs. We used to meet up with him occasionally for a drink and a chat and his favourite topic of conversation was women and sex. My wife, going through one her horny times loved it and he seemed to enjoy talking sex with a female audience, especially as she openly flirted with him.

    It wasn't long before she started cucking me by sleeping with him. She didn't tell him that I knew and wouldn't tell me much about what she did with him. A few weeks after she first had sex with him we were supposed to meet him for a drink. I was a little reluctant to go as I said I would feel a bit awkward sitting there knowing they had been screwing. At my wife's insistance we met up with him and I had to sit there acting like I didn't know what was going on. My wife then put him on the spot by asking him who his latest sexual conquest was. He looked a bit taken aback and replied that he couldn't say as he promised to keep it secret. She started asking what she was like and if the sex was good. Although a little hesitant at first he must have realised that she was trying to get him to talk about their sex life in front me and he soon warmed to the task as my wife asked him very intimate questions about his latest adventure.

    By this time my heart was pounding and my stomach was in my mouth as with my wife's encouragement and coaxing he told me in intimate detail exactly what he had done with her. Of course still had no idea that I knew who he was talking about and he went on to describe what she wore for him... high shoes/black stockings and suspenders/short black skirt etc. he told me that she was a really good fuck and described all the positions and locations he had fucked her in. With her careful questioning he told me that they fucked bare back and she got him to describe to me the first time he slipped his cock into her. By now he was loving it and really getting into his stride.

    She coaxed him into telling me that this woman had said her husband wasn't very well endowed (I'm not) and she needed to be with a guy who could give her a hard fucking. I remember one of the last things he told me was that after sex he liked to lie with her fondling her tits and watching his spunk dribble down her thighs.

    All through this I had to pretend I didn't know who he was talking about and try to look like I was enjoying the conversation. It was incredibly humiliating but at the time really exciting. My wife really looked like she enjoyed herself and to cap a truly memorable evening she gave me the ultimate choice. She said as I had to be at work early the next day, if I wanted I could go home early and she would get a ride home with David.

    In other words "if you go home now I will fuck him tonight--you choose."

    I went home alone. When my wife eventually got home she told me that listening to her lover telling me what he had done to her was a real turn on. She also told David that the more graphic he had become the hornier she had become as I'm sure he found out on the way home!

    My wife continued to see him, which wasn't difficult. He owned some holiday lets in town and was refurbishing one of them and as I worked shifts she had plenty of opportunity. She still wouldn't give me any details of what she did with him saying that if I wanted to know we would have to meet David again for a drink. At this time I was riding an emotional rollercoaster. It was a mix of incredible jealousy and intense excitement all rolled into one. As I said before my wife could be very wicked in a sexy way and sensing my mental turmoil would add to by making me make decisions about what she should do. For instance, she was playing with my cock one night and asked me if I thought she was a naughty girl. When I said yes she asked me if I would like her to get David to spank her. She knew the mental turmoil I would suffer and that I would have to say yes.

    Two weeks later we met with David again for a drink. As we entered the bar my wife dropped a little bombshell on me. She said if I wanted to know what she had been upto then tonight I would have to ask the questions. So after the initial small talk and with my heart pounding and my hands shaking I asked him how things were going with his new woman. He told me that she was the horniest bitch he had screwed and she could not get enough of his cock. He said she loved to dress like a whore for him and she would sit astride him his cock buried deep inside her and she would be shouting "fuck me fuck me"

    He told me that she a had beautifully suckable tits, a gorgeously tight little cunt and that she had told him that she loved the feel of his cock inside her.

    On one occasion she bent over a kitchen worksurface her skirt riding up showing her stocking tops. She the started wiggling her ass him so he went up behind her pulled her thong to one side and slid into her very slowly from behind.

    With all the guys she saw after this we never managed to recreate the same set of circumstances and she never let me watch her in action, which I suppose would be the ultimate torment. However she was quite inventive and found other ways to torment and excite me.

    With one guy she would go off at the weekend and not tell me when she was coming back.

    With another guy she was seeing she offered me the chance of a cheap thrill. She told me to wait outside a certain shop at a specified time in shopping centre about 20 miles from home. I went and waited at the specified time and about 10 minutes later she turned up arm in arm with her latest guy. They then disapeared into an Anne Summers sex shop. I followed them in and discreetly watched her choosing underwear he was buying for her to wear for him. Loved that.

    With another guy who was particularly well built she made a clay model of his cock which I had to keep on my bedside table when she with him as a reminder to me of what she was getting.

    She has also made me go and buy her condoms for her and she would say things like "bring ribbed ones because I like the feel of them inside me."

    Not surprisingly I have never told any of my friends about our lifestyle however my wife had a very close pal who she told about our adventures. Whenver she came round to our place I would be really embarrassed and keep out of the way. My wife found this most amusing so she devised a plan to give me an excruciatingly humiliating experience. In her usual way she gave me a choice. If I wanted her to go out and play at weekend then I would have go into town and buy some lingerie for her from a specific shop. Problem was her friend ran the shop! So I ended up in a lingerie shop with her friend helping me choose underwear that she knew my wife was going to be wearing for another guy. So humiliating at the time but good looking back on it. - Davey


    Thursday, December 17, 2009


    How it All Started ... He Sucked Her Nipples

    One evening after spending most of it drinking, I noticed the bartender trying very hard to see my wife's breasts. So I mentioned it to her, and she answered she had noticed him too. What do you think?, I asked her. He does seem nice, why?, she replied. Oh I thought that maybe you'd like to help his view and open a few buttons, I answered. My wife was silent for several minutes and looked at me.

    Do you want me to let him see my tits?, she asked. I thought a couple of buttons would be ok, I replied. How many buttons,honey, she asked. What or how much do you want him to see of me? How about two buttons, I answerd. Two buttons will show him most of my breasts, she answered. Is that what you want me to do? I think that two buttons will be fine, I replied.

    My wife then went to the ladies room, and returned several minutes later with her blouse unbuttoned. She sat in her chair, faced me, and leaned slightly so her blouse fell open, and asked, is this what you want him to see? I looked to see that her blouse fell nicely open, showing most of her breasts, but not down to her nipples. Yes , Thats fine honey, I said.

    Her nipples were showing nicely at that moment. Ok sweetheart, she said, as she called for another drink. He came over with her drink, and noticed the new view immediately. Of course she then leaned over slightly to show him most of her naked tits. With a smile, he said to her as he took in the sight, with a view like that, drinks are going to be free.

    After several more rounds, and the bartender paying close attention to my wife's tits, I said to her, open the third button for him now. He'll see everything then, nipples and all, she told me, it will almost make me topless, she finished. So open it ,I said. She undid the third button, which opened below her breasts, making them in full view, uncovered. The bartender was there is a minute, looking at her naked tits, her nipples got even harder then.

    After awhile, she went to the ladies room, and was gone for quite a while. When she returned, I asked her where she was. Greg, oh thats his name honey, was coming from the mens room as I walked down the hall, so he stopped for a minute and we talked . Talked?, I said, for this long?. Well, my breasts were uncovered in front of him, and he started to feel them, she told me. You let him feel you up in the hall?, I asked. Yes honey, he played with them, and sucked my nipples for some time too, she told me. You didn't try to stop him?, I asked. No darling, I didn't think you'd mind after telling me to open my blouse for him.

    Anything else happen?, I asked. Well, only that he kissed me hard, and I did return the kiss I could feel his cock rising against me too, she added. Then you stopped?, I asked. Not exactually, she told me, he did rub his cock against my pussy. And?, I asked her. I rubbed back against him too, his cock was fully hard then, so I could really feel him against me, she answered. Is your pussy wet now, I asked. Yes it is, very hot and wet, my wife answered.

    We then left and drove towards home. All the way I was thinking of my wife being felt up and feeling the hard cock of a stranger against her. I was really hard just thinking of it.

    I suddenly noticed an adult theatre, so I pulled in the lot. Why are we stopping here?, my wife asked. Thought we'd take in a late show, I replied. Ok, I better buttonup then, she said. Don't bother to button honey, I said. You want me to go in like this, showing my tits?, she asked me. Its an adult theatre, I replied. So we went in, she was slightly holding her blouse closed as we paid for the tickets.

    We sat alone for sometime until we were joined by a young man, who sat next to my wife, looking at her uncovered breasts with hard showing nipples. It took him awhile to get bold enough, but then he reached over and caressed one breast. My wife looked to me, but didn't stop him. Soon, he was caressing both tits and sucking the nipples as she began to moan. He was now sure of himself, and he started to caress her thigh. He was stroking her thighs completely now, my wife's moans were now more intense, she looked over to me. Spread for him, I said. She couldn't answer since he was kissing her, so she just let him part her legs. He then immediately moved his hand under her mini skirt and started to feel her pussy. My wife gasped at his touch, in delight?.

    He was rubbing and feeling her pussy completely now, she was very short of breath as she spread her legs more for him. He reached for her panties, I nodded ok, and my wife let him remove them. Now he was finger fucking her, bringing her close to cumming. He took his hard cock out for her, and she slowly stroked it. She looked to me as she continued to play with his cock. He now spread her legs wider, and got between them. No, she said, I don't know she moaned, He was rubbing his hard cock against her pussy now. Oh my God, she moaned.

    He opened her legs more, and started to push his cock into her pussy. Honey, she said, he's going to fuck me, do you want him to stop?. Do you want me to fuck him?, right here?. Do you like it, I asked her. Oh yes, she moaned. I looked to him and said, fuck her then.

    With a quick thrust, he was in my wife's pussy and fucking her slowly. She was moaning as she put her legs around him, don't cum in me she said, please don't. He was fucking her harder now, she was quitely moaning with each thrust of his hard cock. She was cumming for the second time, when he gasped, I'm almost there now. he was screwing her harder now, she was still cumming, fuck me, she moaned, oh fuck me hard. I can't wait any longer, I'm going to cum, he gasped No, she said, but he pushed completely in her pussy, and started to cum into my wife. He shot many hot streams of baby making cream directly into her pussy. She moaned loudly as he came in her, and he pushed in deeper, to get to her womb, with his hot cum. Oh my God, she gasped, he did cum in me darling. He stayed in my wife's pussy until he softened and then slid out of her. There was a pool of cream on the seat, but most of it was in her pussy.

    After several minutes, he left. My wife put her panty back on, and said, I am in my fertile time now honey, and his cock was shooting directly into my womb, and he stayed in me for awhile after too. He might have made me pregnant honey.

    As we drove home, my wife with a strangers hot cum in her pussy, and the possibility he made her pregnant, I wondered how we let it get this far.

    But I did love watching my wife with her legs spread and another mans cock in her fucking her. Hope it all works out OK. - LDS


    Sunday, December 13, 2009


    We Get Closer To Each Other Afterwards

    We have posted in the past on other sites about my wife's adventures with her lover. She is soon to be 49 and me 46. It has been quite some time, in fact, since July since they have been together. Busy lives and summer is all we can blame it on. Anyway, I have been urging her to have me contact him for a night of fun and adventure, but it just never clicked for her. Finally, on a recent trip, I emailed her from the road and asked if Saturday night was OK. She emailed me back and told me to set it up. After an exchange of emails, her lover said he would cum on over to our house Saturday night. Last night, Friday, we were all ready to do the nasty as she said she wanted me bad. We had a bit of bedroom talk about she and her lover together and the tide turned quickly and dramatically. For the first time ever, she said to me that I couldn't fuck her that night, in fact, I was not even to get her off as she was saving herself for him. I found that highly erotic and frustrating to say the least. She made me talk to her on what I thought might happen as she stroked my cock and sucked it from time to time.

    To add some background, we have always had the three of us together. They always start out by tons of foreplay and heavy kissing and I love to watch. They then fuck and my wife usually wants me by her side at times, but I really enjoy watching them. Some times I get very involved, some times I just sit in the chair and watch. My favorite part and she is well aware is watching his creampie pouring out of her. I usually help myself to it and sometimes I slide into her silky smooth pussy. At one time, I thought it erotic for all us to simply leave our bedroom and for them to share each other in our bed, so I went downstairs and left them to fuck for the third or fourth time that night and listened intently to them from the base of the stairs.

    Back to last night. I told wifey that I would really love to have him at some point to stay the night (he's married, so it is not as easy as it may seem) so he can fuck her a couple of times in front of me, but after he adjourns to the guest room she could either join him for another fuck and cum back to me or spend the night fucking and cuddling with him. I then went on to say that she had several choices, 1) I could just stay and join/watch as usual, 2) she can ask me leave after a fuck or two so they could spend some alone time together, 3) she could lead him up to the bedroom soon after arriving and ask me to stay down until they are done, or 4) I could be gone when he arrived and she tells him I got called off for some reason or she could tell him she didn't want me around.

    I also said I would love to get him hard for her and clean him up after he cums inside her. We have never broached this with him and we're not sure he would go for it, but wifey is thinking about pushing in that direction with her simply asking him or me "accidently" licking him as I'm underneath her while he pounds her from behind. It is probably pretty obvious to him with me eating his cum out of her, but to be honest, I do it sort of non-chalantly and don't just dive in and lap it up.

    Anyway, perhaps that will finally happen tonight. Furthermore, she is not a big fan of cum in her mouth unless it is mine which she oves to swallow completely. For her, it is more of an intimate thing and something she does for hubby only. I have also encouraged her before to let him cum in her mouth and she got as close as telling him to cum on her face which she did, but none in the mouth. I told her I would love for her to take him in her mouth and swallow his cum and she did not object. Would love to kiss her after a private session and taste and smell him in her mouth.

    Now, we role-play a lot and most of our talk is in the bedroom, but I always get raging hard and she comes extra hard when I whisper in her ear things I like him doing to her. It usually involves his fat cock inside her, how it stretches her out, and the feeling of his cum shooting deep inside her. We have talked about her going off on a date with him, but for us, that is really pushing the envelope. The thought of me being out of the house when he comes over to fuck her is not as intense, but almost, at least for me. My heart is racing thinking about that option. Honestly, I think if I know my wife, she will probably go for option 2, asking me to leave after a while, but I may need to offer myself leaving as I don't think she is as bold. Well, let's wait for tonight to happen and I hope to have some time later tomorrow to get back on and share what happened.

    Next Email

    Now the recap of the evenings events! Wifey’s lover (D) was right on time at 6 p.m. We sat around and caught up for about 30 minutes, but no major move on the wife up to now. Wifey really stepped out of the box by asking him, “Do you want to go upstairs?” When D said “sure,” she then asked me, “is it OK if we have some time alone?” I told her that was not a problem and off they went. So, I guess, in fact, she chose option 3 above.

    They went up and I could soon hear the sound of their smacking lips as I knew they were kissing deeply. I snuck over to the base of the stairs where I could get a better sound of what was going on. The damn creaky stairs prevented me from sneaking up and watching the action! It wasn’t long before I could hear my wife start to moan and I knew he was inside her. What I didn’t know is whether he was fucking her on top or whether she was riding him cowgirl style. She loves his fat cock stretching her pussy, but she is not keen on him going too deep as it is uncomfortable.

    Regardless, I know she loves to get on top and grind herself to many orgasms. It wasn’t long before I heard her cum very loudly. Soon after came a second one and a few minutes more another scream shook the house. I could here her saying, “come on, come on” encouraging D to cum. I know she was more than happy to have D to cum inside her and soon I heard him grunting as I knew he was shooting deep inside her.

    I could here them whispering a bit and then silence. I hung downstairs intentionally. We have never played this out before and we had not discussed the plan prior. I thought for sure she might call me up, so I waited it out.

    Wifey doesn’t like his cum load in her mouth, but she strangely likes to taste a small amount on his cock so I would put any money she was now cleaning him up. D is in his mid-40’s but he stays rock hard at least for the second go-round. It is fucking amazing. He usually needs only less than 5 minutes before he is ready to fuck again. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I could here her moaning again, cumming at least twice more if not a third, and him pumping his cum inside her a second time.

    I refused to go up until she called and it wasn’t long she called me up. When I went in my mouth dropped open. The bed had literally crept across the floor nearly two feet!! She and I have never come close to doing this and I later found out she was riding him both times to orgasm and it was her cowgirl motion that moved it away. It was so fucking funny.

    Anyway, I stripped, joined them on the bed for some conversation. My finger casually strayed between her slit and I couldn’t believe how wet she was. She immediately looked at me and raised her eyebrows. She knows how fucking excited I get when she is full of D’s cum. When we fuck and I cum inside her, she immediately jumps up and wipes it out, but when D is around, she simply lets his sperm swim around in her. It didn’t take me long to start to clean her up. There were two loads inside her and I was afraid most of it had already run out. I started at her ass and found that it had run all the way down. When I stuck my tongue in her I was very surprised and excited to find a huge dollop of his cum waiting for me. I made it a point to say to them both so D knew clearly what I was doing, “Man, you shot a lot inside her.”

    It was only a matter of minutes, before D was hard again and wanted to fuck her from behind. She always fantasizes about getting fucked this way with a cock deep in her throat and when it does happen, she goes wild and cums hard. Sure enough, she was sucking me while D was fucking her doggy-style and she was moaning wildly. He was going too deep and I knew she was uncomfortable. She got a bit higher up so she could prevent him from going so deep, but I tried to force her down lower saying, “is he hurting you a bit?” She moaned “yes” and shook her head, so I said, “that’s good, I want him to go nice and deep.”

    I told D to keep fucking her hard and deep and she was gong wild and eventually came hard on his cock. He kept it up for a few more minutes and I badly wanted to crawl under her, lick her clit and “accidentally” lick his cock in the process. I love to fantasize about this and him letting me suck it and alternating fucking her. I would give anything to clean the cum off his cock as it slid out of her. Anyway, it was for not, but D was soon getting very close to cumming and then he grabbed her hips harder and was slamming his cock very deep and fast into her. She couldn’t hold out and was screaming with another orgasm and D was soon pumping his third load deep inside her.

    She was completely spent and although D can go at least four times in about an hour, he said he was spent too. We chatted a bit longer before he left (we all were planning on watching the Red Sox!) and wifey and I could spend some time together. I, of course, cleaned her up until there was no more cum for me. I then slid in to her silky, stretched out pussy. This is absolutely the best feeling in the world. D is much larger than me and I am a bit smaller than average so he managed to stretch her out pretty good. It wasn’t long before I pumped my load and the fourth of the evening inside her.

    The next day, Sunday, I had to get up early for a errand that took a great deal of the day. When I came back we spoke about the evening a bit and wifey was so horny thinking about the night before that she admitted masturbating after I left. Later that night we had another very hot session as we had some pillow talk about the night before. She was sore, for sure, but took me inside her. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before, his cum inside her, etc. She egged my on to a great cum while talking about how good her pussy felt with all D’s cum inside it, how thick his head feels inside her, etc.

    The long and the short of it is this. Whenever we have these sessions, we both independently feel so much closer to each other, express our love for each other more, and just want to cuddle for the day. I love her for doing what she does and she loves me for letting her have such fun. All for now. - Andy


    Thursday, December 10, 2009


    Cuckolded & Dominated by His Wife

    I'm new to the blog and this is my first post. Not sure what folks will think, but thought i'd share this story anyway. My wife and I have been struggling with some financial issues and because of the stress my wife has not been seeing her boyfriend for the last couple of weeks. The other night I got a little buzzed, and a little big for my britches, and said the first line of my story below. Bad idea resulting major tiff. So the next day I rewrote the event giving it a win win ending. I sent it to my wife and her response follows the story. Hope someone enjoys.

    "I hope you know, when this is all done with you're not going to run off and be with Rob."

    "Oh sweety..."

    You stop doing your hair, and walk into the bedroom wearing nothing but your bra and underwear. I try not to look at your hot ass body for fear of the momentary flash of jealous anger fading away. You have a "poor little boy look on your face" like you feel sorry for me.

    "Feeling a little manly tonight, are ya? Are you taking me back? You want me to be all yours again, don't you."

    You wrap your arms around my neck. Your words embarrass me and I look away from you, my face red.

    You coo seductively into my ear.

    "I know you want all of those things, but I also know there's one thing you want more than all of that. You want me to be happy."

    You reach up into my hair, pull my face towards yours kissing me gently as you whisper, "Isn't that right?" Our lips barely touching.

    "No! I don't want to do this anymore!" I resist, and turn away. You smile and gently push me back so I'm sitting on the bed. You standing above me.

    You lift my chin with one finger so that I'm looking up at you. You say nothing, but gaze knowingly down at me. After a long silence, my conflicted emotions overwhelm me. As tears well up in my eyes, you stare at me lovingly.

    "It's okay, you can say it." You purr to me.

    "I-I-I... want you to be happy more than anything else."

    "That's my good boy" Gently stroking my face with your hand.

    "and what makes me happy?"

    "Having your cake and eating it too..." I whisper, defeated.

    "That's right!!!" Giggling with laughter. "You must've forgotten! So why don't you tell me exactly what that entails, so I can be sure you have fully remembered."

    I sigh deeply, and begin.

    "You enjoy being you husbands Goddess. You love how he worships you, and know that to fully appreciate a Goddess he has to be denied all forms of mutual sexual pleasure. You believe sex is an act that should only occur between equals, which is why i no longer am allowed to make love to my wife. My only focus should be on Your pleasure and happiness. You also believe that my place is one of total subservience, and that you are superior to me in every way."

    "Ooooo, it turns me on so much hearing you say it out loud!" You say, unclasping your bra and brushing your breasts against my face.

    "So what are you?"

    My cock throbs, and my speech is stuttered.

    "I am a cum eating cuckold, who's Goddess can suck and fuck whomever she wants."

    "That's right!!!" You say with glee. "and you wouldn't want it any other way now would you?"

    "No Ma'am."

    "So what was with all of that talk earlier?"

    I sit silently, now completely mortified that I said what I had said.

    "Did you masturbate last night?"

    I nod my head.

    "See you always get this way after that selfish little dick of yours cums. You try and get all alpha. I can see your Goddess needs to be much more strict with you. I've decided you need a more constant reminder of your place. From this second on, you must ask permission to cum EVERY time. If I'm not around or asleep you are to wait. I now own your little dick, balls, and most importantly, your cum. You are not to waste one drop of it with out my permission. Do you understand?"

    I again nod quietly.

    "Say it out loud so we can both hear it."

    "My dick and balls are yours, and I will not waste your cum without permission."

    "Good boy! Don't worry, I'll grant you release on a regular basis at first, but I'm going to begin to lengthen the time between your evacuations until we get to once every three weeks. That is of course if you're a good little cuck, if not then it'll be much longer. No more of those annoying little outbursts, do you understand?"

    "Yes Ma'am."

    Good! Let's start correcting that over active ego right now. I'm going to let you jerk off that tiny little pecker of yours right now."

    My heart startles with excitement, but then you continue. A wicked smirk spreads across your face.

    "...and while you jack that silly little thing off in front of me, I'm going to watch Oprah. When you're ready to cum you will ask for my permission, I will either grant permission or deny you. If permission is denied, you had better not cum. I don't care what you have to do to stop it, but you had better figure out a way. I will eventually grant you release, and when i do, you are to cum on my foot. Then, once you are drained, you will then lick and suck me clean. You are will be responsible for cleaning all of it up with your mouth. So, for your sake, I hope you have good aim, 'cause watching you licking my carpet clean would be pretty of disgusting. You'll continue to lick and clean my feet until the end of my show, at which time you will receive your punishment for that bullshit you pulled earlier. I'm going to make this one quite severe so that you won't soon forget the lesson. You should know I'm doing this for your own good, because what you said earlier was totally unappealing, and made me feel less attracted to you, and that's not what you want, now is it?

    "No Ma'am." I murmur pulling on my hard dick with desperation.

    "I didn't think so. Your punishment will be 30 lashes with the cane while wearing your most severe nipple clamps. After every lash you will repeat these words, "I am a cum eating husband and I am so pathetic that do not deserve to have sex with my wife." - and maybe when we've finished, the reality of your situation will finally sink into that silly little brain of yours."

    "Ma'am requesting permission to cum."

    "Hahahahahhhaaa, so pathetic... DENIED!"

    "Now turn on my show for me."

    From my wife:

    WOW, that was awesome! Loved loved loved everything

    "See you always get this way after that selfish little dick of yours cums. I can see your Goddess needs to be much stricter with you. I've decided you need a more constant reminder of your place. From this second on, you must ask permission to cum EVERY time. If I'm not around or asleep you are to wait. I now own your little dick, balls, and most importantly, your cum. You are not to waste one drop of it with out my permission. Do you understand?" -very nice. - LowlyLust


    Sunday, December 06, 2009


    She Found a Younger Guy


    Let me start with a little back ground info. Diane and I have been married for 8 years. She is 38 years old, quiet and conservative but really lightens up when the alcohol hits her. This is a true story. It happened Saturday night. Diane and I were invited to a Halloween party at the home of one of her coworker's. My choice of costume was easy; 1 white sheet later, wha la instant ghost.

    Diane put a little more thought into her's. On Friday evening she asked me to drive her into the city of Perth Amboy so she could find a "good" costume. I could tell by the hoochy stores that she was going into that this was going to be a "nice" surprise. The party started at 7pm. At about 6:30 Diane emerges from the bedroom dressed as a young slutty Brittney Spears.

    Short plaid mini skirt, tight white button down shirt tight up above her belly and a pair of black loafers. Holly shit did she look HOT!!! When we arrived at the party, the looks she was getting were great. By 11:00 the booze was flowing and Diane was feeling no pain. I was keeping my distance as she seemed to really hit it off with some guy who was about 23 years old dressed as Spiderman. The flirting and electricity in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    The host had set up a bonfire in the back yard with hay bails around it for seats. As luck would have it. There were no more open places to sit. Conveniently Diane made herself comfortable on Spiderman's lap. In a matter of minutes he was rubbing her back and neck and playing with her belly button ring. She had on one of those head piece microphones and Jason AKA Spidy kept playfully pulling it off. He finally snatched it and took off running.

    Diane grabbed unto him and they both wound up falling into the swimming poll. As they surfaced he pinned her against the side of the pool and they both proceeded to make out for the next ten minutes. After leaving the pool. The host offered them both some dry clothes and towels. Giddy, they both disappeared into an upstairs bedroom. Ten minutes later I had to go and see what if anything was going on. As I approached the door I could hear those little moans of ecstasy coming from my loving wife.

    I flung the door open to find the two of them on the bed with him lying flat and Diane riding him. They both stopped and looked at me. Diane said, Uhmm excuse me I 'm a little busy here. Why don't you go home and i'll catch up with you later. I'm sure Jason won't mind giving me a ride home. So with that I took my raging hard on and left. At 8 AM I awoke to feel the sun shining in the window. looking around, there was no sign of Diane. I called her cell phone and it went right to voice mail.

    Now I was starting to get nervous. At 9:30 a strange car pulled into the driveway. It was Diane and her new man. After a 2 minute long kiss goodbye she got out and sauntered in the house. With a big grin she sat on the couch and filled me in on the gory details. When she went to change she said that he followed her into the room. The both undressed and dried off. She said that when she saw his v body and 8 inch cock she lost total control. She blew him for about 10 minutes and then mounted him ( that's when I came in) she said they fucked for about 30 minutes but kept getting interupted by other part goers.

    They decided to get dressed and go get a hotel room. They went to a place called The Loop Inn, a really classy short stay hotel. They fucked several more times on the bed and in the hot tub before passing out. She said this morning they showered together and she finished him off with a baby oil hand job. The best part is that he didn't realize that she was married until he drove up to the house and she remarked that she hoped I wasn't too worried. He had thought that we were just friends that came to the party together. I've got a feeling that this will not be the last time we see Jason, as the 2 of them have been text messaging back and forth all day today. - Kev


    Friday, December 04, 2009


    Revisiting Cuck Memories

    After reading the many “cock-hardening” stories on this site and others, I began to reflect on the experiences and circumstances that formed my lust for seeing other men fuck my wife. Having been married three times, I progressed from one extreme to the other. My initial views on marriage sex as a young man were conservative in the strictest degree.

    I would have never “loaned” my bride to another man nor considered the suggestion of it. I kept a tight grip on my first wife (one factor in divorce number 1) and expressed my jealousy often. Once the marriage ended and I learned she remarried (pregnant), I often wondered about her new husband fucking her and leaving his hot cum inside her as I did. I still felt the “pussy” belonged to me but her remarriage was a catalyst for my changing views about women and sex. In addition, I was at the time on active duty and exposed to all sorts of opinions and stories about couples swapping, threesomes and “open relationships” which furthered relaxed my acceptance of “adventurous” sex.

    Wife number 2 was a firecracker!!! She loved to fuck and was ready whenever I was. Nothing was off limits (mouth, pussy, ass) and I advanced my knowledge and appreciation of sex because of her. I kept a few hardcore porns for our “adult entertainment” and especially enjoyed situations where 1 female was fucked by two or more men. I gradually began talking with my then wife about her previous experienced during sex and would cum in an explosion knowing her pussy had been rammed by others.

    The opportunity came to invite a friend for a threesome when an old school buddy needed to stay with us after losing his job. Building the courage took some time but after a candid evening discussion about sex, wife2 leaned over to me asking “are you ready”? I proposed the threesome to my friend but clearly limited no “guy/ guy” stuff (I’m still a bit of a homophobe),which he agreed to. Being naked in bed with another guy was more than “weird” but my heart thumped hard, filling my dick to aching capacity knowing someone else would fuck my wife. After my initial turn with the wife, my friend quickly put on a condom and mounted my wife. That moment has altered my views on sex permanently. I laid there beside them as he humped himself deeper into my spouse and she raised her legs, masturbating her clit into orgasm. I don’t think my friend lasted much longer but I think we enjoyed another threesome later before he found work and moved out.

    Wife number three was ten years younger than me and European. Before getting married, I had a long talk with her about my interests and told her that although I am aroused by the thought of a married woman having sex with other men, I would not demand her to have the same interest. I explained that if she ever wanted to “experiment”, I would like to be a part of it and enjoy it with her. Wife3 was a bit of a challenge. Rarely have I been able to fuck her mouth or ass and she dislikes conversation during sex. She tends to be almost “boring” for her quietness and barely makes a peep when cumming, along with having less than half the sex drive I have. The rest of our relationship was very compatible and I believed I could encourage her to be more “wild” as time went on.

    Around six months later I was away from home for a 45 day training exercise which, after a week made me think constantly of my wife’s young pussy. I sent daily text messages expressing my horniness and described how I hoped she would fuck another guy. Getting home was like Christmas to me. I couldn’t wait to get between my woman’s legs and fuck her hard. I made a mess of her pussy with my built up load in just a few minutes but an even better situation was in the works. The next few days I noticed the wife spending hours online just chatting it up. After asking about it, she said she had posted herself online for a “fuck buddy” and had been in contact with another soldier for weeks. My dick was granite hard and I felt a bit proud knowing my wife had considered exploring sex with someone else.

    One evening sometime later, the wife met me at the door as I returned home from duty and ushered back into the car. “Were gonna’ meet Greg today” she explained as I started the car and drove to the arranged location. A vacant, but well known lot was picked for the meeting and after exiting the vehicles for a brief hello, I suggested we return to our place since home is better for getting to know each other. On the ride home, the wife was adamant that this was not the “fuck” night, just the “get to know each other night” but I already planned to insure a threesome would happen. Returning home, we all sat at the kitchen table and talked about sex as if we were in a business meeting.

    Greg explained he was married but had an “open” relationship. The wife sat idle and listened as I treated Greg more like a job applicant than someone looking for like-minded friends. “I have robes, let’s undress and put on the robes to be more comfortable over on the couch” I suggested as my wife looked at me “wide-eyed”. Asking my wife to get the robes for us, I could see she hesitated a bit getting up from the table and walked quietly into the bedroom. Greg and I continued talking but after a few minutes, I got up to check on the wife. She had already undressed and put on her robe but looked a bit frozen. “This wasn’t supposed to happen tonight” she protested but I assured her this was to be “more comfortable” and just to get over the “nervousness”.

    I explained that how far it went was up to her. I returned to the kitchen and handed Greg his robe, which he took into the bathroom and I busied myself closing the blinds. I undressed in the living room and dimmed the lights, waiting on the couch for the others of my “fantasy” to join me. Greg arrived first, making sure to leave sitting space between us for the “star” attraction. Finally, the wife made her way from the bedroom and I commented something about “I thought you left”, earning me a slight shove to the back of my head as she walked from behind the couch. She sat between us, ridged and quiet as Greg and I slowly started fondling her body. It all started very “tame-like”.

    Arms were caressed first, then progressing to bare legs and finally the “goodies” under her robe. She continued being “tense” but allowed us to “explore” her tits willingly. Greg attempted a few times to get access between her legs but she kept him limited by remaining closed legged. Both he and I still enjoyed touching her soft pussy hair and although our cocks were upright and wanting her to return the “action”, she remained the unresponsive partner in our fun.

    Some time passed and I sensed she was now more “at-ease”. “Want to lie down on the bed”? I asked which she nodded in agreement. She got up, re-closing her robe and led the way with two aroused men following behind. Robes seemed to fall to the floor simultaneously as each of us climbed into bed with the wife in the middle. Greg and I continued exploring the wife who now opened her legs and allowed more access to her pussy. I backed away a bit to watch as Greg sucked my wife’s breasts and touched her cunt both inside and out.

    After I was sure she was now relaxed and building some lust, I leaned next to her ear and said “ready”? Again she nodded and opened her legs so Greg could position himself on top her. I reached between them and guided Greg’s dick into my wife. There is a certain “symbolism” by doing this and it also granted me a “touch” sense of him entering her (I spread her lips and felt his cock slide past my fingers as it sank). I repositioned my fingers to her clit and “worked” there while my wife and Greg began to fuck. Both I and the wife were a little disappointed that Greg had about half my dick size (she confirmed later), she had no trouble building an orgasm and cumming on his rod.

    Her clit became rock hard and she gasped a bit as her pussy orgasmed all over Greg’s cock. I’ve learned that my wife is a “cum once” woman and immediately withdrew my hand as to not hypersensitive her clit. Greg humped faster; knowing my wife had already came and now wanted to do the same. He drove himself into her and lightly groaned as he spurted his juices into my wife. Slowing to a stop, He remained inside her for a bit while his cock relished her pussy, leaving the last pulse of pleasure (and fluid) into my wife.

    He rolled from on top her which was my que to have my turn. I quickly took his place and drove my anxious dick into her squishy-wet snatch. Fucking a pussy fresh from another man is the best….BAR NONE! I might have stroked her just a few times but feeling her young pussy as a “sloppy seconds” caused me to cum like a maniac. For the second time hot cum was gushed inside her, double filling her pussy to capacity. I also hesitated just a while as the last drips of cum (and pleasure) left me. I pulled my soaking wet semi-hard dick from her and lay back on the bed, spent and satisfied.

    The wife made her way into the bathroom to take care of her “devastated” cunt while Greg and I recounted the evening. Greg left soon after and although we would have liked to have had him “visit” again, he made no effort to contact us. This is a dilemma we would experience again and leave us perplexed. I’ll never understand guys who don’t appreciate and take advantage of an invitation to fuck another man’s wife (more than once). We have always wanted a male friend to be a permanent “fuck buddy” but it never happened.

    A year later we relocated to Georgia and after settling in, noticed our real estate agent flirting at every opportunity with the wife. Because he was in his 50’s, the wife disliked the idea of doing anything with him. I gradually found out he joined couples for threesomes and he bragged about his extra large cock. Having never taken an oversized dick, the wife agreed to try it. After a few visits at his place, we invited him to meet us at a local motel (for discreetness).

    The first attempt was not very successful but was a learning experience none the less. Again, the wife ended up naked between two men and after suggestions from me, fondled our cocks while we “felt” her up. This to me was an accomplishment on her part and I enjoyed knowing her hands held 2 cocks at once. Eventually he got on top of her and fucked her pussy with his “above average” cock.

    It was not the “monster” he made it out to be but stretched her apart into new places anyway. The fuck ended when he tried to slam her pussy doggy-style, ramming her end wall. Now having a hurt puss, my wife convinced us to try again another time. After he left I did however; suck the still fresh fuck sweat from around her hole until she came (the smell of a hot pussy right after a dick drilled it is incredible) and then filled her up with my own cum (his roughness cut short the chance for him to cum).

    Try number 2 came weeks later but again had some disappointments. I give hints and clues to the “bull” so he understands what works and what does not. He ignored this advice and once my wife was naked in his bed, buried his face into her pussy, making her cum quickly (normally this is the end of sex for the night with my wife). Since her clit is super sensitive after cumming, he only aggravated her crotch by continuing to eat her cunt. After she told him this, he repositioned himself and sank his thick dick into her.

    From the edge of the bed, I was enjoying the show of seeing my wife’s pussy sphincter tight around him but at this point; she’s just wanting him to “get his”. Seeing your young wife with an older man is an experience in itself. Watching him stroke deep inside a pussy that belongs to the husband, opening it in new ways and enjoying her body is a memory I still jack off to.

    He drilled her for what must have been over fifteen minutes and finally growled as he deeply packed her vagina with his jism. I asked him not to pull out until he went soft. I wanted all his cum inside my wife. Eventually, he pulled away and for the 2nd time in our marriage, I mounted my wife after another man had her. His dick had stretched and cream filled her, causing my dick to feel “loose” inside her hot-sloppy wet cooch. I came uncontrollably within a few strokes, dumping loads of white fluid inside her to mix with the other. Pulling away, my cock was “pudding” covered and her pussy looked a mess. I loved it.

    Now my wife was truly exploring sexuality in new areas. Our realtor had a younger friend whom we had seen around town and the wife wanted to bed him. Although he was married, this only added to the excitement. For my wife to express interest in sex in someone else (without my coaching) was a turn on. I wasted no time arranging a meeting but the wife set “conditions” for it.

    This would be a “private” encounter and the TV would be played loudly so to keep whatever happens “discreet”. We all met at our realtor’s house and the wife sat down next to the guy she had been craving and we all began downing beers. It was suggested by our host (realtor) that my wife and new friend go into the bedroom. Looking at the handsome guy my wife asked him “what do you think”? My cock ached in my pants at this!!!

    For her to take the lead and invite him herself (without looking to me for approval) was exciting. They both got up and started the short walk with him in the lead into the bedroom, my wife closing the door behind them. As agreed, the TV was turned up while I and our host busied ourselves with internet porn. It was hard not to think about the next room. My mind raced constantly and I wished I had X-ray vision. She appeared once to get new beers for her and “friend”. I looked her over for signs of “fucking” (none found, clothes and hair all in place) and asked “how’s it going”? “Good” and with a smile, turned to walk back into the bedroom. “Damned TV” I thought as I couldn’t even hear the door close.

    Other than hearing a loud “thump” against the wall once shortly after, the next hour was uneventful. My heart still races thinking about it, wondering what’s happening a few feet away on the other side of a wall. Our host tired of the wait and at the end of about an hour and twenty minutes, reset the TV to a normal volume, planted himself into his recliner and channel surfed. I sat uneasy on the couch. Anxious would be a poor word to describe me, I was way beyond that. I thought I heard muffled conversation from the bedroom and possibly the rustle of clothes (and perhaps the clank of a belt buckle). The door opened and the new “friend” was the first to exit. His hair was out of place and shirt tucked hap hazardly into his pants. My wife looked similar, hair not as well placed with a look of tiredness (almost exhaustion).

    Eager to get going back home, I briefly said good-by’s to the two men who had known my wife as I did (not sure if the new friend fucked my wife with 100% assurance at this point but guessed so) and hurried my spouse into the car. The drive home was quiet, neither of us speaking. I was about to burst wanting to know the story. Getting home I told my wife I was unsure if she and the handsome guy had sex. With a tired tone she replied “well, we did”. She went on to tell me the “thump” against the wall was her head hitting the wall while riding “cowgirl”. I sat as if listening to the greatest story ever as she described how he had relentlessly pounded her pussy “hard and fast” for an hour! She admitted the loud TV was beneficial cause’ she moaned loudly as he drilled her.

    I cursed that damned TV to myself and her insistence on having it on cause’ hearing her cry out like that would have remained with me forever! This experience was into new territory because she had been with another man without me being present. The “secrecy” of it was just as appealing. The rest of the evening was a disappointment for me. He had used a condom so no sloppy 2nds for me and because of her exhaustion, I was not permitted to lick (or smell) her love hole. Instead, I jacked off several times that night. Like a spoiled kid, I spent the night unhappy that I didn’t even get to fuck her after she had just been ploughed.

    Poor me.

    Fast forward another year and a move to Texas. Now my wife was enlisted in the Army and met a German soldier training at her duty station. I encouraged her to continue their friendship. The day finally came that he visited us one evening. My wife had “mentioned” to him previously that we were sort of “swingers” so he was aware that fucking my wife was possible. I love evenings, they set the mood for sex and I already knew how to “create” an environment to encourage it. My German is terrible so it added to my anticipation to hear them converse. When the time was right, I asked if they would watch TV in the bedroom cause’ I was “tired” and needed the couch (he he).

    My wife “flustered” a bit at this but they relocated (there were no chairs, only the bed to rest on) and this was just what I wanted. Turning off the lights hid me from their view but allowed be a “foot of the bed” view into the bedroom. I immediately wanted to masturbate but waited in case they walked back into the living room. I had to be sure “it” was going to happen first. Maybe an hour later the wife walked back into the living room. “Were going to watch a movie” she told me while picking out a DVD. This was a good sign since it was after 8pm and he would be committed to stay a bit longer in the bedroom with my wife.

    “Turn off the bedroom light please, it bothers me (he he)” I asked her before she left, earning me a “disgusted” look from her. As I asked, the light was off and she explained the reason in German (I suppose) and climbed into bed. The TV in the bedroom also aided me to see what was happening and further hid me. Now I began to feel myself through my jogging pants (a good choice for feeling yourself up versus Levis) just knowing my wife was in bed with someone else. In hindsight, having the door closed would have been just as exciting but that may have been pushing it. Halfway through the movie, I was wet with pre-cum and began to lose hope the event would even happen when I saw him reach over and rub my wife’s arm with the back of his hand. IT’S ON!!!

    This “petting” happened for a while with my wife later placing her arm closer to give him a better reach. My jogging pants were down below my balls as I stroked my cock slowly, waiting for the next progression. Rolling on his side, he now ignored the movie and rubbed along my wife’s arm, shoulder and stomach. Leaning into her, they started to kiss.

    I never seen her kiss someone else and I ached wanting to cum. Kissing continued with his hand under her shirt now, feeling and groping her tits. Clothes interfered with them now and my wife removed her shirt and bra first, causing him to down dress also. Once down to underwear, he slipped his hand into her panties with her spreading wide to give him total access. At times, I had to release my dick to keep hot spurts of cum from blowing out.

    Underwear came off soon after and the passionate kissing intensified. Breaking away, he fumbled for a condom and put it on almost nervously. My wife mounted him and sank his dick into her pussy. In a slow tempo, she raised and lowered herself on his cock but the fun was not to last. He was over-excited and came quickly. Some words were exchanged (embarrassed apologies and “don’t worry about it” I suppose) and they began to re-dress. Now I have a problem. I’m fully erect and have no place to hide because they will soon be out.

    Pulling up my clothing and “pillowing” my crotch, I braced for being “caught” “keyholing” the whole event. As soon as the living room lights were on “I knew you weren’t asleep” my wife said in an almost angry tone. Her German friend briefly spoke with her and hastily headed for the door (his pride a little lesser I suppose) and left. I promptly re-directed my wife back into the bedroom where I finished what he started. At this point, we both needed to achieve orgasm. I later encouraged her to give him another chance which she agreed.

    Another weekend approached and my wife asked if she could meet her German friend at his place. “Hell yes” I responded “as long as he picks you up since it’s a big city and I don’t want you to get lost”. With that, all we needed was the coming Friday night. Arrangements were made that she would meet him on post and he would drive her to his place. Friday arrived, after duty, she changed into “civies”, kissed me bye and headed out. I was again aroused to no end.

    Hours passed. I must have picked up my cell phone wanting to message her. A husband is always worried about his wife’s safety and eager to know what’s happening. I resisted the urge and put down the phone (many times), and pretended to have patients. Every time a set of headlights lit up the street I was alert and looking, anxious to see my wife. Around 10:30pm, she finally pulled into the driveway. I was like a puppy happy to see his owner. She came in; carrying a small grocery bag, looking as before (I always assume people that fuck look like they have, whatever that is). “Well, do you have cum in your pussy” I asked. “Yes I do” she said in an almost boast.”You went into a store with a wet puss” I asked in amazement (she always said a creampie made her feel “dirty” and had to be cleaned).

    For her to walk around with another man’s cum in her was just an extra “slice of birthday cake”. I wasted no time walking her into the bedroom, laying her on her back and removed her pants and underwear. I expected to see evidence in her panties but found them dry (I didn’t smell them. I should have). Instead, she had a thick liquid that separated her pussy lips and ran the entire length of her crack. I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to smell her fucked pussy and recall asking for permission (denied! I suppose she thinks that’s too much).

    I would never give oral to another guy but for some reason a creampie seems acceptable. Instead I quickly drove my dick inside her and rubbed her clit. We both came soon (she hadn’t came yet) and because my load is much more “fluid”, now she had no choice but to “cleanup”. Having your wife meet another man for sex and waiting for her to return cannot be described accurately; you have to go through it. I also learned that cum is in many forms. Some guys have thick “almost paste like” jism, others have clear to white “KY” like sperm (like me). For sloppy 2nds, the latter is much better. I expected to slip and slide inside her but what he left was just not as enjoyable. Knowing his sperm was swimming inside her was pleasurable anyway.

    We met with him several more times and tried different versions of threesomes. I had trouble taking turns with her for some reason. I did eventually do this but at first I lost my hard on and had to watch awhile before getting it back. Perhaps it’s psychological. Up till then, I had been a “watcher”, a “go last” guy but I wanted to “tag team” my wife and help the “bull” take care of her love hole. I was able to overcome this but it took a few attempts. A good thing never lasts and after a disagreement concerning anal sex, he lost interest (that’s something I rarely have gotten from the wife myself).I know this seems like a book but hang on for one more.

    Not satisfied with the experiences with the last “bull”, the wife found herself on the internet, searching for a replacement. For her to be the one looking for a bull, always puts “steel” in my pants. The act excites me for some reason. Maybe it’s her interest to get fucked by someone else besides me. Military posts are great cause’ there’s no shortage of dick to be found. Enter Adam, a tall, good looking guy who also is in search of a “fuck buddy”. She had found him while net-surfing and liked what she saw. Communication was made and over the next few days it progressed to cell phone conversations. When he would call, she hurriedly went outside to take the call, making me curious about what was being said. I offered to rent a “nice” room for a meeting and she relayed this to Adam. Nice rooms come at a cost but this final adventure was worth it. A date and time was set and I couldn’t wait.

    The room was bi-level with a bed upstairs and down. All furnishings and layout was quality and I hoped his performance would be just as satisfying. We had arrived early and relaxed, wondering if he would even show up. The clock ticked closer and I found myself wondering from room to room thinking about what would happen. I took this time to confirm what my wife expected. Where do you want to fuck, should I wait outside, can I listen in, I asked her in an annoying manner I’m sure. Basically she had no preference about anything but having said previously that “private” fucking is more fun, I told her I would be on the couch during the “fun”.

    A “knock” finally came to the door and my wife answered it. Adam was impressive even to me. Young, tall and a handshake meant for a cowboy made me almost feel sorry for what he would do to her crotch. After greetings were exchanged, I suggested my wife give our good looking friend a tour. I placed myself in the recliner (giving them sitting space on the couch for later) as my wife led the stud from room to room. I remember that their first stop in the first bathroom lasted a while (she told me later he placed a firm, passionate kiss on her lips right away. Damn, you go boy!) Returning from the “field trip”, they sat fairly close to each other on the couch, his arm on the couch back and hand on the back of her neck, messaging it all the while. I tried to make small talk but felt nervous so I pretended to watch TV and ignore them.

    No matter how many times I experience this, it makes me feel like a virgin on prom night. In the past, I had coaxed or suggested things to get things going but chose to let nature take its course this time. I felt my “being there” had things stalled so I excused myself upstairs and laid on the bed, wondering what I would hear next. The rented room had a great layout for “spying” on the floor below. The upper bedroom was more like a balcony overlooking the living room below. I planned to peek over from time to time but waited quietly until they were busy enough to not notice my big head (not my dick) looking down at them. Some words were spoken with a reply “you can put them over there”, followed by steps and the chime of keys on the kitchen table. Figuring he had just put something on the table and re-sat on the couch, I continued eavesdropping, waiting for something more interesting to feed my curiosity. After sometime, I sat up from the bed and looked over the half wall to see they were gone. “Shit, I’m missing it!” I thought as I crept downstairs to occupy the best seat, the couch.

    I was careful to be quiet and not disturb them. This was important for me cause’ I wanted them to have a good time without my wife’s pervert husband fumbling it up. At the end of the stairs is the bedroom doorway at the immediate right. In order to get to the couch, I had to cross (the still open) door way and did so as quickly as possible. I caught a glimpse of my naked wife sitting on the edge of the bed facing not directly at me, with him pulling down his underwear, closely in front of her. I was unsure if I was unseen and hoped I wasn’t. I quickly grabbed the TV remove and gradually turned the volume to zero (another place I wanted to not be noticed). I could hear hard kissing and labored breathing (this guy worked fast). My wife began to lightly moan in rhythm, hinting to me he was probably inside her now and the fucking was taking place. Occasionally, I could also hear Adam “umph” and breathe heavy as he went to work on my wife’s pussy.

    My jeans were at knee level as I jacked myself in unison to the sounds from the next room. I felt happy for my wife. Adam seemed to be the best so far and was fucking her like she deserved. I heard my wife grow louder and faster with her whelps and grunts with Adam doing the same in his own way. The bed noise picked up in volume and speed. He was fucking the shit out of my wife and I couldn’t have been happier about it. My wife let out a sharp high pitched squeal, a pause, followed by a relaxed gasp. She had come. For the second time in our marriage, she came on another man’s dick. This time without any help from me, Adam was a true stud. When she came it was like I had done it myself. I envisioned how tight she was now. Clamped down on his dick while he thrusted it in and out of her.

    I held on tightly to my dick. So much so that my cock turned bluish from the pressure I had ceased masturbating, just content to listen to what would come next. Having brought my wife to orgasm, Adam was driving himself into her ever faster and harder, drawing pleasure from my wife’s pussy, building his cum to explosion. He pounded her so much that I could visualize his balls bouncing against my wife’s asshole. Each thrust in her was verified by a quick grunt as his pelvis met hers, driving his cock as deep as possible. “UUUuuuuuugnh…..OHHhh” I heard as he surely had began shooting hot, pressured streams of cum inside my woman. He continued humping my wife in a gradual decreased force and tempo until there was quiet. I think there was perhaps a kiss between them and he rolled off of her, both of them exhaling deep to catch their breath.

    Some talk between them and a laugh followed, telling me it was done. I had previously told my wife to fuck again if he’s willing and I waited patiently, hoping this would just be the beginning but hearing Adam search for his clothes squelched that hope. After redressing myself, I walked in to see my wife still naked on the bed with Adam sitting on the edge, putting on his shoes. “Have a good cum” I said walking toward my wife. “Yeah, did you” followed by laughter from the both of them. I smiled (artificially) and gave a long “No” reply while their laughter continued. This laugh from them belittled me for some reason.

    I felt the butt of their enjoyment at my expense and was a little hurt by it. For the first time I felt like a “cuck”, and I was put off by it. I realized something at that moment. Cuckolds are sometimes treated with a bit of cruelty by hotwives and bulls. This is fine for the willing participant but I didn’t like it. I had been generous to allow my wife and this guy to fuck and in return, was made the joker. A keyhole husband voyeurs the action and joins in the fun (if he wants). The husband should be revered and treated with respect (unless you like to be humiliated and punished). I promised myself to not allow my wife (or whoever she’s with) to use me for a cheap laugh again. It was a blemish on an otherwise perfect evening. I put aside my feelings (but not forgotten) and was able to get some close-up photos of my wife’s crotch.

    His cum had oozed out of her cunt and down her asshole, pooling a small puddle on the bed. Without even wiping her puss, she dressed and we all returned to the living room for a “relax” from the action. Adam stayed for a while and channel surfed while my wife curled up on the couch. I was still stewed at the both of them and now wanted him to leave. When he finally got up to leave, I was almost as happy as when he arrived. My wife gave him a long kiss goodbye and closed the door behind him. She sat back down and began playing a “gameboy”. I looked at her with wonder, thinking about her still wet pussy under her jeans and panties, swimming with his semen. I gave her an hour as a break and then asked for “my turn”. I undressed quickly; lying on the middle of the bed (she understands this signals “her on top”) and waited for her to undress (again).

    My wife has an awesome foreplay technique where she gets on top and plants her pussy on my dick, causing the cock to lay between her lips and then “slides” back in forth (think “hotdog in the bun”). I have came many times like this but a slippery pussy full of cum intensifies the effect 1,000 times. Adam had also left her pussy somewhat open and after some juicy “slide” action, my cock found the hole without any effort. If I could name the best fuck I ever had with my wife,that was it. Her snatch felt almost electric and my dick had no choice but to fill her pussy to overflowing. It was the hardest, best orgasm I ever had in my life. I asked her not to “clean up” and fucked her again (twice) before she showered the next morning. Some weeks later I had attempted to contact Adam for another meeting but he didn’t respond (just as well).

    We have since had a baby (a present from Adam?) and my wife has sworn off the “lifestyle”. “Not a thing a good mother does” she explains. Our sex has also taken a change (about twice a month, when “she” wants it). I now have permission to find a “fuck buddy” (to offset her interest in sex) but trying to be the “bull” is a challenge. Being married is hard to sell also. Strange pussy sounds interesting but I would trade all of it to see my wife in action. My wife is still my favorite porn star.

    This is probably the end of my wife-sharing experiences. I only have fading memories to jack off too now (and a few close-up picks). The positives outweigh the negatives overall (except not filming any of it) and it was a lot of lusty fun while it lasted. I had previously submitted pics to this site if you want to research under “wife Sandy”.

    So if your wife is just as enthused as you are about sex (and adventurous), tell her how much you appreciate it and that it makes you happy that she shares her experiences with you. An open minded woman, who is willing to keep her man ROCK HARD, is worth her weight in gold (or cum)!

    Tom, Northern Kentucky - hardtimes2 @


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