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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, December 28, 2007


    Hot Wife Jen - Cuckolding Hubby


    One weekend without planning it all happened and it was great. My husband had his college friend Pete coming to stay with us for a weekend visit. My husband and Pete had gone to college together and I was always kind of hot for his friend. My husband knew this and mentioned that this would be an opportunity to have a threesome and
    finally fill my desire to have sex with Pete.

    Friday night his friend arrived and we made dinner and watched a football game. I sat on the couch between them and started thinking if I would go for it or not. When the game was over my husband put in a porno that featured two guys with one girl. Both of them started to
    tease me and joke about acting out what was going on in the video. What the guys did not know was that the video was getting me turned on. The more I watched the more I wanted both of them. After about 30 minutes I decided to get things going.

    I got up from the couch and waked into our bed room and started to undress with the door open. The way our house is you can see into our bedroom from the couch so both of them could see me undress. I put on a pink sheer teddy and stood in the doorway. My husband smiled at me and then looked at his friend. Looks like the wife needs a real good fucking and I think she wants you to help buddy, he said getting up from the couch.

    I walked from the bedroom and I dropped to my knees and undid Pete's jeans. Our friend stood in the looking shocked as I started sucking his nice cock and licking his balls. Dam baby it looks like the porno turned you on; he said watching me work on Pete as he took some pictures.

    She is great at sucking cock, Pete said. Erick said I want to see you eat her pussy. I got up on a big yellow chair and spread my legs wide apart. Pete stripped off his cloths and started playing with my pussy. I was so wet you could hear my juice as Pete started to finger me. Dam she is so hot I can hear her wet pussy over here, Pete said. Spreading my lips apart with his fingers Pete started darting his tong on my clit. Pete's hands squeezed my breast and pinched my nipples. I got so excited when Pete said, fuck you got some big ole nips on you baby. Fuck her with a few fingers Erick instructed. OOOHHHH I moaned as Pete complied with the request. The situation was so hot. Our friend was not only eating my pussy but was getting instructions! Pete started sucking on my clit and fucking me with two fingers. This sent me over the edge and my body shook with a powerful climax.


    I really wanted more of Pete's lovely cock so I got up from the chair had Pete sit down and dropped to my knees. His cock was fully hard and I quickly grabbed it and started licking every inch.

    Oh yes you were right she is a great cock sucker he said to my husband. After working my tongue down the shaft and back again several times I sucked him into my mouth. Jacking him off as tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible. His cock was much longer than my husbands but not as thick. My husband is a thick 5 inches where his friend is thin and eight inches.

    Looking down at me my husband said, suck his balls baby. Opening my mouth wide I sucked his entire sack into my mouth and gently sucked while jacking him off. Oh shit that feels good, our friend said. She is in her slut mode and I need your help to give her a good fucking, my husband said.

    At this point I wanted to get fucked by both of them all night. I stopped my sucking and had both of them get on the couch.

    The three of us moved to the couch and Pete was on his back with his long thin cock pointing up like a flag pole. I had wanted to fuck him for so long and at last it was about to happen. I moved on top of him sitting on his lap. I could feel his hard cock against my ass as my hands rubbed his smooth solid chest. He reached up and started playing with my tits. You have real nice titties he said.

    My pussy was so wet that I was able to get his cock in me with no effort. OOOHHH I moaned as I slowly pressed back getting him in me. Sitting next to us on the couch was my husband. You like his cock in
    you baby, he asked and I softly moaned while getting more inches in me. Oh yes it feels so good, I said. Tell me what you like about his cock, he asked. It's so long, I said as I felt it reach my cervix. I can feel her cervix Pete said as I was inching more of him in me.

    I had never had a cock go so deep in me before. Pete moved his hands to my ass and grabbed both cheeks giving them a shake. She likes getting spanked, my husband said. Looking in my eye Pete said you want
    me to give you a good spanking baby. Yes I whispered. His hands grabbed each cheek real hard and then let go. SMACK SMACK! He quickly slapped one cheek and then the other. AAAHHH I moaned as the swats
    made me wiggle and move his cock around in me. Grabbing each cheek in a hand he started moving me up and down on his cock slowly. Giving my ass a smack after every few thrust. OH GOD I moaned as his long cock
    slowly pumped in and out of me.

    You ready to cum baby, Pete asked. God was I. He told me to go sit a nearby office chair. He came over and before I could react he spread his legs out making mine spread further and then thrust his hips in me. His cock went in deeper and I felt his balls press against my pussy lips.

    AAAHHH I moaned as his cock was now pressed all the way in me. Never before had my pussy been entered so deep. What happened next was amazing. Pressing his hips upward he picked me up and lifted me in the
    air and pressed his cock in me up to his balls. The he slammed me back on the chair and quickly lowered his hips pulling several inches of his cock out. He would crash down slamming all his cock back into me. He then repeated this very fast several times. God he was so strong. I have never screamed with pleasure so loud during sex before. My tits were flopping around and my ass was warm with the spanking. It was like being fucked on a pogo stick. Bouncing up and down on his cock had me on the edge of climax in seconds. Then he stopped and spanked my ass real hard as he held me in the air. You like my cock fucking you hard don't you baby, he said giving my ass some good swats. Breathing heavy I gasp agreement. You want some more don't you, he asked. Yes please fuck me baby don't stop, I said. Don't ask me ask your husband for permission. What a turn on to ask my husband for permission to get fucked by his friend. Turning to my husband I asked.
    Please can I get fuck hard by his cock I begged, I want to get fucked by him so baby I begged. Promise to be a good little slut and you can, he said. I promise to be a good slut, I said.

    With that he lifted me up again on his cock and held me in the air for a second or two and then resumed the hard fucking. I moaned out loud as he bounced me on his cock. The room was filled with the sound of me
    screaming in pleasure and the thumping of his balls smacking against my pussy. YEA YEA AAAAHHH I screamed as I started cuming. I made so much noise that I am sure people down the street could hear me. Pete lifted his hips upward keeping his cock all the way in and he wiggled from side to side. This pressed my clit against his body while I was cuming and made me cum again. I have never ever had this happened
    before! It was my first ever double. My body was shaking out of control as I reached a new level of pleasure. Dropping forward onto Pete I felt spent.


    I rolled off and back into the middle of the couch. My husband brought me a glass of ice water as I rested trying to catch my breath. Pete moved his cock to my face and I started licking. She is tasting herself, he said as I tasted my cum. My husband watched while playing
    with my breast. Your husband is going to fuck you from behind while you suck my cock, Pete said.

    We moved into position with Pete standing next to the bed and my husband behind me. As I worked Pete's cocks with my mouth my husband started pumping me slowly and giving my ass soft swats. I don't know
    what I like better her pussy or her mouth, Pete said.

    After licking and sucking his cock clean Pete told me to switch. I turned around with my ass now toward Pete and my husband was laying on the bed with his legs spread. I started sucking and arched my ass in the air. Pete started slowly pumping all the way in and then almost all the way out. He caressed my ass with his hands and gave me a swat from time to time. I sucked hard on my husbands cock and wanted to make one of them cum. Dam her pussy feels great Pete said. I was being a slut and loved every single second. What a sexy ass you have, he said pumping me. The way it shakes when I thrust in you is hot baby. He spanked my ass a few more time and then pulled out saying he did not want to cum just yet.

    Pete had me get on my back. Standing over me his cock was above my face. My husband spread my legs wide and started fucking me. Opening my mouth wide I sucked on his balls as he started jacking off. You going to cum on her tits, my husband asked as he started fucking me faster. Yea, I am going to shoot on her tits and face, he said. I grabbed my breast and pushed them together and shook them. At the same time I moved my mouth from his balls to the spot between his balls and asshole. Oh shit that's hot he said as I felt the first several drops of hot cum hit my tits. My husband started driving in me fast and hard almost knocking me off the bed. Pete stepped back and shot the remaining load on my face. At that moment my husband pulled out and shot his load on my belly. Both of them groaned and slapped there cock on me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of Pete's cock in my mouth and swallowed a few drops.

    The three of us took a shower together and both of them washed me clean of cum. It was the most erotic and wild sexual experience I had ever had.


    On Sunday it was an hour before we had to take Pete to the airport. I asked the guys you guys up for a quickie? Get your ass over the chair the guys said and I did quickly. I dropped my shorts and panties and arched my ass in the air. Both of them did the same and stood behind me. Pete entered me first and started pumping me slowly. Dam you have a sexy ass, he said. That is when my husband whispered something to him and I tried to hear but could not tell what he was saying.


    AAAAHHH I moaned as Pete started fucking me fast with his entire cock. He balls making that slapping sound with every thrust. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard and my husband replaced him and started
    fucking me the same way. OOOOHHHH I screamed as my husband opened my pussy wide. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard. Pete replaced him quickly and continued the wild fast fucking.

    Each of them were coming within a few pumps of making me cum before pulling out. This went on and on and I was going crazy hanging on the edge of letting loose. Then Pete thrust all the way in and grunted loud. His hot cum shot deep in me as I started to cum as well. When finished he gave my ass a few more slaps and pulled out. My husband replaced him and shot his load in a few seconds. For the first time I had two guys cum in me
    within seconds.

    After catching my breath we got dressed and my slut weekend ended as we drove Pete to the airport. I was wet with their cum the rest of the day.

    Please say hi and let me know if I was too much of a slut? I couldn't think of anything else the rest of the week teaching class.

    email dvoraknc @


    Thursday, December 20, 2007


    My Wife Mary

    An old movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorial ones we have shared. While we started off with Wife Swapping over 5 years ago it soon became clear to me what an erotic turn on it was to have other men fuck my wife, even if I wasn't there to watch/share. I have had more than my share of other women but nothing to compare to the number of different cocks that have enjoyed my wife's cunt and mouth. I have posted this adventure on a couple of sites and so some of you might have read it but I don't think it's been on any cuckold specific sites.

    Several years back we made a trip down to the coast for a few days of sun and surf. It was about a five-hour drive but we got there a little after noon and spent the better part of the afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sights and warm feeling that the surf can give you. After washing off the sand and getting dressed we went out to dinner and then ended up in the hotel lounge for a few drinks. Mary was in a low-necked blouse with a full, but short skirt. It was pretty plain that she didn't have a bra on but it wasn't until we were on the dance floor that I became aware that she also didn't have on any panties. I was sure that when we danced the fast songs and she spun around that her dress flew up high enough for others to notice that she was naked under the skirt, especially since she has such a nice cunt. Just thinking of this turned me on as I also enjoy showing off her beautiful body.

    Around midnight I started to get pretty tired from the long drive, along with the sun and dancing so I was ready to head for bed. Mary on the other hand was wide-awake and wanted to stay longer. I said that she could stay if she liked and gave her the extra key and told her she could wake me when she came in. She smiled and said that you can never tell, she just might get picked up and have a pussy full of cum for me to enjoy when she got up to the room. I could see that she was horny so I just smiled and told her to have fun but to not forget to wake me when she came in - regardless of what shape her pussy was in. I then went up to our room, mixed a drink and undressed for bed. I had just dozed off when the telephone rang. It was Mary - seems that she had met this fellow in the lounge who wanted her to come up to his room for a "drink". Turns out that his room was not only on the same floor as ours but was only two doors down from us. She asked if it was all right and when I said sure, she came back with - "You know that I will probably get more than just a drink if I go to his room!". I just laughed and told her to have fun but not to forget me after she had taken care of him as I already had a hard cock just thinking about her fucking a new guy and I was looking forward to a juicy pussy. She also laughed and said, not to worry, I will bring you home a warm "cum-cocktail" that you can suck from my pussy while I'm telling you about the fucking that I just had! With that we hung up and I again dozed off.

    I awoke a few hours later when Mary came in the door. She pulled her blouse and skirt off and came over to the bed. I reached out for her and asked if she had brought me my "cum-cocktail". She said that yes, you could say that, but first I want you to kiss your cock sucking wife. My Dick was already hard but it became harder as she placed her warm lips on mine and worked her tongue around in my mouth. It was a long, wet kiss and when we finally broke for air she had a wide grin on her face. She then told me that she had sucked him off right before she left and while she did swallow most of the cum she did manage to hold some of it in her mouth so that I could get a taste when we kissed. She then asked what I thought about my cock sucking wife now? I grabbed her again and ran my tongue around her lips and into her mouth to feel and taste what her luscious lips had drawn from his cock. I was also running my hands over her body and as I got to her thighs I could feel the cum on her legs where it had ran out of her pussy.

    This was almost too much as it is always an extra thrill when she gets fucked by a guy who was a heavy cummer, and from what was running down her legs it was plain that this guy must have really shot a lot up her pussy. I ran a couple of fingers up her pussy feeling all the warm cum still in there and made a comment about this fellow giving her such a large load as her pussy was really sloppy. She then pushed me back on the bed, moved one leg over me; moved up and lowered her hot pussy to my mouth and told me to drink my cum-cocktail from her “sloppy” cunt and she would tell me all about how the cum got up there. Her pussy was so hot and slick, just covered with cum, inside and out. I got my lips and tongue working licked all around her hot hole. The cum was slick and covered the side of her cunt. I enjoyed the taste of her pussy juice mixed with the hat cum the continued to almost flow from her pussy which was very open from the fucking that the had experienced. I sucked all I could out of her as she moved around into a 69 position. I couldn't get enough of her hot pussy and she must have made it at least twice before she took my cum in her mouth.

    We then lay beside each other in order to catch our breath. She then asked me how I liked my cum-cocktail? When I said it was great, a real tasty treat with lots of cum mixed with her cunt juice. She then said that it should have been a double treat as her pussy had pulled the cum from two different cocks, so what I had tasted was the combined mixture of their cum. I licked my lips and said that it would be hard to grade the taste except to say that it was great and I really loved the volume!

    Mary then told me that after she had talked to me she went to this guy’s room and it wasn't long before he was taking her clothes off - with her help of course. As he got her spread out on the bed he went down on her and told her how sweet her pussy tasted. It didn't take him long to make her cum with his tongue and she then sucked on his cock for a few minutes, but he was in a hurry to get his cock in her pussy so he moved on top and slid it in. She said that he had a nice size cock and lasted quite awhile before she shot a big load deep in her pussy while pulling her close in order to get his cock as deep in her as possible. They were relaxing with a drink, still undressed, when his roommate (who was supposed to be staying with another girl) came in the room. Mary was a little embarrassed at first but then thought, what the heck he has seen my body now so why try to hide it. The other fellow was also embarrassed that he had walked in on them but Mary told him not to worry about it, as he really didn't interrupt anything as they had just finished, so he might just as well stay. She had also noticed that the second guy was pretty good looking and thought that she might just stay a little longer and tease him. The three of them had a drink and Mary finally convinced Ron (the second guy) to take off his clothes since she and Bill were already naked. When Ron did drop his shorts she saw that his dick was hard, about the same size as Bill's, but it also had what she called a "cute curve"! While still feeling Bill's cum in her pussy she had decided that she wanted to add some of Ron's also, so she started to plan on how to get Ron alone for a few minutes.

    She got up to make them fresh drinks and made sure that they were out of ice so that she could ask Bill to get dressed and go get some while Ron "kept her company". Bill had no more than closed the door before she was sitting at Ron's feet- "so she could hear better". As she leaned sideways Ron's cock, which was stone hard by this time, brushed against her cheek, so all she had to do was move her head a little and she had his dick right in line with her mouth. She then stuck her tongue out and licked around the head while he moaned and groaned. By the time Bill got back they were on the bed with Ron's cock buried deep in her sloppy pussy, with her legs up around his back. Bill got undressed fast and sat on the bed watching, grabbing a feel of her ass at times, and saying how sexy she looked fucking another guy. When Mary looked over and saw that Bill's cock was again stiff she managed to get Ron to slow down and turn her over so as to screw her dog fashion. In that way she could get her lips around Bill's cock while Ron was fucking her. It took a couple of minutes for them to get a rhythm but she soon had Bill shoving his cock down her throat and Ron shoving his "curved" cock in and out of her cum soaked pussy. Ron came first, and while he was spurting his cum deep into her pussy he was also shoving her forward, which buried Bill's cock down her throat. She had just managed to back off a bit when Bill's cock started shooting streams of cum into the back of her mouth.

    As soon as they got untangled and relaxed a minute she "noticed the time" and told them she had to run or her husband would worry. So she ran the "two doors down", unlocked our door and gave me the taste of very fresh - if mixed - cum-cocktail. Needless to say, we did have a long night and I have thought of that night many times over the years. I often wonder how those two fellows felt. There aren't many guys that can get that lucky at a hotel. Mary did point them out to me the next morning at breakfast, though she didn't introduce me. I thought it would be wild for her to introduce me and say that these were the fellows that took such good care of me last night!! Bet they wouldn't know what to have thought, but for me it would have been more of a thrill, standing there with my arm around my cock sucking wife talking to the two fellows she had screwed the night before. Not that time, but we have been there - done that. Also, here are my favorite set of pictures of her in action. It is of me and a good friend of ours who Mary thought would never be interested since he never flirted with her. I blindfolded her one evening and told her I would be having sex with her myself. You should have seen her face when she felt that second cock! Would love to hear stories on here from other husbands that get a thrill from their wife screwing other guys. - Michael


    Monday, December 17, 2007


    My Wife Cheating ...

    wife sucking cock
    When I first found out my fiance was cheating on me I did not know how to handle of course I got drunk. A lot. Took off and went hunting. Got drunk. Finally went to a bar, got drunk and started talking to a couple, who where also drunk. As I told my story I realized what had happened wasn't as bad as I thought and with the help of my new friends, realized that I could deal with it. This is how it all began.

    My fiance, Kathy and I had a long distance relationship. I met her in my home town through friends, but after 9 months of dating (after she graduated) moved out of state to live with her folks. For the next few years we talked a lot on the phone and got to know each other well. She soon found friends through work and started going out with a group, mostly guys with a couple of girl (buddies).

    Kathy, like most blonde hair and blue eyed babes liked to drink and got very horny when drunk, to almost nympho levels (thats one of the things that got me stuck on her). We had great phone sex when she got home from a night out and she would tell me how her new friends always hit on her, especially Kermit. Eventually Kermit started pulling the "if he really loved you he would move out here" routine to start wearing her down. And when she told me she let him feel her up when he drove her home (after getting drunk) I got turned on, but a little mad at the same time. Knowing that nothing really happened (her dad had my back) made me feel that it was ok, this once. We talked the next day and she was apologetic and told me she would be more careful and not let it happen again.

    And it didn't for about 2 months. He tried and she denied....good girl! Then there was the fateful night. A party at one of the girls houses. Kathy got drunk, got horny, got fucked. She told me about two weeks after it had happened and told me that she didn't remember much. I pushed her to tell me more because I was mad at her and I wanted her to feel as much pain as I could inflict over the phone. She told me she got wasted, passed out and woke up the next day with Kermits dick in her ass, with him just pounding away....I couldn't take it. She wasn't a vigin when I met her, but I was hoping to at least get her ass first. Nope a fucking frog got it!

    hot wife
    I got drunk. Then met my new friends and realized that it wasn't really her fault. Once I got to that point, I realized that it made me a bit horny thinking she fucked some guy. I called her. I apologized. She apologized. I told her I know how she is and I know mistakes will happen. We came to a decision that we could try other people, but we had to tell each other what happened, so it would not be cheating. We had to tell each other before and after sort of as a deterant and as a way to decide if we could handle it and if we were right for each other. She agreed. I felt more in control. I felt better and my cock was hard so I could stroke it as she talked and I could go get laid if I wanted too. What could be better? Us two midwestern kids growing up (not knowing what a hotwife was or a cuckold was, just that one cheated on the other through a mistake and we found a way to get over it).

    Kathy than said she had to tell me more about what happened. This is her story. She went to the party and of course started drinking. Kermit hit on her and she got mad, so she started flirting with, oh three or four other guys to piss Kermit off. She kept drinking, the guys kept feeding her drinks. She started dirty dancing with them, grinding into them, feeling their cocks harden and letting them open up her blouse and play with her bare tits. At one point she had three guys touching and grinding into her. Then she got too drunk, stumbled and fell. The girl who owned the place had the four guys she was playing with carry her to the attic (@#!$#$) where a mattress was laid out. Then the girl left. The guys did not.

    Kathy was awake and knew what was happening. She helped. She pulled at cocks, while the guys pulled off the rest of her clothes. Buy the way Kathy is 5'4 " tall, 115 lbs with a b-size perky tits. Each of the guys fucked her pussy hard and she loved every barebacked inch they gave her. That is when she passed out. Kermit being the nice guy he was, found her naked after being the cum dump to his four friends and decided to wake her up by sliding his cock into her virgin ass. She woke up and fucked back until he unloaded his nut into her. She even kissed him goodbye......while I came over my hand listening to her tell me her story.

    I couldn't be mad, could I? My cock never was harder, I busted my nut until it hurt........I took it for what it was. She got drunk and got fucked and I got off thinking about it.

    12 years later, I still have not cheated on my wife. While we were engaged she had over 15 lovers. Before we got married she said her goodbuys and move back to my home state, found a new job and a few new fuck buddies at work. The pictures are from our favorite bull. After marriage and a year of a monogomous relationship and with the help of one of her former 9.5 inch boyfriends I now know what a hotwife is, then through more surfing what a cuckold is. Now my wife knows it too!!!!! I got lucky tonight......she saved some of her lover for me to lick clean. - Jed


    Thursday, December 13, 2007


    How I started to Cuckold My Husband

    It's only been less than a year that my husband wanted me to try sex with others and now our lives are so different! I resisted the idea for some time, but I reluctantly tried it at first once the last condition I put up was met.

    When I tried reasoning a way out, I said I couldn't possibly go to one of those 'parties' until I'd lost ten pounds. Then after I got in good shape at the club, I said my 35 year old body needed some expensive clothes. So now after our 3 kids I got a new wardrobe that my husband just loves, 34 c-cups that do give me a lot of attention when I go shopping. I got so many pitches from other guys too that I relented and tried it, and by then my hubby was getting into the interracial thing. He brought home videos of huge and hung black studs with white women. I still would not go to those parties where everyone shows up in the nighties and

    But then my husband Lloyd introduced me to a couple from the parties, Donna and Brian, real swingers, and Donna and I got along real well. It was kind of sneaky of Lloyd, but we met at a local pub, and there was dancing and I was wearing a daring dress that was low cut, and before I knew it, they were introducing me to Donna's
    lover, a really big strong black man, who had been standing at the bar with some friends. And when Donna and he got up to dance, and her hubby just smiled and she came back to the table with her lover, she said that her boyfriend's buddy wanted to dance with me.

    Of course I looked at Lloyd, who just smiled, and I just nodded and smiled, giving him a look that let him know I knew it was all a big setup. So, I decided to take him up on it, and soon another big hunky young black man came over to the table, and I liked his smile and his huge body, and we danced a fast one. Then, we did a slow one, feeling his huge hands cupping my bottom with my big sensitive breasts against his chest, standing on my toes to put my chin over his broad shoulders, I forgot where I was, but after a couple of songs, we talked a bit. His name was Shawn, he was younger than I was, but he wanted to take me out for a date some time! He was very dom, quite forceful, and the next dance I could feel his huge log in his front against my belly, and I just let myself flatten against it, let him force me
    to him with his strong hands.

    That night at home I mentioned to Lloyd he asked me out, and I was hoping he would say no, and also hoping he would say yes. I think he had mixed emotions too.

    It was so hugely exciting to be wearing a sexy outfit and going on a date with someone other than my husband, especially a big hunky black man, and it was just so heavenly I forgot I was married, I think I even forgot my own name for a while. Well, we went out and he has become my boyfriend ever since. He is the one I am sitting on in the picture and sorry I can't show you more but he didn't want his face on any websites.

    Today, I am getting ready for my Friday night date with Shawn in the bedroom, I smiled at how much I had changed. Now I had sore nipples, barely any panties (Shawn doesn't like them), a new wardrobe of the sluttiest clothes, no panties under my short skirt and a silver anklet that Lloyd bought me for my birthday, "4BLACKONLY" and a silver medallion around my neck that Shawn gave me for my birthday, "BLACK PROPERTY!" that I wore all the time now.

    Lloyd was helping me primp up for my date, and seeing me like this always got him hot and grabby, poor thing! As he started by giving my breasts carresses, squeezing my nipples, nibbling at my bare shoulder, I had to stop him. I said that when I met Shawn that he was very dominant!

    He's is very possessive, and I smiled to think how shocked I was that the couple I met him with Donna and Brian, how they considered her lover to be her master, and then his master too. But eventually first I and then, reluctantly, Lloyd as well, consider outselves the property of Shawn.

    "No, honey," I said smiling at his fumbling with my breasts, trying to entice me, and I was already hot and ready, so anxious for my date and he knew that, "no dear, you know our black master could be here any minute, and you know how he hates to see you touching me!" He stopped, but he was just ready to burst. I was double dating with Donna tonight and we're getting a motel room, so I tried to make him feel better by saying that he has company, because Brian is no doubt in the same boat.

    Yes, hearing the knock on the door I checked my appearance one last time and smiled at Lloyd's as well, I love to have him all turned on before my dates, and knowing he would still be when I returned, because he's changed as well, since both he and Brian wear chastity belts. Holding up the medallion around my neck with the tiny key on it, "now be a good boy and do the housework, dear!"

    Making out with my lover with my husband peeking from the window, knowing how hard and stuff he was in his locked down condition, I wondered if I would let him masturbate this month after all! I'm off. Behave yourselves! - Wendy


    Monday, December 10, 2007


    Email From My Wife to her Bull


    My wife Kathy wrote the following email below about one of our nights out to one of her boyfriends.

    Kathy wants him to knowingly cuckold me, not just fuck her when he gets the chance or tell her how to fuck me. His name is Matt and she has seen him before without me. I found this email on her computer to him and told her about it, about how it excites me. She smiled and told me to read it every night before bed like a ritual. The picture was taken by Matt with Kathy on him, in his reply email to her to stimulate and remind her. It was from their last date. I thought it would be hot to share it with other cuckold sympathizers:


    I have a small problem that I can not get an answer out of my husband, I will do whatever you tell me to do! Here’s what happened……

    Mike and I finally had a date the other night. He took me this place called the “Blue Cube”, kind of a swanky little night club and pool hall. Its got the mood lighting, dance floor and pool tables, plus a well stocked bar.

    We dressed up for the occasion as we had reservation at a nice restaurant for a late dinner. I wore a soft blue summer dress (no bra) and Victoria secret lacy panties. Mike was dressed in a shirt and tie. We got to the club around 7:30, and started to drink. We sat and talked while waiting for a pool table to open up. About 8:00, a table opened up, and after having two or three drinks, I wasn’t a bit self conscious when leaning over the table to make a shot…..did I mention that my dress was pretty short, Mike told me later that every time I leaned over the table my lace covered cheeks were rather exposed for the viewing pleasure of the guys behind us.

    We had the table for about 45 minutes and then had to play two guys for the honors. We lost. Mike got us a couple more drinks and we went back to a secluded table to occupy. I asked Mike if he wanted to dance and he said he did, but had to go to the restroom first…..he shouldn’t have left.

    As soon as Mike left, this guy came up and sat down next to me. He offered me a drink, and since I was empty, I accepted. We talked and he introduced himself as Kevin. He was a little taller than Mike, maybe 5’10” and was in pretty good shape….plus he had a smooth manner about him that was very appealing. We talked for a little while, but then told him that I was waiting for my husband to get back to dance. He suggested that we dance while I waited. I was going to decline, but he said it was the least I could do since he bought me a drink and kept me company for a bit….I (slightly buzzed) accepted.

    This is what my husband saw as he came back to the table, was me getting up with Kevin and head to the dance floor. Kevin was a good dancer, and the music a bluesy/jazz was perfect for couple dancing. Kevin lead me through some good moves, and two songs later was pressed pretty tight against me. My ass was covered by his hands, my nipples were hard and poking through my dress, and I couldn’t help grinding my self against his hard leg. We danced for about two more songs and I was getting a little sweaty and definitely horny. Kevin was as well, as his hands roamed all over, and when they covered my breast on the last dance, a little moan escaped my lips as his fingers found my nipple and his hardened cock pressed through his pants against me. As the song ended, he gave my parted lips a light kiss, his tongue briefly slipping in. Before I could protest, he lead me back to the table.

    When I got back, Kevin and I had fresh drinks waiting. Under my glass was a note from Mike that read “playing pool, enjoy”. Kevin and I talked a bit more, his hand never left my thigh, stroking my inner leg and occasionally briefly touching me THERE ever so lightly. I was so wet and he knew it. I felt that I should not be the only one hurting and reached down to brush his package, oh he was so hard. He asked about my husband, and I told him he was playing pool. As we finished our drink and he asked me to dance again. I said that I would love too. As I got up, Kevin reached up and grabbed my panties and slid them down to my knees. I sat back down and asked him what he was thinking! Kevin said he thought I would be more comfortable with out them, and continued to take them off….and I let him. He folded them up and put them on the table, then got up and took me to the dance floor. This time, he did not just tease me, but openly kissed me and felt me up…everywhere. Knowing my husband was there, he reached under my dress and caressed my bare ass while his hard cock pressed through his pants right against my clit. Making out with my husband watching, I almost came, and when my knees started shaking, he led me out of the bar to his car. He leaned me against the side, spread my legs with his foot, kissed me hard as he worked two of his fingers into me. It took him about two minutes to make me cum, hard.

    Still making out, his hands moved to my breasts and nipples, while my right hand worked his zipper, I reached in and stroked him a bit. He was so hard and wet I had trouble pulling it out. I got him out and wanted to fuck him, but I stopped myself and told him I would stroke him off, it took about 5 more minutes but I got him to cum, some of it hitting my thigh.

    Kevin gave me his number, told me he knew I was married, but that it did not matter to him, that he wanted to make me his. He told me to call him when I was ready to hold back my pussy from my husband and give it to him for a while. Matt he wants me to cuckold my husband, should I let him?

    By the way, I caught my husband sniffing my panties when I went back into the bar, we had another drink while I told him what happened, I even took his hand brought it to my pussy to show him how wet I was, then took his fingers and slid it through Kevin’s cum. It didn’t take us long to decide to skip out of our dinner reservations and fucked like bunnies in the back seat of the car……

    So tell me Matt what I should do? I always had hoped to cuckold my husband with you (and I think he has too). If you tell me to call Kevin, it will almost be the same-I would do it for you! Or you can come out here and show my husband what a real cock looks like and what a real man can do with it!!

    PS He is more than ready to do anything you want and anything I tell him to do!



    Thursday, December 06, 2007


    Officially a Cuckold Now

    wife's pussy
    I officially became a cuck on Tuesday 15th November 2007, and it was my own fault. Like many guys, I fantasised about my wife screwing other guys and pestered her about it, knowing she would never really do it. Little did I know.

    On the night in question we had a birthday party to go to in Ayrshire (my wife's best friend). When we were getting ready, my wife kept flashing her freshly shaved pussy at me but wouldn't let me near it. She would squeeze my hard cock until I thought it would burst, all the time talking dirty, then when I started dripping pre-cum she licked it off and kissed me full on the mouth with her tongue meeting mine and told me that was just a taste of things to come then she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open and pushed three fingers deep into her pussy, I could hear it squelch and then saw it drip but then she suddenly stopped and said we better get going.

    My cock was solid all the way as I drove from Glasgow to Ayrshire thinking about the taste of things to come. Whatever that meant.

    When we arrived I could finally adjust my cock before going into the party.
    We met my wife's friend Christine at the door and soon we were mixing with the other 20 or so guests, I wasn't drinking because I was driving but after about an hour I relented and had a beer, two would be my maximum I thought. The party was going fine with everybody enjoying themselves when I felt dizzy and ill. Christine suggested I lay down for a while, showed me to her room and said to come down when I felt better, two minutes later I was out for the count.

    Four hours later Christine shook me awake, I still felt light-headed but I did feel her hand on my crotch, then she started rubbing and my cock responded automatically. She said at least part of you feels ok and then she unzipped me and took me in her mouth working her tongue around the head. Then just like my wife she stopped and kissed me on the mouth so that I could taste my pre-cum. She zipped me up and said we better go down stairs.

    There was eight people left when we came down, dancing slow with the lights down low. Christine and I sat on a couch and then I noticed her brother Steven dancing with my wife and his hands all over her arse.

    Just as I was about to say something Christine started unzipping me telling me to calm down. I started to panic because my wife was just six feet away but she turned to me and said it's alright, just let it happen. She was in control of everything!

    Christine had my cock out stroking it and then she whispered in my ear that Steven has always wanted to screw my wife and that he was going to do it tonight whether I was ready for it or not and that I might as well enjoy her stroking my cock while I watched. I was dumbstruck and Christine started sucking on me just as Steven started pulling up my wife's short skirt to expose her bare arse.

    The other guests were also getting undressed now but all I could think was that this was a dream until Christine whispered that Steven took my wife's panties off and had sucked her bald pussy half an hour before I came back downstairs.

    My wife then turned to me, spreading her legs and her pussy lips and told me that Steven was going to fuck her right in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it so I better enjoy it as she certainly would. As my wife started taking Steven's trousers down, Christine said that Steven had quite a big cock, bigger than mine anyway, which was rapidly deflating, and she was right it was about 9inches long and quite fat looking.

    Just before my kneeling wife took his cock in her mouth she turned to me and said I had the smallest cock here at which I looked around the room and saw another three hard cocks all being stroked by semi-naked women, my own cock which was about 7 inches when hard had almost disappeared through shame. Then the most amazing thing happened, as soon as my wife's tongue touched the head of Steven's dick, my cock stood up proud and erect.

    Christine complimented it but told me I wasn't to touch it then she started to get undressed. She had quite small tits with big hard pink nipples and a smooth pussy as well, that she started rubbing while watching my wife suck her brother's cock. My wife was going to town on Steven's cock and balls as her big tits swung free. My head was just about clear and ten minutes later Christine told Steven to cum in my wife's mouth as he could fuck her soon enough, and in another two minutes my wife was taking a load of cum in her mouth and over her face.

    With the cum dripping from her chin she stood up and came over to me and kissed me on the mouth forcing her tongue and the cum inside. Christine was scooping cum from my wife's face and putting it in my mouth when my cock exploded, gushing cum everywhere. As I sat there exhausted with my eyes closed my wife and Christine started teasing me, calling me names like cum junkie they told Steven to come over and the next thing I know his cock is brushing my lips. As I tried to get up my wife grabbed my soft cock and told me to stay where I was and helped Steven's cock into my mouth while telling me to suck it clean. I don't know why but my mouth and tongue started working on their own and his cock started growing which drew applause from everybody who where now standing round us.

    When Steven's cock was clean and erect my wife said it was only fair that I do the others, at which point another cock was put to my lips and into my mouth but this one hadn't cum already and soon shot a load in my mouth, then Christine noticed that my cock had sprung to life again. I knew I wasn't gay but here I was with one cock after another shooting in my mouth and enjoying it. After everybody had cum in my mouth, they started to pair off again and I ran upstairs full of shame.

    The door opened as soon as I had closed it and my wife and Christine came in and tried to comfort me, apologizing for spiking my drink and getting me to suck cock even though I seemed to enjoy it. I was angry but that disappeared when Christine knelt down and started sucking my cock as my wife spoke to me in a soothing voice, telling me they set it up because I had always wanted to see her with someone else.

    Then the door opened again and Steven came in and my wife said he was still going to fuck her and they would be downstairs if I wanted to watch, then she took his cock in her hand and led him downstairs. Five minutes later I came in Christine's mouth and after she had transferred it to my mouth we went downstairs and watched my wife get royally fucked. I knew then things would never be the same, and how right I was. I have sent you all a picture of her the day after. It is a view of her pussy, the same one that Steven had all last night and one my wife still flaunts in front of me when she reminds me that Steven had that all to himself. - Roger


    Monday, December 03, 2007


    My Wife Lorraine


    Hi Cuckold Blog,

    I am a cuck hubby with some experience to share with your readers.

    I think you may find that as you get deeper into the lifestyle that many of the things you used to believe you would never do become some of your most satisfyingly decadent duties and fantasies.

    I first began getting off on the idea of my girlfriend(s)/wife(s) fucking other men when I was in high school. I had a slutty girlfriend who always cheated on me, but I always cheated on her as well. The hot part was when we would be fucking we would tell each other who we had both been fucking that week. I have gotten off on being "cheated on" ever since. Now all I think about is attached to the cuckold lifestyle. I haven't fantasized about any women other than my wife since we started dating. As a matter of fact, that was how I knew that I was falling in love with her when I began to have fantasies about her being with other men.

    My wonderful wife is the best wife a cuck could ask for. Ironically, I cheated on that high school girlfriend with her. We met when we were 17, we're both 34 now. We've been married since 2002. She is a born slut and used to fantasize about fucking other men in front of her husband when she was younger, long before we had ever met!

    We got started on this hot kinky lifestyle when she got fed up with me always backing out of it when I would tell her that I wanted her to fuck other men. She simply found a hot guy to fuck and did it. I got mad at first but got over it quite quickly. Over time, as you find your place, the jealousy will fade (with the occasional relapse, especially early on. It can happen later on as well but by then you'll have no control and no choice ).

    I consider myself a complete cuckold bitch, as does my wife. Since we have been married she has fucked at minimum 6 guys, some on multiple occasions (see pics). I have seen her make out with another man in public at a friends party and I've listened intently from the basement locked in my chastity cage and smoking my Virginia Slim menthol 120's while she fucked someone upstairs. I have yet to witness the erotic beauty of her with multiple men or the dirty hot joy of eating her well fucked, creamed out pussy. But, I know that it's inevitable that I will. I have no choice or control in the matter. That may be the biggest turn on of all.

    I am now an "out" cuckold bitch. All of our close friends know that my wife cucks me. She has told people from the beginning. She didn't want people to think she was disrespecting me by cheating on me
    . cuckold

    When I first started finding out about this lifestyle I would read about what people were doing on the internet and say "eww" and "I'll never do that". Yet, here I am. A total cuckold slave bitch to my wife, who now knows that she can literally get away with anything. And everyone that knows us, knows it.

    She also reads this site and will read this post. - Gerard


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