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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, September 28, 2007


    Kinky Hot Wife Sally

    kinky hot wife My wife loves cuckolding me and I must say that since we entered into this arrangement we have had no regrets and have had the most passionate sex lives and have felt closer than ever to each other.

    I love that she is my hot wife and that she puts me in my place. I love that she likes getting rammed every week by different cocks and that she gets soaking wet at the thought of men filling her up.

    I also love to share her online as I have done before but this is the first time I have sent in pictures of her. This encounter has been my favorite so far.

    We started by placing ads online and spreading the word in chat rooms that we were looking for men interested in banging my wife while I watch.

    The conditions are that she says when it's over, that I watch and ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, September 24, 2007


    My Experience As A Cuckold Husband

    I have been married for almost 5 years now. My wife and I are young cuckolds but very mature for our age. We are both 29.

    When we were just starting out and we were having sex, I would always bring up the fantasy of her getting fucked hard by a lover or master. I described how hard, slick, and big his cock would be as it slid inside. Sometimes he is using a condom and sometimes he is not. She sometimes says she wants him to not so she can feel the cock naturally. Over the years, our stories got to be more elaborate ... sometimes she is getting gangbanged by 3 or more black studs ... filling each of her holes. I have gotten her to even call out common names of guys we know with her begging them to fuck her hard. She will even role play giving rim jobs. I even convinced her to take nude pictures of her fucking dildos pretending they are other men.

    When I would bring up the topic for real with her, she would get really pissed off. She would say "I do not want to do it!". Please know that she was a virgin before me. I told her how much it would turn me on and that it might be an interesting experience for her. She would sometimes says to me, "What if I like it?" - but I don't think that means anything .. more like a threat that I might lose her. I would always respond "I think I would have no problems as long as we share the experience together". However, no matter how I used to bring it up ... in whatever nice way I suggested it happening, she would get mad and become a cold fish. I even mentioned the idea of drinking to losen her up but still nothing.

    Then I realized the key which was "PATIENCE". I needed to go slow. I started by using dildos, porn movies which included MFM 3-some wife sharing movies and wife gang-bang movies while I was in bed with her, as well as role playing pretending that the dildo was a real lover for her. I would do this over and over again as we had before.

    I would also ask her to do herself and show me exactly how she would like her stud to fuck her so I can give him instructions when/if we get the real guy. These tactics did cause her to loosen up considerably. Also I've taken her to strip clubs where most of the audience are of course horny guys. She flirted with the guys while I watched and loved the attention she got there. Then finally one night (on her own) she even picked a handsome young guy up who really turned her on at a strip club and we ended up in a MFM 3-some with him after we left the club.

    We both fucked her silly that night and after that night each time either of us brought up that night's MFM activities we would both get so hot we just couldn't wait to jump in bed and fuck each other silly.

    Patience is the name of the game, and if she's intimidated just take it slow. You can run an ad in
    Adult Friend Finder's web site and see if she's receptive to this idea. Or try taking her to a strip club and give her some freedom to flirt at will. You can assure her that if she doesn't like the experience you don't have to ever participate in anything like that again. Give her constant reassurances of how much you love her, and how badly you want for this thing to happen as you feel it will bring you both even closer together.

    As for us we have had 2 more 3somes with me since then. One from an ad online and one from a strip club again. I am sending along a picture of her with our second guy we met from the ad. They were on our sofa and she couldn't wait to get his pants off and get started. He didn't want his face online anywhere so I stopped taking pics after that one and showed him that it wasn't showing on this one. He is married :) - Brad


    Friday, September 21, 2007


    My Wife with Another - Our Fantasy

    Here is a picture of my wife ready to be taken. Last night we did some sort of a roleplay. I was drunk and had fallen asleep and my wife, who also was rather drunk, were seduced by an older man. (She really liked this...!)

    He undressed her and told her to obey him. I woke up and he told me to just sit back and watch. She took her big, black dildo and fucked herself and I just watched and jacked off. My little penis was hard as a rock and I saw that my wife was really turned on by this.

    She said that "he" reached places I've never been to and that made me cum... After she was very pleased and said that we have to do this more often. I'm on my way I hope.....

    Do you think any BBC would like to take care of my wife when I watch? I promise to clean up both of them afterwords. Gets my little dick really hard.

    She has lately told me she wants a bigger cock, mostly for fun, but I know she gets really turned on when she sees a huge cock. The other day she even laughed at my cock when we watched an IR movie. Now I must talk her into getting my dream come true. - Plamen


    Monday, September 17, 2007


    My Hot Wife Marie

    HOT WIFE MARIE This story is very true about a few firsts in our lives. My wife Marie is a very beautiful woman. We have been together nearly 14 years and have since the beginning had incredible sex. We had 3 somes here and there, a couple once that turned out bad and fantasized about swinging in general. Several years ago I realized that I really enjoyed seeing her taken by a large cock than actually participating in the sex when we played. during our normal sex life I also discovered that the only way Marie ever had an orgasm was either when she was on top and could manipulate her clit, or if I had a very large dildo stuffed up her and deep. I realized through this process that my 6 inches was never going to get up where her sweet spot was. I started looking for a large cocked black man to fill that gap. Through a series of events I came upon a man who goes by Lethal. He was very nice, well equipped and had references to boot!

    While I was out of town on business one week he called and asked for me, but they got to talking and she found him to be very engaging and I knew then that we were on. A couple months later we finally had arrived at the date. Lethal had to fly in from Colorado so we spent the day getting our room, having lunch, discussing how he was going to fuck her...etc. We left in the late afternoon to pick him up at the airport, both with a bit of a glow as Marie has anxiety about meeting new guys.Marie looked so hot in her black skirt which showed her lovely legs , low cut top that showed her ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Friday, September 14, 2007


    Hot Wife Constance Has Some Fun

    HOT WIFE There comes a time in every woman’s life after she has become a cumslut whore that she wants, no craves a gangbang! I was no different. I had told my cuck about my craving and he suggested a specific jazz bar where the patrons are mostly Black.

    So wearing a skimpy black skirt, black tube top with nothing underneath and as I like to refer to them, my "fuck me" stiletto heels, I was ready for a night to remember. What my cuck didn’t see was that I had put my collar and leash into the small purse I carried. When my cuck saw how I looked, I could see an instant hard on in his pants. He knew that he would have to ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, September 10, 2007


    My Wife Tammy

    I've posted before on my cuckold experiences and when I get replies they are from men who are asking me how to get their own wives to cuckold them. Here's what I usually tell them:

    When my wife Tammy acquired a dildo, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it slide in and out of her pussy and confessed how much I wished it were another guy's real cock. This turned us both on in bed. Tammy worked and went out with friends, but as far as I know was never unfaithful. Gradually, I got her to tell me if she got chatted up when she was out and this would be added to our fantasising in bed, as the dildo became the guy or one of the guys who had been chatting her up earlier!

    Slowly but surely, Tammy got more open and admitted that she would be up for a threesome with me and another guy if the opportunity arose and that she had a thing about office guys - she was working in one as well. I told her that I wouldn't mind if she went out and had sex with another guy, as long as she came home and told me all about it. Tammy didn't believe me at first, but eventually I convinced her that it would be fun.

    The whole process took the best part of two years, but eventually through work, she met and fucked a guy with my full approval. Sadly she chose not to repeat the experience, even though she knows that I would love her to be screwed by more men.

    So for all of you reading this, take it nice and slow and use the scenario in bed. Fantasise together about her being a "naughty girl" when she's out with her friends, and I'm sure eventually your wife will succumb to another man's cock.

    Hope this helps and hope everyone enjoys the picture of Debbie I sent along. - Anthony


    Friday, September 07, 2007


    My Wife Flirts at Work

    wife nude
    My wife said she needed to go get some new scrub pants for work because her old ones had gotten a hole in them somehow. So I went with her and while there she also got a new thong. She works nights at a hospital and has told me about a man that has been flirting with her. She doesn't usually wear makeup to work (she doesn't need it) but tonight she did. She then told me she would be working on the same floor as this guy and then turned to show me the heart that held the thong together. I was so hot knowing all she had on under her pants was that flimsy g-string. She then finished dressing, kissed me good-night and smiled and left. Earlier in the day she 'accidentally' sent him this picture of her and I by email and then sent another apologizing saying it was an accident. She got off knowing he'd see her like that and I almost lost it right there. I hope she does what makes her happy tonight as I know she has the hots for him. Hopefully in the morning I'll be receiving the pleasure of seeing her glow as she does when she has been satisfied. I hope to have more to tell soon. I am writing this now and it is 3 hours after the time she is supposed to be home and I am going nuts and can't sleep at all. I love her dearly! - Craig


    Monday, September 03, 2007


    Char Cuckolding Her Husband

    CUCKOLD My husband is in the military in is gone for several months at a time. Soon after he left, I took my kids to a park near our home to watch them play. My kid fell, hurt himself, and started crying. So as I went to check on him, a good looking guy came over to help out. Soon after that we started talking as my kids began playing again. We hit it off and I invited Nick over for dinner. The kids went to bed shortly after dinner which left Nick and I alone. I am a short, petite hispanic girl and Nick was atleast 6ft tall, kind of ...

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