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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006


    Wife And Her Lover

    My wife so far has only had one full on lover. She and he agreed to let the video roll as they went at it. It was their second time together and 1st time alone, without me. 12 months later and they still haven't got together again. But we keep trying to set up times around our busy lives and family commitments. In the mean time I can watch the video and beat off. This I do at least a few times a week. We have also had some great sessions watching it together. You get to see him come inside her three times. I also had the pleasure of taking her a few hours after he left and I came home. Thankfully she had not washed and smelt and tasted sensational. Anyone had similar experiences.


    Monday, June 26, 2006


    Husband Wants More

    Before I tell you my intentions, I will let you know what has happened in the past. A few years ago my wife started an email affair then a lunch affair with a male that came to her office on a regular basis. I am not 100% sure if they fucked but almost sure she gave some blow jobs and hand jobs because I found pictures of thier affair in her email account (see pic). This all happened without me knowing until one night when the truth came out. Since then she has indicated she has not talked to him since.

    My problem is that I wished she had finished what she started and got the guys cock deep into her shaved moist pussy. I would have loved for her to come home and let me have sloppy seconds and another go on her frosted ass. I have bugged her about it and even asked her to get another fuck buddy but this has fallen on deaf ears. My plan is somewhat devious and irresponsible but am sure d it would add a sexual element to our relationship. I know who the guy is and want to contact him. I want him to start the fling again.

    Once he has slid his huge dick into her wet hole, collectively, me being the secret partner I want to blackmail her. I know it sounds absurd but she would then be forced to do things she has said no to me but has given to him. Example being lunch time blow jobs or hand jobs, etc.... Does anybody have any opinions ? - Jeff


    Friday, June 23, 2006


    Another Man To Fuck Her Ass

    Hi - Please excuse my English as it is not my first language.

    I don't like ass fucking but my wife loves it. She's virgin when we're married seven months ago. Before our marriage she'd some affairs and she let the guys fuck her ass. I don't understand why she loves a dick is going in out her ass instead of her always wet and horny pussy. A few times I fucked her ass but it's disgusting for me.

    Two months after our marriage I told her I wouldn't fuck her ass anymore. Then she said OK, but some other guys would fuck her ass in that case. I was stunned what she said. We discussed it. Her last word was "Do it! If you don't do it let the others do it!" I didn't talk to her a week and we couldn't fuck. I suffered playing with my dick. I'm sure she did the same thing.

    A week later I asked her if we’d make love. She said sorry. First it had to be her ass fucking by me or another guy then her pussy. I failed by going between her legs. A few days later I told her who might fuck her ass. She answered choose one. I couldn't know what to do.

    Following evening I picked up a mid age guy and told him about my problem and he accepted fucking my wife ass. I called up my wife to get ready for a visiting friend of her back door. So we went home. I introduced him. She liked the guy. He's excited going to fuck a beautiful younger round ass. She'd already prepared KY. So he fucked her ass in front of me. I then take photos of the two of them on the bed. We exchanged our mobile phone numbers for the next meetings. Then I fucked her pussy. She's very excited seeing another dick and we both enjoyed making sex that evening.

    A few days later we called the guy who came and fucked her ass again. After finishing fucking her ass he didn't leave and asked if he'd watch us. We accepted. He watched us without putting on his clothes back. It’s more interesting than the previous night. After we finished making sex he started kissing my wife and sucking her tits and took her doggy position and fucked her ass again. This time it lasted longer. She enjoyed more. Then he left. We also made second round of pussy fucking.

    Two days later when he’s fucking her ass he asked me to enter her pussy at the same time. It's unbelievable how it’s wonderful feeling fucking my wife's pussy while another guy's dick was pumping her ass. After resting for a while we did the same MFM again. She's moaning, yelling, screaming with pleasure. Since then we did it several times.

    But one day when he was fucking her as while I was watching them. He pulled out his dick from her ass entered her wetting pussy with one strong push. So I couldn't stop him fucking my wife's pussy. It wasn’t in our agreement. It's too late. He was already in her front door. She enjoyed it very much.

    Following days he did the same thing and my wife didn't mind stopping him to fuck her pussy.

    A few weeks ago he asked us if he'd bring his friend who loves ass fucking with his huge dick. I hesitated to answer but she said yes. Two days later he brought his friend. We weren't waiting a black guy. It’s a real big surprise for us. She didn't mind. The first guy and took our ringside seats and watched them. In fact he'd abnormal big and fat dick. He applied lot of KY to his dick and her ass hole too. He entered her ass inch by inch. She’s suffering with pain. I think she's also having some sort of masochistic pleasure. Then he increased his tempo and fucked her so good. She didn't stop screaming but asking him to go on fucking her ass. When they finished she was almost passed out. She rested for a while and the first guy told her that ass fucking for the night must be enough and he fucked her pussy before me. They left but I couldn't fuck her she’s too exhausted.

    Since then all principles are forgotten. They fuck her all holes as MF or MFM. Sometimes they ask her sucking my dick for MMFM. I didn't know my wife was so horny and hot enjoying with the three dicks in her all holes at the same time. But believe me she loves the black one the most.

    Still I don't fuck her ass. - Jule



    Cuckold Humiliation

    For the first time I was cuckolded it was by bringing a 3rd man into our sex life after my wife's insistence. I didn't like it. Then we tried it with different guys in the hotel rooms. I'd never enjoyed it and felt humiliated. I gave up doing it. I let my wife do whatever she wants to do. So she does MFM with the other guys but never at home. Three months ago she didn't return home during her regular time and she stayed there where two black guys fucked her all night long. Since then she started spending nights at the middle of no where. At least I don't hate sharing her with another guy. I now feel addicted to that jealous/humiliated/high and am getting comfortable with it. I even look forward to her going out at night. When she spends more than one night away from home it really gives me an adrenaline high. This was photo our second encounter. - James


    Wednesday, June 21, 2006


    Wife Does Old High School Flame

    Yesterday it finally happened. My wife of 34 years fucked her old boy friend from high school. She told him that I was away and that she'd be alone in the house. In reality, I was hiding in the closet and had a cell phone camera without flash to record some of it. She said it was great and wants to do it again. This also completed my fantasy of being cuckolded. We are both looking forward to the next time. Her old boy friend doesn’t know that I know. We are both secure in our marriage and have agreed to certain rules and so far so good. I would like to know of others experiences. - Gerry


    Monday, June 19, 2006


    Wife Is Almost Bred!

    cuckold wife
    I love sharing my wife with other men. We got into the whole hotwife thing a cpl years ago and have had some pretty hot times. One weekend a threeday one my wife and I were out of town and I hooked her up with this hot stud who pounded her like mad. Once it was all done and he left my wife and I had some pretty hot sex. I ended up shoooting all over her face as she sucked me good. Once the night winded down she was in the bath room getting ready for bed and then I heard an ought oh and she told me she had forgot her birth control pills at home. We both knew she held in a pussy full of cum from another man. Make a long story short she did not end up pregnant, but the thought turned me on and I asked her about it. We both ended up admitting it turned the both of us on. We started talking about the possiblities and who we could get to do the deed. If there is anyone out there who has done this or has a story to tell, let us know.


    Thursday, June 15, 2006


    Catching The Cuckold 'Bug"

    My girlfriend and I have talked about all sorts of sexual scenarios, including her giving a blowjob to a stranger. Finally one saturday night she was in a super horny mood and wanted to do it.

    So we acted out a scenario that we'd talked about many times. Went to a bar/tavern way across town from us. She wanted a non threating looking guy who was attractive but looked like maybe he didn't get alot of action. So we agreed on a guy and she went over and flirted with him for about 10 minutes as I watched from a distance. Finally she motioned me over. He seemed to be a very causal nice guy as was quite excited as we chatted for a bit about what was to happen and the 'rules' etc. We then headed to a motel.

    When we got a room, my girlfriend got the dude on the bed and quickly went to work on his cock as I watched. Now, she KNEW how to suck cock and I definately felt some sense of jealousy, at first, watching her blow another guy so eagerly. But I still was stroking my dick as I watched her. She eventually told me to sit next to the dude on the bed, took her top off, and blew us both until the dude shot his load in her mouth. Then as she was finishing me off he asked if he could play with her tits. He'd been so polite I told him it was ok. A couple minutes later I shot my load. Then we pretty much took off.

    When we got home we had some pretty outstanding sex. Afterwards asked me if I gotten jealous, and so I was truthful saying "yes, I did a bit". But I also told her that it DID turn me on at the same time.

    So things then went back to normal for a few months. We brought that night up here and there, but we never made plans to do it again. But I WAS getting the urge to see her suck a stranger one more time.

    So one night we repeated the scenario and I knew what to expect. She got totally naked this time but never let the dude touch her, other than her tits. And this time she blew him from start to finish as I watched. After he shot his load she worked on my shaft until the dude was hard again. Then she blew us both off. This time I enjoyed it much more and felt little to no jealousy.

    We did this sort of thing 2 more times over next half year. None of the dudes ever fucked her. THAT might have made me jealous. She just liked sucking a new cock every now and then, and never expressed any interest in fucking them (so she said hehe). each time it gets hotter and hotter and I can tell the way she 'bucks' her hips while sucking them off that she wants it.

    I'll write in to tell you when it happens. I'm sure it won't be long. - Dave


    Monday, June 12, 2006


    My Wife Making A Deal

    My wife and I were shopping with a male friend of ours when she spotted an expensive ski jacket that she loved. We really couldn’t afford it at he time. My buddy who was recently divorced said “If you like it I will but it for you and you can pay me back with a visit to my place without your husband”. Well I got that old hot tingly sensation between my legs while my wife thought it over. She asked me what I thought and I said I was cool with it but it was totally her decision. After taking a proper amount of time considering his offer she agreed. Then I really got that old hot tingly sensation…….BAM like a lightening bolt.

    She can be so sexy, this was yet anther way to for us to experience it. We had both been friends with my buddy and his wife for several years. We had done some flirting and watched X-rated videos together as couples but everyone seemed reluctant to make the first move. She had told me that she sometimes fanaticized about him. She liked the fact that he was recently divorced and probably "hungry". She also liked it when he flirted with her. The big day arrived shortly thereafter. She spent an inordinate amount of time bathing, shaving her legs, and primping. We kissed good-by and she was off. I spent the next three hours as horny as a guy can be. I couldn’t stop thinking about what was happening.

    I was wishing that I could be there or at least peek into the bedroom. When my wife returned we sat and talked over a couple of drinks. She seemed reluctant to discuss the details at first. Slowly she answered my questions until she was comfortable talking about her adventure. As she talked we both got increasingly horny until we couldn’t take it anymore. We started to do get crazy but she stopped me and said that she had to take a shower. It seemed like forever waiting for her to finish. When she returned we made love more passionately than ever before. Since then, he has fucked her on a regular basis. This picture was taken last year of him fucking my wife while she leans out the window. HOT! - Dale



    Cuckold Wife Writes In

    cuckold wife
    I surprised my hubby one night by giving a college guy a BJ in the backseat of our truck. We had talked about doing this for some time and he never thought I'd go through with I surprised him! To my surprise my hubby enjoyed watching fact he wants me to do it again! He said he'd be ok with a three way also where he could actually sit on the side of the bed and watch the other guy fuck me senseless! I am so nervous/excited. I think I'd be interested in this too. I wonder if most men who read your blog enjoy watching their wife doing another man. Attatched is a picture my husband took after the college guy shortly after he left. He was cute and had an average sized penis but I was horny and wet afterwards. Just thinking about it made me cum almost instantly. - Janet



    Thursday, June 08, 2006


    Wife In Heat

    My wife picks up men for sex because I cant perform due to bladder surgery. My wife is 42 years old and very attractive. She is seen in the picture attatched in this email with a guy we met while on our last vacation. Anyway - what once was a fantasy is now reality. I used to tease her about watching her with other men but she would'nt go for it. Then going to a doctor for kidney stones I found out I had bladder cancer. After the surgery and treatments I wasn't able to perform. The doctor said it was normal but could take a long time to come back. I could tell it was taking a toll on my wife even though she said it wasn't. It took awhile but I convinced her if she went with other men that she would get fucked and fulfill my fantasy and even get me on the road to recovery so she agreed. A week later I took her to an adult theater. She was nervous at first, But the movie made her horny fast she hasn't been fucked in four months. I had her blouse opened all the way and her tits fully exposed. A man sat in the seat next to her and asked if it was OK. He was about 30 years old and handsome, she said yes with a smile. A little while later he put his arm around her and pulled her toward him. They both looked at me so I nodded yes. About 3 minutes later he was kissing, feeling and sucking her tits. I told her I had to use the mens room and asked if she was OK, she said YES GO! I waited about 30 minutes before I went back. I'm the one who got surprised. There was a guy on each side of her another kneeling in front of her and one leaning over behind her and she was naked. I edged my way over through the other five guys who were sitting around them watching. The guy behind her was kissing her the ones on the sides were sucking her tits and the one in front looked like he had four fingers in her. The one in front stood up pulled down his pants put a condom on and mounted my wife. He fucked her about ten minutes. Then they helped her up, turned her around so she was kneeling on the seat with her head over the back. Another guy mounted her another shoved his dick in her mouth. An hour later she'd fucked and sucked fourteen men. She slept all the way home. Since then we found a few men that fuck her on a regular basis. I also think its made our marriage stronger. - John


    Sunday, June 04, 2006


    Our First Time As Well

    cuckold milf
    I liked the post about how a couple got into cuckolding and decided to post my experience with my wife.

    About 10 years ago my girlfriend (now my wife) decided to go to the mall wearing a white synthetic see through shirt and a white mesh tank top underneath. It wasn't very transparent at home, but incredibly see through at the mall. She had very dark nipples and lightish skin. I first noticed when she leaned against a highish counter at a store and pressed the shirt against her chest. Once I'd seen that I noticed a lot of people checking her out. It was a huge turn on for me. The second time we went and and she wore a dress that was loose enough on top that her nipples could be seen by the waiter who complimented her on the dress. It was a confirmation. The next time we went, he fucked her in the basement storage area. That's how we started and where it still is today! - Jeff

    Cuckold Website


    Cuckold Story


    **This story was submitted by a man named Herbert. The picture you see is does not go with the story.

    Christmas presents.

    Part 1.

    A year ago I bought her, a very expensive basket of cosmetics.
    A basket full of cologne, eau de perfume, perfume, rare exotic lotions, shampoos, exquisite imported soaps and bottles of something that I did not know what it was. I thought my Santa Claus would get first price. No such luck, she wanted a fur coat and I was rewarded with a sour-puss. Even Santa does not know about women. All through the year I had to listen to it, “a mink is what she wanted, instead I gave her bars of soap, as if she needs cleaning or washing herself.


    This last Christmas I went to the city, to a large department store and bought that mink. Female ranch mink-skins dyed dark brown, umbra. I been sneaking it in the house, changed the boxes, included in the wrapping a jar with a few pebbles in it. The parcel spent two weeks under a nicely decorated tree. She inspected it repeatedly; there was a gift label on it “For Laura”, she shook it, she squeezed it, it rattled (the few pebbles in the jar). I had fun. Finally Christmas morning the gifts were opened…. You know what? Surprise!

    It was a hit. She was shining all over her face and I got a big hug and a kiss and lots of pussy after we went to bed.

    A few days later she informed me that she would like to spend an evening in the Roxy Theater. The Roxy is a very exclusive and expensive establishment; a mix of a club and a movie house. Seating was arranged around tables on upholstered chairs. Most of the time they showed soft porn in darkened premises; the place was never totally blacked out. Girls, dressed in French Maid outfits, were serving costly drinks with exotic names. Between movies they had one hour long breaks. At these intervals, some of the girls danced a striptease. The Roxy was tops, no riff-raff there. This was a place where you could take a female. My girl had style and an expensive taste. We planed to go there the first Friday after New Years.

    That Friday I came home from work, my Laura was nowhere to be seen. Usually she would be greeting me in the hallway as I entered. I yelled her name through the house; and got no answer. I heard the water running and found her in the shower. She got ready for an evening out. I removed myself to the living-room to stay out of trouble and heard the old lamento: “What should I wear? I really have nothing to wear!”
    The scent of channel # 5 was noticeable through the house. About an hour later she emerged from the bathroom, ready to leave. Proudly wearing her new fur coat, she was tippling out of the bathroom on her new high heeled pumps. I put on my coat, and off we went, an evening on the town.

    We were lucky, found parking not too far from the theater and I walked the few steps, she balanced herself on her heels, to the place. At the wicket where you pay for admission, there were a group of guys in front of us. One of them got tickets for the whole group und handling the tickets and the money he dropped a bill. Laura observed it and brought it to his attention.
    “Sir, you just dropped some money. Man, you are lucky my hubby did not see it first, he would have had his foot on it!”
    The fellow thanked her and picked it up. It was a twenty Dollar bill. She continued:
    ”Not so long ago we were in a restaurant; there was a guy on his knees crawling under the table. I thought it was some pervert trying to get or to look under my mini skirt and I told my husband. Yea he said he is harmless he lost fifty Dollars. I asked how do you know.
    He said, :”simple, ………I found it!”

    They all laughed, she had successfully made herself known to those guys. At the wardrobe was a sign FUR COATS not accepted. We went inside, a movie was being shown and we stayed in the back of the room till our eyesight adjusted to the lower level of light. While standing there we noticed an empty table next to the three men that came ahead of us. We decided to steer toward it. But first I asked if I could help her out of the coat. I thought it’s more comfortable to carry it over the arm. Oh, no she exclaimed, she felt good in her new coat. Escorted by a girl, we went in the room and got seated at a table for two next to those guys.

    Before sitting down, I stepped behind Laura, asked again for her to divest herself of that heavy coat. Instead of answering me, she opened her coat and turned around, grabbed both edges of the coat and flashed me. Shock, shock, she was totally nude, her high heeled pumps, thigh high self supporting stockings and a thin shining gold chain at midriff.

    One or all of the men at the next table noticed it too. I had an erection before my bottom touched the chair. This was the wildest thing that has happened in my life. And I loved it. I remembered her saying in the bath- room while getting dressed: ” Nothing to wear!” While sitting down, she checked if the guys at the next table where looking, and they did. A quick flash, she did not open her coat all the way but enough to draw their attention. They were so distracted; their eyes were no longer on the movie screen. They waited for Laura’s live show to continue and possibly escalate. She did occasionally flip open one side of her precious coat. She was an attention getter and she knew that I liked it. I was proud of her. A girl with lots of spunk.

    Part 2.

    By now the movie was over and the strippers started to gyrate their bums and showed their pussys to the audience. They were all beauties of various colors and sizes. Most had long hair and shaved beavers.
    Laura got up from her seat to go to the bathroom. When she reappeared, she wore a pair of sunglasses. She was up to something. Midway she changed course in the direction to the stairs that lead to the stage. The music, the girls were dancing to, stopped. The DJ must have seen something surprising and upsetting. A lady in a fur coat, wearing sunglasses was climbing on the stage.

    Nonchalant she went, with a swaying gait, to the center of the stage. The girl that was performing, retreated confused to the back. It got very quiet in the room. With a swaying gait, moving to the beat of imaginary music she waked center stage. Laura pushed her coat slowly off her shoulders, her breasts were still covered but one could already imagine that soon more can be seen. The music came back on, the audience exploded noisily in applause and the lighting was encircling her. Again she opened one side of the coat but had the last bottom button closed. Only her one breast got exposed. The spectators got wild. I was sure there was many a stiff one aching to be stroked or hid in a pussy. Next she undid the last button, quickly flashed with the whole side of her naked body, keeping the other side pulled over her smoothly shaved vagina. Pandemonium broke out in the room. Very slowly she slipped out of the garment, swirled around, being nude, and swinging her coat as if she wanted to throw it in the audience. But after doing a quick three-hundred-sixty degree turn she slipped in her wrap again, took a bow and strolled just as nonchalant off the stage as when she climbed on it. She had stolen the show, the applause was deafening. The whole act took about five minutes. She came to the table asking “did you like the show?” I replied:” The gage in my pants says, you get first price and we should hurry home. But it was too late for that.

    Our table neighbors introduced themselves und pushed their table against ours. After the fact, they asked if this was OK with us. We approved and the one who lost the money buying tickets, Brad, ordered Champaign. “Prost”! This promised to become an interesting night. Our new found friends been pestering her for a repetition, but she refused.

    A new movie started, it was something for women. It was a romance, showing a bit of skin, and make believe fucking. Laura had shifted in high gear flirting with the Brad, who was sitting next to her. The top button of her coat was open and whenever she turned on of her nipples was showing. She is an artist in teasing. The movie was so boring, the other two of the guys, whose name I don’t remember, left. After a while we too talked about leaving and invited Brad to follow us in his car to our place. He told us that he has no car, they came here by subway. I noticed a grin on Laura’s face as she asked him to ride with us. He accepted the invitation.

    At the car, like a perfect gentleman, he held the front door on the passenger side open for her, but she opened the back door and made an inviting gesture with her arm for Brad to get in. He obliged her, she closed the front door and slid in the back with Brad. It was a short ride to our apartment. With January road conditions I had to concentrate on driving and could not observe too much what’s developing behind me. A quick glance in the rearview mirror I could see him having his arm around her shoulder. Where she had her hands and what she was busying herself with, I could not see. Knowing Laura, I could imagine her exploring Brad’s pants. I drove numerous times around a few blocks to give her time to build the tension.

    At one time I could observe, the coat was off her shoulders and he had his hand on her breast. I figured it is time to head for home for real. Then I could not see her at all, Brad was sitting alone in the back and I noticed her head bobbing up and down. They had fun, I dad to chauffeur. When we where in sight of our building, I exclaimed loudly:” we are home!” At the entrance I stopped and let them out, they took the elevator up to our floor and I brought the car into the underground garage. I took my time to join them.

    When I came in the apartment, she was standing in the living-room glowing in the nude, except a pair of flesh-color thigh high stockings, tan high heel pumps and a thin gold chain shining and glittering around her belly, a picture of a goddess a picture of Aphrodite. Or was it Helena, or Venus; it was a most beautiful sight. Like a marble statue with attractive eyes. Smooth skinned with sheen like bon china, with a gorgeous and inviting, shaved pussy her outer lips forming a magnificent upholstered Mons Venus. Both, Laura and Brad seemed extremely nervous and agitated. Giving Brad a little knock with my elbow and a movement with my head, in Laura’s direction, to indicate that he should get busy, I went to the house-bar and fixed each of us a drink. For special occasions, like this one, I always keep a bottle of brewed tea with a fancy whiskey label. I filled my glass with it, it looks like the real thing and I keep a clear head to enjoy what ever happens.


    Part 3.

    The hormones were working, the adrenalin flowing. Laura took Brads blazer, she laid it across a chair and faced him again reaching for his fly. She didn’t get very far, he hugged and kissed her. When I returned with the drinks, both their hands were occupied and busy exploring each others body. Laura finally succeeded opening his belt and his fly and had one hand in his pants. She went on her knees in front of him. With two hands she grabbed his pre-cum dripping erect cock and brought it to her mouth. It was a fine example of manhood. She had difficulty fitting it in her mouth. After covering the cock with the lips she sucked greedily on it but she had a problem keeping it in her kisser because it was pulsating and twitching violently. Brad noticed her predicament and withdrew his tool from her mouth, helped her on her feet, and kissed her on the mouth, while busying his hands with her lovely breasts again.

    Both were naked now, while they hugged and kissed they moved their bodies in slow fucking rhythm; sinuously like rolling waves. They kissed and stroked each other for a few minutes. I encouraged them to move to the bed-room. Now they both were convinced I was no obstacle and represented no thread. We all went to, what we call; our workshop and Brad pushed her carefully onto the bed. He was impatient to get to the main course. Both were nervous and excited and their lips did not part from each other. With her right hand Laura stroked his cock. Her hand was already slippery from his joy-stick’s drippings.

    From a sitting position he pushed her to recline, he grabbed a cushion and shoved it under her behind. This brought her fleshy pussy in a prominent position for oral sex. Brad dove with his mouth to this target. He kissed it, he liked it, and finally he found her clit and sucked it. With one finger he probed and caressed her anus. Laura was moaning and sighing with pleasure, she was near a first orgasm. She spread her legs as wide as she could. All that kissing, that cropping and caressing and now the sucking on her clitoris, put her in over drive. She was in orbit, ready to cum. And there she went off, off, off, with a loud moan and her legs squeezing Brads head. Her hands pulled him hard, with his lips against her wet and swollen pussy.

    She felt like screaming, but she had to hold back, as not to wake the neighbors. It was after two pm. All this time I was standing fully dressed beside the bed. I had an erection; I thought my penis is breaking off. It too was twitching, pulsating, and excreting a lubricant.

    Brad moved his body up, to get ready for the final onslaught. Supporting himself on his hands, he did not miss to lick the nipples of those magnificent boobs before kissing her again on the mouth where his tongue snaked between her lips to meet her tongue. With her legs parted, the cushion still under her ass, Brad rubbed the tip of his monster cock in the fold of the entrance to Laura’s treasure chest, lubricating it with pre-cum. He touched her clit repeatedly with the big and wet mushroom head of his penis. Laura supported him; with the fingers of both hands she pulled her inner vaginal lips apart, with the thumbs at both sides of her clitoris. This pleasure giving little knob, had forced itself in the open, pushing its little covering hood aside and was now clearly visible, the size of a cashew nut. By now Brad’s one eyed bandit was rock hard and was hurting. She moved her stockinged legs to rest on his shoulders exposing her two holes to the max. Laura was in a trance. She had shed all acquired forms of civilized manners. She begged and whimpered “Fuck me, fuck me now, and put your cock in me,…..please!” Put it in deep and extinguish the fire within.
    Her vagina was hot, gorged with blood, swollen and lubricating. She tried to pull Brad into her.

    By now I had rid myself of all clothing, kneeled at the side of the bed to get a front-row view of his penis entering her moist vagina.
    With one hand I assisted, parting her pussy-lips. With the other hand I guided his penis between the gates of paradise. I never done this before in my life, touching another mans pecker.

    With her lowly moaning Brad eased his un-circumcised tool slowly to her well lubricated, sweet cavity. At first he moved slowly and carefully. As he picked up speed in his fucking, Laura shivered and to be careful not to voice her emotions. The “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” were very muffled. He placed his right hand below her left breast to feel her heartbeat. This way he could feel her orgasm approaching by her heartbeat increasing in speed. Brad’s long and thick, glistening and shining penis moved in and out of her. His cock was so thick, each time he pulled it back, for another push, the skin of her cunt-wall pulled out. A few times he withdrew his monster that far that his penis head came into view. Then he plunged it in again. Each time it entered her cunny, Laura squealed with pleasure. She took her finger from her clit and searched for digital contact of his prostate. Between scrotum and anus she felt the extension of his penis and she made a rolling motion with her fingers from left to right applying slight pressure. Now he could feel by her increasing heart-beat she was near her second orgasm. He too could not last much longer and forcefully he jammed his rod as hard and as deep as he could into her love canal. He hit bottom, he could feel touching her uterus.


    Part 4.

    I could not hold out any longer, I had to stroke my cock. I never witnessed something like this. Erotic, or sex extreme.

    He moved his hand from her breast and massaged with his right index finger her rear opening. Slowly inserting his finger brought her and him over the top. He could feel with his finger, his penis pulsating, contracted and jerked as he shot his hot load against her cervix. She forgot all precaution; a scream confirmed Laura had an explosive orgasm. She could feel the hot cum squirting. One could hear a squishing sound as he mad a last few moves in and out of her. This was the ultimate climax. Explosion, fireworks. Her legs slid off his shoulder and she lay there, very satisfied and exhausted. Brad too was drained and moved off Laura, he held her in his arms and kissed her. After a short period of time he got up to get something to drink. Their lips were parched. Laura rose too, to accompany him to the house-bar.

    As she got up she felt something seeping out of her pussy, wetting her crotch. She asked for a towel to clean herself when Brad forced her back on the bed and went down on her. What a delight, a freshly fucked pussy, a little puffed up and juicy like a peach. He quenched his thirst at the well of all earthly pleasure. Laura didn’t climax, twice in so short a time was exhausting; she needed something to drink. They got up and proceeded to the, now deserted, house-bar. Brad reached for a started bottle of wine but Laura warded off, and asked for a soda. She was intent on experiencing their tryst with all her senses and a clear head. This was a night to remember. No sooner had Brad produced a can of soda as he hugged her again from the back. Cupping her breasts with his hands, kissing her neck and alternately nipple on her earlobes. Things heated up for round two. After quenching her thirst she stroked his love-stick and it took little time and she pulled him, by his penis like on a dog leash toward the bedroom.

    They went for the second round. I was still stroking my cock, each time I was near coming I stopped and put in a rest. My nerves were like a flexed bow or a depressed spring. My pecker was dripping. Laura went forward on the bed on her knees. She did not get far, when Brad grabbed her from behind, on both sides of her hips and kissed her on the cheeks. He nipped her bottom with his teeth. A love bite in the ass. He licked his way to her pussy again and did not hesitate to tease her dark hole with his tongue. Then he rose from his knees and waved to me to take his place.

    I took up position behind Laura to fuck her doggy-style. My rod was so hard I needed no hand to guide it, it pointed in the right direction and I pushed it home without a problem. Ah, what a delight to be in her hot and moist pussy. I needed only a few strokes to explosively shoot my compressed load into her. Her inside felt gooey, slippery, squashed. I had a horrendous orgasm, an orgasm with a capital O.

    I vacated my place at her crack to let Brad finish what I had started. While I occupied Laura’s vagina he kept his lollypop warm and in usable condition in her mouth. I left the bed on the right side and he cam from the left, pulling her off her knees entering her from behind. I think you call that spooning. Laura had her right leg raised, over his right leg which he kept angled with the foot on the bed. They were again franticly at it. I had an unobstructed view of his piston moving in and out of her puffy and engorged vagina. I had already a stiff one between my legs. He popped relentlessly, she made all kinds of noises, and obviously she enjoyed what was happening. It looked like he tried to push his penis as far as her stomach. In and out.

    I got an idea, her rear hole was out of reach to me, but her clit was in front of me. I whetted my fingers with spittle and started to touch and stroke this little button affectionately. It was not difficult to escalate my actions. I squeezed index and middle fingers, above Brad’s penis in her sheath. I bend my fingers and stroked her G-spot. She wiggled her body and started to moan. It did not take long for Brad and Laura to climax in unison. Laura let out a long sigh and her legs went limb on the bed.

    Some one, I forgot was it her or him, came up with the announcement “It is getting daylight already”. That was the signal, end of the tricki-tracki game, time to break up. Brad got dressed; we both put on a bathrobe and called a taxi for Brad. We exchanged phone numbers, and escorted Brad into the lobby, one more last hug and a kiss. Taxi arrived.
    I was too tired for sloppy seconds. But I did not miss to go down on Laura to give her a good oral treatment, her pussy was not responding anymore. So we went quickly through the shower, in the bed and said Good Morning instead of Good Night. -HERBERT


    Friday, June 02, 2006


    Wife's First Inkling Of Cuckolding

    Last summer we spent in Italy. Young wife (25), is in great shape (see photo) , but decided to stay on the beach in her top, but I encouraged her a lot to put the bra off. After three or four days she decided to put away her bra. She is brunette, with nice legs and perky tits.

    So she attracted a lot of guys at the beach immediately. As she decided also to go to the sea for swimming being topless as well, plenty of other men put their attention to her. After a few days more she was brave enough to go with her bare tits to take the beach-shower and gave there a nice show as her nipples got long and hard there due to cold water. I had also a hardon seing here there.


    She used to move slowly exposing her tities to every man around. I told her it was a great for me to see this. She replied that its a great excitement for her to tease other guys with her bare tities and tomorrow she will go a bit further with her topless show, but I have to place myself not so close to her to give the impression she is alone there. So I put myself a few meters far but close enough to observe. After one hour later of being "alone" she attracted the young guy who sat next to her and disussed. She took her sunbathing oil and asked him to oil her back, what he did with great pleasure I think.

    But next she asked him also to oil her front! Guy put his hands on her arms, than shoulders and finally touched her bare breasts! I had a full errection then, when he started to oil her tits, squizing them, rubbing her nipples that become erect. He noticed this and started to pinch her with his fingers. Her nipples become extremely long. For the rest of day they become a good friends as I was observing them from the distance. A few hours later they took a beach shower together after swimming in the sea, and both laid on her towel.


    I knew she was excited, as her areolas become dark. When she was on her back suntanning with her sunglasses on, he sat next to her and started to rub her nipple with his left hand. As a reply she moved her foot and put it inside his trunks, probably rubbing his stiff cock. Then he bent over her and kissed her nipple. They looked like a pair in love, nobody paid more attention to them as it became darker. Then she asked him to help her with her things as she intended to go to hotel. At the end they kissed each other like good friends and she moved to our hotel room. Later she told me he wanted to lead her back to hotel but she rejected. Then I fucked her nearly three hours all the time playing with her bare nipples as she recalled memories frm the midday and was pretending to fuck him. Our next vacation is soon and she already is thinking about going further with other men. - Jayberle


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