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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, November 30, 2007


    Her First Experience

    wife nude
    Hi Cuckold Webmaster,

    My wife Kathy liked John from the moment we met him at our favorite neighborhood tavern. He was a very dark skinned black man in his late twenties, and had a well built sculpted body that showed an obvioous dedication to fitness. His personality was as charming as his looks and my wife had an instant attraction to him. After a few drinks she couldn't wait to get him home and into our bedroom.

    We had talked about cuckolding for what seemed like years and Kathy was always hesitant to act on our fantasies. We watched porn after porn movie and talked endlessly about another guy and she would be dripping wet by the end of it. Now finally, she seemed ready and excited!

    We invited him over and he wasted no time coming with us. As I sat back and watched in my designated spot, he wasted no time in unzipping his pants and forced her to her knees. She took his manhood into her mouth and became pleasantly amazed as it grew to fill her mouth and stretch her lips. It wasn't especially long, maybe 8 inches, but it was as thick around as a soda can. He grabbed the back of her head and began throat fucking her without any regard for her ability to breathe. That was only the beginning. He refused to cum in her mouth, ignoring her pleas to do so.

    Instead he threw her to the bed and pinned her down on the bed with her ass perked in the air. He ripped off her skirt and panties with one swift move. She gasped as she was surprised with the amount of strength he possesed. He gave her a firm smack on the ass and commanded her to get it higher in the air for easier access. His throbbing monster was poised for the attack, teasing her pussy lips. I could see her saliva and his precum dripping off the tip and all I could do was sit back and watch. I was convinced that her pussy would never be the same. He entered her slowly, but with force.

    She let out a moan and the look on her face was like she had been punched in the gut. He bagan to rythmically pound her snatch, her pussy lips stretched to the max. Her face fell into the bed and she began to cum within seconds, begging him to fuck her harder. She didn't have to beg twice. He stepped up his pace. Her ass cheeks were bouncing around like water filled balloons and her tits were flailing back and forth like a mad pendulum. I could barely contain myself. My wimpish dick throbbed against my pants. He pulled out for a moment to turn her over and her pussy looked like you could drive freight train into it.

    I felt like the inadequate needle dick that I am. He put her on her back and pinned her knees to her shoulders. He reached below her, and grabbing an ass cheek with each large hand, he began to power fuck her once again. After what seemed like a devasting long time, he started to cum in my wife's stretched out, loose cunt. He filled her up within seconds and his seed over filled her aching pussy. When he was done, I had the pleasure of cleaning her up.

    John came over again last night and fucked Kathy twice as hard as he did the last time, which I didn't think was possible. He instructed us to have her ready, bent over the couch with her ass sticking out (see photo). And we were ready. Just being like that waiting for John made Kathy wetter than I've ever seen her and he wasn't even there yet! He came over and proceeded to fuck her immediately withouteven saying hello to me. The man has exceptional stamina. After literally an hour of non stop fucking, in which she must have came a dozen times, Kathy was just laying limp, face down on the bed with John pounding away at her red, swollen pussy.

    She was cherishing the moment with her eyes closed and a smile on her face as she moved back and forth to John's relentless pounding. his large, low hanging balls bouncing off of the back of her creamy white thighs. He must have decided that her pussy was all used up, because he pulled it out and tried ramming it into her ass. Believe me, that woke her up. But, his dick was just too damn thick. I have fucked my wife in the ass before, but because I have a pencil dick, she always said she didn't even feel it.

    Anyway, we didn't have any lube so I ran to the kitchen and got some cooking oil. After he oiled his dick up real good, he ordered her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks even while cuffed, which she did willingly. The sight was incredible as he slid that thick, black monster into my wife's aching butthole.

    She took it all like a pro, only moaning in pleasure as he slammed into her, going balls deep in her ass. He finally came and he filled her ass up with his hot seed. Her asshole was so stretched out that it wouldn't close back up and his cum just ran out like a faucet. I tried cleaning her up the best I could, but the fluids just kept running out. Another one of my shirts cleaned off John's dick and he said he would be back next week for another training session. - carl


    Sunday, November 25, 2007


    My Wife Gave Head to Another Man

    This happened to us a few months ago and has been going pretty good ever since. It is the encounter that, so far, has excited me the most even though no penetration occured between my wife and my friend. The picture is of our next encounters which were awesome but not as good as the first. Is Anything?

    My wife and I had talked about her being with other guys for quite a while. I was in the military and gone ALOT so I figured why should she be without just cause I had to be. When I brought it up to her she told me she couldn't do something like that knowing I couldn't be there. After talking about it some more, we had come to the mutual decision if it happens it happens but she wouldn't go looking for it.

    Well getting to how she started.... We were at a friends house and all getting pretty buzzed. The topic of head came up and I said I bet my wife could make any man cum in less than 2 mins with her mouth. My wife there listening the whole time. My friend didn't believe me and to be honest I didn't really believe it either. Well he said I will take that bet but my wife said she wouldn't do anything while drinking cause she didn't want to have some BS excuse for doing it.

    That night was an utter BUST. Next weekend however we were doing our ritual thing getting buzzed at my buddies but I noticed she wasn't drinking, I asked her whats up completly forgeting about the last time she reminded me by saying if I make a wager like that again she wants to be sure there are no excuses. The funniest thing was HE asked me if that wager was still good. The wife and I looked at each other and I told her it was up to her. After a few minutes of just regular conversation, she looked at him and said are we gonna do this thing or not?

    I was instantly excited, he was blown away and she was grinning from ear to ear. He said ok lets go. We went into his living room and I sat down on the couch next to them. She got down on her knees between his legs, had him stand up so she could pull his pants down and examined his cock. She looked at it then looked at me and asked do you mind? I told her no and I think before I even finished saying it she began sucking and licking him. Before I go any further, I have to tell you this guy was not like a huge monster he was average, maybe a little thicker than me.

    Ok now I guess after about 45 mins of getting him to the edge then calming him down she finished him off by swallowing his load. When she was done she was giggling like a school girl and he was sitting on the couch just looking at her with a glazed eyes. I lost the wager but got something I wanted even more! Now after that incident she is much more receptive to giving head to guys reguardless of if I am there or not. But if it's full sex she'll wait for me like in the picture we found 2 black men online for our 3rd encounter and they pleased her to no end. That would take me at least an hour to write up but I got no time. Maybe another day. - George


    Friday, November 23, 2007


    My Wife Helen & Rich

    Guess I want to tell you about my cuckold experience which I got mixed feelings about.

    My wife Helen is 40 but still with a great body, nice legs, boobs and ass, blonde/brunette and curvy about 5'6".

    I never really entertained any thoughts of watching her go with other guys, but sort of liked seeing other guys oggle her in shopping malls when she was wearing a short skirt or tight shorts.

    One afternoon she comes home from work and says her best friend there asked if we could take in her nephew as a lodger for a few weeks as he is coming to town to work and she knew we had spare bedrooms.

    I was not that keen but said OK for a couple of weeks.
    The guy arrives and he is 22 with a great athletic body, looking to play pro soccer. Helen mothered him for a few days showing him the town. He was very polite and well behaved but I noticed his eyes followed my wife as she moved round the house.

    About three weeks after he arrives we all go to a BBQ hosted by his aunt, my wife's friend. While there we met a man named Rich who was a friend of the aunt and he and Helen were flirting all night long. Even the nephew looked at me and asked if I was ok with it. By then I had a few too many beers and when we get home I go straight to bed and decide to sleep in one of the spare rooms.

    About 10pm I wake up and hear noises coming from the main bedroom. I peek thru the door and Helen is on her back with legs spread wide and , Rich is just entering her with his dick which looks about half again as big as mine. I'm not even sure how he knew where we lived but I guess she told him.

    He is pumping in and out of her and she is coming out with groans of pleasure. I feel my dick stiffening and start to masturbate. Helen suddenly gives out this big shout of ecstasy and pulls her to him as he pumps spunk in her. I come outside in the hallway at the same time.

    The next morning they both give me guilty looks but I take Helen aside and say I don't mind if she continues to sleep with him. She looks surprised but wasn't about to turn my offer down.

    A pattern got established over the next few weeks, with Rich sleeping in the main bedroon with my wife and he would even fondle her in front of me when we were watching TV or something. He started to treat me (probably rightly)with contempt.

    Helen was well taken with him and would do anything for him. He liked her to wear short skirts all the time and have a lot of makeup. He even bought her a French maid's outfit to wear. I have a picture of her being fucked him in our living room in a sexy stockings lingerie outfit he wanted her to wear that night. It is one of 2 times he let me watch and take pictures.

    We had some old friends round for dinner - a couple we had known for years and they remarked how happy Helen seemed and younger. Rich went out to the kitchen with Helen to help clear the dishes and then we heard them going upstairs, then the sound of lovemaking on the bed whilst our friends were still there. Our friends didn't say anything but made their excuses and left. I think the story went round quite a few of my acquaintances.

    Rich stayed in our place about six months then moved away. Helen was distraught and talked about going with him but I don't think he loved her. My relationship with Helen has obviously not been the same since, and I think she is looking around for another guy.

    Looking back I think I was overtaken by events and will make sure the next time isn't so overpowering.



    Monday, November 19, 2007


    Finally Admitted She's Cuckolding Me

    For a long time i've been sure my wife has been getting some elsewhere, perhaps not with the same guy, but she has definately been putting about. She has denied it for ages. Then last night all that changed!

    It all started when she was ready to go out and having a drink with me in the living room, we sat together on the couch and she leaned over, whispering in my ear "so stranger, do you come here often?" I replied "no its my first tme actually, but Im sure I could make it a more regular occurance if I know ill find somebody as hot you here every week." With that she pulled her thong down from under her dress and tossed it onto the floor. "You know my husband is at home right now, probably fantasising about me fucking a stranger with a huge cock and loving it!"

    I knew she knew right there. That I had wanted to be cuckolded and to know all about it. My throbbing member was also a give away.

    She smiled at me and with that I slid my hand under her dress and began rubbing her clit, I could feel her pussy throbbing and getting than ever with the excitement of pretending I was a complete stranger. She then leant back rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. "why don't you come and push that up in my aching pussy, give me something to tell my husband about!"

    With that I climbed between her legs and pushed my cock into her soaking pussy. "I'm a total slut!" she kept saying, "fuck me like I'm your whore!" I loved it I was so horny I nearly shot my load, but she pushed me off before I had chance. "No No!" she said "I want you to be horny and fantasizing about this all night!" Desperate to fuck her I did as I was told and sat back down on the couch. Soon after the taxi was beeping outside, she kissed me quickly and then left. After she was gone I realized that she hadn't put her thong back on!

    All night I was dreaming about what she might be up to, then at 2:30 in the morning she called my mobile. I couldn't hear anything at first and then the faint sound of her groaning could be heard, her groaning got louder and louder and I could hear the groans of a guy coming through the phone too. I was so horny listening in on it. Then she started talking to him "fuck me like a whore, I'm your slut now, I want you to fill my pussy with your hot cum!" It was so intense I had trouble not cumming. As the screams became louder she finally let out a huge moan and the phone went dead!

    Half an hour later she was knocking on the door, I opened it to see her standing there, her hair in a mess and her dress twisted. "did you like that?" She asked, I just nodded speachless. She pushed me inside the house and lay herself back on the couch, opened her legs and pulled up her dress.

    "Feel the inside of my legs baby." I did as I was told and run my hand up the inside of her leg, by the time I got as far as her knee I could feel the sticky slippery feeling of a man's cum. I looked at her shocked and ashamed, but at the same time more excited than I had ever been!

    "Kiss my cum covered thighs baby!" She said smiling at me. I did as she said and could taste the salty spunk on my lips, it was such a turn on, she just lay back, moaning appreciatively. "kiss higher she said" I began licking and kissing all of the cum from her thighs making my way slowly to her fucked pussy, I could see it glissening with cum, as my tongue ran over her labia gently I could taste the strong flavour of his cum.

    "Thats it baby, lick up every bit" I did just that, sucking the cum from her clit and pushing my tongue up inside, at this point what seemed like an entire load of cum ran from her hot pussy, over my tongue and into my mouth. "swallow it for me babe, show me how you appreciate what I've done for you tonight!" So I did, and carried on sucking and licking her clean as she began rubbing her high heels over my hard cock and the whole experience beacme too much, I came all over her shoes.

    She pushed me away and I sat in front of her looking at her smiling menacingly at me. She told me to take her shoes off and clean up my mess, SO I sat there infront of her, her lovers cum all over my face, licking my own cum from her shoes. She smiled at me and said,

    "I hope you enjoyed that baby, because Danny has agreed to meet me again next week. You see, I deserve it."

    With that she stood up and went upstairs, on her way up she told me to stay there until I had licked up ever drop of my cum and her shoes were shining. By the time I got to bed she was fast asleep!

    The picture below was taken during our foreplay during a second meeting with my brother which is a long story I might tell next time. - Greg


    Thursday, November 15, 2007


    My Wife's Out on a Date Now!

    Well it's one thirty AM Wednesday night and I'm going stir crazy waiting for my wife to return home. She just called and said that she would be home around 2:30. You see tonight I gave her permission to date another man. Not knowing what else to do I decided to try to write down my feelings and share with you all. You above all are people who can understand what I'm going through. I guess I should start at the beginning.

    My wife Susan and I married young a little over six years ago. They have been a great six years. Susan looks fantastic. We walk or cycle almost everyday. Her body is firmer and tighter, now, than it was when I met her. She has deep colored eyes, a great complexion, and bright blonde hair. I have sent 2 pictures of her from a vacation we took to the Islands so you can also appretiate her. She is nude but we were out of site from the main beach. In a bikini at the beach every man drools when she walks by. During our love making Susan and I often talk about inviting other men to have sex with her.

    We have fantasized about who we might ask and during those times our lovemaking has been fantastic. Several times I thought Susan was ready to try a threesome but backed out at the last minute. At least she did until tonight. I arrived home at my usual time around 5:30. Susan asked if I minded if we went to dinner early. She said she had something to ask me but she didn't want to ask me at home. She seemed somewhat nervous as we drove to a nearby steakhouse. We asked for and received a table away from the other early diners.

    I had no idea what to expect but I can say that every thought imaginable was running though my mind. Susan hesitated asking her question until we both nervously ordered our meal. Even then she hesitated and it was not until our steaks arrived and were half eaten did she begin.

    "Honey, you know how we fantasize when we make love?" she began. "You mean about you sleeping with another man?" I asked, feeling my cock begin to stir. "Yes. Were you serious?" she asked. "Yes. I think so." I answered. "Well are you sure? Because if you're not.." She asked. "I'm sure. I want you too." I stopped her sentence. "Why. Have you met someone you want to sleep with." well, yes. Yes I have. His name is Rick and he's a salesman from Charlotte. He's ask me out several times but I didn't know if you really wanted me to." "What made you ask this time?" "Because. Because he's sexy and I want to. In fact I think I need to sleep with him." She said. "What do you mean you need to sleep with him?" I asked. She told me about one of her married co-workers that had dated this man. She had told Susan how great he had been. She went on to say how she had been told about the size of his cock. Then she said "And I want him in me. I really want him to fuck me."

    "Well, if you really want to. I want you to go for it." I said, then added. "Next time he's in town if he ask you to go out. Accept." "I did." She said. "He came to town yesterday and asked. I accepted for tonight. But if you don't want me.." Again I stopped her sentence. "I want you to. I want you to screw his eyes out." I said as I leaned over and kissed her lips. "There's one other thing you should know. He's waiting for me now."


    A vision of my beautiful wife with her tanned silky skin laying under another man. Both in a frenzy as they made love flashed before my eyes. My cock was fully erect now. Straining at my trousers to free itself. "I won't go if you object." Susan said. Reaching over I took her hand and guided it to my groin. "What do you think?" I said. "I think you're going to have sloppy seconds tonight." Susan giggled.

    Susan's hand remained in my lap, slowly massaging my swollen cock as I paid the waitress. We then walked out of the restaurant. Susan walking before me so I wouldn't be noticed. Not much was said until we got back home when Susan said. "I want to make love to you now but I had rather you wait until I get home. I want to be fresh for Rick tonight." She then added that she would have to hurry or she would be late. She had told Rick that she would meet him by 8:30 or she would not be coming.

    As Susan quickly showered she told me that she was going to meet Rick at his hotel. She said that they did not plan on going out. She said Rick had told her that he planned on 'cumming in'. I asked if she planned on using protection with Rick. "We talked about that." Susan said. "Rick feels like you. That too much feeling is lost with rubbers and you know how I hate those things." Stepping out of the shower she added. "Anyway, I want to feel his hot cum inside me. But I decided I will use them. After I cum I'm going to suck him off until he cums in my mouth."

    Susan dried herself as I watched then she went into the bathroom. Through the closed door I heard as she cleansed herself with a douche. The visions of Susan fucking this stranger was too much. My balls were beginning to ache. I needed relief myself and I knew I would have the opportunity after Susan left. Susan finished dressing, choosing not to wear a bra or panties. "I would be taking them off in half an hour anyway." She said. Then kissing me and saying our "I love you's." Susan drove off. She had not gotten out of the drive before my cock was out. Within seconds I exploded. The thick, white fluid shot from my cock with a force I had not known in years.

    That was about 8:00 O'clock. It's just after two now and I've jacked myself to four other climaxes. It's almost time for Susan so I'll close now and place this on your blog for others to read. I do hope Susan enjoyed herself. She should, after all she's been fucking or sucking Rick for over five hours now. I know I am going to enjoy a thoroughly messy, cum filled, pussy as Susan tells me about her date. - Ronny


    Monday, November 12, 2007


    How I Caught My Wife Cheating

    cheating wife
    I discovered that my wife, of then a few months, really was into other men, when we were sleeping over at a friend's of mine. This happened after a night of partying a few years ago. My wife and I had allready talked about our mutual feeling about not being pysically exclusive for each other. So she wasn't like really cheating on me and that was also because my friend didn't want to make a pass at her without me knowing it.

    My friend, who has a girlfriend himself, only had one double bed and I went to sleep somewhat earlier then they did. I already felt a certain tension between us, between them and I was curious what would happen. I must admit that I was a bit dissapointed when they came to bed, after an hour or so, and I hadn't heard anything going on in the livingroom next door.

    I pretended to be in a deep sleep when they joined me in bed. She slept topless as usual but we all kept our shorts and thongs on. They kept whispering for a while and then kissed each other good night. So nothing would happen, I thought. But after a while I felt some movement under the blankets. And my wife started moaning softly. I opened my eyes a bit and saw, through the darkness, that they were lying in a spoonlike way, her ass against his groin. She was rotating her hips against him and apparently liked what she felt. Then she reached towards her back, probably grabbed his dick and made an admiring remark. All this time I pretended to be sleeping.

    Her jerking hand in his underwear was a bit too much for him and he asked her to wake me up, before he would move on. So my wife 'woke me up' just to continue what she was doing. When I 'realised' what they were doing, I gave my blessing, a small light went on and the blankets disappeared. Then she also grabbed my hard dick and it didn't take her long to get our dicks out, giving both of us a handjob.

    My cock isn't small, it's average, but I saw that my friends cock was fat and large. And I also saw that my wife didn't want anything more then feeling this huge dick inside of her. Because she immediately started to give me a blowjob, offering him her soft white cheeks and wet pussy. He didn't hesitate and started fucking her hard. Harder then I do and, very unusual to me, without a condom. Because she isn't on the pill, we only fucked, and fuck, with rubbers, but nothing could bother her more at that moment.

    The rough way he fucked her made her cum instantly and over and over again. The pleasure of his big dick humping her was so great that she wasn't able to blow me anymore. But I was horny as hell and, seeing my wife being fucked this way and enjoying it so much, started jacking off myself. I didn't take me long to shoot my load all over my stomach. But he kept fucking her and she kept cumming. Finally he also came and pumped his massive load deep into her cunt. And again, she couldn't care less. And after that she even masturbated her soaking pussy to one of the biggest climaxes I've ever witnessed.

    As I said this happened a few years ago. And since then my wife has had some fuckbuddies and this friend (pic) and some other good friends of mine still are fucking her on a somewhat regular basis. They hardly ever use a condom but I still am. It's not that she wants to become pregnant but when she's at it, she and her lovers are so horny that it's just forgotten.

    But this was my story how I found out...


    Friday, November 09, 2007


    Our First Time

    HOTWIFE Hi, my name is Pam.

    I would describe to you what I did with my husband several years ago. Like many of the posts here, this actually did happen.Our first menage-a-trois occurred about 5 years into my marriage to Tim.

    We always had a good sex life and I was aware that Tim had a fantasy about me having sex with another man. Just prior to our marriage I had a married co-worker that wanted to get me in bed. I never did screw him because he was married, but I did give him frequent hand jobs and an occasional blow job in a storage area at work. I really enjoyed playing with has penis and making him ejaculate.

    I always have had a fascination with the male penis and touching them.Anyway I had told Tim about these hand jobs and how I would have liked to have fucked him as well. Tim would become very very aroused talking about my prior sexual adventures with other men. This was surprising to me and I had told him about all my encounters that I could remember. He always wanted as much detail as possible so some times I would exaggerate.

    It made for very good and long intercourse sessions in our bedroom. Tim also revealed some of his encounters to me. There was one in particular that led to our first cuckold.First a little background. Tim grew up in Hawaii as a teenager and lived on the beach. He had a neighbour, Bill, who lived across the street. He was 3 years older than Tim and was a high school athlete who surfed, water-skied and was on the swim team, he was always very friendly to Tim. One afternoon he told Tim he had some sexual pictures and Tim went over ...


    Monday, November 05, 2007


    Cuckolded Halfway!

    wifey nude
    Hi Webmaster,

    A buddy of mine let me know about a week ago that he really wants to fuck my wife, and was pretty much asking my permission, when she is drinking, she gets really horny, just wondering if I should arrange a "drinking" party with my friend, and whether or not I need to do anything to "encourage" her to let him fuck her brains out, she is pretty hot, I will try to attach a pic, but more or less wondering, if I should let her know my intentions, OR start miixing the drinks that I know will get her hot and naked!!

    I gave an email reply and got this response.

    Hey, sorry I haven't gotten back before now, but yes, I did get her to do something with my friend, we all went out to dinner and had a few drinks at the restuarant. It was still early on a friday night, so I decided to throw some logs in the fire pit and start a fire to help break the chill of the night, and we sat around and drank, and caught up with the latest happenings. After about two hours, the wife was feeling the effects of the mixed drinks I had been feeding her, and with a little encouragement (very little) began to get flirty.

    We live out in the country and our pit is not visible from any roads or the neighbors, so soon we had her dancing to the songs on the songs on the radio, after a few false strip teases, my buddy finally dared her to go all the way! I almost came in my pants when she actually started taking clothes off, she had a pair of jeans and kick off shoes on, so those were the first to go. when she got down to her bra and panties, my buddy jokingly took out a ten and held it out to her, I couldn't believe the way she was dirty dancing over to him to get it, and as she leaned in to get it from him, he pulled it back and shook his head, no, no, no, as he motioned to her bra, it was like I was dreaming, everything I wanted to see from my wife was right there in front of me, with a buddy I have known 5 years longer than I had my wife.

    As she took her bra off, she went around behind him and draped her bra around his shoulders, danced back around in front of him, as he held the money out not touching, but between her tits, she leaned back a little and slowly lowered his hand to the brim of her panties, buy this time I had moved my chair back into the shadows, but with the light of the fire still had a great view. she continued to give him his own dirty dance, lowering her tits cloes to his face, he opened his mouth, and she sat on his lap, as his lips closed around my wife's tit.

    For the next several minutes or maybe longer, for me it was as though time had stood still, I could see one my best friends, with his lips around my wife's tit, trying to pull her panties off!! Through the haze of the fire, and the chill of the night (as I had moved away from the fire's heat) my mind raced, with a cocktail of emotions, delighted at seeing my almost naked wife in another man's arms, but a touch of jealousy, knowing that he and I have been friends for over 15 years, and at the same time, wanting to see him actually fucking her!!

    I could tell by the way he was moving in the chair, and how she had lifted herself up, that he was getting out of his pants, once his pants were off, I saw them kiss, deep, passionately which I must admit caught me completely off guard, that and the fact that they were both totally oblivious to the fact that I was there, but then again, I had talked to both of them seperatley about something like this happening, but then it all seemed 100 years away, a "it will never happen" from her, and an "i don't know if I could do that with my best friends wife" from him.

    But now right in front of me, here my wife was completely naked by the light of the fire, close to midnight, clear skies, beautiful starry night, and now my friend was down to only his t-shirt, sucking on my wife's tits, and kissing her like she was his girl!! After the kissing, I saw that she was starting to get up, at first I thought, oh, she's coming around, she's going to get up and go into the house!! WHOA! was I wrong!! she only got up enough to get down on her knees in the sand that surrounds the fire pit, I could feel my own cock hardening, and at the same time, I was in disbelief, as watched her slowly stroke his cock, from my point of view (which was in front of him, and behind my wife, fifteen feet or so away) it looked as though she had looked him straight in the eye as she lowered her mouth over his hardness! The jealousy bug hit again for a minute, as I thought she doesn't look me in the eye when she sucks my cock!?! I couldn't really see the size of his cock as the only light was from the fire, but the site of my wife's head going up and down, as she sucked his cock, and I could hear the slurping, and his groaning, I thought I was going to cum right then and there!!

    She continued to suck his cock for sometime, t'ill he finally began to moan faster and I could see him with is hands grabbing my wife's hair, pulling her down, as he tightened and moaned, he yelled out, oh yeah, oh yeah, come on, suck my fucking cock, or words to that effect ( I am sure you can get the idea) I could see him arch up out of his chair, and hold her by the hair, and could hear muffled noises coming from her, I knew he was letting his cock seed go into my wife's hungrily sucking mouth, she has only swallowed my cum once in the ten years we have been married, but I swear that that night, she emptied his balls into her mouth and swallowed one of my best friends load of cum! (the jealousy bug hit again, but I was so excited watching her sucking his cock, that feeling quicly faded!!).

    When he had finished, he slowly pulled her up and they kissed again, but not another word was spoken. She grabbed her clothes and excused herself, and I assume went to the bathroom, to do whatever women do after someone cums in their mouth. As he dressed, nothing was said between us, as I threw some more wood onto the fire. After a minute or two, I said hey, i'm going to get another drink, you ready?? he kind of chuckled and said yeah, just bring the rest of the bottle out. After about maybe fifteen minutes or so, my wife (now fully dressed) came back out to join us, it was really kind of funny, because none of us said anything about what happened only a half hour or so before, but instead, turned the radio up, mixed up some more drinks, and continued laughing and joking like old friends.

    The next day, it was like nothing had happened the night before, we all went out to breakfast (more like mid morning brunch), came back to the house, him and I worked on my truck (he helped me change the u-joints and replace the ball bearings in my truck) my wife would come out, and ask us if we needed anything, and made sure we had drinks, and enough to eat. But nothing more was said about the night before.
    Now, we (the wife and I) are heading up to spend a few nights at his place, about an hour away, and I am not really sure what to expect, BUT, part of me ( a BIG part of me) wants to see them take this another step forward, and even not really knowing what is going to happen, I am going to purposely 'forget' to bring condoms, just in case!! - Rod


    Friday, November 02, 2007


    Caught Her Cheating


    Hi Cuckold Blog,

    I suspected my wife was having an affair. Interestingly though, I was excited and not upset.

    She works at home entering data from a market research company on to a PC. She receives batches of questionnaires to enter 2 or 3 times a week. Originally these were delivered by a regular distribution company. Lately, however, they are brought round to our house by the local area manager, her boss.

    One day I had to go to the local DIY store during my lunch break. The route from my office to the store takes me right past our house. As I passed the house I noticed that my wife's boss' car was parked outside. Nothing unusual, I thought, he is probably just delivering some questionnaires. I was surprised when, on my return journey, some 40 minutes later, the car was still there.

    Not being one to seek confrontation I did not mention this to my wife but I did start driving past the house at lunchtime on quite a regular basis. More often than not his car would be there.

    Around about this time I noticed small changes in my wife's behaviour. You know the sort of things I mean. She was slightly off hand with me, not that interested in sex and the new underwear she bought was just a little more racy than usual.

    By now I was convinced there was something going on and I was determined to find out what.

    A few weeks later I managed to borrow, through a pal of mine, one of those covert CCTV cameras. It had what they call a pinhole lens which I was able to discreetly install in a light fitting in the bedroom. I linked it to a time-lapse VCR which I hid in the loft. I set the whole thing up to record 48hrs on one tape and left it running.

    The next Tuesday I drove past the house at lunchtime and sure enough his car was there. Knowing that my wife always goes to gym class on Tuesday evenings I could not wait to get home from work and have a look at the tape. When finally she left the house at about 7.30pm I was straight up to the loft to retrieve the tape. I brought it downstairs started to play on our TV.

    Sure enough, just as the video time stamp turned mid-day my wife and her boss came in to the bedroom. Although the picture quality was crap and the time-lapse missed most of the action it was clear the he was doing a lot more than just delivering questionnaires!!!!

    It was also clear that my wife was really 'going for it'. She was a lot wilder, adventurous and downright slutty than she has ever has been with me. It was also perfectly clear that her boss is a pretty impressive lover; a fit well built man and about ten years younger than me. I could not fail to notice that he was also very well endowed, about 8 inches and pretty thick, in fact probably about twice my size!! He fucked her good and proper for the best part of an hour including doggie style which has always been something off limits in our relationship, my wife saying it makes her feel dirty. On this occasion she was loving it!!!!!

    The really strange thing about all this is the way it made me feel. I had always imagined that if I caught my wife cheating I would be the enraged, jealous husband. Probably punch the guy's lights out, give her a slap and cast her out of the house penniless. Not the case!! I found it very erotic and real turn on, in fact as I finished watching the tape I realised that I had a throbbing hard-on. I re-played the tape and masturbated until it ended.

    My problem now is how to get to see more of the action. There is no way that, even if I had the courage to ask, my wife would allow me in the bedroom to watch. Besides, there is an extra thrill in knowing that she thinks she is cheating behind my back. I think the answer maybe be to get hold of a miniature webcam, if there is such a thing, that I can install in the bedroom without her knowledge. I could then watch the recordings on my PC or even log on and watch live whilst I am at work.

    So I guess that makes me a cuckold now? I read all the stories here and got very aroused and would picture my wife in their places so I guess I am. So be it then. I can't ait to see more of her with her boss. I have also sent in a picture of my wife that I took of her in her sexy night something? Lingereie? Nightie? Whatever LOL. - Rick


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