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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, December 31, 2006


    My Hotwife?

    Hi all, I'm sort of new here to this stuff. I have a pretty good story to tell as to how I got into this scene. So, im 21 now, happily living after the hurricane named C***y took over my life. When we were both in High school, we were madly in love. It wasn't hard, she was 5'10, about 100 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, legs to die for. It wasn't long before I first developed a huge foot fetish, and had her routinely jerk me off with her sexy feet. Hell, we had so much sex it was amazing. Her blow jobs were sensual and long. I was in love. For one reason or another, while watching some foot job porn of an older guy and a young blonde girl, I started imagining that it was her stroking the guy's cock. So, fast forward a few weeks, and I finally found the courage to do something about this new found fetish. I took her to a sex store nearby and bought her a large black dildo. That night I had her stradle me with her panties down around her ankles as she jacked my cock as hard as she ever had, and deep throated the dildo. I was in heaven. Needless to say, I went away to college the next fall and things fell apart rapidly. By Thanksgiving we were always mad at each other. She came up to my dorm in early January as sort of a last goodbye type thing. We quickly started to argue, and she left. She was gone a long time, and when she came back, she stripped and we made out for a good 30 seconds. I tasted something salty and warm... it was someone else's cum. We fucked like rabbits, and the next morning she was out of my life forever. I met up with my best friend (at the time), Dave, and told him about my night. He knew already. She had seen him that night. It was his cum. I almost puked, but I was rock hard. I beat it about 4 more times that day. Well, now i'm all moved on, and we occasionally talk. I have a wife now, but I have to admit when i'm alone, I can't stop myself from jerking it to the thoughts of the good old days which actually may be coming back! I'm noticing my wife starting to look alot at other men when we go out. Maybe??? Well, thats my story, and here are some pics of my hot wife that I hope will soon be my "hotwife". Thanks - Carl


    Friday, December 29, 2006


    3-way with Wife and my Buddy

    My and Sandy's (my wife) first experience was with a female friend of ours! The friend hinted about it and we just took her up on it! I wanted to be fair to Sandy and let her fuck another man so one of my close buddies at work who always hinted about Sandy was invited to see her "flash" him but when he came over Sandy felt brave (helped by about a bottle of and next thing we knew we were all in the bedroom screwing! He's 18 years younger than Sandy and he's only ever been with his wife! (who was his high school sweetheart!) We've "played" together about 5 times and this morning he called me on my way to work (he's on vacation helping his Dad) and he asked if I thought Sandy would consider him stopping by for a "quickie" and I said I didn't think she would say no! I called her and asked if it was ok and she said sure as long as it was ok with me! Sandy called me about an hour later and said that it was a real "quickie" as he came and went ( She said it was fun but she thinks our nosey male neighbor is probably imagining all sorts of things now!...LOLOL. This was a first for us (playing alone)! We've also played with my older brother several times and another of Sandy's female co-workers! To us it's "just sex" and no emotion and we know these people well enough that it's all they want too! It's kept out lives "spiced"! ~ Sandman


    Friday, December 22, 2006


    My First Black Experience


    We had been swinging for several years when hubby started talking about me taking on a black guy. I made him talk me into it but deep down I couldn't wait to feel a black dick inside of me. I finally agreed to place an ad and see what we could find. We both went through the answers and picked a guy who came through our town quite often since he was a tuck driver. We set up a meeting with him just to get to know each other a little bit and see if we all really wated to meet. We met him for a drink the next time he was in town and decieded to set up a date for the following week. I knew as soon as I saw this guy that I wanted him to be my first black lover. He was very hot and really nice too.

    I spent the week making sure hubby was really ready for this and wanted it. We agreed that he would be there to take pictures and watch but nothing more. I told him if he really wanted this to happen it had to be with no rules, we could do anything that we wanted and all we wanted. He agreed to this. He said he just wanted me to enjoy myself.

    When the night finally got here I told hubby he was to go pickup my new lover and bring him to me at our home. I said I wanted to take him to our bed and get my frist black cock in our bed. He said he would be glad to do that. I also told him that when they were on the way over here he was to inform my black stud that there were no rules and he was to enjoy me anyway he wanted and all he wanted. " Make sure he knows that your wife is his slut for night."

    By the time they got to our home I was so hot knowing I was going to soon have his black cock inside of me and hubby was going to see his wife being a total slut for black cock. If he wanted a show I was going to give him one he would always remember.

    Gene set my me on the couch and we had a drink together and relaxed a little bit before he took me into his arms and started kissing me. He soon was running his hands all over me getting me so wet and hot for his cock. Hubby was soon forgotten as I got my hand into his pants and around his thick black shaft. I had never felt anything that big before and couldn't wait to feel in inside of me. I soon had his cock out and was watching while I stroked it, seeing how big it was and how good it looked in my white hand. " Get on your knees and suck it". I was on the floor in front of him almost before he was done telling me.

    I took his cock in my hand and started licking it all over beofre taking it into my mouth. ' YEA baby, suck that black dick!" I sucked him for several min. while he and hubby both watched, but I wanted him inside of me so I stood up and took his hand and led him to our bedroom. We both finished undressing and got into bed and he started kissing me and pressing his body aganist mine getting me so hot and wet. He licked and kissed me all over working his way down to my wet pussy. When I felt his tongue enter my pussy I started cumming right then. He loved how hot I was and sucked up all my juices. "Please fuck me now!' He smiled at me and said. " You want this black dick?" " Oh Yes. I want you inside of me now!' He started to get a rubber but I stopped him. " I want you to take me bare!" He just crawled between my legs as I spread them wide for him and rubbed his cock all over my soaked pussy as I was begging him to put it in.

    I finally reached down there and took his cock in my hand and guided it into my pussy. He slowly started pushing it into me until I had every inch of him inside of me. I had never had so much cock in me before and felt so full. He fucked me in several different positions making me cum over and over on his big cock until he was finally ready to cum also. He asked me " Where do you want me to cum"? I looked over at my hubby as I replied" I want you to cum inside my pussy and fill me with your black seed." A few more hard strokes and I felt him explode inside of me pumping load after load of his hot cum into me. Feeling his cum blasting inside of me I also exploded again with the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

    As he layed spent still inside of me he asked, "Is it as good as you thought it would be?" " Oh yes, I love it and want more." I want to be your slut and take care of you whenever you are here." We had many more nights together before his route changed and he no longer came this way. He turned me into a true black cock slut and I thank him for that. - Rhianne




    Wednesday, December 20, 2006


    Caught Her Cheating



    I am totally addicted to my wife cheating on me. It all started a year ago when I left my computer cam running so I could keep an eye on our dog while I was at work. The dog sleeps on our bed during the day so I set up the camera to film him on the bed. So imagine my suprise when I turned on the camera from work and I see my wife fucking another man. Of course I flipped out when I saw this. I wanted to kill her. But it was not that big of a suprise. We had been fighting for months and we almost never had sex. I would always have to beg for it. And when I finally did get it she would just sit there.

    Anyways.....I went home right away but buy the time I got there, they were gone. The thing that really drove me crazy was the fact that she had never fucked me like that. She was so aggressive with the guy. And so loud. I had never made her scream like that. She was a totally different women. It also drove me crazy that the guy was way bigger than I was. He had a huge fucking dick. It had to be 8 inches. And it was fucking thick.

    Well I decided to go back to work. Of course I got no work done. I tried to think of how I would confront her on this. When I got home that night I had the uncontrolable urge to hate fuck her before I confronted her. Of course she made me beg for it .Which made me hate her even more. But she finally gave in. But as I started fucking her I began to picture her fucking the other guy. This made me cum right away. We had been fucking for only 2 minutes. Of course this pissed off my wife and she pushed me out of bed. I felt so humiliated after that I just kept the fact that I knew she was fucking another man a secret. My plan was to fuck her better than the other guy and when I finally did I would confess that I caught her cheating and the divorce her.

    This is where it gets crazy. I went to work the next day and of course the same thing happened. They fucked for hours in my bed while I watched it from miles away. Every night I would go home and try and fuck her. But she would either turn me down or I would cum to quick from the thought of how she looked while fucking the other guy. It was only a matter of time before I started wacking off at work while watching the 2 of them fuck live on my computer cam. This went on for weeks. I was totally addicted to watching them. It got to the point where I set up more comp cams in the house. Because sometimes they would fuck in the shower or on the kitchen floor.

    I took it even farther when I decided to sneak home during the day and I would watch them on another computer from inside the house. Something about this turned me on so much. One time she decided put on this really sexy lingerie. She NEVER did anything like that for me. I watched from the downstairs computer as she mounted this guy in this incredible outfit.........

    As i watched them fool around in my bed I suddenly had an idea. I decided to call my wife on the phone. She let it ring for the longest time. You could tell she was starting to become irritated. She finally answered the phone. I can't remember what I said to her but I kept her on the phone as long as I could. I could tell the guy she was with was growing impatient. She was lying on her back with him on top of her. But he slowly began kissing her and worked his way down her body. She tried to get him to stop but when he started licking her pussy she seemed to finally give in. I was so turned on! I couldn't believe I was actully on the phone with my wife while she was with another man. (and I could see everything!!) She tried to carry on a conversation with me but I could tell she was begining to have a hard time focusing on what I was saying. As we talked I would ask her questions and she would respond with answers that made no sense. But I just went along. On the video she was clearly getting into it. She started arching her back and thrusting her pelvis. They were making alot of eye contact. This way she could communicate approval without actully having to moan. But before long she could not control her self and she let one slip. I had to say something. I asked her what he hell she was doing and she confessed that she was masturbating. I told her how hot I thought that was and to stay on the phone while I got off with her from work. She moaned yes but it was obvious she was talking to the man she was with. But now that she thought that I thought she was buy her self she became way more vocal. This was so amazing. I could actully watch my wife fuck another man while I was on the phone with her. The best was when I started talking dirty to her. "Tell me you want it", I would say. And she would respond. But it was clear that she would always be talking to him. But then something really suprising happened. I told her to say grab my tits but when she did the guy stopped eating her out and grabbed her tits. This was fucking amazing. I was actully directing what this guy did to her! Then I told her to say,"Stick it in me", and he did! They were now fucking with me on the phone! She really started making noise. Lots of moaning and lots of, "Oh god" and fuck me. When the two of them finally looked like they were ready to explode I told her to say, "Cum on my face". This was something I had never seen this guy do. But sure enough when she said this out loud he stood up, grabbed her buy the hair and began unloading in her face. I have some still images from the cams of them. Unfortunately these are the only ones I could submit because any others would show thier faces and I'm not ready for anyone in my area to know about this. - Landon


    Sunday, December 17, 2006


    My Wife the School Teacher

    cuckold My wife is a teacher and has a discrete wild side. She has to be careful locally, but when we go out of town she turns into a slut. Here's a few of her exploits ...


    Friday, December 15, 2006


    Dan sent in a Video of his Wife!

    It was humiliating. Two black guys hit on her at a local bar. And she fell for it. There I sat helpless - watching her with them. dirty dancing and pouring Patron inot her. One of the guys it looked like even gave her a few hits of "X". she was all over them, higher than a kite. the they started to leave with her. My wife with two black dudes all ... READ THE REST AND WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!


    Monday, December 11, 2006


    Transition to Hotwife

    my wife Hey,
    My wife used to only fuck around in front of me, but she recently made the transition to slut wife by fucking a black doctor from her work behind my back. Imagine my feelings knowing the guy has got a bigger cock and paycheck then me. She meets him for sex before or after work. And I could never figure out why she always had excuses not to have sex with me. Now, she gets ready for work like shes going clubbing, and has started shaving her pussy and got a belly-button ring. Meanwhile, she never, ever gets wet for me anymore. Literally. On those occasions that we fuck after he's already had her its obvious, her pussy is stretched out, actually wet, and she complains that her pussy is sore. Numerous times she has come home with cum soaked panties (yes, I check the hamper). Well, enjoy the pics--I only have some old ones of her and my own small white penis.


    my wife

    my wife

    Friday, December 08, 2006


    Bull Made Me Post This

    I have been instructed by Her new Bull to post this. She met him through a national swinger site. He lives in the upper midwest, we live in the Mid-Atlantic region. He came to our city last summer and met her without me. They chatted at a bar for a time, but after about only 30 mins, he persuaded her to come to his car with him. I was shocked to learn from her after that she had sucked his cock in the car. She has never been so bold on a first meeting before. She must have really liked him.

    Notwithstanding the obvious chemistry, his distance from us has prevented another meeting until this month. On Dec 16 we are meeting him in Washington DC where he will fuck my wife and keep her in his bed all night.

    Some details have not been decided. But they will go out to dinner at a nice restaurant without me. I may drive them or they may take a cab. But I will not join them for dinner. After a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant, they may go out for a drink or for some music, or they may no. Either way, the next step will be for them to return to the hotel.

    It will be my job during the evening to prepare their room. To turn down their bed, light candles and set the music.

    I may or may not be permitted to spend any time at all with them. If so, the most I will see is some kissing and petting.

    He has told me directly that I will likely never see him fuck my wife.

    If I stay in their suite over night, I may be able to hear through the door. If I am sent to a remote room, elsewhere in the hotel, I will hear only what they phone to allow me to hear.

    In any event, I will be alone in my bed, with a hard cock, knowing that he is enjoying my wife's pussy and that both of them are building sexual energy and tension, and sharing that sweet release. I, meanwhile, will know no release. I will be required to stroke all night long, but prohibited from cumming.

    Sometime prior to their date -- I do not know what day -- I will be told that I may no longer fuck my wife, and I may no longer cum. I will be ordered to masturbate repeatedly every single day, but my orders will be to go to the edge of orgasm and then stop; after I calm down, I am to repeat the process -- endlessly. My cock will be raw and leaking and my balls will ache. But I will be so compliant that I will eagerly do anything and everything my Goddess tells me to do.

    And she enjoys fucking and cumming so much more when I am aching for her. Here is a picture of her that the bull instructed me to submit along with this post. - Cucky


    Monday, December 04, 2006


    Hotel Sex

    I have always wanted to share my wife with other guys....I actually have a few times with close friends. Any way I never really thought of the cuckold thing until the other night. I had my wife dress really sexy... short skirt...revealing shirt with no bra. We were at a bar and were drinking pretty heavily when a group of people came in and started playing pool. After a while we decided to go play doubles with them. After a few more drinks my wife was really flirting with one of the guys. I've always loved watching her flirt. Well anyways towards the end of the night me, my wife and this stranger were all gathered around a table. He made the comment that we were really a cool couple and he would like to go party with us. We both kinda smiled, not knowing what to expect. Well I guess the guy was really brave because he actually reached into her shirt and pulled one of my wifes tits out and started rubbing the nipple right in front of me. I almost fell over. I LOVED IT!!!!

    Well we left the bar and started the search for a taxi. We were walking down the street...I was holding one hand he was holding the other. After about a block he told me that I needed to walk behind them....I did it. We found another open bar so he told me to go inside and have them call us a taxi. I of course I did it. When I came out they were embraced in the biggest kiss I think I had ever seen.....I had to just watch them until the taxi arrived.

    Then came the ride back to our room. He was all over her again and even removed her shirt. He did allow me to rub on one of her tits on the ride though. It was only about a five minute ride back to the room. When we arrived he told me to pay the driver and then he asked the driver "do you want to suck on this guys wifes tits before I go fuck her in front of him" The taxi driver then got to fondle her tits with his hands and tongue right in the hotel parking lot. I was almost ready to bust....

    Then we got back to the room. He told us both to get naked and lay on the bed. He then got undressed and just shoved his cock in her mouth. To my suprise the told me that I could go ahead and fuck her, but I better not cum. I have to admit I had to stop.....I couldn't keep from cumming. After a few minutes he said he was ready to fuck. I expected him to put a condum on or something, but he just moved down and began to fuck her. It was SO HOT!!!!! After about five minutes of him just pounding her pussy he said that he was going to fill her pussy full of cum. I expected her to stop him, but she just said go ahead Baby. I have never seen anyone cum as much as he did. He then called me back over and told me to eat her pussy. I have never really even though of eating a creampie, but I will say I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!! He told me that her pussy was mine to do whatever I wanted with and then he got dressed and just left.

    I just couldnt help it.....I just kept eating her pussy. Finally she told me to fuck her. I did, but couldn't last. The feel of fucking her with another mans cum in there was too much to handel. I added my load of cum and then started eating again!!!!!!

    After a few more times of uncontrolable cumming I got back to normal and had the best sex ever!!!!!!! After that occassion we met with him once more the very next day. He called and told my wife and I to meet him at this run down little cheap motel. Again I had to pay for it and again I was only able to fondle her tit. I brought a camera and asked his permission to use it. He said yes but to try to not get his face in the pics. This was my favorite one that I have on my desk at home and look at every night. I look forward to doing something like this again. - Sam the Cuck


    Friday, December 01, 2006


    How She Cuckolds Me

    My wife is just great. She promised me a
    surprise a few days ago saying "she will
    play with my dick...", and since I haven't
    had any activity for a long time, I was
    excited looking forward it.

    I expected she will bring home one of her
    lovers, tell me to prepare dinner, take off
    my clothes, remove the elastic
    that grips my dick, shake it a little bit
    in a disdainful way, and then spend the
    night with her lover.

    However, she did something very different. I guess she is very bored with me and doesn't
    get as much pleasure by humiliating me as she used to. Also, because I don't speak perfect english (I am danish) she is tired of telling me things several times.

    She brought three women with her. One about her age (35), whose name is Leslie, and two
    young girls of 20. She told me to take off my clothes and lie down on the sofa. The four women looked at my penis with its elastic around it. My wife Alison explained them how it worked.
    She gave my dick a rub and when it was hard, said it is impossible to cum. Then she decided to
    remove the elastic. I was incredibly excited and Alison knew it. She smiled at me and fondled my dick and balls. It drove me mad and felt like never before.

    The young girls played with my dick and balls while they all talked with each other. "Not all men are so wimpy!", said Leslie to the young girls. Of course, they didn't let me cum and I am sure
    that was Alison's instructions. Leslie asked Alison surprisingly if she enjoyed having me as
    husband, Alison answered something like "He pays everything and is my slave".

    Then Alison looked at me and started to play again with my dick and balls. At the very moment
    I was going to explode looking at her smile, she gripped hard my dick and said "You're not going
    to do it today either!". I felt a terrible pain in my dick tortured by her fingers, and a strange
    feeling as my own semen went back into myself following Alison's intructions.

    The three women then left and I was left on the couch for an hour feeling the sting and want. Just then there was a knock at the door. It was one of my wife's lovers. She smiled a wicked smile at me and went upstairs where they made love all night. I was able to sleep in my own bed when he left at 3:30 am. This is a picture of my wife and some of her lovers that I took early on in our cuckolding. - Kaden


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