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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Saturday, January 28, 2006


    Athletic Wife Gets A Massage

    athletic wife
    I recived a massage from an ad in the newspaper. My hubby was home but in a different part of the house. I told him he could watch but stay hidden. The gentleman did not know my husband was home. The massage was 100% professional for the first 45min. Im a level 3 squash player so the butt is a primary spot for me. I had also requested more work on that area. The towel was only JUST covering me. he asked if he could remove it entirely in order to really work the area. I was sort of turned on but grateful for the butt massage. He for sure was opening and closing my bum along the crack. Never touched me beyond that but omg was I turned on. Best massage I have ever had. I have him booked again for tomorrow when I will have him do me hard while hubby again gets to watch. I love this lifestyle!



    Thursday, January 26, 2006


    Cheating Wife With Black Stud & Women

    I recently discovered my wife has been having sex without me, but I am not upset, I find it to be a turn on. She has no idea I know and I am going to keep it that way. I found out she has been getting it on with two of her girlfriends and it is exciting. I set up a monitoring system in my family room and have the three of them on tape twice. Now they don't always come to my house, unfortunately. The first time they watched some porn and then used toys and had many orgasms, with some great moaning. The second time they used toys on each other, vibes on their clits, laying on their sides, they were doing each others clits and pussies, but then they answered the door and this big black dude walks into the frame! He fucked all 3 of them including my wife and she seemed to enjoy the hell out of it. When I watched that I alsomost came right there my heart was pounding so fast! Now, I have asked my wife if she would like to have sex with another woman and she says, ugh, gross, not interested, etc. Same thing about black men. I'm not sure how to proceed now since I am turned on enough to keep letting her do this but also want to kind of share it. Should I stay a cuckold or not?

    P.S. Here is a pic of her we took last year.


    Saturday, January 21, 2006


    From BareBack to Breeding

    bareback cuckold
    Before I start please don't waste your time telling me how sick I am. I already know that.

    My wife and I are in our early 30's. For several years I have been fantasizing about my wife having another man's baby. I have pestered her enough since we've been married that she finially agreed to have sex with a buddy of mine that she found attractive.

    Watching her suck his cock and then watching him do her bareback was incredible. I got to see his cum run out of her cunt when he finished. At that moment I thought how much more exciting it would be if she were not on the pill. There is something about it being possible for him to knock her up that gets me so damn hard. My ultimate fantasy would be for her to agree to let me find a man to fuck her and for her to agree to have his baby...even if he were black. It even sounds sick to me but the thought of watching her belly swell with another man's child turns me on. I have mentioned my fantasy to my wife and I even asked her if she thought she could ever go off the pill and let my buddy get her pregnant.

    She said I must be crazy. I can't disagree but I still can't get it out of my mind. I just have this fascination with watching a man fuck my wife knowing she is fertile. I think it would turn me on if she were to tell me she was having an affair and had gotten pregnant. I saw a program on TV tonight where that happened and I got hard. We want to have 2 children. I wouldn't care if they were fathered by 2 other men if I could watch them breed her. Does anyone else have these fantasies? I read about wife breeding on the internet but have not seen anything on here about it. Look at her pic! Who wouldn't want to see her fucked, then swell into pregnancy!



    Sunday, January 15, 2006


    Rhonda's Story

    cuckold wife


    A few years ago my husband and I were talking about who we thought were sexy people and we are as far apart on this issue as anyone could be. I told him I thought that Wesley Snipes was about as sexy as any man could ever be. He was shocked. I told him that he shouldn't be because almost all of the pornos he rents are about black men banging white women. The next evening we were at a movie rental place and .... read more

    Saturday, January 14, 2006


    Cuckold Pics Sent In

    These Cuckold Pics were sent in without any text.


    Thursday, January 12, 2006


    Drunk Hot Wife Gives Cab Driver A BJ

    I watched, from the house, while my wife gave the cabbie who was driving her home from a bar a BJ. She was so drunk that he had to almost carry her to the door, and she had no idea how to get in. After about a minute of her ringing the doorbell I opened the door and as he tried to hand her off to me she fell inside onto the floor, her micro mini up around her hips, no panties. I later found her panties, absolutely dripping soaked, in her purse.


    Sunday, January 08, 2006


    Wife Comes More With Other Men??

    Mine sure does. I've watched her with 16 other guys, mostly picked up in bars, and she really goes crazy with them. Their dicks aren't bigger than mine and she denies that they're better at fucking than I am, but my eyes surely don't deceive me. (I watch her have sex through a peephole, by the way.)



    Thursday, January 05, 2006


    Men Who Finger My Wife

    My wife once picked up a guy in a bar by letting him finger fuck her while they sat at the bar. Started out talking and flirting, when he put his hand on her leg (short skirt, no panties) she put her hand on his and moved it up. They started playing with the edges of her pussy with their fingers together, then she pushed his finger into her pussy with hers. After finger fucking her with both their fingers inside her together, they eventually left and went outside to seal the deal.


    Monday, January 02, 2006


    Black Man Fucks My Wife

    The wife has had men hitting on her and been felt up at various parties over the years. All good clean fun really, and some of the guys had a bit too much to drink. First time she'd had a bit to drink and so had the guy at a house party. There was also quite a bit of recreational drugs passed around. This one black guy had been all over her most of the night, and followed her when she went downstairs to use the bathroom. Apparently he cornered her on the stairs, leaning her against the wall and kissed her. She let it go on for a bit, as he got hand fulls of her luscious body, one got under her skirt. She seemed a at first to respond, then tensed a bit like she was being forced, but making no effort to stop it, especially when his hand found her pussy. I watched on the Q/T to make sure she wasn't having a problem, plus it was pretty damn hot. She eventually put a stop to it, and returned to my side in a good mood complaining about a line at the bathroom. But I knew better. From there we grew the cuckolding lifestyle into what we do today which is to have the wife do who she wants, when she wants it while i watch. Still hot as hell! Here is one picture from our last encounter.



    Single Guy Playing With Cuckolded Man's Wife

    I have something to tell. I was the single guy playing with the cuckolded man's wife.

    I work for a large brokerage firm and we have an annual conference. Very formal with award ceremony, music, people dressed to the nines. The principal (boss) in my office is one of the company's top producers and is pretty full of himself and looks forward to these things because he gets recognized by the company with some stupid fucking trophy.

    Anyway, each year I make a point to sit next to his wife; he sits on the other side of her. We sit at round tables for ten people. She is about 15 years younger than he is and very hot looking. While the boss is bragging to those unfortunate enough to sit with us and have to listen to him, I'm playing with the boss's wife. We've been doing this for about 5 years and it is the only thing between us; we never talk about it or see each other outside of this event.

    It started one year when all of us had a few glasses of wine and were feeling pretty good. I did one of those 'accidental' brush my leg against hers and held it there just a bit. She didn't pull away so I started lifting my thigh up and down against hers and again she didn't move away. Our legs were covered by the tablecloth so I put my hand on her knee and turned to her and asked how she was enjoying the evening. She said she was starting to enjoy it more and more.

    I caressed her leg going up and down on top of her clothes. Finally, I got brave enough to slip my hand under her dress and my hand roamed up and down the inside of her thigh. AT one point I was talking to the boss and had my hand up his wife's skirt. She had on thigh high stockings which I love. She openend her legs for me and I started lightly touching her pussy feeling the heat through the fabric if her panties. At one point her husband had to go up to get his award. I slid her panties to the side and slipped a couple of fingers into her wet pussy.

    She started pushing against my fingers and I found her clit and focused my attention there moving my fingers in small tight circles. I could feel her push harder until she clutched her legs tight holding my fingers in place and felt her expell several full breaths as she came on my hand. Very cool Since then we've been doing this at each conference. Dangerous for sure, but that is what makes it so erotic. We've never fucked and she has never even touched me. Nevertheless, it is pretty hot.


    Wife Lover Likes Men Feeling Her

    wife lover
    A few years ago me and the wife were on holiday in spain.we were at a bar where we met 2 guys from england.we all had alot to drink and one of the guys was feeling my wifes legs under the table.when lwent to the toilet she came after me to tell me what he was doing .l dared her to go a bit further.when we were back at the table and he started feeling her leg under the table she grabbed his hand opend her legs and let him feel her pussy.there was around 8 of us sitting around the table but nobody knew what was going on.when me and the wife got back to our room we fucked like rabbits. Since then we have had one other guy come over and play with my wife. He let us take pics of the event and attatched is one of them. He looks embarrassed and so does she. It was thier first time for both of them doing something like this.




    Wife Has Tits Played With

    My wife and I have never gone so far as to use SINGLE men but one night we were in the parking lot of a club when two strange guys got out of their car. She had on a halter type dress and I had her tits out. They saw her and came over for a better look. They played with her tits and she sucked both their cocks there in the parking lot. They came on her tits and not in her mouth. She rubbed their cum all over her boobs and we went home where I fucked the shit out of her. We never even got the names of those guys.




    Sharing Wife With Black Men

    hot wife

    I wonder if anyone else shares their girlfriend with black strangers. She is really into humiliation and has got me hooked as well. I have started giving her to black homeless guys and she loves the combination of being terrified and excited at the same time. She cumms before they even touch her. There is nothing she won't do with them.



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