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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 26, 2005


    Cuckold Wife gets Frisky at a Bachelorette Party

    My wife went to a bachelorette party years ago. We were just starting to fantisize about other people at that time, so I told her to have a great time if she knows what I mean and she did! She came home pretty late and drunk. I was waiting for her watching TV and she came in with a big grin on her face and laid on top of me. I asked her if she had a good time and she whispered yes. Before she told me what happened she started playing with my dick and getting it hard. She then told me that this guy got completely naked and was swinging his cock around and was daring women to get him hard. At some point my wife had a handfull of his cock and balls and played with his ass as well. By this time my wife was riding me and my heart was beating, she told me that when he took a break he asked her to go to the bathroom with him. At this point I was so excited and yet jeolous and starting thinking if she actually fucked him in the bathroom and was I getting sloppy seconds all over me, but she said that she did not go with him but was very tempted but she knew to many people at this party. All I can say is that she was horny when she got home and I got the benefits. In away I was hoping that she would of at least gave him a blow job and then came home and kissed me. It was great!

    She has another one comming up soon and I'll tell you how that goes ....

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005


    Cuckold Couple into Kink

    My Wife Fucks other men while I am only allowed to watch.....We are a MWCucold Couple...We enjoy all forms of Kink... The pics enclosed are of her with some of her lovers..Thanks C


    Oh ...Please use for feed back...more pics to come soon...Thanks C and J

    Friday, June 17, 2005


    Wife is Gangbanged while Cuckold Husband sets it up

    My wife has been gang banged a few times. On one particular occasion seven guys fucked her. They laid her on the bed slightly sideways with her head hanging over the edge and they all fucked her, one at a time (on her back with her legs in the air) while she sucked off the next guy in line... I LOVED IT!


    That pic of my wife was taken by me while we were at a ball game. She was so sore after the gangbang that she needed to "air out her pussy" as she calls it. I think she was just a horny devil.


    Monday, June 13, 2005


    Cuckold Stories

    There are many cuckold stories posted all over the net. Here are a few REAL ones you can read for free.

    Cuckold Stories

    Monday, June 06, 2005


    Man Fucks my Wife

    We met a man on AFF, after many e-mails a couple picture swaps and a few phone calls it was finaly time to meet. We met for drinks where we seemed to get along great but he was a perfect gentleman and just acted like he was making new friends. This was great for my wife as far as feeling comfortable. After about an hour he left but soon called on the cell phone to ask if we would like to stop at his house to visit some more. We really liked him so we went right over where we had another drink and visited more but after about another hour we went back to our hotel room because we knew he had a previous engagement. We talked about calling later that night but were afraid of interrupting so waited until the next morning. We asked him if he wanted to stop by our hotel room and he said he would right after he showered. Well we discussed how we wanted things to go when he got there and Annie (my wife)wanted me to just watch so when he arrived we just sat around chatting for quite a while. I decided that maybe if I wasn't there they would feel more comfortable so I went for a walk, It was really hard to stay away and came back in in about 15 minutes but they were still just talking. I made a crack about them being slow starters and he being ever the gentleman told us that even though we all knew why we were there he still had a little problem with hitting on my wife right in front of me. Annie told me that maybe it would be easier if I was gone for a while again. Well I stayed gone for about a half hour and when I came back in the lights were off and I could see clothes on the floor from the door. When I peeked around the corner at the bed I could see Rocky's nude body on top of Annie. She was naked too and they were having a long wet kiss while their hands roamed over each other. I took a seat in the corner and watched as he slid down her body spending quite a while sucking on her 36C tits and hard long nipples. He slid down farther and teased her by kissing and licking all around her mostly shaved pussy. She just leaves a little trimmed patch above her clit. He slid back up and they kissed passionately for a few minutes. She had her legs wrapped around him and I could tell she was trying to hump her pussy onto his hard cock. I caught a glimpse of his cock when he slid back up to kiss her and could tell whe was really going to like it. My cock is about 8" long and fairly thick, his was only about 6" long but really really thick. I thought they were fucking by the way she humping up to him but he soon slid back down and this time didn't tease, she spread her legs wide and he dove in, tongue fucking her and licking up and down her cute little pussy. She was playing with her tits and moaning so much I thought the hotel staff would notice. My wife doesn't come very fast unless her clit gets alot of intense attention when she gets close but he didn't seem to mind licking her for a long time, he kept her right at the brink for a half hour before he finally let her come. She was bucking her hips so hard I couldn't believe he was able to keep his mouth on her pussy. When she calmed down he just kept licking her juices up until she was getting excited again but she reached down and ran her fingers through his hair and told him to come up to her, they kissed again for a while and then rolled on to their sides still kissing and whispering to each other. I could see her humping against his leg and they were stroking each others bodies. I wondered if they were done or what was going on when she rolled over toward me and asked me to go get them some condoms. It turned out that he hadn't had a vasectomy and she didn't want to chance getting pregnant. It didn't take me long to drive a couple blocks to a convenience store and back. The young lady at the counter noticed my hard on when I sat the condoms on the counter and turned beat red. When I walked into the room this time she was on top of him moving back and forth while he played eith her tits. I remarked that they obviously couldn't wait but she was just rubbing her wet pussy back and forth on his cock and hadn't let him penetrate her yet. I handed him the condoms and he quickly put one on. Annie move forward and right back down on his cock throwing her head back and moaning loudly, she started really grinding down on him and came again on his cock. They then rolled over with him on top and kept kissing and moaning as he fucked hard and fast. I heard him whisper something to her about cumming and then he fucked her so hard I thought the bed would brake. They were both moaning really loud when they came together. They rolled onto their sides again, this time with his cock still in her as they petted and whispered to each other. After about ten minutes they broke their lovers embrace and he got out bed. He cleaned up and asked us to call later and left. I took off my clothes and got into bed and kissed her and told her how beautiful she was and how much I had enjoyed watching her. She said it was a little hard to focus on what she was doing at first with me just watching but she got over it and really had a good time. She rolled on top of me and I put my hard cock in her. I asked her if she liked his cock and she told me that she was surprised at how much she liked the way it felt in her. She said it must have been because it was so thick and curved up, that hit just the right spot. She told me that I was going to have to let her fuck him all the time now. Just the thought of her having another steady lover and the fact that I had been close to coming for the last two hours made me come so hard I almost passed out. It was one of the greatest sexual adventures we have ever had. We fucked two more times before falling asleep that night. We both can't get enough now. I can't wait for us to get together again but this time she gets her threesome fantasy, I can't just set back and watch again.HER BEING FUCKED by HIM the 2nd TIME WE MET UP

    Saturday, June 04, 2005


    Exposing Herself to Men in the Hot Tub

    I always knew my wife was an exhibitionist and I have been able to watch her adventures and even encouraged them as dares to see how far she would go. One of our trips to Phoenix two years she pushed the envelope. It was like 4:30 in the afternoon, and we were staying at one of the residence inns that was mostly occupied by businessmen. I had gotten back to the hotel early and she and I went down to the pooland she was wearing only white nylon running shorts, panties, and one of my white sleeveless under shirts.

    She than walked into the hot tub and the other two guys did as well. now she was in the hot tub with four guys and her in only panties... she was laughing ang giggling as they were teasing and tickling her and pushing her into the middle of the tub between all four guys. it was obvious they were feeling her breasts, and tossing her between the guys. one of the guys had her sit on his lap facing him and started kissing her... one of the other guys than tossed her panties out of the hot tub that they had taken off her... I left purposely since I get more turned on as a cuckold husband when she is alone with other men...

    Thursday, June 02, 2005


    Wife Sharing by a Cuckold Hubby

    On 4/17/2005 akupper said

    After being on Adult Friend Finder for less than three months, we hooked up with someone. We were not able to invite him into our home because we broke the bed last week screwing in preparation for meeting up with him.
    We rented a room in a local area hotel. That was the first mistake. The room looked okay, but once inside the true nature of its filth and disrepair came to the front. The bathroom light didn't work. One of the lights in the main room didn't work. There was gum in the doorjam, head marks on the headboard, etc... When we did get the light to work, I went in to kiss my wife on the back of her neck and when I stepped into the bathroom, the light went off again.
    I couldn't sleep all night long. I had jitters big-time. I had done this 20 years ago, but never with my wife. Finally after six hours of the both of us tossing and turning in the crappy hotel room, we decide to shower.
    We get into the shower and it is nice and hot. We start to get all soaped up and the hot water ends. We are in Northern New Hampshire. When you lose the hot water, it isn't like it gets a little cold. So, we had to leave the hotel and go back to our house for her to shower. I am running back and forth between the hotel and our house trying to catch the guy who is supposed to be meeting us. I leave a note on the door and when I return with my wife it is gone. A few minutes later he arrives and we all enter the hotel.
    I have to shower and so he and my wife are alone. I hear them talking and the next question I hear from him is, "do you mind if I suck your wife's tits." I am in the shower and I reply, "not at all." So I finish my shower in like two seconds and come out to see my wife of six years spread out naked on the bed, while a stranger we met on the Internet is licking her pussy.
    The next thing I see is his cock sticking straight out from his body. I have an average six inch cock, he has a nine inch cock that is six inches around. My wife says before he started to eat her pussy, he kissed her on the top of her clit and said, "relax and enjoy." That sent shivers down her spine, she said.
    So, I am all wet and jump out of the shower and get by her side. I start to suck on her nipples, of course. Then I start to kiss and I breathe in her moans as he is tounge fucking her. He is using his tounge like a dick, something I do not do, nor had I thought of? Needless to say, I will work on that, lol! He is also finering her clit and g-spot. She is climbing all over the bed. We decide to stop and that is when he puts on a condom and she starts to give him head.
    She is sucking his cock, to see your wife suck another man's cock for the first time is a rush. She was so into it and moaning. She was in the doggy-style position and I was behind her. She was bent over him while he was laying back on the bed. He was fingering her clit. So I started to spank her and caress her ass. Then I start to lick her ass as she is sucking his cock. I use my tongue like a cock and start moving it in and out of her ass. She caresses his ball sack while she does her best to deep throat him.
    She finally has had enough and decides to mount him. She was more than wet enough after the two of us attacked her for about 30 minutes of forplay. We had both eaten her pussy, she sucked out cocks, we sucked and played with her breasts, you know.
    She slowly started to sink down on him and moan. Then as she took him all in, she started to give out little crys of pleasure. She took all nine inches. So much so that it looked like he was bareback inside her. He was playing with her breasts and she was upright rocking back and forth on his rigid cock. Her pussy lips were clinging to his cock like she didn't want to let him leave her pussy. She had her eyes closed and I let her go for a while. She then motioned for me to join them and I started by kissing the back of her neck. I then kissed her and again she was moaning her pleasure into my mouth.
    I had them move to the edge of the bed and I knelt down and started to lick her ass again as she rode his cock. This really set her off. She would impale her self on his cock and at the same time I would make my tounge rigid and she would impale herself on my tounge. This went on for a while and then I switched from my tounge to my finger. She was getting off so much at this point. We haven't done anal, but have just started experimenting. So she hasn't taken a cock in the ass yet.
    This went on until she needed to switch positions. She decided that she wanted him doggy-style. He entered her from behind, softly at first. She sucked my cock as I laid on the bed. I could feel him thrusting into her as she matched her motions to his thrusts. As he thrusted deeper and harder, she would take my cock out of mouth and moan. This went on until we switched positions into the missionary-style.
    He pushed his cock slowly into her pussy and kissed her deeply. Once he was all the way in, I took over the kissing part and sucked on her nipples as he worked his cock into her.
    Again, for those interested in size. He has a nine inch cock that is six inches around. This was the biggest cock my 45 year-old wife has ever seen or had in person. That she was sharing this time with her husband and him was turning her on to the extreme. We were living out a lot of our wife-sharing fantasys in one morning of lust.
    Our friend had only one condom on him and so it was decided that I would fly. I was out the door to the local store for a box of Magnum Trojans. I felt strange leaving my wife alone with him, but that is what she wanted. When I came back, she was 69ing with him and sucking his cock without a condom. She said she inspected him and he looked fine. He had been eating her pussy for about 45 minutes already and she had to suck his cock. That is what she told me anyway. So from that point on, the oral sex was without a condom. (Hi Rick's wife here) he asked me to make him hard again and if I had a problem giving him head without a condom and after as much time as he had spent eating my pussy I figured at that point if he had anything I already had gotten it from his mouth and he wasn't leaking any precum I said I would be happy to make him hard!
    The next position was my wife and I 69ing while he entered her from behind. He was so large that he had no problems fitting into her and not hitting me in the head with his nutsack. So this went on for quite a while. This was her favorite position. Getting deeply fucked with his cock, while sucking on my cock, while I licked and sucked her clit.
    He then switched to trying to enter her ass with his massive cock. This did not work, but I almost blew my nut several times while we were 69ing. It looked like he got a little bit in, but that was it. After entering her ass a little, he switched condoms and we switched positions again.
    We just kept trying to think up different things to try and did them.
    We look forward to meeting with this person again. He was at ease with himself, not pushy at all, just a friendly sort. He asked what we wanted to do and did it. My wife is in love with his tounge, believe it or not. As he thrust into her from a few positions, sometimes he hurt her. So, with a little work on our parts, this will not happen again. Her favorite position was to ride his cock while I was licking and fingering her ass. We will be doing the dp next. I will get my cock into her ass then they can 69 while I fuck her ass. Then she can mount his cock and I'll enter from behind. Believe me, with his size, this won't be a problem, we were almost there this time.
    This is not a story, the events that have transpired are real. After six years of talking about it, we have entered the lifestyle, I would say with a vengence!
    For those of you who posted stories before this one, I thank you. This is my attempt at repaying and sharing with my peers.
    We had two hours, he wants to meet with us again and has already contacted us to do so. I will be working my cock into my wife's ass and letting you know how it is going.
    Good luck and safe perving!!! **Read More


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