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He gave my GF an out of this World Fucking

By: Boston Couple

My Wife Cuckold's Me


Last night my friend Alex fucked my girlfriend Olivia again. I'm speechless since I keep remembering how I just sat in our armchair watching them doing it.

Amazed by her beauty I watched her great butt move up and down, forward and backwards as my friend's cock continued to penetrate her pussy again and again. I saw her juices flowing on his hard shaft. He grabbed her buttocks while staring at me.

He teased me with a sneaky, devilish smile while he moved her ass on his dick. It's like he's telling me that she belongs to him now. He started to fuck her from below faster and faster. She was moving like a goddess giving all of her beauty and pleasure to my friend.

The sound of her pleasure made me so crazily jealous. She loves Alex's dick. I could hear how wet she was down there. My friend then grabbed her by the waist and gave her a good, deep fucking from below. He was thrusting his dick into Olivia's pussy harder with each thrust.

Losing control, she stopped riding and gave herself fully to my friend's rhythm. She just moaned with endless pleasure while letting my friend fuck her as he wanted to. My cock was rock hard. I could have joined them but I didn't.

I just sat and watched them having sex. It excited me how my friend could fuck her so well and it excited me how he took control from below. I saw that she was very close to climaxing. And after only a few minutes of fucking she bursted out in an uncontrollable scream as she came all over Alex's dick.

There was no rest for my Olivia. My friend pushed her onto her back and penetrated her pussy in missionary position. With her legs on his shoulder, he pushed her down and gave her such a good hammering that she just couldn't stop screaming from pleasure.

I saw his hairy balls hitting against her asshole as he fucked her like a madman. I enjoy fucking her hard as well but he just gave her an out of this world fucking, totally fucking her into the bed sheets. Her face was red and her eyes were shut as she continued to moan and scream in pleasure.

I bet that he found that wonderful spot in her pussy that he always does when they fuck. Yes he did. I'm sure about that as she was just having another great orgasm. Her legs were shaking this time. He went slow this time kissing and caressing her while gently fucking her pussy.

It always amazes me how good he is. He can always satisfy her. I wonder how he does it.

I wanted to join in because I wanted to prove that I wss as good as Alex if not better. So I did. We spitroasted her. I entered her pussy from behind while she started sucking her juices off his dick.

I grabbed her by the waist and I started fucking her as rough as my friend did. She was moaning in excitement with his dick in her mouth but the pleasure I gave her was nowhere near the one my friend gave her.

No matter how I fucked her it just wasn't that good, my dick was the same size as his! We then changed and she sucked me while Alex fucked her doggy style. My heart exploded from all the jealousy as his thrusts led her to a third orgasm.

It was too much for me and I just couldn't take it any longer. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I felt like a loser as I sat back and continued watching them. He fucked her brains out.

Like really hard and really good. He spanked her ass leaving a bright red mark on her buttock. She loved it, looked back asking for more. He gave it to her, spanking and fucking her on until he came and shot all of his load in her pussy.

I woke up in the morning alone. I looked around but they were nowhere to be found. It didn't take long to find them as I heard their moans and the sound of fucking from the bathroom.

I was about to go in but then I stopped and I let them be together. It felt more exciting to just listen from the outside.

So here I am writing this down a few days later, still jealous, and rock hard once again.

Boston Cpl

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