Invitation to Eat Out my Friend's Wife



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My friend I'll call Scott has a very hot wife. She has jet black hair, a lean, tight body, and nice tits, 34C's, according to Scott. Out of respect for Scott, I've always been gentlemanly when around his wife and never said anything about her except that he was lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Scott has always told me intimate details about his sex life with his wife; I'll call her Monica. He'd go on about how good she was at fucking and sucking his cock, how she liked it when he ordered her to not wear a bra or panties when they went out, and how she was always horny. He'd even send me naked pictures of her to my phone and I'd sometimes get them at work when I least expect it. I have saved them all and probably have about 25 in my collection. Here are just 2 for now.

I have to admit his descriptions got to me and ran through my mind whenever I saw Monica's hot body, but I didn't show any signs of what I knew or how Scott's revelations affected me. That is until I was over Scott's house the other night and he, his wife, and I drank a little too much. In front of Monica, Scott started bragging to me about her sexual skills. She blushed, weakly said stop a few times, but seemed to enjoy Scott's teasing.

After a lot of sex talk, Scott began making out with Monica on the couch across from where I was sitting in a recliner. In a way I wanted to leave, but when Scott looked at me and winked as his hands caressed Monica's tits, lust overpowered any thoughts I'd had about leaving.

Giggling nervously, Monica pushed his hands away. Scott wrestled with her, pinned her arms behind her head, and whispered in her ear. As though under a spell, she closed her eyes and stopped resisting and let Scott run his hands all over her body with me watching. When he got his hand under her dress, she moaned softly and lifted her hips off the couch as though trying to fuck his fingers.

Scott slowly undressed Monica, kissing and feeling her as he removed each piece of clothing. When he got her bra off he looked at me and said, nice tits, huh. Too stunned by the magnificent view to speak, I could only nod my head. Monica, like an obedient sex slave, kept her eyes closed and purred.

Soon, Monica lay naked on the couch in all her glory. Her pussy was like a garden of delights, shaved and wet. Her hips undulated in heat. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't want to fuck her. As if in answer to my prayers, Scott motioned me over. With his hands rubbing Monica’s tits and pussy, he said she had a fantasy about a guy playing with her tits and sucking them while he went down on her and he wanted me to help fulfill her desire.

I didn't have to be asked twice. I cupped her full breasts in my hands and gently squeezed them. Scott licked his way down Monica’s stomach to her legs and all around her pussy teasing her as she moaned and slowly humped her hips in the air begging him to please eat her.

Hotter than hell, I started licking her tits working my way to her long sexy nipples that I gently tongued and sucked. She began moaning wildly. I looked at Scott and his hands were around her ass, his head buried between her trembling legs. Monica grabbed my head and pulled it into her tits that I sucked harder.

Then she pulled it down again to her pussy and pushed Scott's away. I ate her like a wild man!! I couldn't get enough. Scott was sucking on her tits now and smiling, loving every second. Her hips humped wildly against my relentless tongue. Seconds later, she came over and over with a series of high pitched moans and her body thrashing about.

When she settled down, flushed and blushing, she hastily picked up her clothes, said good night, and dashed into the bedroom.

I'm going to see them again and I have a feeling there will be a repeat of last time with possibly a little more. I'm pumped!





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