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I'm writing this out at the request of my husband who's been so supportive of my new found dating 'activities'. This happened about two years ago and was with - for the purposes of this story, I'll call him..hhmm.."Kevin". First an introduction...

I met Kevin over the internet - yes, the INTERNET. *chuckle* He and I both happened into the same dating chat room one night and hit it off almost instantly. Our public chats were always lively and fun and our private chats were always steamy and sexy, usually culminating in an erotic phone call to *ahem* "finish up". He became one of my closest online friends and, although he lived several hundred miles away, we talked on the phone nearly every day.

At hubby's prompting, we decided to meet after about six months of long-distance friendship. When he came to town, I met him in the lobby of a beautiful hotel here in town and we drank mimosas (orange juice and champagne) in the lobby bar until it was time to have lunch. We then adjourned to the hotel's restaurant and our conversation became more intense and erotic. As we gazed at each other from across the table, it was pretty apparent that both of us would have rather been upstairs in his room. We paid the check and made our way upstairs. My heart was pounding like crazy as we entered the elevator and pushed the button for his floor.

As we entered his room, I remember being really nervous as, although I had hubby's blessing and encouragement, I had not been with anyone else since I married him. Sensing my apprehension, Kevin pulled me to him and kissed me softly on the lips. Then gently ran his hands over my face and planted a trail of hot, wet kisses from my ear to the nape of my neck.

I was trembling - half out of fear and half out of arousal. As he undressed me, I was trembling all over and probably blushing, too. I wanted him so bad but there was an overwhelming sense of nervousness, as well. We made love several times that afternoon and a "whirlwind romance" began shortly thereafter. Kevin was flying into town nearly every week for about 6 more months and we would get together, shut out the rest of the world and become intoxicated in one another's arms. *daydreaming* Oh sorry, I digress..yes,

Well, needless to say, hubby and Kevin became good friends and we would often go out together when Kevin was in town. On this particular occasion, however, we decided to hook up at a halfway point between his town and ours. The weekend was set and we all made plans to meet at the hotel. Kevin drove his SUV into town and hubby and I flew there.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we scanned the local flyers in the room and the telephone book and selected a nice place to go for dinner. Kevin went back to his room to change and hubby and I began getting dressed for the evening. I slipped into a smart black suit - a long jacket and fairly short skirt and a black lace blouse (sans girlie underthings). To the untrained eye, it was a rather conservative outfit, but a closer look would reveal that the blouse was completely transparent. This did not escape Kevin's attention during dinner. *chuckle*

We went to the restaurant and Kevin spent most of the time staring at my breasts and I spent most of my time playfully flashing him and flirting with him, while the other patrons remained totally oblivious to our public display. Beneath the table, hubby was rubbing my leg and slipping his hand under my skirt. Needless to say, I was having a GREAT time with these two fine gentlemen. And the evening had just begun. *smiling*

After dinner, we left the restaurant and Kevin gave his car keys to hubby and slipped into the back seat with me. As hubby drove the car, Kevin and I began kissing and fondling one another. Before long, my jacket and blouse were on the floor, my skirt was up around my waist and my panties and hose were "who knows where(?)". *chuckling* Kevin got down on his hands and knees and licked my pussy as we drove through the streets in his SUV. The windows were "smoked" but I wasn't sure if anyone could see us when we stopped at lights. I honestly didn't care if they could see us.

Kevin didn't appear to be concerned and the pleasure he was providing was far too intense for me to stop him. *crooked smile* Even more pleasurable was looking into the rear view mirror and seeing hubby's eyes catching all of the action in the backseat. I would occasionally *smile* and *wink* at him as I ran my hands through Kevin's hair. It was fantastic..*gasp*

Now it was Kevin's turn for some oral pleasure..he laid down on the floor of the SUV (seat was removed/folded down?) we had a floor area, nonetheless..*chuckle*..he laid on his back and I slipped his trousers down his legs and began stroking him as I kneeled beside him, looking down and smiling. Hubby couldn't stand it any more. He pulled the car over to a remote area and turned around to watch us, undistracted by traffic. I began sucking Kevin's cock and hubby kneeled beside me and ran his fingers through my hair, pushing my head up and down as he leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear...

"Mmm...yes, suck that cock. I know you love it, baby..."

It was extremely erotic..and Kevin came quite quickly...

We continued to fool around in the back of the SUV and then decided to go back to the hotel. When we arrived, I was nearly completely undressed so I slipped my jacket and skirt on, stuffed my undergarments into my purse..*ahem*..and wrapped my jacket around myself so the clerk couldn't tell I had nothing on underneath.

As we entered the hotel, he looked us up and down suspiciously, as we came stumbling through the doors. I must have been terribly disheveled by this time so we all just made our way down the hallway, giggling and playing "grab ass". *biting lip and smiling*

Kevin stopped off in his room before proceeding to ours (with a key to enter). When he entered, I was already pleasuring hubby, orally, so he enjoyed watching for awhile and then joined in the fun. I think we did every conceivable (hetero) combination that night so I won't elaborate too much on it, except to say that the chemistry between the three of us was truly something to behold - three good friends enjoying one of life's sweetest (and most forbidden) pleasures. I can't wait to do it again some time soon...*dreamy smile*





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