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My Girlfriend became Hooked on Cuckolding Me

By: Luke & Danika

My Wife Tied Up by her Dominant Boyfriend


Well me being super into cuckolding and her not so much is where the story starts.

So like every good cuck does I encouraged it, slight comments when we where on holiday like you should check out swinging sites and just see who likes you, or buying her big dildo and encouraging her to tell me dirty stories about her past, until one day it all clicked (or she caved) but she started to entertain the idea and it became one of her kinks also. No fuck session would go by without her talking about how she wanted to get fucked by a big dick infront of me.

And I loved it.

So let's fast forward a year, and I made up a game telling her when she goes out with her friends if she makes out with someone, I would buy her some make up she wanted, and after a few shots she was on board. I stayed at home, thinking honestly nothing would happen but looking back on the pics of how she was dressed I'm not surprised something went down.

I got all call at about 1am saying, "Omg I just made out with a guy from my class and it's so weird cuz he has a beard, okay I have to go back to him now, see ya later love you!"

My head instantly went crazy with questions, what are they doing, are they alone, will she come back? She did come back later on telling me they where making out like teenagers in the club, the bouncer kept coming over to them to see if they were fucking. Her classmate begged her to come back with her, but she got cold feet and then dipped.

She came back to me with hickies, super horny and we fucked all night.

A few more months go by and a new guy enters the scene (Chris). Chris was 6ft5, mixed race and super hot and she instantly new she wanted to fuck him. I obviously encouraged it, she would fuck me most nights telling me how she wants to fuck Chris bad.

So one night she is out again, and Chris starts dancing with her and rubbing his cock against her, she was flirting back and he said, "You wanna be with the biggest dick you have ever been with?" she brushed it off, but later told me she wanted it bad.

So they start hanging out, her and him and a few friends and one night they are all smoking, and his friends crash out so it just him and her, he offers to walk her back to her car, when he pins her against the car and starts making out with her.

She pulls him in the back seat and just starts sucking his huge cock, she told me it was bigger than 7inches, she is gagging and spitting, giving him the sloppiest blow job she has ever given someone. He grabs her boobs so hard he literally bruised them for days. She told me he came everywhere and so hard, he had clearly wanted this for a long time.

But they finish and he goes home and she drives back to me.

Now this situation went on for a long time, they would be secretly meeting up and fucking. I could tell as she had fresh hickies but she was not giving me any details, she would just be gone all night, no text, no call, nothing. Then wait till I was asleep and come home. And it started to bother me.

The relationship moved from Hotwife/Cuckold to an affair that I just had to silently accept. We talked about it and she would scream and cry about me bringing her into the lifestyle and now she's hooked, and that she can't stop now.

Cool I thought. I wanted it too. But I wanted her to also respect the rules and make me a part of it. She wouldn't and I suspected she wanted to move on to another guy and used cuckolding as the excuse.

In the end we broke up.

But my silly little kink didn't stop.

I'm now in a new relationship 4years deep, and we have had some more positive experiences>

I feel like I know can handle it better also with boundaries in place, with her wanting those boundaries also because she loves me, and so we are enjoying it togther.


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