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Watching my Girlfriend on our Security Camera

By: Alex & Christine

My Girlfriend Cheats on Me


To set the scene here, when you walk into our apartment it's a semi open concept. Walk in the front door, you're in the living room, directly into the kitchen. On top of the kitchen cabinets we have a security camera that can see the entire area from door to kitchen.

On this particular day, I was at work and my gf was home. She had a light day and had texted me earlier that she was going to hit the gym. I was at work in my office when I get a notification that the security system was disarmed.

I assumed it was her coming home from the gym. I had a feeling I should double check, so I opened up the app in my phone, selected the camera, and see her and gym bro all over each other stumbling and making out on their way toward the kitchen.

I decide now is a good time to step away from my desk and head to the rest room (we've got multiple individual restrooms and there was not many people in the office that day). Once in locked in, I open the app back up, click on the camera, and she's gotten his pants down, is on her knees, licking up the sides of his shaft, this dude has a perfectly straight 7" cock. Mine is 5".

She knows the camera is there, and she knows what the best angle and distance is. She starts throating his massive dick before switching to ducking his balls and stroking him. I can hear how sloppy the blowjob is on the camera audio. I see her saying something to him the camera doesn't pick up and she stands up.

He picks her up and walks her to the kitchen island before setting her on it, then he starts eating her out. She's moaning like wild and after a few minutes begs him to fuck her pussy. He stands up and enters her as they start to make out again. From the camera I can see her back and him partially over her shoulder.

They're fucking like that for a few minutes before she says something in his ear. He pulls out, stands her up and flips her around, then pushes her chest onto the counter so she's in standing doggy. She reaches over to her bag on the counter and pulls out what looks like a little bottle of lube and hands it to him.

I see him lube his big cock up as I hear her begging him to fuck her ass. I see him line up, and push the tip in, then he grabs her hair and pulls so her head is lifted up. She looks directly at the camera as he starts to slowly force his dick in her ass.

I watch her slutty face shift knowing I'm watching to a slut who can't think of anything other than the dick in her ass. Her mouth is just a big O and she is moaning loud. Then gym bro gets his cock all the way in her ass before pulling all the way out and starts to open her ass up.

He starts slow to stretch her out, but he soon starts railing her, fucking her ass balls deep. She hasn't stopped moaning and begging for it since he started. He's fucking her ass like this for 20min then I see the thrusts get harder and faster, and I watch him cum inside her ass. After he pulls out he picked her up and carried her toward the hallway to the bedroom and then I can't see anything more on the camera.

I've already cum, straighten myself up, and get back to work for the last two hours of the day. I get home, walk in, there's some cum on the floor next to the island where it dripped out of her. Then I walk toward our bedroom.

He's gone, she's asleep, but she's on the bed, facedown, legs spread, ass red with a distinct hand print, and a butt plug in her ass. When she wakes up a little bit later, she tells me he fucked and came in her ass again, then put the butt plug in to keep her from leaking. She sucked his cock clean and then he left.

I can tell she's horny again and I am ready to go. We go to our bedroom and I eat her out for her first orgasm. Then I flip her into doggy, pull the butt plug out, she immediately starts leaking his cum and her asshole is winking at me.

I start to fuck her ass using his cum as lube as she grabs one of her vibrators to use on her clit. She cums again and I'm not long after as I fill her horny ass for the third time of the day.


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