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I caught my wife cheating and it was a shock at first. One weekend I returned home earlier from golfing. My wife was with our neighbor's wife on our bed. They were completely naked. I was shocked. I didn't know my wife was bi.

When they saw me they stopped playing with each other. I didn't know how to react. There was a big silence in the room. Suddenly the bathroom door was opened and her naked husband with a flaccid dick came out. That was a bigger shock. This time he didn't know how to react. I was paralyzed. The women were speechless and motionless. Then he attempted to excuse himself. My wife was trembling while his wife was covering her tits and pussy with her hands.

I left them there and moved to the kitchen. I got myself a JD on the rocks and went to the living room. Less than ten minutes later they came down. They confessed how they got started. Four months ago my wife saw his big dick by chance when she went to borrow something from his wife. She admired it. She wanted to fuck him. She made a plan. First she seduced the innocent woman and played with her completely naked on their bed. I learned later that this was purely to get access to her husband.

Following days they exchanged visits to their or our bedrooms. One day my wife went chatting with her. Her intention was using her as bait fot her husband. She knew he was at home but was watching sports and his wife mentioned that he never gets up when he's glued to the TV so they were safe to fool around.

And as usual they started enjoying themselves naked on the bed. He wasn't aware what was going on but then five minutes later my wife shouted his name and asked him to come to the bedroom. His wife panicked and wanted to stop my wife as she was embarrassed and never told him about what went on but it was too late. He walked in and he saw what was happening there. After the shock wore off he smiled and looked at his wife who smiled and they nodded to each other. My wife told me later that they had talked about having a threesome one day and now they had their chance.

So my wife took him by the hand and pulled him to the bed beside her. She kissed him. She helped him to strip. Both wives took turns sucking his big cock and my wife said that she had never been wetter. They got around to having him fuck my wife twice while she had her face buried in his. Since then the trio enjoyed fucking on our or their bed many times. My wife also got him to knock on our front or back door at least twice a week without his wife. Even his wife heard that confession for the first time.

After hearing their stories I wanted to leave the house forever even though I was rock hard. Just before going out his wife stopped me in front of the door and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She pulled me back to the living room after kissing several times and rubbing her big tits on my chest.

She pulled my dick out and played for a while and kneeled before me licking and sucking it. I was not sure how to feel but the idea of that cock in my wife's pussy was making me hard as I was in this other wife's mouth. I calmed down a little bit and I waited for a while. My wife and her husband just stared. My wife said sorry and asked what I would like to make it all better.

I paused and just went for it and can't believe I did. I looked at him and I asked him to fuck my wife in front of my eyes. They didn't believe me at first. I repeated my request and his wife supported me. After some brief foreplay they saw my dick harden again.

My wife smiled and she felt comfortable enough to let go and they fucked and we watched them while his wife was playing with my hard dick. They really enjoyed fucking after a hesitant period and went at it for over an hour. Before they finished I was leaking pre cum and his wife was stroking me and making me feel good as I watched the show.

When they were done the other couple went home and I fucked my wife as hard as I've ever done. She no longer does anything without me and we meet them each weekend now. Usually we all get undressed and watch my wife with him. It makes for great sex for both couples for the rest of the week.




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