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By: K & T


This is a "true" story of our first adventure recently where the wife "K" got way more than she anticipated and even I "T" would have thought.

Not going to go into the long boring details of precursors but it was like most other couples, talking and fantasizing about bringing in a third. Needless to say the wife was shy and very much on the fence in not on the complete opposite looking over it from the porch.

The day started out with no intentions of anything of the sorts. We went to an running event and afterwards there was food and drinks at a local pub. As that died down several people were all going back to one of the regular runners house for drinks and to continue the evening. Mind you it was only like 5:30/6pm at this time.

We get to the place and its nice house in a ritzy neighborhood on the water. Not a mansion but def good sized home and its on the water. People are inside chatting and having a few drinks and others are outside on the backporch in the hot tub.

We didn't really know anyone and we were not prepared to get in the water. Well a few people came in from the hot tub and they were butt ass naked. Not an issue for me as I have been to nudist resorts before but I did not want to make K uncomfortable. She asked the host of the house about borrowing a bathing suit to which she had plenty.

The wife got changed we chatted, had a drink then proceeded to get in the hot tub. Everyone was pretty nice and cordial and not overt. There was one guy who was rather intoxicated and was a bit annoying that I had to tell him to settle down and eventually we got him out the tub because he was a drowning liability but that's another story.

After about a hour of sitting and chatting and having a few drinks, 2 of the guys started kissing because apparently one of them was a super good kisser. They also stated they weren't gay, to which I said your not really straight either.

Nothing wrong with gay, straight, bi etc. but I was not gonna let the opportunity slip by to poke fun. Apparently the wife found this super sexy and was offered a kiss from this very good kisser. She was reluctant but I said go ahead.

The previous kiss didn't look all that great to me. Anyway she kissed this man and it was very passionate and sexy and she enjoyed it and said it was good. The end for now and we went back to talking and having drinks. Then someone else had to ask to kiss her a little while later.

I should paint the picture here that while she was not the only female here, she was definitely the most beautiful and sexiest and I'm not just saying this because she is my wife. She def was the queen of the party. So again she was reluctant but kissed this other gentleman and seemed to enjoy it.

Now several drinks later, people were commenting on her beauty and how tone she was and how good she looked. The one guy even kept calling here a muscle mommy.... he reminded me of Cheech Marin only like 25 years younger. She was loving the attention and would continually hold my hand and seek my reassurance and safety.

I should mention I only had 1 beer this entire evening as I am always cautious around events such as this and would have no issues putting someone in the dirt should they get out of line..... this did not need to happen this evening and only person was told "no" and to back off by me, aka the drunk guy, and he exited the tub to pass out on the couch.

Well she decided to make out with this one guy again and was enjoying to which she started to jerk me off under the water. She was letting him get more frisky this time. Now I didn't know at the time but after a lil bit she started to jerk off the guy on her other side also.


Back to the story from my point of view, I removed the bottoms on her bathing suit and proceeded to rub her pussy and finger her, she was getting into and so was I. I removed her hand from my cock and guided it to the guy's cock who was making out with her. I then continued to finger her and rub her pussy.

I could feel his cock press against her pussy every now and then and she didn't object, but it wasn't that stiff. Apparently he had a few to many whiskeys. After a bit of this I told her we should go inside and continue this in a bedroom to which she agreed.

We got inside and were looking for a place to relax and have some fun the 3 of us and there was one right away. "K" then started to get some cold feet to which is completely understandable and the gentleman had no issues. We dried off got our clothes said our goodbyes and headed home.

To then we had some amazing sex and talk about the evening and some possible future evenings. We had sex least 3 times that night and it was great. This story isn't all that crazy but from the point that a few days earlier "K" had never seen another man's dick since we had been married 6 yrs ago and was not all that interested in anything like this it went from 0% to 1000% rather quickly, so for us it was a good first night to which I am sure there will be more.


K & T - sharkguy05@yahoo.com

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