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Soaking Wet & Screaming for his Cock

By: BH & SoakingWetWife

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


I'd like to share my "sort of" Cuckold experience I had with my wife. We've been married 10 years and about 7 years ago I found out that she was having an affair. I had picked up the other phone in the kitchen as I was about to make a call when I heard voices.

My wife was using the line and just before I was about to hang up I heard the words 'in my pussy' ?

I froze and listened to the conversation between her and another man. She talked about 'last Saturday' and about wanting him again and I just sat there listening in fear. Strangely enough, I was mad and at the same time, I was aroused. I was thinking about confronting her, but I wanted to find out more of what was going on. At that time I was a salesman that traveled a lot and would be gone 4 to 5 days a week.

So the next Monday morning, I kissed her goodbye and drove up the street and hid my car and waited for her to leave. When I saw her leaving with my kids to take them to the day care, I snuck in my house into the attic where I removed the air conditioning duct in the living room and the bedroom.

I could see perfectly down through the vents. Since it was Winter, it wasn't too hot in the attic at that time so I ran a couple of cushions up there so I could be comfortable while I waited. She called my cellphone in about an hour to see where I was and I told her I was about 70 miles away headed for Missouri.

She then shows up at the house about 10 minutes later. Sure enough, I hear another car pull up and a man walks through my door and grabs my wife and starts kissing her immediately. I have a perfect view of this and it is an amazingly passionate kiss.

I could see them sucking on each other's tongues. I noticed my cock getting harder and harder. When he lifted up her shirt to reveal her nice titties I could feel my balls start to tighten. He started licking her nipples and I thought I was going to come in my pants.

I was not mad at all, just extremely horny. I watched as he undid her pants and violently slipped them to her feet and buried his face right in her pussy and she fell back on the couch moaning loudly. He ate her pussy like a champ and I could feel that build up you start getting before you come, so I looked away until I could get that under control. I didn't want to come yet, I was afraid I would let anger take over then, and I was really enjoying myself here.

After I controlled my urge to spew, I looked back down and she was sucking his cock. It was probably average in size which is how I am but I was still very very turned on. She had both hands on it jacking it off while the head engulfed her mouth. As she sat on the couch with him standing in front of her, he started pumping his hips and thrusting his cock deep in her mouth and down her throat.

She grabbed his ass and tried to take it as far down her throat as she could. She could get all of my cock in her throat without any problem and did the same with him. She did gag a few times but was just enjoying herself too much to stop trying.

After this went on for about 10 minutes, he sat back on the couch and she straddled him and had a real easy time getting his hard cock inside of her. She kept saying, "I love your hard cock and I want in all the way in!" She kept bucking him until it finally went deep into her pussy and she started moaning and somewhat yelling uncontrollably.

She wouldn't stop saying how much she loved his cock and how much she wanted it over and over. She must have repeated this 100 times in the hour or so of riding his cock. She was sweating profusely, and I could see his balls glistening from all of her juices running down it.

I pulled out my cock and started jacking it and in 10 seconds I shot the biggest wad in my lifetime. Strangely enough, my dick never went soft. It stayed hard while I watched them change positions and her lay back on the couch. He fucked her so hard she sounded like someone was torturing her. She started rubbing on her clit and I noticed that her pussy started dripping more juice as he plunged deep inside her.

I noticed myself stroking my still-hard cock. Anyway, it turned him on and he started really pumping her hard. I could tell when he came and she pretty much timed it to where she came at the same time. I could see his cock filling up her pussy and at the same time I am starting to cum again.

I shot another wad a couple of feet and they slowed down enough for him to pull his cock out and I could see her dripping out her cunt onto the couch. She stood up and I noticed a flood of juices and cum dripping all the way down her legs.

I was basically spent. I noticed he had to go as soon as he came and left within 5 or 10 minutes. I felt very satisfied and felt like taking a nap. He left and she left, so I snuck out and got back to my car and went to Missouri anyway.

I jerked off at least 5 times a day until I got home that week. Always thinking about what I saw and experienced. I liked watching my wife get the hell fucked out of her. So this isn't the total cuckold experience, but it was pretty close.

I wasn't in the room, but I wanted to be. I got humilated, but she didn't know I was there. After writing all this I have to go jack off...............again and think about this experience...........again. I will write again to tell you what happened next for the next 7 years, but I have never actually experienced the true cuckold experience.

I plan on trying it out if my wife is game.

We'll see, thanks for having such an blog that really intrigues me.


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