Wife Overcomes her Trust Issues with Cuckolding



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Hey everyone. So I guess the wife and I both got into cuckoloding, we both like it and I guess it is what it is. Hope has been going to therapy and has had two therapy sessions and likes going. She needs to get over trust issues and I can tell her trust issues etc are going to get better, and that was a big reason behind her not wanting to cuckold me when I first brought it up.

She played pretty kinky with me a couple times, but honestly I think it was going on vacation that opened her up to it, and just having fun and being free and knowing I'm not going anywhere. To my surprise, she actually had a little fun with a guy when we were in San Diego. I'm going to just make come comments on that now:

I am going to make this pretty quick. We got to San Diego early yesterday and had a pretty romantic time. Today we were out and about and Hope was feeling festive. She started drinking at about 1. While she isn't hammered haha she was having fun. She teased me a couple times today. We were supposed to get dinner at 7:30 and she decided she wanted a drunk nap. We came back to the hotel for a bit and she decided she wanted to swim instead.

There was almost no one in there that early, and we weren't planning on staying long. We were in the hot tub together and she was sitting on my lap and kissing me for a while. An alpha type guy (about 35 or so) went and sat in the other one next to us facing us. Hope kept looking over at first and then whispered that he was looking at her. I was teasing her and whispering she should flash him and she kept giggling about it and said no, he's hot though.

I got turned really turned on by her saying that. She looked around and saw that there was almost literally no one else in there except a couple older guys near the pool. She told me to turn on the bubbles so I did. She started rubbing my cock under the water and I tried to keep a straight face. She was having fun with it, and then one time looked up and burst out laughing, turning away and bright red. She said when we were going back to the room that she made direct eye contact with him, which I figured was what it was.

I kept teasing her to flash him but she was concerned about the people by the pool. I told her not to worry, but finally I said let's go to the other hot tub with him. She liked that idea, so we switched over. It was so hot seeing him just stare at her dripping wet body down while we moved. Hope hit the bubble jets on the way in to the other one. She sat by me and we held each other. She started making small talk with him and I loved seeing her flirt.

Finally she whispered in my ear, "Can I touch his dick baby?" I got outrageously turned on by this and said of course. All of a sudden she slid over by him, right next to him and I heard her say, "Do you think I'm sexy?" and he complimented her. She asked if he was married, which he said no (she has a real aversion to married men or guys in a relationship from her own trust issues). He said no. She looked around again and then whispered so fucking sexy, "Can I touch your cock?"

He was of course down haha. She told me to reset the jets and I sat across from them. I could barely tell haha but I saw his face change every once in a while. She told him he was "pretty big" and he laughed and moaned a bit. She was standing in front of him all of a sudden and I could tell she was using both hands (She told me later that at first she'd been doing it though his trunks but when she moved in front of him she was able to get a hand up his short's legs and touch it bare, so she rubbed his head bare with her left hand and stroked through his shorts with her right).

She kneeled in the water so only her neck and head was out and asked me if he could touch her. I said of course. She kept looking around. A hotel worker came in (we were on the far side of the pool from the desk) and scanned the area and she stopped for a second and then started when she left. Hope kneeled there, him touching her tits under the water and her rubbing his cock. She told me to make sure the bubbles stayed on. Unfortunately another couple came in and started moving towards the other hot tub that we were just in. She got freaked out and really smoothly moved back and next to him. She laughed a little bit, and then told me to get towels (which were on the far side of the pool).

I came back and gave her one (she told me she was still stroking him while sitting next to him haha while I was getting us towels. I came back and she looked over her shoulder at the couple in the next one. She leaned in and made out with the guy for a second after she decided they weren't looking and then said "sorry, I gotta go" and laughed about it. Her top was a little twisted up from him touching her when she stood but her tits weren't hanging out or anything.

He watched her body as she got out, and she fucking bent over for him haha while she wrung out her hair, and then stood back up. He asked for her room number and she hesitated and looked at me, and then said "what's yours?" So we didn't give him ours in case we don't want anything to happen, but we know his. She took a quick nap. We didn't go that night as she was tired.

We did actually end up seeing him again when we were leaving the hotel the next morning. He was with another guy and he talked to us a little bit, mostly to her, just about what we were doing and stuff... it was really fucking hot knowing about what had happened haha. Her and I had obviously talked about it after the hot tub encounter, and we had played around with the idea of him fucking her and had talked dirty about it. So she casually grabbed his number and we left.

She didn't want to do it that night, but she kept saying maybe on the next night since it was the night before we left. When that night came though, she unfortunately didn't want to do it. She was a little nervous about him being a total stranger and us not being at home, and the fact that we'd obviously have to be alone with him for that to happen.

When we were fucking that night though she definitely surprised me. She started talking about him and asking if I liked her playing with a stranger's cock and I fed into it big time. She came and I came and we were laying and cuddling and she apologized for not going through with it, which I said it's all up to her and no problem at all. But then she got a mischievous look in her eye and said if we knew him I would've.. so we got talking about her fucking another guy we had fucked named Tyler again when we got home and long story short she said she was down.

We got back home on an early afternoon and she napped for a bit. When she woke up, we started talking about having Tyler fuck her.

We texted back and forth with Tyler after we got home. To our mutual surprise he wasn't immediately all over it. He said it was a turn off for him that she kept changing her mind and that he also doesn't feel like a bull when she argues with what he tells me to do. He said he is still interested but we need to submit to him better or find a new bull. Hope and I talked about it together. She admits that every time she argued it was because she thought I was going to get mad at her (like when he was talking to me during it and told me he has double teamed her before we were dating, or when he told her to leave me caged and she insisted on uncaging me). She knows by this point that I'm not going to get upset, so we are going to try to play total sub to him. Hope thinks it wasn't really an ultimatum, but it's just his way of trying to get things more on his terms. We talked for a while and made some compromises.

He is perfectly okay with still not talking to her much or spending time alone with her, and also with using my phone for contact instead of hers. He wants to be in control of whether I get uncaged during it, and we are fine with that. Actually he wanted to just hold the key full time haha but Hope doesn't want him controlling our own sex lives like that and he compromised, but he will be in charge of the cage and key while she fucks him, and we agreed we can play with it a bit other times too (like if he makes us go a few days or whatever).

He also wants to be able to cum inside her, which Hope doesn't want and I don't either. He is willing to compromise on that too but insists someday he will creampie her, and I will lick it off of her without argument if he tells me to. I think those are the main ones, are him not having the key power after we are done with her getting fucked and him not cumming inside her. Otherwise we agreed to be submissive and obedient to him and do what he says. We will be having a safe word too but don't plan on using it. He also told us a little bit about the other couple he bulled for haha and it was super hot. They are early 40s and married. It is a white husband and a Guatamalan wife. He told us he had full power over the cock cage and fucked her several times a week, but that her husband needed permission to fuck his wife. He creampied in her and made him eat it. He made the husband wait downstairs when he fucked the wife sometimes or let him beg to watch, and he fucked her on their anniversary and the wife's birthday. He didn't say what happened, but he is not bulling for them anymore. So we are going to compromise. Hope will not argue with him and will trust me to say the safeword if I'm upset, but I really don't see that happening. We will do as we are told. He has been fucking her for like 6 months and knows her lingerie and outfits, which we are asking him to choose for tonight so I can help her get ready. Again, Hope thinks he still would've done it (I mean who wouldn't haha) but it's just his way of getting more control. She likes being his sub, I like her being it, so we are going to give it a shot. I will send another email to continue this tonight or tomorrow.

Next Day - It happened. Tyler picked out what lingerie he wants her to wear. She will be wearing a white bra and panties set (he says he likes the way her skin contrast looks when she wears white). The panties have white lace bands and a see-through crotch. The bra is also lacy and decently transparent too. There is a white garter belt that connects to stockings, and he has asked her to wear dark stockings because he likes how they make her legs look. So she will be wearing all of that and black heels. She was excited and wanted to try it all on, so I have already been able to visualize it. He wanted her to wear a white dress on top of her lingerie but she surprisingly doesn't have one. I will get one for her in the future.

I have never seen her so fucking horny I don't think haha. She tried on her lingerie, and we sent pictures to him and a few people, and then she was just off the wall haha. Before I knew it she was watching porn and touching herself and then she was sexting him, all before we actually got in the shower haha. She definitely missed it. She kept excitedly saying that she doesn't want to get off before and that she wants to 'save it' for him, but she was so turned on, and I was too just from seeing it. Before long the panties were off and she was laying in bed with just her stockings and bra on and her garter belt strings just hanging off haha. I was eating her pussy while she was on her phone, I think that's the horniest I've ever seen her. I was rock-hard and she was calling me names and telling me what to do and how to do it, and then she suddenly just told me to cage up. I fucking struggled to get the cage on haha while she was just on her phone watching stuff. I finally got it on and she told me to come back and lick her. I asked her if she didn't think she should start getting ready and she fucking screamed to do it.

I Did.

So, she was not able to refrain from cumming before we met him. I ate her out until she squirted in my mouth and I swallowed all of it I could. Then she scrambled up and we got in the shower.

That was a super sexy shower too. Like I said above, we planned on me doing everything and I definitely did. I was obviously still caged for it, and I lathered her hair with shampoo and she told me I was doing it wrong and she kept making me do it until she was convinced I did it right. I rubbed her body down with soap and guided the water onto her to clean her. I offered to shave her pussy for her haha but she wouldn't let me. She insisted that she was going to do that, so I stood there in the shower and watched her meticulously shave herself for him.

We got out and she made me go get her panties, which were still in the bedroom. I helped her hook her bra, pull up her stockings, and attach her garter belt. She loved me helping her get dressed and I was so fucking horny doing it. She painted her nails a light pink for him, which I thought looked sexy on her. I sat with her as she did her make-up and all of her other stuff, holding her hand or giving her kisses and we laughed and had fun with it.

We had only heard back from Tyler about the dress after the shower, and he said he wanted her in a light dress with her stockings and heels since she doesn't have a white dress. She chose a sky-blue on that is tight on her waist and then opens up. We sent him a picture and he definitely approved. We didn't go with the heels right away because we were at home, but she ended up putting them on for him. He said he had to do a couple more things but that he'd be over soon... that turned me on too, because he hadn't really answered us about where he wanted to do it. We were unsure on that detail and then all of a sudden he just said 'I'll be there soon.' He told her to have a couple shots because he likes 'how sloppy her tongue is' when she's tipsy. He also actually made a point to not have her get drunk though, which I appreciated. I don't drink myself, and I don't have an issue with Hope doing it, but we both wouldn't be into her cucking me wasted. So she had a couple shots and seemed playful but good, and we went and cuddled waiting for him.

It was like dead quiet while we waited in anticipation for him haha but I both think we felt peaceful and excited. It was hot that I wasn't able to touch her bare skin other than her shoulders with her dress on, but I held her tight and we laid together.

Finally the doorbell rang, and Hope burst out laughing when it did for some reason. We had that awkward 'should you get it? Should I?' think we had before haha but I went to let him in. He didn't say a word to me when he walked in, but started taking off his jacket and gave it to me to put away, and then he asked 'Is Hope in the bedroom?' I told him yes, she was waiting for him, and he pushed past me while I put his coat away.

I came in a second later and Hope was sprawled out in the bed in her dress on her back with her legs spread. He said 'look at you, dressed exactly how I wanted' and she smirked at him. He pointed his finger to the bed by her and told me to sit down, and he still just stood by the side. I sat down by Hope and he told her to sit up, so we were both sitting by each other looking up at him.

'I want to make sure you understand this,' he said. 'You don't make the rules here' he said to Hope and then to me 'your slut doesn't make the rules. I do.'

We both sat in silence for a second and then nodded. 'She's sexy, but I don't take orders from her. Do you understand?' I said yes I understand. He turned to her. 'Are you going to listen to me? I'm talking to you, Hope. Your boyfriend will listen to anyone.' That instantly made me hard haha, we have never gotten too specific with him about how she dommes me but he knows she does from a previous encounter. 'Are you going to learn your place?'

I could tell that really excited her, and I was already floored with excitement. She nodded fast, and then looked over at me and grabbed my hand and held it. He told her to apologize for being 'an unruly slut' (I love it when he calls her that), and acknowledge that he was in charge. After she said it, she started saying 'but-' and he fucking cut her off haha and said she needs to listen and that she's not in charge. She sighed in heavy and I could tell was a bit frustrated by it. She asked him if she could say something, and he said yes. She basically just reminded him that we have a safe word and that we will listen to him, but to please respect it if either of us said it. He laughed and then to my surprise said 'I'm really not trying to make things bad for you two, I just shouldn't need to argue with cuckold couples, especially not the slut. Your cuck can speak for himself. If something bothers you, say your safe word. It makes it tense and weird if you keep interrupting to ask him if he's okay, or if you argue with me when I tell you to do something. I'm not saying you two can't talk to each other, but don't argue with me about whether or not he is okay, he can speak for himself.'

Hope started another sentence with 'yeah, but' and then realized what she was doing. She let out a super-distressed sounding sigh and her eyes got big and then she looked down silently haha, which I guess we all found funny. All three of us laughed about it, and that was cool, I don't think we have done that yet. After it, Hope just nodded and said okay and then she squeezed my hand and told me she loved me.

Then Tyler told us to lay down and start making out with each other. We fell back onto the bed and started passionately kissing each other, and my hands found my way to her ass and started squeezing through her dress, which she reacted to with heavy breathing. Tyler asked 'Are you in your cage, cuck?' I told him yes and he made me say 'Yes sir.' Hope and I kept kissing on the bed and he walked around to the side she was on and sat down and pushed my hand away and started grabbing her ass from sitting by her. I moved my hands to the small of her back, and I could tell she loved getting rubbed by both of us. He put his hand under her head and turned her away from me while she was kissing me, and then he started making out with her instead. Little by little he turned her body away, until she was facing him and making out with him while I laid on my back alone. I could see his hands on her tits through her dress, and then he pulled her on top of him.

He stopped kissing her and told her to sit up, and she did. He told her to climb on him and he did, and he struggled to pull her dress end up from under her weight so her legs and panties were on him instead of the dress. He kept massaging her tits, and she moaned with pleasure. He dry humped her with her panties on, still wearing his jeans, and I got hard because I assumed she could feel the outline of his 9" cock.

'Get this dress off her.' he said to me. I stood on the bed behind her, watching him rub her. She submissively held her arms up for me, and I struggled to pull the dress over her shoulders and off of her. He told me to keep holding it and now she was just in her bra, panties, stockings, and garter. His hands snuck up and started grabbing her mostly-bare ass (the panties are a thong). He told her he loves her ass and she sighed sexily about it. She started to turn back to look at me, and he said 'Don't look at him, look at me.' She smiled and started rubbing against him harder until he turned her off of him and rolled her into the bed where I'd just been laying so she was on her back.

He undid his belt and his button and zipper, and he told me to grab his pant legs and pull them off. Hope looked at me again, probably unsure of whether I was fine with that. I nodded to her and she gave me a relieved little look. She motioned for me to come to her and Tyler said 'No. No. Take my pants off. Don't go over to her.' I grabbed his pantlegs and pulled them off of him. He took off his shirt and was just in his boxers, and I could see the outline of his rock hard hung cock. I swear to God, Hope looked at it like 'Yes!' Without even being asked to, she reached under his boxers and started stroking his cock. He moaned and said 'Do you like that, slut?' Hope said 'Mmm, it's so big' which made me so fucking hard in my cage. She looked at me again and then said 'I want to give my boyfriend a kiss, please.' He laughed between a moan and said 'See, you're learning. Give her a kiss, cuck.

I came to the side of the bed by her, still fully clothed. I leaned over her and started making out with her and she whispered 'I love you' and I told her I do too. She kept playing with his cock and kissing me, and he slipped is boxers off and his giant cock was out, in her hand. He let her touch him for a couple minutes and I held her other hand (It was hot haha because she was on her back, leaning over so she could use her right hand, which was closer to me. Then she had her left hand crossed back over herself so she could hold my hand with it..) He started rubbing her crotch over her panties.

All of a sudden he said 'Remember when I fucked you on that desk?' (it's my desk haha we replaced hers with it when I moved in. they fucked on it almost within days of me bringing it over) and she giggled and said 'That's his desk, you know' and kept jerking. He said 'I know it is. I'm going to fuck your slutty girlfriend all over this fucking apartment, cuck, so you can smell our sex everywhere. Hope, go out into the living room. Get on your hands and knees on the couch. She got up and went and I started following and he said 'not you, cuck.' So I basically stood over the side of the bed while he was laying in our bed nude, fully erect. I really didn't know what he was going to do. He said 'I know she plays wifey for you, but she's my slut. Don't you ever forget that.' I said no sir I won't, I know she's your slut. He said 'Not just my slut. She's mine. Say you know that Hope's mine.' I told him I know that she is his, and he got me to say she's his fucktoy and his personal whore. He told me to take my pants off, and I did. I stood there by him with my cage on and he started rubbing his cock. Then, he shot up off the bed and told me to lay down and don't move until he says.

He followed Hope out to the living room and shut the bedroom door behind him haha, I was just laying there in my cage. I couldn't really hear anything that was going on out there, but I could hear him faintly calling her a slut and moaning. She told me when we were cuddling later she was on her hands and knees on the couch sucking his cock while he stood next to it and that she posed for him too. I tried to zero in and hear what was going on, but I couldn't. Honestly I have never felt so helpless in my life than I did then, laying by myself in the bedroom having no idea what he was doing with or to Hope out in the other room. I suddenly heard clicking on the wooden floors and I was confused until I realized she must've put the heels on. I was basically glued to the clock, rock-hard, and I watched about 10 minutes go by when I heard footsteps leading to the door. It opened and Hope was standing in the doorway, looking like he had been pulling her hair. She was no longer wearing her bra or panties, and was just in the garter belt and stockings, and was now in heels.

'Baby, come here,' she said. 'I want you to come here.' I walked over to her and she gave me a huge hug and a kiss in the hallway, and she said 'Are you okay?' I told her I was fine but it was really fucking intense to be in the other room.

We started going back out to the couch and she said 'Don't do that again please?' to him. She actually sounded like she was begging haha and not telling him what to do, what was hot. He asked 'Do what?' and she said leave me in the other room and that she didn't like it. He started saying that I was fine, etc., and she said 'But I don't like it. He might like it, but I don't. Don't do that again please.' Tyler thought for a second and nodded and said 'Okay, I won't' and she thanked him haha. Maybe I'm not describing it the best. He wasn't mad or controlling that she had asked, he seemed to really appreciate that she admitted it was because it made her uncomfortable and that she wasn't sticking up for me, and he seemed to respect that.

It honestly started drifting back more into Hope's control after that, and I was a little relieved. I'm not sure, I think we are going to have to find a balance on it if nothing else. Not that I didn't like it right away, but her and I both like being able to hold hands and kiss and such, being locked in the bedroom was really intense. He seemed like he was pleased that we had listened and not really argued with him anyways, and he let us more do stuff our way after that. Not completely, but he seemed satisfied that we had submitted control to him enough to have me pull off his pants rather than kissing my girlfriend, or wait in the bedroom while she sucked his cock.

I came out to the living room and sat on the armchair. He was sitting on the couch now and she sat down next to him, close to me. She grabbed my hand across the gap between the chair and couch and said 'What do you want baby? Do you want me to keep sucking him since you didn't see?' Haha just that question seems so fucking ridiculous but I thought it was actually really thoughtful of her. Probably makes no sense haha but I did. I nodded to her and she slipped the heels off as she knelt on the floor in front of the couch and started deepthroating him as much as she could, her hand touching her bare pussy. Tyler was moaning and Hope turned towards me, still stroking him, and she said 'Do you want to eat my pussy baby?' I definitely did.

So I laid on my back on the floor, sitting under her pussy and licking it while she kneeled and sucked him. They were both moaning hard and I was just on the floor in my cage haha. Hope started talking dirty to him and telling him she loves sucking his big dick and asking him if it feels good. He moaned and said fuck yes it does, and told her to keep sucking him like a good slut. She said 'mmm I'm a dirty slut for you, aren't I?' and it went back and forth for a while and she was moaning while I ate her pussy, the slurping sound stopping every few seconds so she could say something to him. She kept talking about how I was watching them and that she loved being his slut in front of her boyfriend.

Finally he said 'back on the couch. Back on your knees.' He stood up and Hope did too, and she moved back to the couch on her hands and knees, and I realized that her bra was sitting on the couch cushion haha. I didn't see her panties anywhere though. He moved behind her and Tyler said 'Sit in front of her, cuck. Sit so you can see her face.'

I squeezed onto the couch right in front of her, and she smiled at me and said she loved me and kissed me. She reached one hand over to my caged cock and shook it around and whispered 'cage.' Haha I don't know why but I found that so fucking sexy. Then he was in her. It's not a full-sized couch haha so there was barely any room for me. He had room to kneel behind her, she had room to be on her hands and knees, and I was squeezed into right at the end. I could feel every push he made, her body crashing into mine, and I was inches away from her face. I hadn't realized it right away, but I noticed the cage key wasn't around her neck haha and I got freaked out about whether he had it, but I knew better than to ask.

Hope moaned and kept pushing into me. She tried to go on one hand to put one around my neck but he trusted at the wrong time and she fell on her face in my lap. I thought she was going to be pissed, but she fucking screamed 'fuck me! Fuck me!' and he picked up speed. I don't understand how he can fuck so hard and fast haha, I really don't. Hope didn't get back up on her hands, so she was face down ass up, face down in my lap as he just relentlessly pounded her.

She started licking my caged cock, and tried to get down to lick my balls but it was a bad angle. I tried to move to let her, but I was totally squished. I could barely feel the tip of her tongue on my balls, and I could definitely feel her breath on them. She kept screaming and moaning, and I could see him spanking her hard and just squeezing her ass so hard- she had red marks even when she went to sleep.

She came twice, almost right in a row. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled him back onto him so she was riding him reverse cowgirl and I was still on the far end of the couch. I could see Tyler's face between her thrusts, and he had his hands on her tits. He said 'You love her? You love this slut?' and I said I loved her, and she was like 'I love you baby' just practically screaming haha it was so fucking hot. She frantically reached for my hand and I scooted over to grab hers. Tyler told me to kiss her, so I stood and struggled to kiss her as she was moving up and down. I love how her face gets cold with sweat when she fucks but her tongue is so warm. Love it. She put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me frantically and she said 'Oh my god baby, that feels so good. His cock feels so good.' I loved it, but they never uncaged me haha, I couldn't even jerk off. Tyler told her 'Tell your boyfriend you're my slut' and she said 'I'm his slut baby, I'm his slut.'

They fucked back and forth between doggy style and reverse cowgirl for a while, just talking dirty to each other and to me, and everyone was having a great time. She ended up back reverse cowgirling him again and I was sitting right next to her on the couch, my legs kind of up on the seat so I could face her. My hands were on her bare thighs and I could feel her muscles constricting. She was pretty sweaty by that point, and she was having a great time.

Finally she started climaxing a third time. I took my right hand off her thigh and turned so I could get a good angle on rubbing her clit. It was an awkward position haha, I was pretty much up on my knees and reaching down to rub her, and she kept breathing faster and harder. She let out the sexiest cry of pleasure, and it lasted for like 5 seconds. He kept fucking her while she orgasmed, and he started breathing heavy too and was getting close.

All of a sudden he built up to cum and he pushed Hope towards me so he could pull out, and he started stroking herself fast. He kind of stood up when he tried to pull out, and somehow Hope was moving pretty fast haha, or maybe I'm just a pussy, not sure. She knocked me all the way back as she fell into me, so I was on my back and she was right on top of me facing me. My knee Tylert weird when I fell backwards, but I was able to straighten it out, even if I was at a weird angle. I could hear Tyler jerking himself hard and moaning behind her, and Hope started making out with me passionately.

I'm not really sure how to explain what happened. It was messy haha. Right when he was about to cum he frantically tried to move up the couch to get her face. His knee landed right on the side of my stomach and I (I was laying face-up under her) doubled up in pain, and knocked her to the side by accident. Tyler was still moving forward and Hope had just been moved sideways by me flinching. Tyler lost his balance and fell forward. His elbow knocked the back of her head hard and she screamed out 'Ow!' and stopped kissing me and put her hand back to cover her head. 'Hand down!' he said, still stroking and trying to recover his orgasm and she pulled her hand down. He was able to move up before cumming and was essentially on top of both of us and just shot all over the side of Hope's face haha. He also got the couch and I'll admit some dripped down onto my neck too. They were both just panting and breathing hard and Hope was just like 'Ow, that fucking hurt!' in between pants and then she found it funny after a second and started laughing really hard, and I laughed with her. I think Tyler had came too hard to laugh.

Tyler was on top and got off first, immediately going towards the bathroom. Hope was still laying on top of me with his cum all over one side of her face. She looked down at me and said 'Ow!' and then 'I love you baby' and we laughed about how ridiculous of a climax that was again. Then she started making out with me. His cum was mostly on her cheek and none was really in her mouth, but it was still really hot for me. After a minute she tried to get up and fell off the edge of the couch onto her shoulder because we were pretty tangled still. She said 'Ow! God fucking dammit!' and then laughed about it again, way harder. She laughed for like a minute straight. She just laid there and said 'Baby! I'm hurt.' And then giggled again. I got up and started to lay down with her but she said 'No, bedroom.' So I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up, and she was still cracking up about how absurd it was. She went into the bedroom and I followed her in and we could hear that Tyler was taking a fucking shower in our bathroom haha. Hope grabbed a clean towel from the linen closet and wiped her face and just fucking collapsed in the bed.

'Did you have fun?' I asked her, and she said 'Mmm yeah, did you?' I said I loved it and I was glad we did it again. She started drifting off cuddling in my arms, and eventually Tyler came in to get his clothes. Hope opened her eyes when he came in and kind of eyed him as he got dressed. She told him thanks haha and asked if we did good. He said he was pleased that we listened, and that she was a good slut. She winked at me and said 'Hear that? Your girlfriend is a good slut!'. Tyler got dressed and left and Hope kept drifting off to sleep. I was still caged and had gotten no release. All of a sudden she shot up and was like 'Babe!' I asked 'yeah?' And she said 'you're still caged!' haha. She reached for the key on her neck and didn't find it there and I remembered I'd noticed it was off. I legitimately got freaked out haha I thought he took it (we do have a backup but still).

She rushed into the living room and I heard her rustling around and she said 'Found it!' She had taken it off when she was on her hands and knees she said. She came in and laid by me and unlocked me, and then super tiredly and slowly stroked my cock until I let out a spurt of cum, nothing like what he had just done to her face. She kissed me and we told her we loved each other. We both drifted off actually.

She got fucked good, her bull was obeyed, and I learned that it's not a good idea to have three people engaging in sexual acts on a small couch, especially if one of them is trying to cum on another one's face.

(The first picture is from when she flashed me in the hotel hallway on our vacation. The second is our bull Tyler inside her.)

Mark & Hope




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