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Fiancee had Multiple Orgasms during an MFM

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By: Mr. & Mrs. C


This is the story of the fourth time my fiancee and I had an mfm threesome. It happened about four months ago. Hopefully you find this sexy.

My fiancee and I placed an ad on a sex site, met up with a guy on a Saturday night, and made plans for us to meet him at a local bar. She had herself a few glasses of wine before we left to calm her nerves too.

She put on a short, sexy black dress that really showed off her amazing tits and sexy legs and headed out to meet him for a drink. We ended up waiting at the bar, having a drink for about 45 minutes for him to get there, as he was taking an Uber from the other side of the city.

When he finally arrived, he grabbed a drink and sat down so we could get to know each other a little. He was a blond Belgian guy and my fiancee dug his accent and was flirting with him while we drank. He mentioned that he had had quite a few mfm threesomes before too, which we were happy to hear. Once he finished his drink, we decided to head back to our house.

He offered to kick things off by giving her a sexy massage, so we headed to the bedroom. I needed to pee, and when I came back from taking a leak, I walked into the bedroom to find she had been stripped down to her lingerie and looked sexy and horny as fuck, and him to his briefs and a singlet.

We found some moisturizer to use for the massage and then she lay on her tummy on the bed. Then he unclipped her bra at the back and began massaging her back, moving down her body. He then started massaging her legs, moving into her inner thighs and massaging all over her ass.

Her bum looked so sexy, as she was wearing a tiny g string, allowing him to feel all over it. I could tell she was turned on, because she was rocking her hips, pushing her ass into the massage and beginning to moan.

Eventually, he rolled her over and started touching and kissing her incredible tits. Then his kisses moved down her body, where he pulled off her panties and started eating her pussy. I had just been watching, enjoying the show, however at this point I started running my hands up and down her body, feeling her tits and legs while she moaned and shuddered in pleasure, this kept building until she came hard with his face between her legs, giving her the first orgasm of the night.

He didn't let up though, he then shuffled back on his knees and slid his fingers into her pussy and started fingerbanging her. He was using one had to push up into her G spot, while the other was rubbing her clit, causing her to absolutely lose it in pleasure. At first I was kissing her and feeling her up, but she was so busy cumming again and again that she didn't seem to notice. I was so in awe of the sounds she was making that I just sat back and watched the show while recording some video on my phone.

As an aside, my fiancee is a very sexual person - we fuck nearly every day, and multiple times on weekends. When she smoked weed in the past, I could usually make her cum 2-5 times by going down on her or playing with her clit. She's always able to cum when I fuck her in doggystyle too as long as she is playing with her clit while we do. However, in order to cum, she has always needed clitoral stimulation. That was until this night.

I think he had made her cum about 5-6 times from going down on her and fingering her while rubbing her clit, when he adjusted his positioning again, putting her right leg over his shoulder and one hand on her lower ribs and using his other hand to slide three fingers into her pussy, pushing hard into her G-spot and then using his digits to thrust hard and fast into her.

Her whole body started convulsing in pleasure with her hips thrusting up and down while she was screaming in ecstasy. The shudders her body made and the sounds of her screaming moans and gasps were so fucking sexy as she had her first ever penetrative orgasm - and he didn't let up either.

Whenever she was cumming he would keep the pressure on her G-spot, extending the orgasm for at least a minute, and as soon as she started coming down off the orgasm, he would ramp it up again, causing her to cum again.

As one point, she rolled into a doggystyle position and started sucking my dick or at least she attempted to suck it, as he began fingerbanging her from behind too, causing her to be moaning and cumming with my dick in her hands and against her mouth, but her she was in too much bliss to concentrate on sucking it.

Based on the timestamps on all the video I took (don't ask to see it, she doesn't want to share any video online in case people see her face), she was relentlessly cumming for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Eventually, she was just desperate to have a cock inside her and got him to lie on his back, where she then climbed onto his dick. I just sat back and watched while she was blissfully just riding his cock, with her head back in pleasure while he grabbed at her tits and put his thumb in her mouth.

It's always so surreal, watching the woman I love be in total bliss, moaning while riding sensually riding a dick like my own personal little porn star. Except unlike porn - she wasn't trying to be performative, she was clearly just caught up in the pleasure of the moment.

After riding his dick for a few minutes she then got onto her back and he climbed into a missionary position on top of her and starting fucking her like that. I was reaching over and grabbing her tits while he was fucking her, slowly at first, but then fucking her harder and deeper as he got more lost in the moment.

He then lifted her legs up and started fucking her really fucking hard. She was gasping and panting in pleasure as he was passionately slamming his cock into her. Eventually it built into some extremely forceful thrusts causing her to be moaning, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," as he was clearly cumming while slamming hard into her.

Now that he had cum, it was my turn to finish, and I wasted no time in putting her in doggystyle and thrusting into her pulsing wet pussy. She is usually very tight, however she felt so wet and incredible and I slid into her easily. It felt like heaven. I held her hips and just lost myself fucking her slippery pussy hard until I came too in a short period of time.

Afterwards, we wanted to reconnect together as a couple, and we felt like it took a while for him to get the hint that we wanted alone time. Eventually we communicated this to him and he headed off (I think he was hoping to crash the night). Next time we will need to let our third know that we want them to leave straight after, to avoid awkwardness.

All in all, it was an incredible experience. It was our best threesome so far for multiple reasons. Firstly, she had her first penetrative orgasms, secondly, she got to come like 20 times (which was like 3 times more than any other experience we have had), and thirdly, the next day she told and showed me how he had been fingering her, as it was a different technique from what I knew, so I feel I have really levelled up my fingerbanging skills, meaning I can make her cum more frequently and easily now.

Mr. & Mrs. C

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