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Mine is kind of a weird story. About 4 years ago I got married to my sweetheart. We love each other very much and life is wonderful. He has finished college and is working a great job that allows me to stay home. We were both raised in a very conservative church where things of sex were only spoken in hush tones so learning about it has been interesting to say the least.

Well, everything was amazing, and really still is, but about a year or so ago I got bored being home all day. When I told my mom, she suggested a hobby. So I came over and got some of my old boxes and some of her stuff she hadn't touched in years. A few weeks later I started going through them and found a diary. Figuring it was from when my mom was a little girl I thought it would be fun to read.

Boy was I wrong. At first I was in shock from what I read. Stories of my mothers sexual experiences. My strait laced, never talk about it mother. However, after a while I realized I couldn't put it down. I wanted to read more and more. There were words and ideas and acts that I had never heard of.

Then I came across the entry where she explains how she had her first orgasm. In detail she shared how her personal trainer had always turned her on and how he had touched her and made her so hot. When he left, she masturbated for the first time. She said it was so intense.

I was in shock and stashed it away for a week or so. Until one day I found myself thinking about a strange man accidently touching parts of my body only my husband had. I recalled what she said and quietly laid on my bed and began touching myself. Outside of the shower I had never intentionally touched my chest or privates. It didn't take long and I was laying on the bed, shirt and bra pulled up, pants and panties at my ankles. I stroked and touched, pinched and pulled. Then a warm feeling over took me and I groaned and panted to my first orgasm. I shook so hard I thought I would fall off the bed.

I couldn't believe it. My nipples stayed hard all day. I wanted more, so when my husband got home I whisked him off to the bedroom. About a week later I found myself reading her diary again. This time I took a nice warm shower and enjoyed the soap, after, I had trimmed my private area for the first time ever. It felt so good.

Over time I would find out things about sex I never thought I would. Then I discovered words like Hotwife, Cuckold, Sharing, Swapping. I had no idea what they meant so I started looking them up. I was constantly horny and was to the point I was masturbating at least once a day.

I told my best friend about it one day when we were on the phone talking about our husbands. It would be the first time for a great many things. First time she had her orgasm, first time having phone sex, first time I ever did anything with anyone watching or listening. We started talking sex more and more.

After a few months we began to wonder, wonder what another man would be like? What would being naked in front of someone else would be like? Sex in front of someone? One afternoon we were out shooting some pictures on our walk. My friend is a part time photographer and so we started taking pictures of each other. Fun at first, but then she dared me to show her my chest. I did and she took a picture. It was exhilarating. It got even hotter thinking we might get caught.

Since then we have enjoyed reading moms diary and enjoyed the idea of sharing our husbands. We are trying to work up to telling them we want to try it maybe. In the mean time, moms diary, and your website, which we discovered obviously, is inspiring us to new things. Things like sharing some of those pictures we took. The idea of so many people seeing my body is a huge turn on.

Would love to hear input, on how we might proceed. Would love to know how woman who want to enter this life explained it to their husbands.

There is a picture of my chest to share, and because my best friend doesn't think she is that hot, I am including a picture I took of her on the pier.

Thank you so much for helping us.

Whit & Amie - gr8wife@outlook.com



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