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Hoping my GF will Sleep with Him

Girlfriend who wants to Fuck other Men

By: Geremie


I finally found the courage to bring up my cuckold fetish to my girlfriend and to my (mostly) surprise, she was into it. I'll spare the details of that conversation cause it was lengthy, but long story short she gave me the greenlight to go out and find somebody.

She wanted me to do it (with a list of things to check for) because she said she was too nervous to do it herself.

So I posted on a sex dating site and after several attempts found a gentleman who was into it and checked all her boxes. I'm 24, she's 22, and he's 35. My cock is 5" in length and 4.1" in circumference. His is 7.2" in length and 6.4" in circumference.

His head is so fat that only about 1/3 of it would fit into a toilet paper roll (what he used in a pic to show off on the site) before it wouldn't go any farther. He also had a video in his album of him cumming and this man shoots one of the bigger loads I've ever seen like a firehouse.

It was insane how much he came and obviously a huge turn on.

Anyway, I explained to him what we were looking for and we are all going out to dinner tomorrow night. Now obviously things can change and since it's our/her first time she might be too shy or nervous to go through with all of these details (I know I'm not).

The plan is to (and we are at least currently all on the same page about this) go out to dinner, and as long as they hit it off well, I'll drive us all back to his place, and they will ride together in the backseat.

He's got the go ahead to feel her up, kiss her, and finger her, but no more than that until we get to his place. Then we'll all go to the bedroom. He'll undress her and lay her down on his bed. Then I'll take his pants off and work his cock a little bit to get him ready for her and do her the same for him.

Then he will tease her clit and lips with that massive cockhead he's got (we decided to go no condom, she's on birth control), and when he's ready plunge into her. I've known her for years and this'll be the biggest cock she's ever had.

He's definitely gonna spread her apart. They are gonna have sex in whatever positions suit them and I'm gonna jerk off at the side of the bed the whole time. I can't touch her except to hold her legs open if he tells me to.

He's gonna say things to me like, "From now on your girl's pussy belongs to me," and so on. And then at the end he's supposed to pull out and cum on my face but my hope and my guess based on both of their attitudes about it is that he's gonna want to cum inside her and she's going to let him.

If all goes well we want it to be a regular thing with him.

Obviously details could change in the heat of the moment but I've never been so excited in my life. It almost doesn't feel real.

I'll send in another post if it happens. Right now it's 50/50 based on her nerve levels and what kind of a person he is, which makes a huger difference to her.



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