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Wife wanted a Threesome - Cuckold Husband

By: Spit-Roasters


At the end of last year my best friend came over to watch football. He was getting over a breakup so we started pounded beers and when my wife saw where the night was headed she started drinking with us. When the games wrapped up we continued the hangout in the hot tub with more cocktails.

My wife has nice boobs and I was pretty buzzed so naturally I tried convincing her to lose her top. She didn't go for it initially but after we kept at it she rolled her eyes, reached around her back, untied her bikini and flaunted her bare tits saying something like, "It's not like he hasn't seen them before." It was true he had seen her boobs a handful of times and I had showed him several pictures but never like this. Never so casual and never for so long.

Whenever our drinks became empty, she was the designated waitress, and we took every opportunity to objectify her as she crawled out of the hot tub with water dripping down her topless body. To our surprise, she came back with tequila shots, and before we took them I was able to convince her to let my friend and I do body shots off of her.

Eventually the bottoms came off too so whenever she went back into the house to get drinks she was butt ass naked. This went on for about an hour before she said if she was going to be naked we had to be too. We both kind of shrugged our shoulders and took off our boxers.

At first it wasn't a big deal because we were both underwater but inevitably it got too hot so we positioned ourselves on the ledge and now it was my wife's turn to objectify us. She wasn't hiding the fact she was staring at my friend's cock, which was a new and weird feeling for me. I could tell she was getting horny, so I moved her to my lap which gave my friend a great view of her again.

When I began feeling her tits I thought she would shut me down because he was watching, but she just let it happen and even played into it a little bit by arching her back and kissing my neck while I ran my hands over her tits. I don't know what came over me, but for whatever reason I whispered in her ear to go and give my friend head. Never in a million years did I think she would do it, but she turned to me and softly said, "Do you really want me to?"

After I nodded yes she simply said, "Okay," before getting off my lap and making her way across the hot tub to my friend. Her hips swayed seductively as water dripped down her round ass. Those moments while she was moving towards him were the most surreal of my life. I couldn't believe she was going to actually suck his dick, but before I could wrap my head around what was happening she was leaning over and they were making out. Then she slowly ran her hands over his chest and lowered herself until her head was in his lap. I couldn't see what was happening, but there was no doubt she was sucking his cock.

After about 30 seconds or so, he looked at me and asked, "Are you sure you're good with this?"

Truth be told I didn't know if I was completely sure, but things were moving so fast and I was the one who initiated them so I said I was and continued taking in the show. After watching for a while I felt like I had to assert my position so I moved behind my wife and began fucking her. She never once stopped sucking his cock, even as I was going to town on her. She even started moaning into his cock, cumming from my pounding.

The hot tub was limiting what we could do so I suggested moving things inside. He got out of first and as my wife and I were walking in behind him I asked if she wanted to fuck him. Again I thought she would shut down the idea, but, she once again looked at me and said if I wanted her to she would. I was in disbelief.

When we got inside my friend sat down on the couch and as my wife was approaching him to suck his dick again I announce he should trade places with me. I think there was a moment he was confused, but when it clicked he jumped at the opportunity.

By the time he was positioned behind her, she was already giving me head. When she felt his hands on her ass she stopped and looked at me, we continued to making eye contact as he entered her. It was an overwhelming moment, but I decided to put my insecurities to decide and have fun with it.

As my friend continued to fuck my wife I encouraged him to give it to her harder and to even smack her ass, to which he happily agreed. After seeing him slap her booty a few times, I initiated a high five with him and realized we were basically towering her. He's in great shape so he continued to go to work on my wife. She wasn't holding back the fact she was enjoying it either.

We continued to spitroast her in several positions until eventually I couldn't take anymore and was the first one to cum. When I came back from the bathroom they were still going at. He had her at the edge of the couch with his hands firmly wrapped around her hips with her tits bouncing all over as he laid into her.

After a few minutes of this she had basically given herself to him and let her arms rest above her head with her naked body completely exposed while he fucked her like a toy. Finally, he tensed up and when it was obvious he was going to cum he pulled out and covered my wife's tits and stomach.

I am sure it had been a while since his break up since he had gotten laid so the first few ropes were huge. The craziest part for me was watching what a slut she was during it all. She let him cover her with cum without even thinking about moving.

She just laid there with her arms over her head and her naked body completely exposed to him, and when he was about to be done, she reached over and stroked his cock a little bit more. I'll never forget what she looked like in that moment.

We've had a handful of threesomes with him since and anyone who says sharing their wife is easy is out of their mind. Don't get me wrong it's hot as fuck, but I get extremely jealous in good way every time we do it. I will say that the reclaim sex afterwards is the hands-down best sex I've ever had in my life.

Every time she gets double teamed she and I fuck like rabbits for weeks after.

Spit-Roasters - asoleklasilema@gmail.com

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