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My Mates took Pictures with my Wife!

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By: Robert & Jane


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My randy wife is always trying to play my mates up so this time we got our own back. Jane had been drinking red wine and we had gone up stairs to our bedroom for some fun, but when I got back she had stripped off, but then she had fallen asleep on the bed so I let her sleep.

But only a little. Some time afterwards my mates called round to go up the park to play football. I asked them in for a minute and went upstairs to tell the wife, but she was still asleep on the bed, and still completely naked and then I got a idea on how I could play a joke on my wife.

So I told them about her on the bed still naked and said that they should stand around the bed and I would take some pictures of them next to Jane and later on we would surprise her with the pictures. Well all went to plan and it was quite exciting seeing them getting so close to her boobs and fanny.

I thought at one point one of them had actually touched her pussy, and so off we went to play football and all they talked about was how gorgeous her tits were and how lucky I am, and then they started telling me, how they would love to help me out with her if only given permission.

She had really played them up in the past and had been very sexy and had often done a bit of flashing to them, but trying to make it look accidental. Well when we got back to our house she opened the door to us and let us in, but we all noticed she was looking very sexy in a short skirt and a very see through blouse, and you could see that she definitely had no bra on because you could clearly see her boobs.

And wow as she sat down not completely closing her legs her pussy was very clearly on show, my mates were staring at her bare pussy and then her boobs and back again. I thought, she is definitely playing them up but a lot more than normal and she was really excited as she was looking at their very large lumps in their shorts as she had gotten them very excited.

Then one of them said, show her the pictures and she answered, what pictures? So I passed her the phone and she smiled and said, wow you have all been in my bedroom, and me with not a stitch on, on this picture you look as if you were touching my pussy, and he smiled and said no but I would definitely love to.

And then she totally surprised me and stood up and at the same time lifted up her skirt showing everyone her smooth tattooed pussy with a dolphin on it and she walked up to the guy, grabbed his hand and then placed it on her shaven pussy, and my mate looked at me and I smiled and said, go on then, don't disappoint her.

And he started rubbing her straight away and said, you're socking wet, and then Jane answering him said, well let's not stand around, and she pulled his dick out and pushed it between her legs and then straight up inside her thrusting away on him.

I think he was still in shock, it was his first time and it got her very excited, but he couldn't hold back long and squirted almost straight away, so she just moved to my other mate and very soon she was pumping frantically away on him.

He seemed reluctant at first, but then he really started giving it to her, and she was going completely crazy. Well she had us all eventually including me and the guys thanked her and said how much they enjoyed her and how totally crazy she went, and then thanked me saying you're wife is amazing.

And I answered saying I already know that, and later on Jane said you must post this experience and send one of those pictures with it, I really would enjoy seeing it on CUCKOLDBLOG it would be like a dream come true.

Robert & Jane - Robert_hill24@hotmail.co.uk

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