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He had a much Bigger Cock than I!

Wife Boobs Loving It- Cuckold Husband

By: Kelly


So a little back story, wife and I are in our early 30's and have been together forever. She's way out of my league looks wise these days and gets tons of attention from guys when we go out. I've never been particularly good at sex, I'm pretty small and finish way too fast but I do my best to keep her satisfied with toys.

Over the last few years we've both fantasized about sharing her but in a very, "It'll never actually happen," kinda way. Mostly just watched Hotwife genre porn together while she told how hot it was and what she liked about the guy. We had both agreed it would be too risky and weird to try in real life.

Well, we have one single friend in our group that we have known forever that has always been more flirty with my wife than others. It's usually pretty innocent, sometimes a bit more pushy when he's been drinking. He would sometimes tell her about his huge cock but passes it off as him wanting her to tell her single friends.

One night we were leaving a house party, everyone was drinking and it was time for us to go. My wife had sobered up earlier and was ok to drive us home. This friend ran up saying his phone died and he couldn't order an uber so he would crash at our place and uber home in the morning, no big deal.

When we get home we all decide to hang out a bit and have a couple more drinks. Eventually my friend and I ended up on the couch watching tv while my wife went to change for the night. She came out in these itty bitty shorts and top like she often does for bed but this time with an audience. He sees her and breathes out something like, "Holy shit that's hot!"

She sits between us to watch tv and leans against me pointing her barely covered ass his direction. Moments go by and I see him growing down his shorts and start moving it around a bit.

I feed into the tease by playing with her boobs a bit and she starts kissing me. She acts as if nobody was watching. While we make out I catch a few glances of him and he's pulled out his massive cock and is slowly stroking it. Wild amount of nerves blast through my body and it felt super surreal.

I motioned for her to look back at him and it totally startled her. She seemed shocked saying, "Omg you weren't lying! It is really big," with a nervous giggle. He just laughs and wiggles it all around while shes fixated on it, then asks her if he could watch us fuck.

She looked at me curiously and I could tell she was super turned on. Knowing how embarrassing it would be for me, I gave her the best, "Not a good idea," look I could give. She smiled and poked me saying, "Oh c'mon babe, fuck me."

We make our way to the bedroom and he sits in the chair next to the bed while I lay down with my heart racing and my cock so hard about to explode already. She stands a the end of the bed and slowly pulls off the little bit of clothes she had on, exposing her perfect tits to him. He stands up and pulls his pants off, letting his cock fling up against himself, then sits back down slowly stroke again.

She climbs on top of me and I start sucking on her tits. She pulls away and starts pulling down my pants. She giggles as she reveals my cock pointing straight up so hard. I had never felt so small. Out of fear of cumming instantly, I flip her on her back and start eating her out.

This goes until she can't take it any more and gets on her knees bent over right in front of me. I barely get in her and have to pull away. I did my best to hide it and delay the inevitable. She reached back and guided me in again. Few seconds later I pull out and cum harder than I ever had all over her back.

Embarrassed, I go get something to wipe her off with.

When I come back he is laying on the bed in front of her pulling his pants completely off. I clean her up while he's telling her it's ok to touch it. She looks back at me for approval then picks up his huge half hard cock. As she stokes him he reached over, rubbing her boobs. He grows quickly and she comments how her tiny hand doesn't fit around him.

I grew hard again and get back behind her. I began pounding her as hard as I can while she stokes and lightly sucks him. I only make it about a minute before I cum again. I do my best to stay hard but it wasn't happening.

As if she had an urge nobody could stop, she climbed on top of him and started rubbing her pussy up and down his long cock. For the next 20 minutes they fucked like absolute animals. I was flooded with mixed emotions and couldn't believe it was happening. Her first orgasm happened surprisingly fast and the sounds she made had me cumming again barely touching myself.

It was impressive how thoroughly satisfied he left my wife, something I had never been able to do myself.


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