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Wife wanted a Threesome - Cuckold Husband

By: Adam & Belinda


I should start this off by mentioning I'm not great at recounting and retelling stories, but I'll do my best. Please note this is extremely long as I expand on the backstory that led to this moment.

I've been following this blog for quite some time, as I've begun to learn about some innate feelings about cucking, stags, etc. and have found great inspiration for fantasies to share with my wife when we have sex and stuff.

My wife and I are both 35 and 34 respectively, and have been married for 6 years, together for 16 years and have recently had a baby. We both lead very vanilla, plain/boring lives and rarely do anything overly kinky. She had only dated one person previously to me, and I had dated 2.

I noticed for the past few years, our sex life has been rather 1 dimensional, we fuck once or twice a week, which lasts for maybe 5 mins each (Mostly my fault since she makes me cum so quick) and I can tell she gets slightly disappointed/frustrated as she doesn't get to cum but takes it as a compliment to her skills.

I initially brought up to her some ideas to spice it up for us to do more than just fuck quick and be finished, which started with watching porn together, and eventually led to talking about fantasies and role plays. We went through some pretty generic ones, until I brought up threesomes. Normally she'd brush most of my fantasies off, until she heard this one, and kind of latched on to it.

We did some dirty talking about her being spit roasted while we fucked, which she really seemed to like, but anytime I asked her to imagine someone or tell me who she's picturing, she never said anyone, it was just a faceless person she used for the fantasy.

This went on for a few months, steadily increasing in depth for our fantasies, until I brought up asking her if she would ever try it in real life. She initially denied she wanted to, saying it would feel like cheating, so I didn't push the issue and just kept it fantasy for a while longer.

Another few months went by, and it led to a catalyst to our first experience. One of her old friends from high school was getting married and wanted her to go to her bachelorette party, as they used to be quite close for a long time. She agreed and attended her friends party for the night/weekend. She had been excited to see her old friends again, but one person she didn't expect to see was her friend's brother - whom she had a crush on in high school as well.

They were about 3 years apart so they never interacted or hung out in the same circle of friends, but she always thought he was attractive. Her friend's brother, who we'll call Mike, was the driver for the night, getting the girls to and from the venues. My wife told me they talked a lot, caught up on what everyone's been up to - found out he was actually married too, but had recently split from his wife due to not wanting to move back to Europe with her family, etc etc. They had found a lot of similar interests and reconnected on Instagram before they had parted ways when the party was finished.

When my wife came back the following days, she told me about the party, not really highlighting seeing Mike, but did mention she had run into some old friends from high school. That was pretty much it.

Fast forward a month, her friend had gotten married and the new couple wanted to arrange a cottage with a group of friends. About 5 couples and 4 non-couples individuals were invited, and it would be at a collection of cabins/air bnbs by the lake in our city. We got my parents to babysit our little one and we agreed to go to the cottage for a portion of the week.

This was my first time that I would be meeting Mike, after hearing about him that one night after the bachelorette, as he was one of the people who was going to be at the cottages as well.

When we arrived, we noticed the land had around 6 small cabins, and one large main house that had the kitchen, indoor showers, a few bedrooms etc. We all divided up the locations (couples would take the private cabins, and the single folks would take the rooms in the house) and unpacked our things.

The week started pretty uneventful, people formed small groups which sort of stuck to activities and shared interests and just did things like soccer, hiking, swimming, hanging out in cabins, etc. but I noticed my wife would hang around Mike a lot more than the others, while I was out playing soccer or other sports (since she didn't like sports). This is where I approached her out of genuine curiosity, and asked her about him.

This is where I found out about her crush on him in high school, them reconnecting on instagram, among which she chats with him quite often, but insisted that was it. Nothing deeper than that. I didn't challenge that or push further.

That night however, we had been laying in bed fooling around and I had brought up her being in a threesome as part of our dirty talk and said what if the other guy was Mike - which to my surprise or not surprise, she was okay with, and really got into the role play. I quite enjoyed it as well, as we normally never had a face or name to them.

Few more days passed, and we were on our last day /night at the cottage since we could only get my parents to watch our little one for a number of days, and the last night ended up being the most eventful.

The night led to a group of us all hanging out in our cabin playing board games, eating snacks, light drinks, etc. There was another couple with us, Mike, and one of the new husband's cousins that we got to know pretty well by that point. We were playing for quite a while, and noticed the room was getting stuffy. Someone suggested going for a night swim, and we all agreed since it was hot, even that late.

The others went back to their rooms to get changed, and we got changed as well, and went down to the lake. We all hung out there for about 30 mins or so, before people started falling off and going back to their rooms. Mike, the cousin, and my wife and I all went back to our cabin to hang out a bit more, as my wife wanted to watch a movie still.

Once back at the cabin, the cousin mentioned he had seen the movie my wife watched to watch already, and decided to go back to the main house to shower and hang there. Mike decided to stay, but asked if he could use our shower as he didn't want to get any lake germs on the cabin furniture.

We all agreed it would be best to shower first too. Mike went first, and my wife and I showered together after. During the shower, I noticed my wife was much hornier than usual, giving my a handjob and kissing me much more than usual, and I asked if it had to do with Mike having a shower in here before her, jokingly. She laughed and said maybe... which made me quite shocked.

She asked if I would mad if she wanted to do something like kiss him, which threw me off completely, but actually excited me. I asked what made her want to do that? And she said that he had been flirting her a bit over the week, and she flirted back, but felt bad. I told her I didn't really mind, to be honest, as it was pretty hot to our fantasies. She said she had told him that we sometimes fantasize about threesomes, and that he would love to be part of that fantasy. My heart was beating like crazy because I realized there could be a real possibility of this happening tonight, but didn't want to get my hopes up.

After we finished the shower, we all went to the bed to lean against the wall after putting the movie on, my wife between Mike and I, and we just settled in. Around 20 mins later during the movie, my wife sort of broke the silence by putting her hands on both of our legs, and slowly rubbing them. Another shock to me since she rarely ever initiates anything.

She leaned in to kiss me, and the kiss became much deeper, and she whispered to me if I'd be upset if she kissed Mike, which he clearly overheard. I quietly said, "Of course not," back to her, and Mike double checked by asking if I really would be okay with it, to which I said "no problems". I was shocked that this would be happening, even if just kissing.

She leaned in to kiss Mike, and things began to escalate. She kissed him for almost 5 mins, before leaning back to me and stuck her hand in my shorts, rubbing my cock. She kissed me while rubbing me, and eventually pulled my cock out of the shorts completely and gave me a handjob.

This instantly made me lose my boner, which I'm assuming was due to nervousness with another guy in the room (first time). She noticed I was losing my boner as well, so she leaned in to start sucking me, which sadly to no avail restarted my hardness.

Not wanting to draw attention to it, she leaned back to Mike, and started rubbing his cock over his shorts as well, kissing him again. She turned back to me and asked if she could rub his cock too. I nodded sheepishly, wanting to do my best to get my cock hard again as well. I figured seeing her rub another man's cock would jumpstart it.

She pulled his cock out, and was taken aback by its size. It was almost twice my thickness and much longer too (albeit, I'm around 4.5-5 inches fully hard). I know for a fact she had not had a bigger cock than mine before, as she admitted her ex had a much smaller cock.

She spent some time admiring it, and then began to rub it while kissing him. Mike began to rub his arms all over her back and through her hair, and it really got me going too. I rubbed her back as I didn't know what else to do, but that got her attention and she told me to sit beside him on the bed, so she could rub us both at the same time.

With the two of us side by side, she gripped a cock in each hand and began to rub is, and that's where I truly saw the size difference, as her hand dwarfed my cock, while it barely went up half of Mike's cock. It was enough to get me hard again, so she leaned over and started sucking me again, and I swear to god, the moment she put her mouth on my cock I felt like I was going to cum, probably from all of the buildup.

She sucked me for like 10 seconds and I had to slowly push her off as to not cum right then and there. She seemed to catch on, so she stopped, and went back to Mike and leaned over his cock as well, she slowly put her tongue by the base of it, and started licking up and down his shaft. He was moaning and caressing her hair and back, while I sat there admiring the sight. Seeing my petite married wife licking another cock was insane.

Eventually, Mike lifted my wife's shirt off, and started fondling her little perky breasts while she continued to lick his shaft. Eventually, her mouth found its way to his tip and she slowly tried to put her mouth around it, clearly not used to his size.

She worked on getting it more and more in her mouth, eventually having to stop and gagged a bit.

He apologized and she said it's nothing, she really wanted to try again, but stood up to get some water.

On her way back to the bed, she pulled her PJ pants down, revealing she wasn't wearing any panties, and did a little spin of us. Mike commented on her ass, saying it was so nice.

She came back on the bed, and started giving me a blowjob again, but this time, Mike went behind her and started fingering her, which made her gasp. I could she was insanely wet by the sounds her pussy was making. That sound alone pretty much brought me to cum - which a bit shot out into my wife's mouth, but she hadn't of noticed, but again, I had to push her off.

She laid down in my lap, on her back with her head by my cock, and Mike continued to finger her, and eventually started to eat her out. My wife's moans were deafening, to the point where I had to tell her to be a bit quieter as there were other cabins around that might hear her.

She covered her mouth with her hands, and he ate her out and made her cum from that alone. She squirmed on my lap and was gasping for air after.

We took another break and all got some water.

Making it back to the bed, she gave Mike another blowjob, while this time fingering herself while doing so. I noticed that and jumped over to seeing her bent over in doggy while sucking him, and took the opportunity to stick my cock in and make the fantasy of the spitroast a reality. I pushed my cock in and it was so wet, likely from her cumming, it made me almost want to cum again. I got around 1 minute of fucking in before I felt myself wanting to cum again, so I had to back off.

My wife stopped sucking him, and Mike asked if she wanted to try fucking him now too, but my wife decided it might not be a good idea, since everything was progressing so quickly and she wanted to talk about it first, plus she mentioned we had no condoms. He said he was fine with that and was just enjoying what we were doing, but my wife said she could try something else. She pushed him on his back and straddled on his lap, pushing his cock down onto his belly, and began grinding her pussy lips on top of his cock.

I could hear the wetness sounds were deafening and both of them moaning so loud. This went on for almost 10 mins, before he pushed her down on her back and continued the motion but with him on top of her, sliding his cock up and down her pussy lips against her clit. She was moaning like crazy and after about 5 mins of it, she came again, this time squirting a bit on the bed. That was the first time that's ever happened as well.

I was so shocked and turned on, I wanted to fuck her again too, so while she was laying there, I motioned for my wife to come on top of me as well, and she straddled me in cowgirl and began to ride me.

This is where I really understood how horny she was. I could barely feel my cock rubbing inside her, as her pussy was soaked and dripping. My cock fell out at least 4 times, before I inevitably came all on my chest after pushing her off.

We laid there for a bit, with my wife cracking a few jokes to break the silence, and eventually said we need to shower again as we were all sweaty and cum ridden.

I said my wife and I could go first, but my wife asked if Mike could come too, which I said was fine. It was one of those long standup showers with enough space to stand anyways.

We all went in the shower, soaped up, and my wife rubbed both of our cocks and lathered them up. My cock was all limp from just cumming, so it fit between her fingertips while she cleaned me, but Mike hadn't cum yet, and we both seemed to have forgotten that, as he was still rock hard.

After I noticed I was clean and the soapy handjob wasn't really working on my limp cock, I stepped out and began to dry off. I looked back into the shower and saw my wife started giving him a BJ again, and eventually stood up and bent over signalling him to move his cock behind her.

I stood there shocked but couldn't turn away, but noticing she grabbed and positioned his cock between her thighs, right below her pussy, I could see what she was getting at.

He was pumping his cock between her pussy lips and thighs again, this time in doggy position while she was bent over against the glass shower door. She said to him, "I want to make you cum Mike" - which made my heart beat like crazy. I kind of just stood there awkwardly watching, as he was pumping his big cock against my wife's pussy lips again, faster and faster.

My wife lifted one of her legs up on a shower stool so that she could see his cock rubbing, and after a few thrusts of this new position, his cock slid slightly into the entrance of her pussy, which made her scream - partly I'm assuming from the shock, but also the size.

They both apologized and I asked if she was okay, and she said she was fine, just got shocked. She said not to stop, and wanted him to cum still, so she squatted down on him on the shower stool and bounced her thighs over his cock again in reverse cowgirl slowly, but eventually built up speed.

I eventually started feeling awkward standing there, so I made my way outside the room to get some water and remake the bed, while they both continued in the bathroom. A few minutes later though, I heard my wife's moans increase louder and louder, I went back to the bathroom door to look and I saw her still bouncing on him on the stool, but couldn't see much past that from the door.

I heard was him moaning louder and louder and my wife bouncing up and down on Mike with the stool creaking, he stood up and and bent her over, exploding what seemed like 10 huge ropes of cum all over her ass and back, I've never seen so much thick cum before.

It made my mind race thinking maybe after I left the bathroom she started to take his cock inside her? Also, seeking my wife covered in another man's cum was such a rush, it was feeling so many things. I never pressed the question about if he put his cock inside her at this moment, as I felt it would be too accusatory and ruin the mood. But in the follow up to this, I did ask my wife privately.

I went in the bathroom to see if they needed more towels but my wife stood there completely spent and just collapsed on the bed.

We spent about 15 minutes after just chatting, making sure everyone was okay with what happened, all agreeing we would not tell Mike's sister (wife's friend) and keep it between the 3 of us.

Unreal really.

Adam & Belinda

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