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My Girlfriend Stripped in Front of my Friends

By: Sean & Nicky

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There's something about last evening, that made me feel like a cuck more than ever, even though no sex was involved.

My bestfriend Kane and other 2 friends, Wendel and Sergy were over at my flat, it was a celebration for a promotion I got at work, as always we drink 'til we're fully fucked up, sometimes not a good idea, but most of the time it's the best.

I've always been happy with the group of friends I have, they all are on the same level of weirdness as me, it's never a boring occasion when we are all together.

But a quick description of the type of friendships we have, we've all known each other since secondary school, we know exactly how each other thinks, and I know how much of a pervert they all are, we've all watched porn together and jerked off at the same time, we even had a competition way back, on who can ejaculate the most, yep... that's the type of friends we are, well... were, I guess, we don't really jerk off together anymore.

We were playing Monopoly, me my 3 friends, and Nicky my gf. However we made the rules a little bit more alcohol friendly.

The added rules were, if you land on a railway station or free parking you take a shot, that was the only added rule to begin with...

We went ahead with the game, we were all sitting on the floor, so we had a fairly good view of each other.

Around an hour and a half into the game, all of us, were feeling it, we've all had about 6 shots of Grey Goose each.

Kane, stopped everyone from playing and suggested we add another additional rule to spice up the game, every time you land on someone else's property, not only do you have to pay the rent, but you also have to lose a piece of clothing.

My other 2 friends were in shock, wendel blurted, "Isn't that a bit fucked up if we see Nicky naked?"

I simply told them a game is just a game, what ever happens in this game, stays in this game.

Nicky rolled her eyes and said, "Fuck it, I've got enough alcohol in me to forget about this, tommorow but before we play I want everyone to have two more shots, so I know we are all fully committed."

We all got hyped and took our shots.

Kane clarified, we're not stopping 'til there's one clear winner and everyone else is bankrupt.

And so the game began, the first one to lose a clothing was Kane, of course he takes his top off, revealing his chiselled six pack to my gf. The second to remove a clothing was me, I had socks on so I removed them.

A few more minutes later, after a few more clothes came off, left and right, it was Nicky's turn to take off another item of clothing, and this time it was her tank top that came off, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Nicky was being cheeky and said she was not removing it unless it got removed by someone else.

Everyone was instantly challenged and tried to remove her tank top, then all of the sudden I have 3 of my friends trying to take her top off, she stands and starts to jokingly fight back, "You are sooo weak, can't even remove my top," whilst laughing.

She continues to dodge and move out the way as my 3 friends were desperately trying to strip her, grabbing her in places I never thought I'd see them grabbing, I was sure at this point they all had groped her tits and ass.

Eventually they managed to pin her down and remove her tank top.

There she was, laying on the floor, laughing, with fully exposed breasts, whilst my 3 friends were looking down at her laughing, Wendel says he cannot believe he's seeing my gf naked.

Nicky replies in a cheeky tone, "What ever happens in the game stays in the game."

I couldn't believe what was happening, my girlfriend was fully exposed right infront of my friends and I'm letting it happen, but it didn't stop there.

We continued to play the game, and the boys just could not seem to stop looking, at this point everyone was just in their underwear and at any time would be stripped down fully.

And of course it ended up being Nicky first who lost her underwear, she once again said she's not removing it herself.

WTF, she's supposed to be shy, and 'innocent' around other people but everything was just so different tonight.

The boys once again pinned her down and removed her thong as I sat there and watched... Kane was even so cheeky that after they had removed her thong, he placed his hands on both of her thighs and spread her legs wide open for everyone to see... For about 3 seconds my friends saw Nicky's pussy wide open, and we were all just laughing...

She fucking loved the attention.

I loved that she wasn't resisting...

We continued back to the game and all of them had a visible raging erection Nicky pointed out all their erections and Wendel replies, "Well what do you expect? We just saw your pussy."

That statement right there was so fucking heartbreaking but felt so exhilarating, my friends, have seen, my gf's pussy!

We got to the point where everyone was naked, everyone had an erection including me, surprise surprise who had the smallest dick? Of course it was me.

Even my fellow friend Wendel, was packing a much thicker cock than me.

Sergy then asks Nicky, "Who has the biggest dick out of all of us in your opinion?"

She says, "Obviously Kane, it's thick and long as fuck, the rest of you are pretty much the same, but obviously I love Sean's the most."

Sergy: "You're only saying that cause he's your boyfriend." Everyone laughed and I tell him to fuck off!

Anyways we ended up finishing the game and headed off to sleep.

Me the boys stayed in the living room as we wanted to catch up more, Nicky was supposed to sleep in the bedroom but she pass out on the sofa.

It was just the boys left...

Kane asks to borrow my phone cause he needed to do something, he says...

So I let him borrow it, I went to the toilet, and when I came back, they were all snickering, they all looked guilty.

Me: "What? Wtf did you do?" They continued to laugh, whilst trying to be quiet so Nicky wouldn't wake.

Sergy shows me his phone, and he has Nicky's nudes , which they airdropped from my phone.

They all showed their phones and all of them were showing me all her nudes (I attached 2 for the blog), pussy, ass, tits and even our fucking sex tape.

I laughed along with them and said, yous better not show that to anyone else you fucking perves.

I know they won't, they are perverted but I know their ethics are somewhat still there, somewhere.

I told you, they all are on the same level of weirdness as me...


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